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Without looking at the Sports Section, name the MLB club with longest current winning streak?

Last night’s Ted Oberg story on the Sheriff’s Office was just another report about a government agency plunking down too much money for a consultant. We’ve seen that before. Nothing new. Nada!

Now the response and pre-response was apparently the story. Prior to last night’s Ted Oberg report on Channel 13, the Sheriff’s folks sent out a press release and here is the headline: HCSO CELEBRATES CONSECUTIVE YEARS OF TAXPAYER SAVINGS.

Here is how the press release starts and you can hit the link to read the rest but you won’t find a dollar amount for savings. Where are the savings? Here is how the press release starts:

When Sheriff Adrian Garcia took office in 2009, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office was overspending its budget by about $58 million annually. In fact the agency had balanced its yearly budget only once in a decade.

In 2015, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office has come in under the budget allocated by Commissioners Court for the fourth consecutive fiscal year.

Fiscal Year 2015, as it was known in county government, ended Feb. 28. After allowing for all accounts to settle from the previous budget year, the HCSO is celebrating another year of successful budget discipline.

Here is the entire press release: https://local.nixle.com/alert/5400560/?sub_id=1000000405.

Now here is from the Oberg story from last night on the so-called savings:

But Ted Oberg Investigates examined the contract and found that it’s unclear exactly how much the taxpayers have been saved because of Griffith’s work. The savings numbers the sheriff’s office provided to ABC-13 in interviews and via email have wide variations.

Indeed, in a recent interview, estimates of the cost savings escalated continuously, with Garcia at one point claiming a savings of $60 million because of Griffith’s work. Minutes later, Griffith said he saved the county $100 million. And then, after a few more minutes, the saving claim hit $112 million.

In an email to ABC-13 after the interview, the sheriff’s communications staff calculated the savings at $123 million.

When asked to clarify the wildly fluctuating savings estimates, sheriff’s officials provided an analysis of jail cost reductions with no dollar figure attached to it.

Here is the entire Oberg piece: http://abc13.com/news/thousand-dollar-a-day-consultant-fuzzy-variations-on-taxpayer-savings/678992/.

The fact is they are quibbling over savings. However, if you are going to say that there are savings, then an actual dollar amount would help and stick to it and believe it. Stumbling to find a response does not bode well if you are looking to move on up if you know what I mean.

Blue Bell made it to Letterman again last night.

We are up on the Mavs and Ken Hoffman of the Chron decided to talk about H-Town’s superiority over the Big D here: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/life/columnists/hoffman/article/Houston-wipes-the-court-with-Dallas-in-more-6219239.php. I don’t like these kind of comparisons. It opens us up to the fact that they have gone to and won multiple Super Bowls and we have zilch.

I will be checking out Cecily Strong handling business in D.C. tomorrow night.

The Mets, who went 79-83 last season, have an 11 game winning streak and lead the NL East by 4 ½ of course.

We are still in first.

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TxDOT certainly has an impact on our quality of life here in H-Town especially if you use the freeways. It seems like our freeways are always undergoing some sort of major repair, overhaul, or reconstruction. That’s life around these parts. These are the inconveniences we endure daily. Now TxDOT is thinking about doing a major Downtown makeover and scrapping the Pierce Elevated. One of the reasons given is that rerouting the Downtown freeway system could increase driving speeds on a revamped Downtown freeway system. I don’t know about that. It seems like we have always been congested and are always struggling to catch up. Don’t put Commentary in the good idea column on this one for sure.

Bad reporting last night out of Kemah by some of the local news media outlets. Come on! That’s all I am going to say about that.

Channel 13’s Ted Oberg is promoting this for tonight:

Updated 2 hrs 30 mins ago
Sheriff Adrian Garcia gave a consulting firm a no-bid contract worth more than a $1,000 per day.

To date, the firm’s been paid $1.7 million from profits on the inmate commissary at the Harris County Jail. The consultant and the sheriff say the deal has saved taxpayers millions and that the consultant is worth every penny.

