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Here is how the Chron’s Teddy Schleifer started off this week’s “The Horseshoe” that was just released:

FIRST ON THE HORSESHOE: The newly launched campaign of Bill King raised $250,000 at his kick-off fundraiser last week, according to his campaign. We always knew King could raise serious dough through his high-powered network – along with tapping his own bank account – yet Tuesday’s haul is a strong early show of force as this campaign gets underway.

Remember when Teddy tweeted this Thursday evening, the day before the pension deal was announced? Here is this:

Teddy Schleifer @teddyschleifer • Mar 5
Mayoral race fall-out could be fascinating: Does it take wind out of sails of those running on pensions? Or, elevate their signature issue?

Well it is certainly still on the table and the issue isn’t going away and for sure it isn’t going to be solved during this campaign.

Friday’s “deal” announcement very well could have elevated the issue. It was on a lot of the local evening news shows, made it to the front page of the Chron’s Saturday City/State section, and got the lead editorial in yesterday’s issue.

Then you got the feeling that some of the handlers of the deal makers were in a defensive mode even before the deal was announced.

Commentary said this last Friday:

Aside from the deal makers, I wonder who will step forward to say it is a good deal.

Here is how the Chron E-Board started their take yesterday:

Like Advil for a brain tumor.

That’s how city pension consultant Craig Mason described the proposed firefighter pension deal back when it was being discussed in September. Not much seems to have changed between then and late Thursday, when the fire pension board announced a final deal with the city (“Parker, firefighters make deal on pensions,” Page B1, Friday). The problem keeps growing, and all we’re getting is short-sighted respite from the pain.

Here is the entire E-Board take:

Then here is what Bill King tweeted yesterday:

Bill King ‏@BillKingForHou 3h3 hours ago
My former colleagues at the Chronicle editorial board nailed it on the new fire department pension deal. http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Pension-pill-6119828.php

Then this came out on Friday:

Steve Costello, Chair of Houston City Council’s Budget and Fiscal Affairs Committee, released the following statement regarding today’s announcement about adjustments to the Houston Firefighters’ pension:

“Our firefighters deserve to have their pensions covered in full and this deal, negotiated without City Council input or approval, not only leaves their pensions cut short, but continues to put the city’s financial well-being at great risk over the long haul. This agreement simply continues the damaging cycle where the City of Houston fails to fund the pension, racking up tens of millions of dollars in new debt in the future.

Like I said, this issue is still on the table.

We all know Craig Biggio will be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame this summer. How many times was Biggio our leadoff hitter on an Opening Day lineup?

State Rep. Carol Alvarado had an Op-Ed on her bill on online voter registration in yesterday’s SA Express News. Check it out here: http://www.mysanantonio.com/opinion/commentary/article/The-dirty-little-secret-of-government-6117408.php.

I decided to hold off on my visit to the gym Saturday afternoon so I could check out the President’s Selma50 speech. I’m glad I did. Here is what I tweeted afterwards:

Marc Campos‏@MarcCommentary 21h21 hours ago
Just watched an incredible, powerful and historic speech by @BarackObama. #Selma50 #VotingRightsAct pic.twitter.com/MIWOth3ogC

The President rocked!

Last night we got to see “The Good Wife” prepare for her meeting with the E-Board.

The last couple of days, Channel 11 has been promoting Lisa Hernandez’s Big Announcement. Lisa is one the evening news co-anchors. Let’s see. She got married last year. I am guessing she will announce …… this evening.

Craig Biggio was the leadoff batter in 12 Opening Day lineups for the ‘Stros of course.

Yesterday, a lineup with five, maybe six, of our 2015 Opening Day starters was no-hit by The ATL pitchers yesterday. Hey, it is just Spring Training!

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Let me remind you that The Alamo fell 179 years ago today after a 13 day siege. I’ll probably play the Asleep at the Wheel CD while I am out and about today.

“Bad, bad deal” is what the City Council Budget Committee Chair says about the deal that will be announced today between the H-Town administration and the Fire Fighters Pension leaders.

This tweet came out last night:

Teddy Schleifer @teddyschleifer • 11h 11 hours ago
Mayoral race fall-out could be fascinating: Does it take wind out of sails of those running on pensions? Or, elevate their signature issue?

