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Yesterday I put out the Chron’s horserace piece on the H-Town Mayor’s campaign. Yesterday was about getting the GLBT endorsement. Other horserace takes include who’s running, who’s raising the most dough – you get the picture.

Maybe the Chron will get around to actually covering the horse. Some of the candidates are staking out positions and letting voters know what kind of mayor they want to be. Let’s see if the record matches the rhetoric.

Most have had careers in public service. How and what did they do? I think it is time for this discussion.

Everybody knows that Craig Biggio played from 1988-2007. What year did he become our regular starting second baseman?

On the Sandra Bland death in Waller County, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Lisa Falkenberg says this:

When was the last time you were stopped for failing to turn on the blinker while changing lanes?

If you’re white, chances are never. If your skin has a bit more pigment, you may have a different answer. You may have not-so-fond memories of “routine” traffic stops that really aren’t routine.

I’ve encountered a few jerks in law enforcement but mostly, good, mature cops who handled themselves professionally. So I used to have a hard time believing police officers would waste their time and our tax dollars stopping people for minor infractions until I saw it with my own eyes and heard firsthand accounts from friends and relatives of color.

A black friend was stopped for a dim license plate light, and another time on an East Texas highway for following me too closely. My Mexican-American brother-in-law had his van stopped, searched and partially disassembled in Alabama because the officer told him the tint looked too dark. During the search, the officer said the vehicle looked too nice to be his. My husband, who is South Asian, was stopped for speeding in my home county, Guadalupe, as we drove to a friend’s wedding. We tried to explain to the state trooper that the speedometer was broken, but he quickly ordered my husband out of the car to investigate another claim: whether we were really married.


To get there, we have to go back to the beginning. Bland’s arrest didn’t stem from some serious threat to public safety. It started with a blinker.

Commentary has been Latino forever. When it comes to skin pigmentation I got my Mom’s genes and not my Dad’s so I have never had those lousy experiences but I know friends who have.

I don’t think the trooper involved should be a trooper.

Memo to Rick Perry. You are not going to win an argument with Trump. Here is what Rick Perry said about Trump: “I am going to stand up to him, just like I would stand up to Vladimir Putin.”

What? Putin controls a nuclear arsenal, Trump can’t even control his piehole.

Biggio became our regular starting second baseman in 1992 of course.

It was good to see close to 27,000 show up at The Yard on a Tuesday evening. We won but are still two behind.

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