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I’ll be watching MSNBC again this morning and will never forget.

Let’s take off the gloves. Commentary is talking about the H-Town mayoral forums and debates.

At yesterday’s BOMA forum: Ben Hall to Council Member Steve Costello on permitting – “You have no credibility. You have been at city hall for six years and it has gotten worse.”

CM Costello went after Bill King. I think most observers know why.

On the HERO, Ben Hall received applause from a lot of BOMA folks for opposing.

I don’t think there were any older Acres Homes African American voters in attendance at BOMA so that’s why Rep. Sylvester Turner and Adrian Garcia quickly said “I support HERO.”

At last night’s televised debate, CM Costello again called out Bill King. Like I said, I think most observers know why.

Garcia was asked by Marty McVey about the Sheriff Department’s lousy record on solving rape cases under Garcia’s watch. Garcia had that uh-oh look and avoided answering the question. This question is going to dog Garcia for sure.

Commentary was disappointed that Bill King was never asked a question on the city budget, pensions, or infrastructure. I guess that is just the way it played out.

I also don’t think the debate organizers did a good job on their first round of questions. Some got tough questions and some didn’t. That is kind of lazy work if you ask me.

There were a lot of empty seats last night at the venue. I think the sponsors were a bit stingy on ticket distribution. They should have invited more folks.

Here is the Chron’s take on last night’s debate: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/In-first-televised-debate-mayoral-candidates-6497311.php.

Name the MLB club with the most home wins his season?

Here we go again. It kind of sounds like a broken record. Another effort to get more tourists to visit H-Town. Here is from today’s Chron:

It’s time to lay any lingering concerns over Houston as a “cultural wasteland” to rest and start actively promoting the city’s bounty of arts and culinary destinations to tourists, city officials said Thursday, kicking off the latest marketing and image campaign.

“Yes, it’s hot. Yes, we have mosquitoes. Let’s get over that,” Mayor Annise Parker told a group of 700 at Houston First Corp.’s inaugural Tourism Summit on Thursday. “After they get here, people fall in love with the city. They don’t want to leave.”

Houston First, the city’s main tourism arm, hopes to shift visitors’ focus beyond the oil and gas business and to brand the city as the “culinary and cultural capital of the South.” A new advertising and marketing blitz is part of its ambitious goal to boost visitors by 35 percent, to20 million annually, over the next three years.

Television spots feature famous Houstonians – members of ZZ Top, “Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons and singers Lyle Lovett and Kam Franklin – explaining what outsiders may be missing. The campaign includes images of not just the downtown skyline but also Midtown hot spots, fancy sushi bars, world-class museums and more.

Here is the entire story: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Tourism-officials-shift-focus-beyond-business-6496986.php?cmpid=btfpm.

Save your money, please. It is not going to work. It hasn’t in the past. It won’t in the future. Not even with the help of Sheldon Cooper. We are who we are.

San Luis of course leads MLB with 50 wins at home. The Royals and the ‘Stros follow with 48 each.

We now have a two and a half game lead with 22 left and we are in Anaheim for the next three. One game at a time.

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Summer Politics

The summer kicked off yesterday with this front page story in the Chron on the race for H-Town mayor. Here it is: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Rebuild-Houston-could-prove-a-drain-on-mayor-s-6338698.php?t=e6fed25edeb2e7d3f0&cmpid=twitter-premium.

Hey, you get on the front page. What else can you ask for? I am thinking the Bill King campaign got a good bump. After all, so far “back to basics” is the only line that is getting some run.

It was certainly hot out there this past weekend talking to voters. I don’t really encounter very many that are happy with how things are going. Some feel slighted and ignored. A bunch want new blood. We will see.

Meanwhile, the Rep. Sylvester Turner campaign trotted out a list of 20 or so of his Latino colleagues who endorsed him. Hey maybe they have familia in H-Town.

The ‘Stros now have 103 dingers to lead all MLB clubs. Name the team with the least amount of dingers?

It turns out someone real close to Commentary has a significant and major interest in the newest and hottest club in H-Town. That’s cool. Of course, I am not much of a club person so I’ll just have to rely on others to tell me how it is going.

Who would have thought that seventy-one games into the season we would have the third best record in MLB? Of course, we still have not made it to ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. The next ten games will certainly be a test. We have three in Anaheim. Then the Yankees are in for four, followed by the Royals for three.