This issue is definitely not going away. Commentary doesn’t really think it is a good idea to announce a deal on a big deal that looks like it will be a big political deal during the upcoming campaign. Throw in the involvement of one of the major candidates for H-Town Mayor and it starts to look like a suspicious deal. Really?

Here are some more tweets from late last night:

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 17m17 minutes ago
And here’s @mmorris011’s early look at pension deal to be announced tomorrow. @s_costello calls it “bad, bad deal.” | http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Mayor-firefighter-pension-trustees-reach-6118184.php

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 12m12 minutes ago
In January, @SylvesterTurner told me re: his involvement in brokering deal (long rumored): “I’m not going to try and get ahead of anything.”

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 3m3 minutes ago
Roadblock to pension reform long been @whitmire_john. But thought to be softening. In Jan. he told me he was “open-minded” to meet & confer.

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 11m11 minutes ago
Another big detail unearthed by @mmorris011 tonight: City agrees to not lobby #txlege for 3 yrs while deal in place | http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Mayor-firefighter-pension-trustees-reach-6118184.php

Here is from Mike Morris’ Chron piece on the deal:

The fire pension board’s announcement credited mayoral candidate and state Rep. Sylvester Turner, D-Houston, with assisting in the talks.

Well, we now know Rep. Turner’s position on this issue.

Also from the Chron is a reaction from one of the City’s experts on pensions:

Craig Mason is a pension consultant who represents the city on the police, fire and municipal pension boards. Mason, who followed the talks but had not seen the final deal, said the deal would see firefighters contribute more of their pay toward their retirement and have the city contribute less, for a term of three years.

Mason and other pension reformers have said, however, that without changing pension benefits the city will not be solving the problem long term.

And here is why some folks will be scratching their heads today – also from the Morris piece:

(Mayor) Parker’s support for the deal is curious, given that she said the pension trustees’ proposal from the fall “reflects no true pension reform” and repeated the same stance as recently as Wednesday, saying, “There’s no reform in that … we’re just putting more money into a system that I think needs help.”

I am certainly scratching my head. Well at least a lot more folks will now be paying attention to this issue. I wonder if that’s what the deal makers wanted. Aside from the deal makers, I wonder who will step forward to say it is a good deal. Stay tuned for more!

Here is the entire Mike Morris article: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Mayor-firefighter-pension-trustees-reach-6118184.php.

There are sixteen pitchers in MLB history who have struck out 3000 plus hitters in their career. Fourteen of them have been voted into the MLB Hall of Fame. Name the two who haven’t?

From Chron.com this morning:

U.S. employers extended a healthy streak of hiring in February by adding 295,000 jobs, the 12th straight monthly gain above 200,000.

Of course, the GOP still won’t give The President any credit.

Len Cannon from KHOU-TV did a commentary on the Ferguson Report yesterday. Check it out here:

The Rocket with 4,672 strikeouts and Curt Schilling with 3,116 have yet to get a phone call from the MLB Hall of Fame of course.

The ‘Stros had three dingers and a win yesterday.

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Today’s Line-Up

Let’s see. Chris Bell announced for H-Town Mayor a couple of Sundays ago. State Rep. Sylvester Turner released a video last Friday officially saying he was in and he has a website and he is now inviting folks to his official campaign kick-off next month at The Yard – got it!

Then Teddy Schleifer tweeted this yesterday:

Teddy Schleifer @teddyschleifer • 16h 16 hours ago
Mayoral update: @DrJackChristie, whose been flirting w/mayoral run, is currently running for reelection & NOT mayor. pic.twitter.com/ibjwF9HIs8

And he also tweeted this:

Teddy Schleifer @teddyschleifer • 18h 18 hours ago
Coming soon, to a Twitter feed near you: The Horseshoe, a new @HoustonChron vertical & tipsheet dedicated to Houston’s mayoral race #hounews

I have to say I am looking forward to The Horseshoe.

Three of the other candidates for Mayor have fundraisers in the works but no official campaign announcements yet so stay tuned!

As for the Harris County Sheriff, well, your guess is as good as mine.

