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Dallas Keuchel starts at pitcher tonight for the AL All Stars – nice.

United Republicans will host a mayoral candidate forum tonight.

Years ago someone asked me why I didn’t do takes on the drug cartels. I think I said something like those guys don’t play by my rules or yours and I like to be able to keep going to ballgames. Besides, I wouldn’t know an El Chapo from an El Guapo.

The last thing I want to do is advise Trump other than to say be careful.

Unlike my fellow Latino Dems. I am not mad at Trump. In fact, if I ever run into him, I am going to go out of my way to give him an abrazo and thank him for making it nearly impossible for the GOP to make inroads into the Latino voting community in 2016. Look at the boost he’s given to the piñata industry!

I was up early this morning and I flipped on the flat screen and the deal with Iran was being announced. It brought back memories from over 35 years ago, way before the internet and twitter and flat screens when the Iranian Revolution started and they were calling us The Great Satan. If the President says it is a good deal, I guess it is. I mean, I’d rather have The President explain it and not Gov. Scott Walker.

When was the last time a MLB All Star Game went into extra innings?

The candidate questionnaires are starting to come in. There is Labor, Tejanos, OFADs, DFHers, GLBT, Young Stonewalls, Dem Party, Realtors, and Home Builders for starters. Most endorse. You know who is missing and won’t be endorsing? Women. How come they don’t have a PAC and endorse?

Don’t put your money on Kid Rock on this one. He is on the wrong side of history. From the internet:

Two of Detroit’s own are ensnared in controversy today. In an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, mulleted musician Kid Rock told those protesting the Confederate Battle Flag to “kiss my ass.” Now, Chevrolet, which is sponsoring Rock’s summer concert tour, is under fire for its support.

I don’t know about screening off more folks from foul balls at MLB cribs. If they are going to do something, maybe dugout to dugout about a third of the way down each side. It would be ridiculous if they went foul pole to foul pole or in our case fowl pole. Here is a related story:

A federal lawsuit filed in San Francisco on Monday is trying to force Major League Baseball to install netting from foul pole to foul pole to protect spectators from flying bats and balls.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of an Oakland A’s fan and other season ticket-holders throughout the major leagues does not ask for money. Instead, it wants Commissioner Rob Manfred to extend the screens that typically cover only a few sections behind the plate all the way down the first- and third-base lines.

“Every type of fan is constantly at risk of serious injury or death,” said Robert Hilliard, one of the lawyers involved in the case. “If that foul ball is hit hard enough, reaction time is basically zero and life-threatening injury is certain. This is a needless risk. Extending the nets will, as a fact, save lives.”

The proposed class action was filed on behalf of Gail Payne, who has tickets in an unprotected section at the Oakland Coliseum, by Hilliard’s Texas-based firm, Hilliard Munoz Gonzalez. A website asks other season ticket-holders to contact another firm handling the case, Seattle-based Hagens Berman.

The commissioner’s office said it is discussing safety with the clubs, and players could also become involved in the talks.

“Fan safety is our foremost goal for all those who choose to support our game by visiting our ballparks, and we always strive for that experience to be safe and fan-friendly,” MLB said in a statement. “Major League Baseball is in the process of re-evaluating all issues pertaining to fan safety, comfort and expectations.”

In 2008, the AL All Stars beat the NL All Stars 4-3 in 15 innings of course.

Root, root, root for the AL All Stars tonight

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Summer Politics

The summer kicked off yesterday with this front page story in the Chron on the race for H-Town mayor. Here it is: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Rebuild-Houston-could-prove-a-drain-on-mayor-s-6338698.php?t=e6fed25edeb2e7d3f0&cmpid=twitter-premium.

Hey, you get on the front page. What else can you ask for? I am thinking the Bill King campaign got a good bump. After all, so far “back to basics” is the only line that is getting some run.

It was certainly hot out there this past weekend talking to voters. I don’t really encounter very many that are happy with how things are going. Some feel slighted and ignored. A bunch want new blood. We will see.

Meanwhile, the Rep. Sylvester Turner campaign trotted out a list of 20 or so of his Latino colleagues who endorsed him. Hey maybe they have familia in H-Town.

The ‘Stros now have 103 dingers to lead all MLB clubs. Name the team with the least amount of dingers?