The ATL only have 41 team dingers of course.

It looks like Jose Altuve will be back in the starting lineup this evening and we are three and a half up.

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I think it was pretty clear last night that Bill King got the most buzz at the Mayoral Forum on Arts and Culture at the Asia Society Texas Center. Our team on the scene got positive feedback from folks during and afterwards on Bill’s handling of the issues. A lot of the folks that provided feedback have not committed in the race. Well done!

Here is what Rebecca Elliott tweeted during the forum:

First applause of the evening after @BillKingForHou says he’d ask city council to repeal the cap on city arts funding right away #houvote

Applause is good. Of course, applause and buzz are different. Bill got both.

The candidates were asked to name their favorite artist. Some responded by promoting local artists.

Bill said Van Gogh. Ben Hall said Dali and Escher. Good choices. BTW: The forum was SRO.

Tonight we have the SPARC Growth Houston – Mayoral Candidate Economic Development Forum at UH at 6 pm.

‘Stros pitchers have tossed three complete games this season – second best in MLB. Name the team with five complete games?

The Uptown folks got chewed out today by the Chron E-Board on how they are going about their planned BRT system on Post Oak Blvd. Here is a line from the chewing out:

Now that evidence has come to light concerning conflicts of interest, it is time to bring this runaway bus to a screeching halt.

They probably deserve the chewing out.

Here is the entire chew out: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Important-questions-remain-unanswered-for-Metro-s-6305358.php.

The Karla Cisneros Campaign put this out yesterday:

Former Houston City Council Member and former State Representative Melissa Noriega endorsed Karla Cisneros for Houston City Council, District H. “Karla is a competent, compassionate public servant and a remarkable community leader, mother, and friend. It is my privilege to support her campaign for City Council District H,” announced Noriega.

“It is an honor to have the support of Council Member Melissa Noriega. Melissa is one of the most trusted, respected, and admired public servants in our great city. Her knowledge of city government and the issues and challenges facing Houston will be a valuable resource to me and our campaign. Melissa’s support will go a long way toward a campaign victory in November,” said Karla Cisneros.

Jays pitchers of course have tossed five complete games.

After the forum last night I went to The Yard. I got there at about the fourth inning and had a couple of Dollar Dogs and saw a Chris Carter dinger and a Springer Dinger. It can’t get much better than that and our lead is up to six games.

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Here is how the Chron’s Teddy Schleifer started off this week’s “The Horseshoe” that was just released:

FIRST ON THE HORSESHOE: The newly launched campaign of Bill King raised $250,000 at his kick-off fundraiser last week, according to his campaign. We always knew King could raise serious dough through his high-powered network – along with tapping his own bank account – yet Tuesday’s haul is a strong early show of force as this campaign gets underway.

Remember when Teddy tweeted this Thursday evening, the day before the pension deal was announced? Here is this:

Teddy Schleifer @teddyschleifer • Mar 5
Mayoral race fall-out could be fascinating: Does it take wind out of sails of those running on pensions? Or, elevate their signature issue?

Well it is certainly still on the table and the issue isn’t going away and for sure it isn’t going to be solved during this campaign.

Friday’s “deal” announcement very well could have elevated the issue. It was on a lot of the local evening news shows, made it to the front page of the Chron’s Saturday City/State section, and got the lead editorial in yesterday’s issue.

Then you got the feeling that some of the handlers of the deal makers were in a defensive mode even before the deal was announced.

Commentary said this last Friday:

Aside from the deal makers, I wonder who will step forward to say it is a good deal.

Here is how the Chron E-Board started their take yesterday:

Like Advil for a brain tumor.

That’s how city pension consultant Craig Mason described the proposed firefighter pension deal back when it was being discussed in September. Not much seems to have changed between then and late Thursday, when the fire pension board announced a final deal with the city (“Parker, firefighters make deal on pensions,” Page B1, Friday). The problem keeps growing, and all we’re getting is short-sighted respite from the pain.

Here is the entire E-Board take:

Then here is what Bill King tweeted yesterday:

Bill King ‏@BillKingForHou 3h3 hours ago
My former colleagues at the Chronicle editorial board nailed it on the new fire department pension deal. http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Pension-pill-6119828.php

Then this came out on Friday:

Steve Costello, Chair of Houston City Council’s Budget and Fiscal Affairs Committee, released the following statement regarding today’s announcement about adjustments to the Houston Firefighters’ pension:

“Our firefighters deserve to have their pensions covered in full and this deal, negotiated without City Council input or approval, not only leaves their pensions cut short, but continues to put the city’s financial well-being at great risk over the long haul. This agreement simply continues the damaging cycle where the City of Houston fails to fund the pension, racking up tens of millions of dollars in new debt in the future.

