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I think it was pretty clear last night that Bill King got the most buzz at the Mayoral Forum on Arts and Culture at the Asia Society Texas Center. Our team on the scene got positive feedback from folks during and afterwards on Bill’s handling of the issues. A lot of the folks that provided feedback have not committed in the race. Well done!

Here is what Rebecca Elliott tweeted during the forum:

First applause of the evening after @BillKingForHou says he’d ask city council to repeal the cap on city arts funding right away #houvote

Applause is good. Of course, applause and buzz are different. Bill got both.

The candidates were asked to name their favorite artist. Some responded by promoting local artists.

Bill said Van Gogh. Ben Hall said Dali and Escher. Good choices. BTW: The forum was SRO.

Tonight we have the SPARC Growth Houston – Mayoral Candidate Economic Development Forum at UH at 6 pm.

‘Stros pitchers have tossed three complete games this season – second best in MLB. Name the team with five complete games?

The Uptown folks got chewed out today by the Chron E-Board on how they are going about their planned BRT system on Post Oak Blvd. Here is a line from the chewing out:

Now that evidence has come to light concerning conflicts of interest, it is time to bring this runaway bus to a screeching halt.

They probably deserve the chewing out.

Here is the entire chew out: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Important-questions-remain-unanswered-for-Metro-s-6305358.php.

The Karla Cisneros Campaign put this out yesterday:

Former Houston City Council Member and former State Representative Melissa Noriega endorsed Karla Cisneros for Houston City Council, District H. “Karla is a competent, compassionate public servant and a remarkable community leader, mother, and friend. It is my privilege to support her campaign for City Council District H,” announced Noriega.

“It is an honor to have the support of Council Member Melissa Noriega. Melissa is one of the most trusted, respected, and admired public servants in our great city. Her knowledge of city government and the issues and challenges facing Houston will be a valuable resource to me and our campaign. Melissa’s support will go a long way toward a campaign victory in November,” said Karla Cisneros.

Jays pitchers of course have tossed five complete games.

After the forum last night I went to The Yard. I got there at about the fourth inning and had a couple of Dollar Dogs and saw a Chris Carter dinger and a Springer Dinger. It can’t get much better than that and our lead is up to six games.

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Name the ‘Stro player with the most fielding errors this season – this is an easy one?

The Karla Cisneros for City Council, District H Kickoff at Alamo Tamale was a great success.

The Sam Houston High School Mariachi band performed and entertained.

Noted residents and voters of District H attended.

CEWDEM was there.

Former H-Town City Council Member Melissa Noriega was there to show support. Jim Henley was there.

Former San Antonio City Council Member Mary Alice Cisneros was there in support.

Former HUD Secretary and San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros introduced Karla.

Karla’s kickoff speech was on the mark.

Oh yeah, the tamales were great. Drop by there and you will be welcomed and greeted by a big Karla Cisneros sign.

The campaign is on!

Check out the Kuffer mention of District H here: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=67125.

And now that the session is over, the focus is on the upcoming H-Town City, ISD, and HCC elections.

It looks like grand jury reform may happen. Pulitzer Prizes do matter. I wonder if Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Lisa Falkenberg will go up to Austin and watch the bill signing. She at least ought to get one of the pens used to sign the bill.

Who would have thought that on June 1, 2015, the ‘Stros would have a four game lead in the AL West.

Jonathan Villar of course leads the team with nine, I said nine, fielding miscues. And I am not even going to mention his bonehead base running gaffes.

Shortstop is the most important position. We need help there. Where is Carlos Correa?

B’More is here for four.

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