Ted Oberg Investigates the deal and asks why if so much money has been saved why the sheriff’s budget continues to expand.

Just another topic to discuss, err ‘splain in the upcoming Mayoral contest.

Speaking of the Latino vote factor, check this tweet from yesterday:

Rebecca Elliott ‏@rfelliott 11m11 minutes ago
.@orlando_sanchez says mayoral bid is looking less likely but he “wouldn’t rule it out 100%” #hounews

Free at last! I am talking about Barry Bonds. Where does Bonds sit on the career all-time RBI list?

We got teased big time by the Chron today. They have this story about alleged corruption over with the HCC Board (past and present) but they don’t name names. I don’t know about this. Why write the story? Now you got folks thinking who is corrupt and who isn’t. Here is part of the story:

The former acting chancellor of Houston Community College said she detailed numerous corruption allegations to authorities, including claims that current and former board members tried to steer taxpayer-funded contracts to supporters and to line their own pockets from HCC business deals.

In court records filed Tuesday as part of an ongoing lawsuit with the college, Renee Byas offered the most comprehensive description yet of her communications with the FBI, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Byas, ousted by the HCC board of trustees in 2014, listed an array of alleged acts that she found questionable over the last several years, the records show.

In one instance, she alleged, a board member took a free trip to the Caribbean with an HCC vendor on the vendor’s plane. Another time, she claimed, a board member accused another in closed session of accepting bribes and kickbacks, and the accused starting punching that trustee.

Byas also said she told law enforcement authorities that three trustees tried to orchestrate a deal in which the college would buy property, and they would receive 10 percent of the money that HCC paid to the seller, according to the court records.

Byas, a lawyer who also served as HCC’s general counsel, did not tie each allegation to specific trustees but said she talked to authorities about eight current or former trustees and believed they attempted to violate the law or did so.

Here is the entire story: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/Former-HCC-head-details-alleged-corruption-by-6216988.php.

That’s not fair if you ask me. Either print the names or scrap the story.

Blue Bell made Letterman last night and that’s not good.

Here is what the Chron E-Board said about Blue Bell today:

Are you ever going to try Blue Bell again?

Nationally syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette has been slamming the GOP on immigration. Now I guess he has to do a little slamming today on Hillary on immigration. Sorry, pal! Latino voters know what is going on. Hillary is going to be right where we want her to be in 2016 and the GOP isn’t and our vote will overwhelmingly go to Hillary. We know who is holding up the President’s executive decisions.

Here is the Navarrette column: http://www.chron.com/opinion/outlook/article/Navarrette-Clington-campaign-should-get-to-know-6217348.php.

Hank Aaron has 2,297 career RBIs, Babe Ruth has 2,213, and Barry Bonds has 1,996 of course.

We lost last night but we are still in first place.

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KTRK-TV’s Ted Oberg tweeted the following yesterday:

Ted Oberg @tedoberg 15h15 hours ago
Need Help – I would love to see invites for recent Houston city council/mayoral fundraisers. Got one? Send it to me: ted.oberg@abc.com

Oh no! Who is next on the list? What is the next big City contract coming around the bend? Who will be the next to return their campaign donations? Who will be the next insider to rat on a competitor – ALLEGEDLY? Who can you trust these days over at City Hall? Another Oberg investigation!

I am thinking that maybe our State Legislators ought to add H-Town City Hall lobbyists to the list of those that couldn’t Open Carry under the bill that is on its way to the House Floor.

Commentary remembers the days when the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce gatherings were a safe place for GOP candidates for president. Those days are long gone. Here is how a Politico article starts today:

In past years, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hasn’t had much trouble getting Republican presidential prospects to address its annual legislative summit.

But none came this year.

It is immigration reform, STUPID!

Here is the entire Politico piece on the GOP candidates dodging Latino business leaders:

Commentary said this on the last day of 2014 about Lisa Falkenberg: “I am thinking Falkenberg will get some major accolades for her great work.”