Like I said, this issue is still on the table.

We all know Craig Biggio will be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame this summer. How many times was Biggio our leadoff hitter on an Opening Day lineup?

State Rep. Carol Alvarado had an Op-Ed on her bill on online voter registration in yesterday’s SA Express News. Check it out here: http://www.mysanantonio.com/opinion/commentary/article/The-dirty-little-secret-of-government-6117408.php.

I decided to hold off on my visit to the gym Saturday afternoon so I could check out the President’s Selma50 speech. I’m glad I did. Here is what I tweeted afterwards:

Marc Campos‏@MarcCommentary 21h21 hours ago
Just watched an incredible, powerful and historic speech by @BarackObama. #Selma50 #VotingRightsAct pic.twitter.com/MIWOth3ogC

The President rocked!

Last night we got to see “The Good Wife” prepare for her meeting with the E-Board.

The last couple of days, Channel 11 has been promoting Lisa Hernandez’s Big Announcement. Lisa is one the evening news co-anchors. Let’s see. She got married last year. I am guessing she will announce …… this evening.

Craig Biggio was the leadoff batter in 12 Opening Day lineups for the ‘Stros of course.

Yesterday, a lineup with five, maybe six, of our 2015 Opening Day starters was no-hit by The ATL pitchers yesterday. Hey, it is just Spring Training!

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Election Day is eight months from today, but who is counting.

Bill King announced for H-Town Mayor yesterday. Last night he met with and had a Q&A session with activists from a key neighborhood. The event was well attended.

I will say this. Bill is certainly getting folks to pay attention. He is also driving a lot of the debate on key issues.

The campaign tweeted this yesterday with one of those vine deals:

Bill King ‏@BillKingForHou 1h1 hour ago
Let’s get #BackToBasics Houston https://vine.co/v/O0hLDEQAa92

Then Miya Shay tweeted the following:

Miya Shay ‏@miyashay 14m14 minutes ago
So @BillKingForHou puts rim shots in his vine videos? Um…okay?

Bada Boom! Mission accomplished if we got someone to comment on the vine.

There is another campaign event this evening that I will check out.

‘Stros pitcher Dallas Keuchel threw five complete games last season. How many complete games did the rest of the ‘Stros staff pitch last season?

Here is what I want to know. Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State in early 2009. How come we just found out yesterday that she was using a non-government email address?

Commentary is not going to get all worked up over the Andre Johnson exit. We all know that Andre Johnson has never had a quality QB throw passes to him. I hope he lands with a team that has an elite QB.

Here is from the Chron:

Texans coach Bill O’Brien sat (Andre) Johnson down last Thursday and delivered some, um, interesting news.

O’Brien told Johnson, the franchise’s most accomplished offensive player, a man who has averaged 84 receptions per season, including a team-high 85 last year, that the Texans anticipated he would catch around 40 passes next season.

“I just laughed,” Johnson told the Chronicle on Monday night. “They gave me my role, and I just laughed at them.

Hey Andre! I laughed at them too!

Scott Feldman is the only other ‘Stro to toss a complete game last season with two of course.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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For those that need reminding – and that is more and more folks these days – today is Texas Independence Day.

Bill King will officially announce for H-Town Mayor today. Earlier this morning at 8 am, a reception was held in Clear Lake for Bill. A lot of the area’s leadership was in attendance to show their support for the campaign. It was a well attended crowd considering a Monday morning 8 am start.

Bill grew up in Clear Lake and went to Clear Creek High so that makes him a Wildcat. Bill was introduced at the reception by one of his former high school teachers.

Bill will have a couple of more events today that I will probably mention tomorrow. As you can tell, Bill also continues to drive the pothole issue on social media. He owns it.

Commentary put out this on Friday:

Next time I run into Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Mike Sullivan, I am going to ask him why he didn’t place his mug on the educational billboards promoting the switchover to the new single-sticker system for vehicle registrations and inspections. I saw one of his billboards off of I-45 and North Main.

