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As expected a who’s who were among the few hundred that attended Mayor Bob Lanier’s funeral service yesterday. It was SRO.

Pastor Joel Osteen officiated. The eulogies were delivered by two of Bob’s grand kids and his close friends Kenny Friedman, Vince Kickerillo, Charles Hurwitz, and Doug Pitcock.

Some of the 1991 campaign folks were there including Craig Varoga and Sabrina Midkiff.

The Mayor was there along with some members of City Council.

Former council members were there along with current members of Congress, the Texas Legislature, and other local elected officials.

Former Mayor Lee Brown and former County Judge and State Senator Jon Lindsay were on hand.

Some of the Mayoral candidates were on hand – I saw Chris Bell, Bill King, Ben Hall, and Council Member Stephen Costello.

Austin super lobbyist Bill Miller came down. Outgoing GHP Chair Paul Hobby and his wife Janet attended.

I saw former Governor Mark White. County Commissioner El Franco Lee and Bob’s trusted friend Dave Walden served as pallbearers.

Every TV station had their big satellite trucks parked in front.

Kenny’s eulogy focused on Bob’s record of service. Among the accomplishments he listed was letting Bud Adams take the Oilers to Tennessee and the subsequent building of the three major sports venues. (I kind of mentioned that yesterday.)

The songs performed included “Amazing Grace” and “What a Wonderful World.”

Looking at the Order of Service program that was printed and handed out, I thought we might be there for a couple of hours. It was over in an hour and fifteen minutes.

Even though yesterday’s gathering was a funeral, it was a celebration of his life and did have an upbeat flavor.

I am glad I was there.

Again, I will skip the MLB question.

I won’t be have a take tomorrow and maybe I will have a quick one on Friday.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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