I am thinking that next time I run into the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg, I am going to have to snap up a selfie with her before she becomes too famous. I tweeted this yesterday afternoon:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 6m6 minutes ago
Way to go @ChronFalkenberg a “powerful voice” for winning Mike Royko Award for Commentary/Column Writing http://asne.org/blog_home.asp?Display=1896

The award is from the American Society of News Editors. Here is from their website:

Mike Royko Award for Commentary/Column Writing

Lisa Falkenberg of the Houston Chronicle will receive $2,500 for winning the Mike Royko Award for Commentary/Column Writing, which recognizes excellence in writing by an individual that expresses a personal point of view. The award is sponsored by the Chicago Tribune in memory of legendary Chicago columnist Mike Royko, who died in 1997.

From the judges:

“With clear, compelling prose and a finely honed sense of outrage, Lisa Falkenberg is a powerful voice for justice and transparency in her Houston community. With painstaking reporting and skillful storytelling, she detailed in a series of columns how Alfred Dewayne Brown, an illiterate black man, was wrongfully convicted of killing a Houston police officer through a series of stunning miscarriages of justice.”

 Petula Dvorak, The Washington Post
 Stephen Henderson, Detroit Free Press

You got it: “Lisa Falkenberg is a powerful voice for justice and transparency in her Houston community.” You can say that again! Nice job Falkenberg!

FYI: Mike Royko was a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist from Chicago who in 1971 also wrote “Boss”, an unauthorized biography of Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley. “Boss” was required reading back in the old days. Royko left us way too early.

Craig Biggio has been the Opening Day starting second baseman for the ‘Stros fourteen times. Name the two ‘Stros second basemen that were our Opening Day starting second basemen eight times each?

The NCAA South Regional starts this evening over at NRG in case you care. Tickets are still available. Of the four teams, I don’t know anyone that went to Gonzaga but I think it is located in the state of Washington. I don’t know anyone that went to Utah but Dante’s family has a home out there that they go stay in during vacations. My old friend Ambassador Bob Krueger picked up a graduate degree at Duke and also taught there for a bit. KHOU-TV anchor Lisa Hernandez is a UCLA Bruin and that’s all I have.

State Rep. Sylvester Turner will officially kick-off his campaign tomorrow at The Yard. I wonder if they will be having dollar dogs.

Joe Morgan and Bill Doran of course have been our Opening Day starting second basemen eight different times each.

The player we picked with the first draft choice last year but didn’t sign ended up having a dinged up pitching arm. We still didn’t do our homework and lost out on the top pick.

The ‘Stros return to The Yard one week from this evening to take on last season’s AL Champs – the Royals.

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Last night Channel 13 ran a story about the lack of city permits for State Rep. Borris Miles’ bar and the response from the H-Town Mayor’s Office. It is pretty clear that Rep. Miles really doesn’t give a rat’s arse that the story is running. The Mayor’s Office calls it a “no story” and “picayune” (picayune means petty or trivial) and appear more bothered about the whole no story. They just should have mailed in their response if you ask me.

Hey, it is a bar owned by an elected official and it looks like the elected official is getting a pass of sorts from the city so one can see how Ted Oberg and the Channel 13 news folks think the story is worthy of being aired.

The Ted Oberg tweets are what got me interested last night:

Ted Oberg @tedoberg • 12h 12 hours ago
How does a bar stay open & avoid many penalties for 4 years w/o all permits? We ask if elected owner & connected patron help @10 @abc13

Ted Oberg ‏@tedoberg 1h1 hour ago
.@AnniseParker staff called my report “picayune”. I had to look it up too. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1059863657364184&set=vb.220874244596467&type=2&theater …. See it at 10 @abc13houston

Here is the entire Channel 13 story:

A Houston cigar bar owned by State Rep. Borris Miles has been open and serving cocktails since 2010 without an occupancy permit and is out of compliance with key city codes, city emails and inspection records show.

