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This was tweeted during the game last night:

Randy Harvey ‏@randyharvey 10h10 hours ago
Jonathan Villar is the #Astros version of #Texans Keshawn Martin. Lot of talent but seldom does anything positive.

I agree. When Villar entered the game I felt our chances of winning decreased.

We lost.

When was the last year we won a division title?

Yesterday the Chron’s front page headline read:

Race for mayor still stuck in neutral

Here is how the article by Rebecca Elliott started:

With a bevy of candidates and midyear fundraising that collectively topped $7 million, Houston’s 2015 mayoral race has been poised to be a blockbuster.

Yet, just five weeks before the start of early voting, the race has remained relatively stagnant.

For the most part, the candidates still are spending little, agreeing often and floating only modestly different visions for the city’s future.

The Mayor must have read the article and decided to spice things up with this tweet she put out last night:

Annise Parker ‏@AnniseParker 1m1 minute ago
Annise Parker retweeted BOFA DEEZ
I’m not endorsing. 13 candidates but only 5 choices: Bell, Costello, Garcia, McVey or Turner.-A https://twitter.com/duhkluhat/status/643496194803679232
Annise Parker added,
@AnniseParker who should we elect next for mayor?

You know the Mayor is just itching to get involved in this race. I don’t have a problem with that. To spice things up, she may as well be asked to participate in some of the remaining forums. The city budget, Rebuild Houston, pensions, infrastructure, and now cell phones in school zones are topics that are being discussed. Commentary can pretty much tell you at this stage what all the candidates are going to say. Having the Mayor there with a mic in her hand would certainly be interesting.

Commentary fully expects the Mayor to weigh in every now and then before November 3. The folks she can influence have pretty much made up their minds so her involvement doesn’t hurt Bill King or Ben Hall. Some might say it probably helps. Stay tuned!

We last won a division title in 2001 when we went 93-69 of course.

Last night was one of those nights. We had our opportunities. Now a measly half-game lead with 18 to go.

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Commentary posted this from Channel 13 yesterday:

HOUSTON (KTRK) — When Mayor Annise Parker delivers her final state of the city address on Thursday, she plans to offer a challenge to the mayoral candidates.

She didn’t. She just ended her speech yesterday saying she wanted a truth telling mayor who would tackle the tough issues or something like that.

I also said this yesterday:

Because of term limits, an H-Town mayor gets six and done. During the six years, a mayor gets to rack up a few accomplishments and make sure they don’t run the City into the ditch. Because of term limits, you don’t really have the time leave a legacy of sorts. After your six years, you are gone – that’s it. Then a few years from now insider folks will be sitting around having a beer or two and playing a trivia game trying to name accomplishments of former H-Town mayors. Like who created Discovery Green? Who started light rail? Who brought us the drainage fee? You get the picture.

Here is the headline of a story today in the hard copy of the Chron: As clock ticks, Parker seeks to define mayoral legacy. Here is the story: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Parker-s-state-of-the-city-seeks-to-define-her-6205141.php.

I watched her speech on the flat screen yesterday and yes, she listed her accomplishments. Hey, I guess that is what you are supposed to say in your last State of the City speech. Heck they even introduced her with the Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire” tune.

Here is an interesting bit from the Chron story:

Mark Jones, a political scientist at Rice University, said Parker’s speech at times resembled a “laundry list” of legacy-building accomplishments but said her underlying claim that the city has improved under her leadership is largely true.

Jones credited Parker with significant successes early in her term: giving scandal-ridden Metro new leaders, shoring up the city’s books by increasing water rates and health insurance costs for city workers, particularly retirees, and by laying off 776 city workers to balance the budget without a tax hike, though she did raise fees and cut deals to defer some bills.

“Is she leaving the city of Houston better off than when she arrived?” Jones said. “Broadly speaking, across the board, I think that’s definitely the case. You could say, ‘How much of that has to do with her and how much of that has to do with the state’s economy, with the energy industry?’ But the reality is, under her tenure, things improved in Houston.”

Can the same be said of the last few H-Town mayors? Who left the city in worse shape? Oh, well!

In the last regular season game played in the Dome that I mentioned yesterday, name the ‘Stros pitcher who was credited with the win?

Check this tweet:

Nick Mathews ‏@Nick_Mathews 12m12 minutes ago
A fun read: Search is on for the Astrodome’s mysterious time capsule, via @HoustonChron. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Search-is-on-for-the-Dome-s-mysterious-time-6205224.php?t=0a1093e451cba496f0&cmpid=twitter-premium

Of course, if the Dome was demolished, I bet the capsule would turn up.

Mike Hampton of course picked up the win in the last regular season game played at the Dome in 1999.

This is from the ‘Stros website on what is happening this weekend:

Six members of the first team to be called the Astros, which originated 50 years ago in coordination with the opening of the Astrodome, will be at Minute Maid Park on Saturday as part of the Astros 50th Anniversary Weekend.

The members of that original 1965 Astros squad scheduled to be in attendance Saturday are Bob Aspromonte, Ron Brand, Bob Bruce, Dan Coombs, Larry Dierker and Jimmy Wynn.

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