FYI: Council Member Christie is having a fundraiser for his reelection and the host list is loaded with a bunch of heavy hitters. CM Christie has apparently drawn an opponent.

Remember this line from Sal Tessio in “The Godfather”: “Can you get me off the hook, Tom? For old times’ sake?

Abe Vigoda is celebrating his 94th birthday today!

Name the MLB Hall of Fame great who was born in Texas and has the most career stolen bases? Hint – he is still with us.

Brian Williams fudged a time or two on his life experiences and NBC sent him home for six months without pay.

The VA Secretary fudged about his military service and apologized yesterday.

Bill O’Reilly fudged about his life experiences and is going after his accusers and Fox News is sticking with him. What else is news?

Like a lot of folks, I was watching when Sean Penn announced the Best Picture winner and threw out the “green card” line and I kind of slightly cringed because it took away from the moment. I also knew that Penn and “Birdman” director Alejandro Iñárritu are friends and worked together on “21 Grams.” So I knew Penn was just kidding and I tweeted that they had worked together.

A ton of folks, particularly those of the Latino persuasion, went off on Penn on the twitterverse, including a creative hashtag with the Penn word. I get it. But he’s certainly not a bad guy, he just dropped a dumb line.

Hall of Fame great Joe Morgan of course leads all players born in Texas with 689 career stolen bases. Joe was born in Bonham, TX.

The first Spring Training game is next Thursday, March 5 against the Phillies.

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I would like to know how many of Rudy Giuliani’s fellow GOPers agree with his take on The President. I wonder if they will call out Giuliani. Here is what Giuliani said yesterday:

“I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America. He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.”

This to me is an insult to a country that not once, but twice elected The President to the highest office on the planet.

Name the three MLB Hall of Fame greats who were born in Texas and have 500 plus career dingers? Hint – only one is still with us.

I have to hand it to the Chron’s Teddy Schleifer for doing the interesting and topical pieces. I was just having a conversation with a major Dem player yesterday about the issue of the Harris County Democratic Party Chair serving as Chair and at the same time running for the H-Town City Council. Well, Teddy writes about it today. If you ask me, now that it is being written up in the Chron and folks are talking about it, it will just be a distraction to the Chair and to the Party and do we really want that heading into the 2016 countywide elections. If folks are going to make it an issue, take it off of the table now if you know what I mean. Here is a part Teddy’s Chron piece:

When Lane Lewis tried to send his first campaign fundraising email to the entire contact list on his iPhone earlier this month, he had a bit of trouble.

“Mr. Lewis, Apple contacts is not designed to hold 15,000 on the Cloud,” an Apple employee told the chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party. “That’s probably the reason you’re having so much difficulty.”

That contact list is the harvest of the political relationships grown by Lewis during his time leading local Democrats. It also is emblematic of the criticism from some Democratic activists and campaign opponents who say Lewis’ party leadership position gives him an unfair advantage in his city council campaign. Others, meanwhile, question whether Lewis can give his full attention to the party’s campaign while focused on his own.

“What I want is someone who is going to be, at least in the political world, dedicated 100 percent to the mission of advancing the ideals of the Democratic Party,” said John Gorczynski, a local Democratic staffer and head of the Young Democrats of Texas. “If someone’s going to be running a campaign, I can’t imagine what that would look like.”

John is one of the Dem Party leaders and he makes a good point.

Some of us know a little bit about city council races and candidates. If you are going to be a good candidate and run a good campaign, then guess what? You are going to have to put in a lot of time and effort. It is certainly going to be a challenge to run for office and run the Party at the same time. Expect this to be an issue and a distraction.

Here is all of Teddy’s piece: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Critics-say-Lewis-party-leadership-gives-council-6088685.php.

The Trib’s Ross Ramsey has a piece on the State Senate District 26 Special. It is sort of a payback piece. It is a good read. Here it is: http://www.texastribune.org/2015/02/18/analysis-gop-strikes-back/.

Kuffer though has the best take on the State Senate District 26 Special here: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=65618.

Alan Bernstein said of his “1/2 of 265 Tx sheriffs prepping to lobby for proper $ for public mental health services” was a typo because there are only 254 sheriffs – got it!