The bar, Our Legends on Almeda Road, owed the city $2,075 in unpaid fines as of February 10, according to city records. They also show the private club’s second exit isn’t up to code, exit signs are incorrect, and corrections are needed in both plumbing and restrooms.

Over the last four years, it has repeatedly failed the city inspection process. That process is still ongoing.

The bar has at least one powerful patron: Keith Wade, special assistant to Mayor Annise Parker and Miles’ former campaign director. He denies using his influence to keep the bar open.

Wade was at the bar during one October 2012 city inspection and introduced himself to the inspector as the “Mayor’s rep,” according to inspection records. Wade helped arrange a City Hall meeting soon after about the bar’s certificate of occupancy issues.

Ultimately, in February 2013, the bar’s manager signed an agreement that required the bar to submit proper plans within two months or face tickets. Nearly two years later, bar management has yet to submit plans to the city that comply with city codes.

The bar has been ticketed just twice in four years, and one of those tickets came after ABC-13 began asking questions in early February.

Public works officials, who are in charge of building inspections and issuing occupancy issues, declined repeated requests seeking comment.

Officials with the mayor’s office, as well as Miles, told ABC-13 that Our Legends is not getting special treatment.

Miles, a Democrat representing House District 146 in southwest Houston, which includes the bar, blamed the delay in getting the bar up to code on the city’s regulatory process, calling it “almost a nightmare.”

“My staff has worked diligently with the permitting department,” Miles said. “They’re working on it. The process is in the process.”

Miles said he has gotten no special treatment.

“What kind of special treatment?” he said. “If I had special treatment, I’d have a permit by now.”

Wade declined to go on-camera but said in a brief phone interview that he has “no pull” with the city in keeping the bar open or inspectors who would issue tickets at bay.

Wade defended his involvement in assisting the bar through the permitting process.

“Why can’t I be involved?” he said. “It’s a bar I know and have a relationship with. I happen to know the owner. The operation is working to come into compliance. There is no story here.”

Parker spokeswoman Janice Evans described Wade as a “troubleshooter.”

“You do need to have a certificate of occupancy, but we tend to work with businesses to get them to the point where they can meet the requirements,” Evans said. “Often that can take a great deal of time.”

The lack of permitting at Miles’ bar raised questions at the highest levels of the public works department. Emails from April 2014 obtained by ABC-13 show the department’s powerful chief of staff asking questions about the bar’s 2013 compliance agreement.

And a department senior inspector alerted his boss — Mark Loethen, deputy director of planning & development services — about the bar’s non-compliance.

“The cigar bar at 5312 Almeda did not complete the permitting process which was started last year nor do they have a valid certificate of occupancy,” senior inspector Jodie Foster wrote to Loethen on April 7, 2014. “The investigation will be renewed and I will keep you posted on its status.”

As recently as this month, top city staff looped Wade into questions about the status of Our Legends, emails show. In addition, Parker, Wade and Evans met concerning the bar and ABC-13’s questions about it on February 9, according to emails.

Evans said that Miles’ bar was treated like many other establishments. ABC-13’s investigation raised questions suggesting that may not be true.

“We’re not in the business of putting people out of business,” she said. “When you put somebody out of business you not only hurt the business owner, but you hurt the taxpayers of the city of Houston. The inspectors have handled this like they’ve handled many others.”

Evans provided six examples of establishments that she said the city helped shepherd with patience through the permitting process.
But a review of Evan’s list raises questions about how helpful City Hall was in aiding those establishments.

• The former Penthouse Club. Evans suggested key dates to examine this adult business were between January 2006 and April 2010. On June 13, 2007 the City of Houston sued the business in civil district court asking it to be shut down for a myriad of issues. It was closed a year later after numerous visits from vice officers and other city inspectors. Mayor Bill White held a news conference in front of the closed club to speak about the court victory. It reopened in 2013 and now has a new owner.

