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Commentary has mentioned a time or two before the escalating congestion down the street at I-10 and Studemont/Studewood and I-10 at Heights/Yale.  It is a growing mess thanks to the development around the new Walmart and the new Kroger on Studewood/Studemont and the I-10 shoulder work.  It is very frustrating.  A lot of times I end up having to snake around and get across I-10 and Taylor. On a related note, Commentary got sent an email from a Heights resident to certain H-Town Council Members.  Check this:

I am a resident of the Heights and want to share a concern I have with traffic in the neighborhood.  Traffic on Heights and Yale close to I-10 intersection has become very congested and has begun to back up north to White Oak and South to the rail road tracks.   I realize the Shepherd/I-10 construction may be flowing over, but it has become ridiculous at times and is causing more traffic in the neighborhood with people cutting through for shorter routes.   Additionally, we use the trails in the neighborhood and take my child for bike rides and have to deal with vehicles speeding down Yale. 

Can you tell me what the city if doing about these issues as I am sure it is not the first time it has been raised?  I see a lot of neighborhood development and as result increased home values, but no further investment other than paved roads on Yale.  Much of this has also been a result of the development on Yale south of I-10, but I see no increased infrastructure to handle the traffic – why?  With regard to speeding vehicles on Yale – are any more lights planned for this street to slow the speeds down?

Ditto!  Of course I think it is only going to get worse. 

If you watch TV you probably know that “42” about Jackie Robinson will be at a local theater near you this Friday. Name a Hall of Fame great that also had his numero 42 retired?

The Mayor was on Khambrel’s show yesterday.  She did OK.

Foreign affairs experts are trying to figure out what the North Korean leader is up to.  Well we know he’s a big fan of the NBA.  I wonder if they have considered offering him courtside seats to Lakers games in exchange for his nukes.

They gave out commemorative baseballs at The Yard this past Saturday night after the game.  They don’t hand them out on the way in if you know what I mean.  The commemorative balls look a bit cheesy.

Commentary snagged foul balls numero 2 and 3 Saturday night.  I handed them off to a couple of kids – drats!

The team is on a nine game West Coast roadie.

San Luis retired Hall of Fame great Bruce Sutter’s numero 42 a few years ago of course.

The ‘Stros are not a good team today.  The weekend attendance stunk.    They strike out too many times.  Carter is hitting .091, Wallace is at .059, and Ankiel is at .083.  Wallace needs to find his game or he may be Oklahoma City bound.  We are 1-5 and so are the Fish, Brewers, Bucs, and Padres.  If we don’t become a more interesting team I don’t see attendance improving when we get home. 


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Happy Birthday today to State Rep. Carol Alvarado!

In a “Rolling Stone” interview The President called out Romney by referring to him as a BSer.  If you ask me, The President was too kind.

Closer to home, last night’s SBOE District 6 candidate conversation sponsored by the American Association of University Women – West Harris County Branch Forum saw Traci Jensen’s opponent, Donna Bahorich, run from her GOP’s platform on education. There were probably around 40 AAUW members in attendance. 

In the introduction of Bahorich a lot was mentioned about her GOP involvement – national delegate, credentials committee member, running the GOP primary, and Sen. Dan Patrick’s Chief-of-Staff.  When asked about the GOP Party’s platform that opposed teaching kids critical thinking skills, Bahorich said she wasn’t familiar with her Party’s education platform and she said that she supports teaching critical thinking skills.  I kind of find it odd that a candidate running for SBOE would forget to check out her Party’s education platform.

Bahorich was then asked about her strongly agreeing with the statement:  It’s not the government’s responsibility to be sure children are properly educated!   Bahorich evaded the question by answering that it was the responsibility of parents to get their kids educated.

She was later asked about her Party and beliefs.  She said that she aligned with the beliefs of the GOP but the GOP will not shape her beliefs.   She sure is a serial BSer for sure.

It is pretty obvious what is going on.  When she’s around the Tea Party, she feeds them the red meat they like to gobble.  When she is around people that think, she tries to BS her way through and run from the wacko GOP education platform.   A lot of the folks left the event last night with Traci’s yard signs.

There are only two pitchers that have more than 90 career World Serious strikeouts.  Name them?

The Memorial Examiner has a piece on the SBOE race and Traci’s opponent says Traci puts too much focus on the classroom – huh.  Here is from the piece:

About half on the board have been teachers. What I bring to the board, in addition to my work with home schooling, is my experience on the whole picture, through legislative process. I have a global view of how we need to be going about our work that’s been missing from the board. My opponent is focused on the classroom, she doesn’t know legislative process,” Bahorich said.

Jensen was inspired to run for the SBOE seat following its controversial decisions involving the state social studies curriculum in 2010. A former classroom teacher in Aldine ISD, Jensen has a doctorate in curriculum and instruction. As a visiting professor at University of Houston until last year, she worked with educators across the city, state, the nation, and internationally concerning the improvement of learning and developing curriculum.

Jensen wants to end the culture wars that politicize subject matter. She advocates more creative instruction choices for teachers.

“My concern is making sure we are public education advocates, not political advocates. The state board should be advising legislators and advocating for parents and teachers,” Jensen said. “She (Bahorich) has a completely political background working for Dan Patrick for years, and she’s not worked in classrooms or in the schools.”

Here is the entire piece.

