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Informally In

State Rep. Sylvester Turner put out a video today saying he is running for H-Town Mayor. Of course we all knew that. Next month he will officially kick-off his campaign so today’s video isn’t official – got it?

In today’s Chron, here is what Teddy Schleifer has to say:

Turner likely will be the early front-runner, as much as there can be a leader at all in a field featuring a dozen potential candidates, nearly all of whom have elected experience.

Here is all of Teddy’s Chron article: http://www.chron.com/news/article/Rep-Turner-to-jump-into-mayor-s-race-6091355.php.

Mimi Swartz of Texas Monthly also has a take on the H-Town Mayoral contest and here is what she says:

No one has emerged as anything close to a front-runner.

Here is the entire Texas Monthly take: http://www.texasmonthly.com/story/what-chaotic-mayors-race-tells-us-about-houstons-future/page/0/1.

There are only two MLB Hall of Fame great pitchers with 300 plus wins who were born in Texas. Name the two? Hint – they are both still around.

I do doesn’t mean I didn’t! Yesterday every TV station and media outlet around here showed me a picture of the lovely couple from Austin holding their historic marriage certificate. If the Texas AG has made it null and void, can he show me a picture of his mug holding the null and void marriage certificate?

In 2008, Rudy Giuliani got 591,384 total love votes when he ran for President and Barack Obama received over 78 mil (primary and general) LOVE votes. Size does matter says the love machine! So put on your Yankee lid and handwrite an apology letter to the American people!

I have to admit it is sad to see a guy like Giuliani turn in a shrill fella. I am kind of thinking he is losing it.

Once again a TV series finale didn’t satisfy a bunch of the loyal viewers. I am talking about “Two and a Half Men.” The series ended last night with Walden, Alan, and Berta sitting on their balcony deck talking about Charlie and watching a helicopter haul Charlie’s piano toward them, then a fella supposed to be Charlie (we only see his back) shows up to his Malibu pad and the piano falls on him and kills him – I guess. Then the camera shot pulls back and we see Charlie’s nemesis, show creator Chuck Lorrie sitting in a director’s chair and turning to the camera and say “winning!” Then a piano falls on Lorre and that’s it.

The hour long program was about Charlie still might being alive and had cameos from some of the exes and also featured Rose and the return of Jake. The Governator also had a part. There was also the old nod and a wink on occasion to the audience from some cast members during the course of the show. Some fans apparently wanted Charlie to make an appearance but things couldn’t be worked out.

Commentary has been a fan of the show because I thought it was hilarious and outrageous. But honestly, just about every major or minor character that was portrayed over the years had very few redeeming qualities. I don’t think you would want any of them in your immediate family – well maybe Walden’s one billion dollars. So how do you end a series like this one? A happily ever after finale would have been so phony. So something hilarious and outrageous was in order and last night’s finale was OK by me – Winning!

Greg Maddux won 355 games and was born in San Angelo and Nolan Ryan won 325 games and was born in Refugio of course.

The ‘Stros open Spring Training today.

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