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It is starting to sound like the early 1960s.  Minority voters are being denied access to the polls and the feds have to step in.

Politico has a story today with the headline “Obama vs Texas”.    Here is a line from the piece:

The White House gets applauded in many parts of the country for casting Texas as the evil outlaw.

And just like a scene straight out of Hollywood, The President and his trusted partner Eric Holder are Gary Cooper and Steve McQueen riding into town to save the day.

Or better yet, The President and Eric Holder are leading troops into the Lone Star State with the bugle cavalry charge basting away.

Here is the Politico story on the showdown.

Guv Dude and the GOP may find it easy to roll Dems up in Austin, but taking on The President is an entirely different matter.    After all, it is about protecting our right to vote.   We thought this was settled decades ago. 

Who won the World Serious the year the Voting Rights Act was signed into law?

In Season One of “The Newsroom” Executive Producer MacKenzie McHale and Anchor Will McAvoy are reluctant to cover the Anthony Weiner story and only do so after all the other news organizations chase the story.  I think Mac and Will were thinking Commentary was their audience because I don’t want to hear about Weiner anymore.  I don’t want to know who sent who what and how many times they were sent and what was said and to how many people.  As far as I’m concerned keep that coverage local. 

The Dodger beat the Twins in seven of course in the 1965 World Serious a couple of months or so after LBJ signed the Voting Rights Act into law.

From the Chron:

The Astros are on pace for 108 losses and must turn their year around — going 29-32 the rest of the way — to avoid a third consecutive 100-loss campaign. With Wednesday’s non-waiver trade deadline hovering and the final two months of the schedule stacked with playoff-caliber teams and American League West clubs, turning 2013 into something more than the No. 1 overall pick in 2014 is becoming more difficult with each remaining game.

You can say that again!


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First it was the Voter I.D. legislation.  Now it’s getting a greeting letter claiming you are dead so don’t bother to go to the polls.  Maybe some folks will get letters informing them that they are felons so they can’t vote.  How about a letter saying it turns out you aren’t 18 so you can’t vote.  How about a letter where we are told that they reprinted the Constitution and forgot to proof read it and subsequently left out the 19th and 24th Amendments.  I have to give the Lone Star State extra credit for going out of their way to keep us from showing up at the polls.

The rap on the Romney campaign is that they don’t have any grown-ups on their foreign policy team.  I think that showed late last night when they came out and attacked The White House over the deaths of a U.S. Ambassador and other embassy personnel in Libya.  Not all the facts were in out about the attack and they kind of looked stupid trying to score political points over a tragedy.

In 1971, A’s ace Vida Blue won the AL Cy Young going 24-8 and helping the A’s win the AL West.  The AL Cy Young Award runner-up that year went 25-14.  Who am I talking about?  Hint:  In his only World Serious he pitched three complete games.

It looks like the HISD Board of Trustees is finally going to adopt an ethics policy tomorrow.  It may not be perfect but it is a start.
Check out the Chron here.

Commentary participated in last night’s Candidates Café over at the United Way.  It was kind of an interesting set-up.  They had you sit at a table with one or two candidates for office and have a discussion on a topic for twenty minutes then move to another table.  For one session I purposely sat at the table with the Dem nominee for Harris County DA.  The topic involved getting elected officials to improve on decision making processes.  The subject of ethics and ethics violation enforcement was brought up.  Our Dem nominee certainly had an interesting take.

Tiger hurler Mickey Lolich of course was the AL Cy Young Award runner-up in 1971.  During the 1968 World Serious against San Luis, Lolich started, won and completed Games 2, 5, and 7 and got the Tigers a ring.  Mickey Lolich is celebrating his 72nd BD today.

The ‘Stros won a game last night, B-G-O is helping the team interview managerial candidates, and the 2013 schedules will be released today so we will know when the Red Sox and Yankees visit The Yard.


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A few months ago Hector mentioned to me that there were around 360,000 Latinos registered to vote in Harris County and that 57% of the 360,000 lived at around the beltway and beyond.  He also told me that only 16% of the 360,000 resided inside of the loop.  A lot of the Latino growth is in northwest Harris County and that’s why Cy-Fair ISD, the third largest school district in the state, has an over 40% Latino student population.  Lesson for local Dems:  If you want to turn Harris County blue, get out of your comfort zone and head northwest and engage Latino voters.    FYI:  SBOE District 6 candidate Traci Jensen (Commentary’s client) is running in a king size district that includes most of CY-Fair ISD and other areas with a lot of Latino voters.