I have seen Hunker Down on billboards in the past. I have seen the Harris County Sheriff on promotions. On the I-45/North Main billboard only Tax Assessor Collector Sullivan’s name is displayed. Maybe the ad funders stipulated that photos of elected officials were not allowed. Oh, well!

Apparently some folks over at the County said he couldn’t use his mug on the billboards. That’s odd. He can use his mug on other stuff including his website that is paid for by the taxpayer. Oh, well.

Colin McHugh will get the pitching start for the ‘Stros this Thursday in the Spring Training opener. What was his won-loss record for us last season?

I am not going to say anything about Speaker John Boehner other than his leadership skills don’t look too good.

The story about the Harris County Sheriff and his not making a decision and the campaign for his job should he leave finally made it to the hard copy today. I will say it again, I don’t see how this story helps him out.

Last night “The Good Wife” figured out how her campaign was communicating with the third party independent expenditure folks – tsk, tsk, tsk!

All I can say is that I laughed during the “SNL” ISIS short skit the other night. Hey, it’s “SNL!”

Speaking of, here is what the MLB Pirates put out this past weekend:

The Pittsburgh Pirates organization released a statement Friday expressing disgust after seeing a photo of the man who has been identified as the Islamic State militant known as “Jihadi John” wearing a baseball cap bearing the team’s “P” logo.

“The classic gold P stands for Pittsburgh and is worn by our players, coaches and fans with a great sense of pride,” the team said in its statement. “It is absolutely sickening to everyone within the Pirates organization, and to our great fans, to see this murderer wearing a Pirates cap in this old photo.”

Colin McHugh went 11-9 last season with a 2.73 ERA and 25 pitching starts of course.

Nothing else to report from The Yard.

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Not the Issues

Over a quarter of a million jobs were added to the rolls in January and the do-nothing GOP still refuses to give the President an ounce of credit! Talk about a lame shame!

He was arguably the greatest to ever play the game and a member of the inaugural class of the MLB Hall of Fame. He was also born 120 years ago today. Who am I talking about?

Kuffer put out some more of what he wants to see the Mayoral candidates talking about this year. Today Kuffer touches on quality of life. Here is how he ends his take today:

I could go on, but I think that will do for now. I realize this is a long campaign, and I realize the average voter is assumed to have the attention span of a gnat. I also realize that some of these candidates don’t have fully fleshed-out positions on everything yet, though let’s be honest here – most of the declared candidates – three of whom so far are repeat customers – have been running for Mayor for many years now. They’ve just made it official now that they can raise money. They’ve all got advisers and consultants and political directors and what have you out the wazoo. Let’s put some of that brainpower to the test. Anyone can be against potholes. I want to know what these guys are for, and it’s neither unfair nor too early to start asking where they stand, at least in general, on these issues. I hope you’ll join me on that, and will do the same for the issues that are important to you.

Here is all of today’s Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=65299.

Look, folks know where Commentary stands. I can also say that Bill King has certainly written extensively on a number of H-Town issues. All you have to do is look them up or go purchase his book. So you really can’t stick Bill in with the rest of the bunch who have not staked out positions. Kind of the same for Council Member Stephen Costello who has put out a number of issue newsletters.

Meanwhile, Chris Bell and State Rep. Sylvester Turner are sniping at each other on fundraising – certainly not an issue that is of concern to most H-Town voters. Check these tweets from yesterday:

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 2h2 hours ago
NEW: @ChrisBell2015 files complaint to Houston ethics board to not allow @SylvesterTurner to transfer his $$$. | http://blog.chron.com/houstonpolitics/2015/02/mayoral-fight-continues-as-bell-files-complaint-to-ethics-board/

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 2h2 hours ago
Last month: “We do serve our citizens, whether they happen to be state representatives or not.” #hounews | http://blog.chron.com/houstonpolitics/2015/02/mayoral-fight-continues-as-bell-files-complaint-to-ethics-board/


Kris Banks retweeted
Sue Davis ‏@suedavis1974 15m15 minutes ago
Already @ChrisBell2015 breaks promise to spend time campaigning instead of trying to win w/lawsuits & complaints. #frivolous legal action

While Bill King tweeted this yesterday:

Bill King @BillKingForHou • 21h 21 hours ago
City of Houston has 3,667 open work orders for #potholes and asphalt repair; another 952 calls through the city’s 311 line.