Speaking of running from your GOP party, in her mail pieces, GOP HD 134 incumbent Sarah Davis is putting out mail saying she didn’t vote to cut public education funding – double huh!  Patti Hart calls her out on this in today’s hard copy of the Chron.

From the Mayor Grinch Department, The Mayor tweeted this yesterday: Argh! Just passed second shopping area already decorated for Christmas! It’s not even Halloween yet! It’s stupid and irritating!-  Bah Humbug!  See you at the H-Town City Hall Christmas tree lighting!

After four days of Early Voting in Person in Harris County, we’re averaging just over 50,000 voters a day as compared to 42,657 per day in 2008 after four days. 

From the equal time department, the Walmart down the street is now open for business but it won’t get my business.

Hall of Fame Yankee great Whitey Ford has 94 career World Serious strikeouts and Hall of Fame San Luis great Bob Gibson has 92 of course.

The owner of the ‘Stros gets some nice run in today’s Chron here.


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The Chron has a story today about City of H-Town higher ups and their emails during the Heights Wal-Mart brouhaha.  Memo to public employees – your emails are mine.   Anyone can put forward one of those public information requests and snatch your stuff off of your computers so watch what you say.

Meanwhile, the story kind of points out that folks in my ‘hood didn’t raise a stink when the Target was first proposed across from the Heights a few years ago.  That was a different deal.  Target ain’t Wal-Mart if you know what I mean.  When they stuck the Target down the street, there wasn’t a whole lot going on in that part of town. 

All the anti paperless folks must be having fits this morning when they read that Latinos are outliving everybody else.  We’ll just wait you out if you know what I mean.

When was the last time the San Francisco Giants won a World Serious?

Chron.com also has takes from folks that saw the “Waiting for Superman” flick.  It looks like it gets positive review from the school choice folks.

The Former H-Town keeps hammering away at Guv Dude on ethics and his enterprise fund.  Non partisan political observers say the hammering isn’t having an effect.  They say the same thing about the Back to Basics ads that go after Dude.  Apparently, the enterprise fund has been a handy tool for Dude.  Drop some dough on a buddy’s new business, and get campaign donations in return.  Sounds like business as usual.

In 1954 of course, the Giants swept Cleveland in four games, of course, the Giants were from New York back then.

The renovations at The Yard will include a new hip section for the hip crowd.  I wonder if they are going to give the section hip name. 



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Gud Dude doesn’t give a rat’s arse about E-Boards, debates, and the Farm Bureau.  Burkablog said yesterday that Dude was running out the clock in his race against the Former H-Town Mayor.  Check it out.  I call Dude’s strategy more of a prevent defense.

The proposed Wal-Mart next to Commentary’s ‘hood moved closer to reality yesterday.  It is expected to open in 2013.  I don’t shop at Wal-Mart.  Never have.  Never will.

The opponents of the proposed Wal-Mart were really upset yesterday and vowed political retaliation.  Stay tuned.

My pal Bill King heaps praise on the new Houston METRO leadership team in an Op-Ed in today’s Chron.  He also takes some shots at the previous METRO leadership team.  Check it out.   Bill also doesn’t think we have the money to build the light rail project we voted on back in 2003. 

I’m hoping the ‘Stros finish at 81-81.  How many times have the ‘Stros finished at 81-81?

By the way, we were officially eliminated from the playoffs the night before last in case you didn’t know.

Four times of course (1969, 1974, 1977, and 1992) the ‘Stros finished at 81-81.

We should have won again last night but we gave up another two run dinger late in the game.   8-2 is looking darn near difficult.


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What do I know?  I thought there would be at least one debate between Guv Dude and the Former H-Town Mayor.  Both sides are not budging on their conditions for debating.  Check out today’s Chron.

If the Former Mayor releases all his paperwork today, he could really take Dude by surprise.   If Dude says today “aw shucks”, let’s give the voters a debate, he could score points.    Stay tuned!

Today the Chron E-Board came out in support of the local Wal-Mart project.
Check it out.  I think some folks that have those blue signs in my ‘hood will be cancelling their Chron subscriptions today.  The H-Town City Council will take up the issue today.

You betcha!  One thing is for certain this Election Season.  The Tea Party voters are the most enthused voter and that isn’t going to change between now and Election Day!  They proved it once again last night in Delaware. 

I’m hoping we have us a vote on the DREAM ACT real soon, like maybe in a couple of weeks.  Maybe that will fire up Latino voter interest in this election.  Also stay tuned!

Major League Baseball released their 2011 schedule and it has a new twist.  Over the last few years, the first opening game is on a Sunday night with the rest of the teams playing their opening game on Monday.  Next year the opening game will be played on a Thursday, with the rest of the opening games on a Friday.  Instead of the season ending on a Sunday, the season will end on a Wednesday.  I don’t know about that.

Ty Cobb has the most career runs in MLB with 2,245.  What other major batting career category has Cobb at the top?  Bonus:  Who played Ty Cobb in the 1994 cinema biopic titled “Cobb”?

Next season’s hot tickets at The Yard have the Red Sox visiting the first weekend in July.

Ty Cobb is the leader in career batting average of course at .367.   Tommy Lee Jones of course played Ty Cobb in the 1994 flick.  FYI:  Tommy Lee Jones is celebrating his 64th BD today.

70-75, well what do you know? 


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