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HFD’s Turn

Commentary doesn’t think the Chron E-Board approves of how the current administration runs HPD and HFD. In recent months the E-Board has called out how the Police Department has been run. Today they put the wood to the Fire Department. Here is how it ends:

Houston needs political leaders who are willing to take a 360-degree look at our fire department and insist that taxpayer dollars only be spent promoting smart strategies. That’s the report we’re waiting to read next.


Check out the entire E-Board take here: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/HFD-report-still-leaves-us-wanting-6402455.php.

HPD and HFD are two or the largest City departments. What the E-Board thinks is one thing, what the voters think is another. What does that say?

Craig Biggio gets inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend. He played his last game on September 30, 2007. Who did we play that day?

Go get a hard copy of the Chron so you can get your twelve page Biggio commemorative section.

Filling out candidate questionnaires is time consuming. Do they really need to be that long though?

Another week, another mass shooting. Only in America.

I think I will pull an Erica Grieder and not say much about Trump other than to say keep on trumping.

Craig Biggio’s last game was against The ATL of course.

Baseball is back. We made a trade yesterday that brought us Scott Kazmir from the A’s and that made us a bit better.

Then we swept the Red Sox last night on a Jose Altuve walk-off dinger.

30,000 plus showed up last night. We have won five of our last six and are now just a game behind. We are in KC for the weekend and the Royals have the best record in the AL.

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Rookie pitcher Chris Heston of the Giants tossed a no-no against the Mets last night. The Giants now have no-nos in four consecutive seasons – 2012-2015. Name the Giants pitchers who tossed the three other no-nos?

Does it really have to be this way?

This what Duane Brown’s lawyer had to say about the police union VP who still thinks Duane Brown is guilty even though they don’t have the proof:

“I guess they are cops and they don’t want to say they got the wrong person. It’s been my experience that when police officers think they got their man, they don’t like changing their minds.”

She has the experience and I don’t.

The Police Chief also thinks Brown is guilty and this doesn’t sit too well with the Chron E-Board today. Here is part of the E-Board’s take from today:

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland has reiterated in public statements that he still believes Brown is guilty, as has Officer Joseph Gamaldi, the police union’s 2nd vice president. The police union Twitter feed also continues to refer to Brown as a “murderer.”

Officers like McClelland and Gamaldi continue to swallow a story built upon forced testimony and hidden truth. Mayor Annise Parker should remind these armed government agents that it is their self-proclaimed mission to uphold this country’s democratic values as embodied in the Constitution and to dedicate themselves to the preservation of liberty and justice for all.

But it is easy to understand why McClelland and other officers would be confused by this turn of events. From 2008 through 2012, HPD officers fatally shot 10 unarmed people, including a Navy veteran diagnosed with schizophrenia and a mentally ill double amputee in a wheelchair. No officers were indicted.

The police rarely face consequences in a court of law for a rush to judgment. More often it is men like Brown who suffer. But rather than use this opportunity to reflect on what went wrong, McClelland is instead charging forward with a vow to use “every available resource and any and all lawful means to try to come up with evidence to support what I believe.”

More than 20,000 cases with promising leads went uninvestigated by HPD in 2013. McClelland should let Houstonians know how many more cases HPD officers will miss because of these redirected resources.

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/An-innocent-man-goes-free-6317274.php.

I don’t think the Chron E-Board think much of the Chief’s priorities.

I am starting to think H-Town folks may be fed up with this. Instead of following up on your burglary the police are telling folks to be more vigilant. Don’t leave anything of value in your car overnight. Get to know your neighbors. Report suspicious activity. If you see criminal activity try to remember what the perp looked like in detail – hair color, wardrobe, etc. Heck, they are even telling you to trim your hedges.

It is kind of starting to sound like the 20,000 cases per year that won’t get investigated is sort of the unofficial policy. That is not sitting well with folks. A civic club leader told me he was fed up with this. He said it wasn’t a resource problem, it was a leadership issue. He wondered if other major U.S. cities have the same problem. I hope we are not being told to get used to it!

I went to a meeting at Stanton’s last night. I had not been there in a while. They sure did fix the joint up.

Matt Cain went perfection against us in 2012, and Tim Lincecum tossed no-nos against the Padres in 2013 and 2014 of course.

I am glad the GM still checks on my Commentary. He sent Jonathan Villar down to Triple A Fresno yesterday.

Vincent Velasquez will make his MLB debut tonight as our starting pitcher.

Carlos Correa got his first career dinger last night but it wasn’t enough. We have now lost six straight but still hold a three game lead. Go figure!

Hey, guys. Let’s start scoring some runs!

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