Commentary will be checking out tonight’s finale of “Two and a Half Men.” Will Charlie make an appearance?

Frank Robinson who was born in Beaumont had 586 career dingers, Eddie Mathews who was born in Texarkana and Ernie Banks who was born in Dallas each had 512 career dingers of course.

More stuff from The Yard:

This year marks two important Astros anniversaries: the 50th anniversary of the Astrodome, the world’s first domed sports stadium and “Eighth Wonder of the World,” and the 10th anniversary of the 2005 Astros World Series run, which marked the first appearance by any Texas team in the Fall Classic. The Astros are hosting a 50th Anniversary Weekend presented by Coca-Cola, on April 17-18, with special giveaways including a Jimmy Wynn bobblehead and a 1965 replica model Astrodome. On August 14-15, the Astros are celebrating the Astros Legends Weekend, presented by Houston Methodist, featuring a 2005 NLCS T-shirt giveaway, a special Legends Luncheon and an on-field pregame ceremony with players from the 2005 team.

I already have two sort of replica Domes. I wonder if Hunker Down will show up and pick up his Dome replica.

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Commentary is trying to figure out where women can make political gains, err win, in electoral politics this season – 2015. Teddy Schleifer wrote this past weekend about no women running for Mayor. Well what about the other city races and the HISD and HCC trustee positions?

I don’t see or hear of any women running for the open City Controller position, just a bunch of fellas.

In the City Council District races, G looks like a possibility if current HCC trustee Sandie Mullins makes the race. Then that opens up Mullins’ HCC trustee position. In the open District H seat, I don’t know if former HISD Trustee Diana Davila is still in the race.

There may be opportunities for women in the open City Council At-Large 1 and 4 positions.

There is nothing really open over at HCC.

At HISD, it doesn’t look like District 3 Trustee Manuel Rodriguez is running but I haven’t heard of any women stepping up. The HISD District 4 Trustee positon currently held by a female may open up and I understand a very strong female candidate is ready to run.

So that’s it for 2015. And I mean that’s it!

This past season, ‘Stros rookie George Springer had 20 dingers. Name the rookie with the most dingers this past season in MLB?

Yesterday, Teddy Schleifer was on FM 88.7’s Houston Matters and said that Potholes/Roads and Pensions would be important issues in the Mayoral race this year. Stay tuned!

In case I forget, Happy Valentine’s Day Alabama!

Jose Abreu of the White Sox had 36 dinger this past season to lead all MLB rookies of course.

I don’t have anything from The Yard.

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The first regular season game the ‘Stros, err Colt .45s ever played was on April 10, 1962 at Colt Stadium. Name the player who hit the first ever dinger against the Colt .45s that day?

And they are off! Chris Bell announced for H-Town Mayor yesterday and Teddy Schleifer sent out a few tweets from Sam Houston Park – the campaign kick-off site – including this one:

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 50m50 minutes ago
Bell on his opponents talking about him losing races: “If necessary, I’ll talk about the races they’ve lost.” Get used to this, Houston.

The Rep. Sylvester Turner Campaign is the only campaign that I know of that has brought up Chris’ career campaign won-loss record. I guess Chris was aiming his remarks at Rep. Turner’s campaign and his three career losses. Hey in this business somebody is always going to have to come up short. It is not as though any of these two lost to lousy campaigners. This kind of discussion doesn’t fill a pothole if you ask me. Families aren’t going to be sitting around the table saying – “now let’s see, Bell lost to Lee Brown, Al Green, Rick Perry, and Joan Huffman and Turner lost to Bob Lanier, Bill White, and El Franco Lee, now who should we vote for?” NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

I have to hand it to new Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for keeping his campaign promises.

Speaking of, who is behind the Chris Bell parody twitter account? See this:

Chris Bell @chrisbell4mayor
@chrisbell4mayor FOLLOWS YOU
There’s an election this year, which means I’m running for something. PARODY ACCOUNT

In the past three or four months or so, if anybody has bothered to ask me who I am supporting for H-Town Mayor, I have told them Bill King. Bill is a longtime friend. He is certainly talking about what concerns folks in H-Town. He is well versed on the issues. He has certainly shared his takes with all of H-Town over the past few years. I honestly believe he would make a great Mayor.