It turns out someone real close to Commentary has a significant and major interest in the newest and hottest club in H-Town. That’s cool. Of course, I am not much of a club person so I’ll just have to rely on others to tell me how it is going.

Who would have thought that seventy-one games into the season we would have the third best record in MLB? Of course, we still have not made it to ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. The next ten games will certainly be a test. We have three in Anaheim. Then the Yankees are in for four, followed by the Royals for three.

The ATL only have 41 team dingers of course.

It looks like Jose Altuve will be back in the starting lineup this evening and we are three and a half up.

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Royals Flush

Last night’s Meyerland Dems candidate forum was held. That’s about all I can say. Candidates got to speak and take a couple or so questions. That’s it. No headlines. More candidates and operatives than Meyerland Dems in attendance.

So in local politics, today is an OFFICIAL RAINOUT!

Only one pitcher in MLB has tossed 100 plus innings this season – name him?

This season, the MLB know-it-alls decided to go with online voting only for the 2015 MLB All Star Game starting lineups. They did away with the hanging chads and they are probably regretting their decision this morning. Seven members of the KC Royals are leading in the vote count. I am ready to call five of those states, err positions – catcher, third base, shortstop, and two in the outfield. A .210 hitting Omar Infante has a lead over Jose Altuve for second base and Eric Hosmer has a lead over Miguel Cabrera for first base who is hitting .344 and arguably the best hitter in MLB.

I am not going to get worked up over this because KC knows how to turn out its vote. I did like the old way of voting because I always scored a t-shirt for bringing 750 voters or so to the polls.

Infante over Altuve is getting a lot of national run so I suspect Altuve will get a bounce over the next two weeks of voting and can maybe make a comeback. Meanwhile, the know-it-alls at MLB are probably scratching their heads and trying to figure out how to devise a voting system that makes sense to folks outside of Missouri.

Dallas Keuchel of course with an 8-2 record and 2.04 ERA has tossed 101 1/3 innings to lead MLB.

Two SpringerDingers help get us a win last night. We still have a two and a half game lead over the Rangers and wrap up the homie this afternoon.

Did you know that we still have 13 games left to play against the Rangers?

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I sure hope Mayor Cisneros is right on this. Talk about Latino voter turnout in 2016. Here is a bit from yesterday’s SA Express News:

Henry Cisneros told a Spanish-language television network that Julian Castro is Hillary Clinton’s first and only option to run as her vice presidential running mate.

Cisneros told Univision’s Félix De Bedout that people within the Clinton campaign have told him that Castro, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former San Antonio mayor, is “the first person on their list.”

Here is the entire article: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Cisneros-Hillary-Clinton-s-only-option-for-VP-6268491.php.

All I have to say about how much money the Clintons received for giving speeches, nobody put a gun to the heads of those that paid to hear them talk.

Commentary makes it a policy not to talk about folks and some of the personal stuff that should be kept private. Yesterday, the Chron told us way too much about a couple of local elected officials – wowsers!

Nice job, Waco!

The 25-13 ‘Stros have the second best record in MLB but this morning Bleacherreport.com has them at number 5 on their MLB Power Rankings. Name the four teams ahead of the ‘Stros?

In local Mayoral politics, the campaign kickoffs are over so now it is about winning over voters.

The new light rail lines will open this Saturday. This past weekend I ran across them making some test runs. I hope the folks that regularly drive Downtown show a little patience. Be careful out there.

All I can say is when there are only four team left in the NBA Playoffs, the Rockets games start at a normal 8 pm.

Detroit, San Luis, Dodgers, and KC all rank ahead of the ‘Stros of course in this morning’s Bleacherreport.com MLB Power Rankings.

Check these tweets from yesterday:

Alyson Footer ‏@alysonfooter 13m13 minutes ago
It’s May 17 and officially not early anymore. Astros aren’t going away.

Alyson Footer @alysonfooter • 4h 4 hours ago
“Not going away” doesn’t mean “win the division.” “Not going away” means the Astros will be, and are, contenders this year.

The crowds are getting bigger. This evening Lance McCullers, Jr. will make his MLB debut with the ‘Stros. We have a 5 ½ game lead. What else can you ask for?

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