Bill King @BillKingForHou • 22h 22 hours ago
“…we have not put the $ into maintenance that we…would have liked…because of budget cuts…” #HoustonPotholes http://bit.ly/1Cy9qrK

Oh, well! Who is talking to who on the issues?

It looks like former Council Member Jew Don boney will run for City Controller. That makes two prominent African American candidates in this race. I am sure this doesn’t sit well with HCC Trustee Carroll Robinson.

The great Babe Ruth of course was born 120 years ago today in B’More.

Here is from today’s Chron Sports Section:

It has been 10 years since the city of Houston saw postseason baseball at Minute Maid Park. Heck, the Astros haven’t even finished above .500 since 2008. Yet owner Jim Crane is shooting for a playoff berth this year.

Crane didn’t backtrack Thursday night after declaring he expects the Astros to reach the playoffs this year for the first time since they played in the 2005 World Series.

“Well, we eventually want to win championships,” Crane said. “I think this team has an opportunity to get to the playoffs. That’s our goal, and that’s what we’re working for, and we’re expecting them to get there.”

Today is February 6. Opening Day is April 6 – in 2 months!

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City Politics

Commentary can’t add anything to say about the stunning end of last night’s game and the call. Postgame I will say that Gisele wears Patriots red and blue plaid the best.

Best halftime entertainment tweet goes to the Chron’s Nick Mathews when Katy Perry made her entrance:

Nick Mathews @Nick_Mathews • 13h 13 hours ago
The closest the Lions will ever get to the Super Bowl.

I wasn’t really impressed with the ads last night. Always did right with run and throw like a girl and Ted 2 with Gisele’s hubby was cute. After four hours of excessive horsepower, should the Fiat call a mechanic? That’s all!

Hall of Fame great Joe Morgan wore four different numbers playing in Colt Stadium and in the Astrodome. What were the numbers?

Commentary has said it before. If folks really want to make major changes to the City’s term limits, get organized and take it to the grass roots. Half arse efforts aren’t going to cut it. You need to get out there and engage the voters and lay out the arguments. The Chron has another piece behind the paywall on the latest effort on tinkering with term limits. Here it is: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Like-clockwork-City-Council-debates-term-limits-6055671.php.

Here is what Kuffer said about the current effort:

Given the abolition of the fundraising blackout period, it’s even harder for me to see the justification for four year terms. Any incumbent that doesn’t go into their re-election year with a six figure-plus campaign treasury will have committed political malpractice. How exactly is this going to make things better? We’ll see how it goes when it comes up for a final vote.

Bill King continues to engage #HoustonPotholes. Here is what the HISD Superintendent tweeted:

Terry Grier @tgrierhisd • 15h 15 hours ago
@BillKingForHou Saw another pothole flat this morning at corner of Sage and Woodway!


Bill King retweeted
Terry Grier @tgrierhisd • 15h 15 hours ago
@charbq @BillKingForHou Why doesn’t Houston police officers report them–or city employees; bus drivers, etc.?

I am thinking Bill King owns the pothole issue.

Yesterday the Chron E-Board yesterday drew up a job description of sorts for mayoral candidates. If you want the E-Board endorsement, pay attention to the following:

Nine candidates have signaled they will likely enter the field to replace term-limited Mayor Annise Parker. The public benefits when voters have a choice of candidates who hold diverse experiences and views, so we regret the fact that the field holds no women candidates.

There is much at stake in this election. Houston has a strong-mayor form of government, and our mayor can set a tone that affects the region as a whole. Citizens should listen carefully to the candidates as they decide whom to vote for. Everyone is entitled to his or her own criteria, but the following factors – in no particular order – may be a helpful starting point:

Uniter, not a Divider Houston is the most diverse city in the United States. The new mayor’s biggest challenge will be bringing people together. People from diverse backgrounds and different partisan views need to unite to get things done for the city as a whole. In state and national politics, there are more than enough politicians who relish gridlock and condemn those who do not share their views. That kind of sound-bite politics, which ignores the fact that we are all neighbors, destroys our sense of community.

Managerial and Financial Experience As Houston lacks a city manager, its mayor should have strong managerial skills. It takes more than glib speeches to be a good manager, and management skills are not intuitive. A mayor must know how to motivate a vast work force, attract and retain talented employees and know how to earn the respect of employees while holding them accountable. Our city will not be served well by a mayor-elect who has to learn management skills on the job. With a city of Houston budget of more than $4 billion, the mayor must be able to understand a complex budget and explain city finances clearly to the public.