I have had the conversation about my supporting Bill with a number of players including James, Kathryn, Teddy, Carol, my parents, Roman, Claudia, Anna, Leah, and others. It is not a secret. I mention this because the following was tweeted Saturday morning – first from Teddy Schleifer:

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 47m47 minutes ago
.@miyashay @BillKingForHou @GeorgeHWBush @jgm41 Plus @rrjara, Sue Walden. And @MarcCommentary supporting King too.

Then from Miya Shay:

Miya Shay 36m36 minutes ago
@teddyschleifer @jgm41 @rrjara @MarcCommentary @TheGoodBegala you’re a bad consultant if you’re not on someone’s payroll this cycle.

Then from Teddy again:

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 42m42 minutes ago
@jgm41 @miyashay @BillKingForHou @GeorgeHWBush @rrjara @MarcCommentary @TheGoodBegala Is any Houston strategist not on this campaign?

Then from Kris Banks:

Kris Banks ‏@KrisBanks 33m33 minutes ago
@miyashay @teddyschleifer @jgm41 @rrjara @MarcCommentary @TheGoodBegala Can’t buy a base #justsayin

Let me say at this point I am supporting Bill but I am not consulting on the campaign as of this morning. Always a proponent of full disclosure, I will let folks know if I ever do consult on Bill’s campaign.

As for Kris’ “can’t buy a base” phrase, I am certainly not going to discuss here the Bill King strategy for winning.

Kris is also a great guy so I know he is not implying that Bill’s team is bought just like the consultants that have been hired by Rep. Sylvester Turner, Council Members Stephen Costello and Oliver Pennington, Chris Bell, Ben Hall, and the Sheriff are not bought.

On April 10, 1962, Ernie “Mr. Cub” Banks of course hit a 7th inning solo dinger off of Bobby Shantz for the first ever dinger against the new H-Town MLB franchise. The game will certainly miss Mr. Cub!

I have to admit I got a chuckle or two while reading yesterday’s Chron E-Board take on the pensions and state legislators. The E-Board is urging legislators to give the City the authority to do its job when it comes to firefighter pensions. I chuckled when I read what The Dean had to say.

Here is a part of the E-Board take:

Whether they decide to act, state legislators can’t escape their role at the core of the pension fight.

In addition to employee contributions, the firefighter pension is funded by tax dollars collected by City Hall. However, City Hall can’t set the amount it is obligated to pay. State law creates a framework that dictates what Houston taxpayers owe. Local tax dollars should be controlled by the elected officials at City Hall, but that isn’t what Democratic state Sen. John Whitmire thinks.

“Do you really want [Council Member Michael] Kubosh to be in charge of a $3 billion fund?” Whitmire asked the Chronicle editorial board during the past election season. “Do you want [Council Member] Dwight Boykins to be in charge of a $3 billion fund?”

Yes. In fact, that’s exactly what Houstonians elected them to do. City officials control the city budget.

Pardon me, but I had to LOL! I wonder what CMs Kubosh and Boykins had to say about The Dean’s take?

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/It-s-city-business-6036503.php.

I also tweeted this yesterday after I saw a Channel 11 announcement asking for folks to send in a pic of their favorite pothole. Wasn’t that Bill King’s idea first?

Marc Campos @MarcCommentary • 5h 5 hours ago
#KHOU wants your pothole horror stories: http://www.khou.com/story/news/local/2015/01/24/pothole-patrol-share-your-horror-stories/22260077/ … #HouNews

Yesterday was Rob Manfred’s first day as Major League Baseball Commissioner. Congratulations and good luck!

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Teddy Schleifer had a front page story in yesterday’s Chron where he introduced us to the folks that are running for H-Town Mayor or thinking about running. There really were not any surprises regarding the names. Schleifer says:

The race to succeed Mayor Annise Parker is shaping up to be Houston’s most crowded in decades, with a half-dozen candidates already having declared they will run and another half-dozen possibly joining them.

Of course it is a long ways to filing and a month and half before the official fundraising season begins. We will see who can put together a viable campaign.

