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Bernie Sanders is good for the process. I have run into his enthusiastic supporters and seen his bumper stickers in my ‘hood. 5,200 saw him yesterday at Hofheinz. 7,000 saw him in Dallas.

I certainly hope he has staying power. It would be good for the Dem Party if we had a healthy and vibrant Dem Primary here in Texas and Harris County. It would be nice if tons of folks came out to vote next March.

This was tweeted last night:

Evan: Homeowner! ‏@evan7257 11h11 hours ago
According to my parents, who are eating at La Griglia, @SenSanders is sitting next to my parents at La Griglia

All I can say is La Griglia has a sign at The Yard above the Landry’s Crawford Boxes so it is OK with Commentary if Bernie grabs a bite there.

Name the pitcher with the most wins in the AL?

I am not going to say much about the race for H-Town Mayor other than to say I find it interesting to see a campaign put out stuff that they can’t back up.

This is what it is in the twitter world:

kept_simple ‏@kept_simple 24h24 hours ago
Trump has been calling Mexicans rapists for weeks but the thing that will finally sink him with journalists is being mean to John McCain

Keep on trumping!

A bit of sad news

The Associated Press ‏@AP 4h4 hours ago
Character actor Alex Rocco, famous for mobster Moe Greene in “The Godfather,” dies at age 79: http://apne.ws/1OpoDOH

One of the best whack job movie scenes of all time – one to the eyeball.

Rocco said this in 2007: “The Godfather is what made me go from hamburger to steaks.”

Dallas Keuchel of course has 12 wins to lead the AL.

What a weekend for the ‘Stros. 36,000 plus change Friday and yesterday, SRO on Saturday. Yesterday Dante and I got there 20 minutes before the game and had to park five blocks from The Yard. I think I posted a picture yesterday of us together. This is our tenth year of going to games together. Dante is a month shy of his 16th birthday and stands at six feet three – wow!

We have the day off and then the Red Sox are in for three.

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