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Eric is right. Bill pretty much rewrote the book on this. Check this tweet:

Eric Berger ‏@chronsciguy 8m8 minutes ago
I don’t have a stake in the Houston mayoral race, but 10 years ago @BillKingForHou sure nailed it on hurricanes. http://extras.chron.com/banners/j/jessesawards/2006/documents/jesses_explanatory/febexplanatory.htm

Commentary said this yesterday:

Remember when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was one of the leaders of the pack and now he is below one percent. Scott who?

Walker said this in his exit speech yesterday:

“Today, I believe that I am being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive conservative message can rise to the top. I encourage other Republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front-runner.”

Before Trump entered the race, guys like Walker were pretty extreme when it came to immigration reform. Heck, Walker even shifted from a good position to a lousy position. All Trump did was kick it up a notch or three. Guys like Walker set the table for Trump. Don’t blame Trump, blame yourself.

Evan Gattis leads the team with 85 RBIs. Name the ‘Stro with second highest number of RBIs?

Jeb Bush is in H-Town and spoke to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Bush has also shifted his position on immigration reform. Protesters greeted Jeb yesterday and they said this:

“Jeb Bush has straddled both sides on the immigration issue – depending on his audience – and at times remained silent and exchanged ‘high-fives’ with those attacking immigrants.”

They are right.

Wrangler is 69 today. Happy Birthday Larry Dierker.

Happy Birthday to Carlos Correa. He is 21 today and in just 88 games is batting .279 with 19 dingers and 56 RBIs.

Jose Altuve is second on the team with 59 RBIs of course.

We are a game back with 11 to go. What a race. It is another Chick-fil-A day thanks to the Gattis dinger last night.

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There is no doubt that on immigration reform, Latino voters pay the most attention. And they know what happened yesterday. Here is from CNN:

A federal appeals court on Tuesday denied a request from Justice Department lawyers to allow President Barack Obama’s controversial immigration actions to go into effect pending appeal.

The decision is a victory for Texas and 25 other states that are challenging the Obama administration’s actions, which were blocked by a District Court judge in February. Tuesday’s decision means that while the issue is appealed, eligible undocumented immigrants will be unable to apply for the programs aimed at easing deportation threats.

This just seals the Latino vote for Hillary Clinton and the Dems. That’s the bright side. No se puede GOP!

This is Day 2 of no “Today” because of local news coverage of the weather.

This is a smart move by the Chron:

Houston Chronicle retweeted
joysewing ‏@joysewing 4m4 minutes ago
Message to readers: http://HoustonChronicle.com paywall taken down temporarily – Houston Chronicle http://www.chron.com/houston/article/Message-to-readers-Impact-of-weather-on-home-6285905.php … via @HoustonChron

B’More has class for sure! Check out these tweets:

VoteAstros ‏@astros 14m14 minutes ago
Moment of silence prior to tonight’s game for the lives lost in the Houston floods. Thank you, @Orioles. pic.twitter.com/USv753CYvG

Brian McTaggart ⚾️ ‏@brianmctaggart 14m14 minutes ago
Orioles held a moment of silence prior to tonight’s game for the lives lost in the Houston floods.

I guess we can get back to politics and campaigning today.

Name the ‘Stro hitter who leads the team in walks?

Commentary has been watching the History Channel’s “Texas Rising.” It has been pretty interesting once you get past the topography liberties taken by the show’s director and producer.

It is probably too early to call, but Jose Altuve has a commanding lead in early voting in the race for starting second baseman for the 2015 AL All Star Team. Here are some Footnote tweets:

Alyson Footer ‏@alysonfooter 2h2 hours ago
In-stadium balloting gave the advantage to teams who draw well. Lesser teams’ players didn’t get same love, even when deserving.

Alyson Footer ‏@alysonfooter 2h2 hours ago
That’s the long way of saying that Jose Altuve is leading all AL second basemen by a whole lotta votes.

And a tweet from Tags:

Brian McTaggart ⚾️ ‏@brianmctaggart 44m44 minutes ago
Astros first to 30 wins after taking down O’s: http://atmlb.com/1HJVxJN

George Springer of course has 29 walks to lead the team.

30-17 is pretty good. They are a fun team to watch.

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Root Sports Southwest is now available in most of the H-Town area.

Name the first ‘Stros non-pitcher ever to be selected as a MLB All Star? (Hint: 1966)

Univision’s and Fusion’s Jorge Ramos sent out a series of tweets yesterday in anticipation of the President’s executive action on immigration. Here are the Ramos tweets:

JORGE RAMOS ‏@jorgeramosnews 1h1 hour ago
“Be bold” Dreamers are asking @BarackObama If he doesn’t, the risk is to upset Latinos and alienate Republicans at the same time.

JORGE RAMOS ‏@jorgeramosnews 1h1 hour ago
There are big expectations in the Latino community about Obama’s executive action. Expecting more than 5 million immigrants to benefit

JORGE RAMOS ‏@jorgeramosnews 19m19 minutes ago
It’ll be difficult for Republicans to reject executive action on immigration and not to be seen as anti-immigrant and anti-Latino.

JORGE RAMOS ‏@jorgeramosnews 1h1 hour ago
…and let’s not forget that it was @SpeakerBoehner and the Republicans who blocked immigration reform in the House.

JORGE RAMOS ‏@jorgeramosnews 2h2 hours ago
Republicans and @SpeakerBoehner blocked immigration reform in congress. After the “executive action” they might want to reconsider

JORGE RAMOS ‏@jorgeramosnews 2h2 hours ago
The executive action on immigration will demonstrate the “new” power of the Latino community. This is an issue very close to our “corazón”

The GOP will be going after the President and his action and Latinos leaders and activists are obliged to not only join in the fight but lead it and own it. If we just sit back and watch the President and his team defend his position against the GOP we risk losing a key part of the narrative – us. It is not about the GOP going after the President and a so-called misuse of his authority. It is about the GOP going after the Latino community.

Let’s remember, it was the GOP that decided to make this a partisan issue back in 2007 when immigration reform legislation was being considered during 43’s administration. And it’s GOP candidates that have made it a red meat issue as recently as this past election. They have made it a litmus test within their own primaries across the country. And it has been a GOP controlled U.S. House of Representatives that has refused a floor vote on the Senate passed version of immigration reform.

Expect the GOP to call out the President and using rhetoric like “sticking it in the eye of the newly elected Congress” and “playing with fire.” Once the President issues his action we need to step forward and make it a fight between the GOP and our community. We will win that fight.

We have close to five million stories to tell. They don’t.

America is used to seeing and probably tired of seeing the GOP and the President battle with each other. American has never really seen the Latino community play a major role in a public policy debate.

Instead of letting a fight between the President and the GOP play out within the beltway, let’s take this fight across America.

It is time. Let’s grab what Jorge Ramos calls our “new” power and move forward our community. Let’s play offense. Let’s win this one.

Hall of Fame great Joe Morgan of course was the first non-pitcher ‘Stro selected to the MLB NL All Star Team back in 1966. He was injured and didn’t get to play.

The team still hasn’t made any moves.

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