• A restaurant on Gray Street. The owner told ABC-13 this about the city’s permitting process: “I’ve been in business a long time, and this was the worst thing I ever went through.” His establishment was not closed down, but it was threatened to be shut many times, he said. He doesn’t recall how many times he was ticketed but said it was more than once.

• A second restaurant on Gray Street. Inspectors told the owner the certificate of occupancy the building had when he purchased it from another restaurant owner was not valid, according to the current owner. He had to lease and develop parking at his own cost, develop the sidewalk at his cost and re-permit the patio, he told ABC-13. He estimates he was red-tagged 10 times and ticketed another 10 times. His last recollection was that he was fined at least $4,000 in those years and spent $100,000 to comply with the codes.

• A Washington Avenue bar. Court records show the owner was forced to build a firewall and hire marshals for “fire watch” protection as the wall was built.

• A restaurant on Main Street. This is a vacant retail space. There is no activity here. City records show only an old Dumpster permit for that location.

• A Kleckley Street banquet hall. The owner told ABC-13 the process was “not stable.” He did not open the space until he got his certificate of occupancy. He spent more than $30,000 to comply with plans and permit rules, he said. He told ABC-13 he was down to his last dollars and could not afford to stay closed any longer, so to avoid lengthy inspection delays he paid rush inspection and review fees. Without the rush fees, his plan reviews took 30 days — much longer than Miles’ bar.

Evans said this issue did not deserve attention from ABC-13, calling the story “picayune.”

“It’s not like there are issues where the building is crumbling and we’re allowing people to go inside in an unsafe building,” she said, noting that the mayor’s staff often help business owners. When I’ve been out to dinner, I’ll have business owners come up to me and say, ‘I’ve got a permitting issue can you help me?’ That’s our job in the mayor’s office.”

Then this tweet came out:

Ted Oberg retweeted
Joe Stinebaker @stinebaker • 2h 2 hours ago
@tedoberg @10 @abc13 Operating with no certificate of occupancy, eh? Does that mean we can reopen the #Astrodome then?

You kind of have to wonder if the Mayor’s folks are just counting down the days. Oh, well!

Name the former MLB batter born in Texas who has the most career strike outs?

Then there is this pothole story from Channel 11 last night. I don’t want to say this, but it certainly invites the “lame duck status” label. Here is how it ends:

Mayor Parker leaves office at the end of the year, which is the deadline she has given herself to erase the pothole backlog.

When asked how the city will pay for it, she paused before answering.

“It’s a matter of prioritizing projects,” Parker said.

The Mayor conceded that will likely mean more short-term, sometimes-called “band-aid” pothole fixes, and fewer, full street-repaving jobs.

“There’s not going to be—there’s not any magic pothole fairy, there’s no new money out there,” Parker said.

“It’s reallocating resources,” she said.

How exactly that will be done may be revealed at a March 10 meeting of the city’s Technology, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Some questioned whether Parker can fulfill her promise.

“I am not confident that it will be done in her timeline,” said Council Member Brenda Stardig.

“We need to see what can and can’t be done and shoot straight with the public,” said Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem Ed Gonzales.

“The citizens are tired. They don’t want to hear about what we’re trying to do, they want it fixed, so let’s get it done,” said City Council Member Michael Kubosh.

Here is the entire story:

Counting down the days? Kicking the can down the road? Leaving it up to the next Mayor? What else can you do?

Julianna Marguiles told Letterman last night that she wears wigs on “The Good Wife” and they cost ten grand apiece.

Adam Dunn of course, who just hung up his cleats, was born in H-Town and leads all Texas born MLBers with 2,379 career whiffs.

The owner said yesterday that he expects the team to go to the playoffs and would be disappointed if we end up below .500. We will see!

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#HoustonPotholes Rule!

First from Robert Miller:

Robert D. Miller ‏@Robert_Miller 34m34 minutes ago
Texas House committees will be released today at the end of the session and the House will then adjourn for the week. #txlege

Name the MLB club with the best road record last season?

I am not going to say much about national security issues other than to say it didn’t take Jordan long to respond.

