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Name the only two ‘Stros who have been in the Opening Day starting line-up the last three seasons?

The new norm in Texas is campus carry and the AG suing over the extending of family leave benefits to same-sex married couples. Is there any relief in sight?

I guess it is time to start paying attention to college basketball.

One of the online posts from the last couple of days asks this question: How is the Harris County Sheriff going to make a living after he resigns? I wonder how much voters care about this.

I am thinking folks really want to know who will do a good job of running the City, dealing with finances, and attacking potholes.

I wonder if the Sheriff will start getting twitter bombed like some of the other candidates.

On, Tuesday evening, Maricruz and John Cody from La Porte took their three kids to the Rodeo and ended up getting handcuffed and detained in front of their kids. Maricruz also got falsely accused of shoplifting. What a shame and what a nightmare!

I guess the security thought they fit the shoplifting profile. They were Latino looking. They were the wrong color. Here is from the Chron on the incident:

Police later took off Cody’s handcuffs and went with him to collect his two other daughters.

“My kids have never seen anything like that before…” he said. “They were pretty upset.”

His wife and eldest daughter were released about two hours after the ordeal began.

Several law enforcement officers eventually apologized for how the incident was handled and told them they were free to go to the carnival or come back another day, but they told the family they had been banned from NRG Center, Cody said.

Maricruz, meanwhile, is still upset.

“She judged us, tried us, found us guilty,” she said, of the deputy who detained her. “She was adamant we had the earrings. … It was something very hard for me to watch, my daughter brought in in handcuffs, searched, treated like a criminal.”


Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo officials said they had recently learned about the incident and were reaching out to the Codys.

“The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo wants all of its guests to have the best experience possible while visiting our event,” Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo officials said in an email on Wednesday.

“We want to extend our apologies to the Cody family for the problems they encountered as show guests, and are reaching out to them to help us resolve this situation,” the email stated. “They will be offered a day of hospitality here at the show, including rodeo and carnival tickets.”

Here is the entire Chron story: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Family-rodeo-outing-turns-to-hellish-nightmare-6144054.php.

Well at least the mighty Rodeo knows their security screwed up. If I was the family, I would settle for a couple of all expense paid suites to a couple of future Rodeo performances – at the very least. They deserve better!

Second baseman Jose Altuve and catcher Jason Castro are the only two ‘Stros who have started on Opening Day the last three seasons (2012-2014) of course.

Pitcher Scott Feldman will get the starting nod on Day Two of the season.

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