Attention to the city’s neighborhoods and basic services The mayor’s race is a nonpartisan race, and a large part of the job concerns basic services rather than ideology. A mayor should be more interested in fixing potholes, efficient garbage collection and reducing crime than in addressing national issues or traveling abroad. A mayor’s willingness to listen and to respond at civic club meetings is more important than his views on hot-button issues such as ISIS and presidential politics. Voters should look for a strong connection between the candidate and the community and a familiarity with local issues.

Public Servant. Some men and women seek office as a public service. If so, they will be givers, not takers in their personal lives. Voters should look for candidates who have played important roles in faith organizations, schools and non-profits. People who contribute to the community quietly – before or after holding public office – are more likely to have a servant’s heart.

Pride in task We place high demands on those who run for office. Candidates will likely need to raise $2 million before November to be competitive. The time-consuming tasks of fundraising and campaigning can discourage candidates who have excelled outside of the public arena from seeking office. But it’s fair to ask: Has the candidate excelled in his prior career? Someone who has excelled in prior jobs is more likely to hold himself and others to a high standard after the election.

Integrity Last but not least, look to the reputation of the candidate. Have his actions always demonstrated integrity? Houston needs a mayor who will bring high ethical standards to the office and who will make employment and contractual decisions based on the public interest rather than rewarding “friends” or supporters. In this connection, it’s worthwhile asking: Who are the candidate’s top contributors? On the flip side, citizens who contribute or work for campaigns should expect fair but not preferential treatment after their candidate is elected.

As with any interview process, we are most likely to choose the best person for the job if we judge them against well-defined criteria, rather than based on their slogans, political ads or popularity. The campaign season is a long job interview, and voters need to pay attention. May the best candidate win.

The E-Board also put out a couple of thumbs downs this past weekend. Here they are:

(Thumbs down) Speaking of hate, we’re embarrassed by those protesters – and state Rep. Molly White, R-Belton – who insulted a peaceful group trying to celebrate Texas Muslim Capitol Day in Austin. Many new Texans are Muslims who have fled brutal governments. Now they’re getting to see, as one supporter framed it, “Democracy is messy.”

(Thumbs down) Gov. Abbott’s reaction to the Muslin Day spectacle was perplexing. “We must have civil open debate of hotly contested issues in the state,” he said. The Muslims were pilloried because of their religion. A leader should have said, “This is wrong.”

I too was disappointed in the Governor’s reaction.

Joe Morgan wore the 8, 12, 18, and 35 of course playing for the Colt .45s and ‘Stros.

Now are you ready for ‘Stros baseball?

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Show Me Your Potholes!

I wonder if Belton GOP State Rep. Molly White is aware that there are 422,000 Muslims living in the Lone Star State or roughly 21 times the size of folks in Belton. If they all lived together as a city, the city would be the 7th largest in the state, ahead of Arlington’s 380,000. I wonder if the 422,000 Muslims feel welcome at our State Capitol this morning.

Who sang the National Anthem at last year’s MLB All Star Game at Target?

Over two weeks ago Bill King tweeted out this:

Bill King @BillKingForHou • Jan 14
Pothole on Elgin across from UH. I thought I bent rim for sure. #HoustonPotholes.

And then this:

Bill King @BillKingForHou • Jan 15
Got this by text from a friend – “Kirby across from charter school” Where is your “favorite” pothole?

It looks like Bill has some company? I am talking about Channel 11 wanting viewers to show them their H-Town potholes. Bill King started tweeting out potholes a couple of weeks ago or so then folks started tweeting him their potholes. A week later Channel 11 started airing an announcement asking folks to send in their potholes. Did Channel 11 copycat Bill’s idea or were they just on the same wavelength if you know what I mean.

Hey you can’t go wrong launching a political attack on potholes. They don’t have any friends, allies, or a constituency. It is a nice issue for Bill so it will be interesting to see if the other Mayoral candidates jump in or worse, accuse Bill of exploiting potholes for political gain – HUH! Tell that to your tires! Here is a Chron story on the potholes:

KHOU 11 is fed up with potholes, so they’re challenging the City of Houston to fix the streets.

The month-long initiative to prevent punctured tires and fix the city’s streets is called Pothole Patrol.