Let me send congrats to Dante as his high school baseball adventure gets underway. Way to go, Dante! Let’s play ball!

It looks like the pothole issue has some legs so to speak as KTRK is now taking part – or taking it apart – and the City of H-Town continues to roll over, but first the latest tweets:

Ted Oberg retweeted
Bill King @BillKingForHou • 3h 3 hours ago
@tedoberg City cannot fix potholes because it does not have $$$. To fix potholes must fix finances. Must end diversions from Rebuild Houston


Ted Oberg @tedoberg • 8h 8 hours ago
Dear @Oliver4Houston @ChrisBell2015 @SylvesterTurner @s_costello @BillKingForHou et al: What can you do as mayor to speed up pothole fixes?


Ted Oberg @tedoberg • 8h 8 hours ago
Road repair cash is there, so why months-long delay? via @ABC13Houston http://abc13.com/traffic/cash-is-there-so-why-no-houston-road-repair/503132/


Ted Oberg @tedoberg • 16h 16 hours ago
Houston’s Bumpy Broken Pothole Process takes too long to fix your street. Join Us at 10 @abc13houston to find out why pic.twitter.com/FjuARYD0QU


Ted Oberg retweeted
Trent Seibert @trentseibert • Feb 2
.@tedoberg This pothole is next to Cage Elementary. Kids walk thru it daily. Should we feature @ 10 Tuesday? http://ow.ly/i/8tSSM #hounews

Here is part of the Ted Oberg Channel 13 story from yesterday:

Indeed, eight months later, 80 percent of that money dedicated to road fixes has yet to be spent, creeping through the pipeline of city bureaucracy, records show.

“They are paying dollars for the drainage fee and they’re not seeing the results of their investment,” said Councilman Larry Green, who fought last year to get the additional money dedicated to road repair. “We have to be able deliver products faster than it’s happening.”

Green’s Council District K stretches from the edge of the Texas Medical Center to Fort Bend County and includes the Astrodome. He says he’s hearing from constituents about potholes every day — and so are his colleagues.

“Every council member in the city is hearing from their constituents and I’m sure in the upcoming election it’s going to be a big deal,” Green said.
Here is the entire Channel 13 story: http://abc13.com/traffic/cash-is-there-so-why-no-houston-road-repair/503132/.

Well let me just say that potholes don’t vote. That being said, I am kind of flabbergasted and perplexed a bit that the City hasn’t been more aggressive in defending their processes. In the Channel 11 story that follows, Public Works continues to let their spokesperson take the hit. Heck, he’s earned a pay raise over the last couple or three stories. Maybe the City has a secret pothole repair plan they are fixing to unveil. Here is part of last night’s Channel 11 story and it ain’t pretty:

More than seven months after Houston City Council added an extra $10 million to the pothole repair budget, next to nothing has been done with that tax money according to an I-Team review of city records.

City Council approved its budget in June 2014, but it took until November, to get the first contract signed. And since it’s been signed, the Houston Department of Public Works said the contractor has hardly filled any holes.

The total number? Early Tuesday, the city said three potholes. Later in the day, they changed the number to eight. Either way, some City Council members said they were stunned.

“Unconscionable, something is wrong with the system,” said City Council Member C.O. “Brad” Bradford.

“Yeah that’s sad, sad, that has to be dealt with,” added Council Member Dwight Boykins.


The I-Team spoke with Eric Dargan, Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works about the contractor’s productivity.

I-Team: “Is that where you want to be?”

Dargan:”No sir, not at all.”

Initially, the Department of Public Works blamed the weather, sending out a statement that read in part:

“The contractor cannot perform work when there is rain or temperatures below 50 degrees. Both December and January have been challenging due to these weather conditions.”

But we asked KHOU 11 News Meteorologist David Paul to research those months. Conservatively, he counted 15 work days with near-ideal conditions.

“Temperatures on average were above 50 degrees, there was no rain, so there was two weeks where stuff could have gotten done,” Paul said.