Schleifer also writes:

Most observers consider Rep. Sylvester Turner, with his support base from the African-American population that could cast a third of next year’s vote, to be the man to beat in November. Yet his fortunes to win in a December runoff – all but guaranteed to be needed in a large field – depend heavily on whom he faces in a one-on-one comparison.

I guess the “observers” are making the assumption that Ben Hall won’t be much of a factor in the African American voting community. I also think some would challenge the idea that African Americans could cast a third of the vote next year.

And Schleifer says:

Turner’s 25 years in the Legislature gives him his own advantages, said Austin lobbyist Bill Miller, as does his political alliance with top Democratic Sen. John Whitmire. Turner will have the power to influence the budget and help deliver in Austin what he will be running on in Houston.

“Most candidates would trade their ability to raise money for the ability to spend $90 billion,” Miller said. “That’s a powerful position.”

Bill Miller is a pal but I don’t agree with him on this. Dems are going to be playing the old prevent defense in the upcoming legislative session. Maybe Rep. Turner and The Dean will be able to claim credit for stopping some of the Tea Party’s legislative agenda.

Since the GOP took over the running of state government the past decade or so, I am hard pressed to think of anything positive that Dems delivered that could impact a H-Town Mayoral race and the recent election results just made the possibility of delivering for Dems a bit more difficult.

Well now that we know who is thinking about running, maybe we can start talking about the why? So far the only candidates to talk about the issues at length and in detail – that I know of – are Bill King and Council Member Stephen Costello. King had the Chron columns and now a book. Costello has put out some newsletters on city fiscal issues.

H-Town may be looking and feeling a bit different next year. Commentary paid $2.39 per gallon of gas yesterday at the Kroger. The falling price of crude is hitting the energy industry – cut backs in spending, layoffs, and rig counts are down. We all know what the energy industry means to H-Town and our economy. If this is the backdrop to next year’s Mayoral race, you have to wonder what kind of conversation the voters will want with the candidates so stay tuned!

The ‘Stros introduced their new high paid relievers on Friday. Luke Gregerson will wear Roy O.’s numero 44 and Pat Neshek will wear the numero 37. Name the former ‘Stro pitcher who wore the numero 37 from 1993-2002?

Now who didn’t see this coming? Last Friday I put out this:

Channel 13’s Ted Oberg tweeted this a couple of days ago:

Ted Oberg @tedoberg • Dec 10
I’ve been BLOCKED! @SheriffGarcia blocked me and @trentseibert after this story aired last night: http://abc13.com/429120/.

Oh well, maybe this was an accidental block.

Commentary has certainly had his share of disagreements with media coverage and stories, but that is all they are – disagreements. I don’t hold grudges or that kind of stuff. I just move on.

I would hope that the Sheriff’s folks didn’t block Ted and Trent. That would be kind of silly and unproductive. What is accomplished? Absolutely nothing!

The next day the Chron E-Board gave the Sheriff’s folks a thumbs down. What did you expect? Here is the E-Board take:

(Thumbs down) KTRK investigative journalists Ted Oberg and Trent Seibert should be happy that Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia temporarily blocked them from viewing his Twitter account. If Garcia had his druthers, it would probably be to put them in the dungeon also known as Harris County Jail. The investigative reporters were following up their excellent story about deplorable conditions in Garcia’s facility. What did the most recent story say? Two months after their initial report that a prisoner was locked in a filthy cell for weeks, “not one member of Garcia’s sheriff’s department has been disciplined.”

I tweeted this after last night’s series finale of “The Newsroom.”

Marc Campos @MarcCommentary • 11h 11 hours ago
And happily ever after for @TheNewsroomHB0. #HBO

Will and Mac are having a baby. Mac takes Charlie’s job at ACN. Maggie and Jim are in love. Neal returns. Flashbacks come in handy. Good evening!

I have said it before that pro sports GMs and front offices think they are a lot smarter than the rest of us but they really are not. Everybody new at the end of last season that we needed to address the QB situation but the team didn’t. Today everybody still knows that we need to address the QB situation. Do you think the front office will finally make the QB situation a priority now?

Shane Reynolds of course wore the numero 37 from 1993-2002.

That’s all I have from The Yard today.

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