Throughout the month, Houstonians can photograph and share stories of their own pothole disasters through KHOU’s website. KHOU’s I-Team will forward the complaints to the City Council to address and the worst problem spots will be featured on the station’s news broadcast.

Throughout the Pothole Patrol, the station will track repairs – or lack thereof – to see if the City followed up on its citizens complaints.

After the intensive efforts during February to have these holes filled, KHOU 11 will continue to crusade for all of Houston’s streets to be fixed. All 16 city councilmembers have committed to use all of their resources in efforts to make the pothole problem a thing of the past.

I-Team’s Jeremy Rogalski acknowledges that they can’t force the city to act, but he promises Houstonians won’t be ignored.

“Whether you’re driving a BMW or an old jalopy,” he said, “this problem will be addressed.”

In June 2014, the City of Houston approved a $10 million budget to fix the city’s worst roads.

Last night Channel 11 went a bit further and exposed the City and how it has tried to hide the pothole facts. Channel 11 makes the City look like they are trying to pull a fast one on us. Here is a part of the story:

The City of Houston has been playing fuzzy math with how it handles your pothole complaints—making it look like they are taken care of, when they’re really not.

That’s what the KHOU 11 News I-Team discovered after reviewing thousands of citizen complaints to the city’s 311 service helpline. When you open a 311 pothole complaint, the city gives itself 10 days to “close” that complaint as part of a service level agreement.

The 10-day self-imposed deadline sounds simple enough.

But that’s where the rubber really meets the road.

The I-Team identified hundreds of street repair requests in which the Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering “closed” on paper, without doing any repair work whatsoever.


But instead of fixed, the I-Team wanted to know: Is the fix in? On paper, the city appears to be doing an A-plus job. In its performance insight quarterly performance management reports, the city routinely listed more than 99 percent of 311 pothole complaints being closed and completed within the 10-day service agreement deadline.

But when you hit the streets, it’s a far different story. In the 200 block of Fairview in the Montrose area, more than a dozen 311 complaints since February 2014 were opened and “closed” with no apparent repair work ever done.

Here is the entire story: http://www.khou.com/longform/news/investigations/2015/01/28/pothole-patrol-houston-closes-pothole-cases-without-repairs/22490165/.

That is kind of sad if you ask me. The potholes issue is not going away.

Only three members of the public spoke yesterday at the H-Town City Council Ad Hoc Charter Review Committee meeting. Yesterday’s topic was term limits. Three folks testifying is not a whole lot of citizen participation if you ask me especially if you are talking about changing term limits. The committee came out for two four-year terms. They shot down serving two consecutive four-year terms then sitting out a term and then being able to run for a couple of more terms, then sitting out a term, then ….. got it! Two four-year terms will obviously eliminate some campaigning but certainly not the 24/7 fundraising that is now how we do business. And of course, an ambitious council member that is looking beyond serving on council can continue to raise money right up until her or his last day in office.

Idina Menzel sang the National Anthem at the 2014 MLB All Star Game of course and will also sing it this Sunday at the Super Bowl.

Ok. Are your ready for Super Bowl 49 this Sunday?

As usual, I’ll be checking and making notes on the ads. I will probably put a wager on the over-under of Giselle shots during the game. Most likely I will bet the over because she is Giselle of course. It won’t bother me at all if Bill Belichick and Tom Brady win another ring. They have kind of been put through the ringer the past week or so and we still haven’t been shown a smoking gun.

Nothing to report from The Yard today.

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The first regular season game the ‘Stros, err Colt .45s ever played was on April 10, 1962 at Colt Stadium. Name the player who hit the first ever dinger against the Colt .45s that day?

And they are off! Chris Bell announced for H-Town Mayor yesterday and Teddy Schleifer sent out a few tweets from Sam Houston Park – the campaign kick-off site – including this one:

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 50m50 minutes ago
Bell on his opponents talking about him losing races: “If necessary, I’ll talk about the races they’ve lost.” Get used to this, Houston.

The Rep. Sylvester Turner Campaign is the only campaign that I know of that has brought up Chris’ career campaign won-loss record. I guess Chris was aiming his remarks at Rep. Turner’s campaign and his three career losses. Hey in this business somebody is always going to have to come up short. It is not as though any of these two lost to lousy campaigners. This kind of discussion doesn’t fill a pothole if you ask me. Families aren’t going to be sitting around the table saying – “now let’s see, Bell lost to Lee Brown, Al Green, Rick Perry, and Joan Huffman and Turner lost to Bob Lanier, Bill White, and El Franco Lee, now who should we vote for?” NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

I have to hand it to new Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for keeping his campaign promises.