On several other days, there was only a trace amount of rain recorded. According to the signed city contract, the temperature threshold is 40 degrees to do asphalt work. That would add to the number of potential work days.

I-Team: “What was this contractor doing all this time?”

Dargan: “I don’t have the answer to that.”

I-Team: “Are you going to find out?”

Dargan: “Most definitely.”

Here is the entire story: http://www.khou.com/story/news/investigations/2015/02/03/pothole-patrol-10-million-7-months-3-potholes-filled/22819739/.

Let’s see now. Two local TV stations go after the city on their pothole repair process. The City doesn’t put up much of a defense. No contest! Potholes rule!

The Dodgers of course were 49-32 on the road last season to lead all MLB clubs.

The Dodgers visit The Yard for a weekend series this August 21-23.

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Channel 13’s Ted Oberg tweeted this a couple of days ago:

Ted Oberg @tedoberg • Dec 10
I’ve been BLOCKED! @SheriffGarcia blocked me and @trentseibert after this story aired last night: http://abc13.com/429120/.

Oh well, maybe this was an accidental block.

Commentary has certainly had his share of disagreements with media coverage and stories, but that is all they are – disagreements. I don’t hold grudges or that kind of stuff. I just move on.

I would hope that the Sheriff’s folks didn’t block Ted and Trent. That would be kind of silly and unproductive. What is accomplished? Absolutely nothing!

Yesterday Texas Monthly handed out their 2014 Bum Steer Award to Team Davis. Was Team Davis worthy of the award? Scoreboard says so. 2014 wasn’t pretty for Lone Star State Dems. I wonder who is going to accept the award for Team Davis.

CEWDEM kind of responded by saying nice stuff about Sen. Davis but did not “block” Texas Monthly so to speak. Here is from CEWDEM:

I think all should remember that Wendy Davis is a good and decent human being who was willing to put her life and herself on hold for almost two years to carry the torch of the Democratic Party in the last election. She fell short – hardly the first person to suffer the fate – but she does not deserve the ridicule and truly unflattering articles and caricatures she has gotten since her loss. Personally, she gave what she could. She was served badly by mercenaries and that is the shame here – that we have allowed the privatization of politics – whose leaders are in it for a buck and those followers who work their hearts out with the only goal of making a better Texas are used and then disillusioned. I am proud that Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lane Lewis, on behalf of the Democrats of Harris County, has extended an invitation to Senator Wendy Davis, and she has accepted, to be the special guest on January 29 at the Toast to a Blue Year – 2015, gathering where we can all stop by and say “THANKS” and hug her neck for the herculean effort put forth on our behalf. Other statewide candidates have been invited, have accepted and will be in attendance. Bum Steer? – Wendy Davis? – hardly! Harris County says Thank you!

Now that was nice!

The final episode of “The Newsroom” will air Sunday night and I will be watching – just me and a little more than a million folks. Apparently, it wasn’t a hit with media big shots and they nailed it from the beginning. They liked Aaron Sorkin’s “The West Wing” but not Sorkin’s “The Newsroom.” I don’t know why. I loved “The West Wing” but never really believed that is how the real West Wing operates. I love “The Newsroom” but don’t really believe that is how newsrooms operate. I have said it before – it’s entertainment. The media elites, err critics obviously were not entertained.

Commentary mentioned the ‘Stros signed relievers Pat Neshak and Luke Gregerson. Of the two, who has the most post season experience?

BTW: 40 years ago today, “The Godfather, Part II” was released.

BTW: 14 years ago today, Bush v. Gore was decided.

Commentary is a fan of Jennifer Aniston. I am glad to see she is getting some recognition for her latest role in “Cake.” She just got nominated for Best Actress by SAG and the Golden Globes.

Pat Neshak of course went to the playoffs with the Twins (2006), A’s (2012), and San Luis (2014) and Luke Gregerson went with the A’s last season.

Maybe both will be introduced to the local media today at The Yard.

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