Speaking of, who is behind the Chris Bell parody twitter account? See this:

Chris Bell @chrisbell4mayor
@chrisbell4mayor FOLLOWS YOU
There’s an election this year, which means I’m running for something. PARODY ACCOUNT

In the past three or four months or so, if anybody has bothered to ask me who I am supporting for H-Town Mayor, I have told them Bill King. Bill is a longtime friend. He is certainly talking about what concerns folks in H-Town. He is well versed on the issues. He has certainly shared his takes with all of H-Town over the past few years. I honestly believe he would make a great Mayor.

I have had the conversation about my supporting Bill with a number of players including James, Kathryn, Teddy, Carol, my parents, Roman, Claudia, Anna, Leah, and others. It is not a secret. I mention this because the following was tweeted Saturday morning – first from Teddy Schleifer:

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 47m47 minutes ago
.@miyashay @BillKingForHou @GeorgeHWBush @jgm41 Plus @rrjara, Sue Walden. And @MarcCommentary supporting King too.

Then from Miya Shay:

Miya Shay 36m36 minutes ago
@teddyschleifer @jgm41 @rrjara @MarcCommentary @TheGoodBegala you’re a bad consultant if you’re not on someone’s payroll this cycle.

Then from Teddy again:

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 42m42 minutes ago
@jgm41 @miyashay @BillKingForHou @GeorgeHWBush @rrjara @MarcCommentary @TheGoodBegala Is any Houston strategist not on this campaign?

Then from Kris Banks:

Kris Banks ‏@KrisBanks 33m33 minutes ago
@miyashay @teddyschleifer @jgm41 @rrjara @MarcCommentary @TheGoodBegala Can’t buy a base #justsayin

Let me say at this point I am supporting Bill but I am not consulting on the campaign as of this morning. Always a proponent of full disclosure, I will let folks know if I ever do consult on Bill’s campaign.

As for Kris’ “can’t buy a base” phrase, I am certainly not going to discuss here the Bill King strategy for winning.

Kris is also a great guy so I know he is not implying that Bill’s team is bought just like the consultants that have been hired by Rep. Sylvester Turner, Council Members Stephen Costello and Oliver Pennington, Chris Bell, Ben Hall, and the Sheriff are not bought.

On April 10, 1962, Ernie “Mr. Cub” Banks of course hit a 7th inning solo dinger off of Bobby Shantz for the first ever dinger against the new H-Town MLB franchise. The game will certainly miss Mr. Cub!

I have to admit I got a chuckle or two while reading yesterday’s Chron E-Board take on the pensions and state legislators. The E-Board is urging legislators to give the City the authority to do its job when it comes to firefighter pensions. I chuckled when I read what The Dean had to say.

Here is a part of the E-Board take:

Whether they decide to act, state legislators can’t escape their role at the core of the pension fight.

In addition to employee contributions, the firefighter pension is funded by tax dollars collected by City Hall. However, City Hall can’t set the amount it is obligated to pay. State law creates a framework that dictates what Houston taxpayers owe. Local tax dollars should be controlled by the elected officials at City Hall, but that isn’t what Democratic state Sen. John Whitmire thinks.

“Do you really want [Council Member Michael] Kubosh to be in charge of a $3 billion fund?” Whitmire asked the Chronicle editorial board during the past election season. “Do you want [Council Member] Dwight Boykins to be in charge of a $3 billion fund?”

Yes. In fact, that’s exactly what Houstonians elected them to do. City officials control the city budget.

Pardon me, but I had to LOL! I wonder what CMs Kubosh and Boykins had to say about The Dean’s take?

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/It-s-city-business-6036503.php.

I also tweeted this yesterday after I saw a Channel 11 announcement asking for folks to send in a pic of their favorite pothole. Wasn’t that Bill King’s idea first?

Marc Campos @MarcCommentary • 5h 5 hours ago
#KHOU wants your pothole horror stories: http://www.khou.com/story/news/local/2015/01/24/pothole-patrol-share-your-horror-stories/22260077/ … #HouNews

Yesterday was Rob Manfred’s first day as Major League Baseball Commissioner. Congratulations and good luck!

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