On a related note, here is from today’s Politico:

Latino Decisions, the polling outfit that showed a jump in Latino enthusiasm for President Obama following last month’s policy shift on deportation, finds today that the president is winning 70 percent of the Latino vote in 2012.

The poll is sponsored by a pair of progressive groups and finds Obama leading Romney by an even wider margin than he beat John McCain in 2008:

“Latino Decisions released new national poll of Latino registered voters showing Barack Obama winning 70% of the Latino vote compared to 22% for Mitt Romney.  The poll, commissioned by the Center for American Progress Action Fund and America’s Voice,  illustrates an increase in support for President Obama, and comes after a month of outreach to Latino voters, starting with the June 15 Dream announcement, appearances by the President and Vice President at NALEO and NCLR conferences, and comments opposing Arizona’s SB1070 immigration law.  This poll marks the first time Obama has received 70% of the vote in Latino Decisions polling on the presidential election over the past 20 months.”

The final margin among Latinos in 2008 was a 36-point gap in Obama’s favor. Right now, he’s up by 48 points. Which gives you a sense of why Republican elites think it’s so urgent for Romney to make up ground with this bloc.

Today I would say that the polling numbers are about right even here in Harris County.  Of course the polling numbers don’t mean squat if we’re not engaging the Latino voters.

A rarity in MLB these days is stealing home.  Name the player with record for career steals of home?

From yesterday’s Chron.com, a Joe Holley Moment:

U.S. Senate candidate David Dewhurst probably didn’t need a press release to communicate his nose-thumbing disdain for President Obama’s visit to Austin and San Antonio this week, but a press release we got nonetheless.

“President Obama is using Texas as an ATM, the same way he’s using taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars to spend our country into oblivion,” the lieutenant governor proclaims, before delivering himself of a jeremiad worthy of talk-show ranter Michael Savage. His upstart rival, former Texas solicitor general Ted Cruz, routinely describes the president as “the most radical president in American history,” but Dewhurst ramps up the screed. “President Obama,” he asserts, “is the most serious threat to America since World War II.” (Worse, apparently, than Cold War nuclear threats, Al Quaeda attacks, the hearbreak of psoriasis)

Our national fate, Dewhurst warns, is a dismal Obama-led Continental tour: “Through his disastrous and reckless policies like Obamacare, it seems Obama is trying to mirror America in the image of Europe. If we do not change the path we’re on, Obama will kill our economy, spend America into bankruptcy and relegate us to a failed future.”

The relatively low-key lieutenant governor, who has fallen behind the energetic and hyper-articulate Cruz in recent polls, calls for “a complete transformation of how our government works” and “leaders who will get government out of the way and allow the private sector to flourish.”

He’s waited 66 years for his Mr. Dewhurst-goes- to-Washington-moment, and now, even if he gets by the pesky Cruz, he may find the Capitol crumbled, thanks to “the most serious threat. . . ” Like Charlton Heston’s Statue of Liberty moment in “The Planet of the Apes,” all he’ll be able to do is shake his head at the folly of his fellow Americans, take one last look at the fallen dome and then trudge on back to Texas. It’s that bad, folks.

Or so says an over-heated candidate in the home stretch of a long, bitter race.

Also from Chron.com is Guv Dude’s Welcome to the Lone Star State letter to The President:

“Perhaps while the President is visiting Texas, he can take a break from big-dollar fundraisers to disavow his Attorney General’s offensive and incendiary comments regarding our common-sense voter identification law.

“In labeling the Texas voter ID law as a “poll tax,” Eric Holder purposefully used language designed to inflame passions and incite racial tension. It was not only inappropriate, but simply incorrect on its face.

“The president should apologize for Holder’s imprudent remarks and for his insulting lawsuit against the people of Texas.”

Every time The President visits the Lone Star State, GOP leaders go bonkers.  I love it!

Burkablog is sorta making a prediction in the GOP U.S. Senate race:

I believe this is going to be a very close race. The bigger the turnout, the better it is for Dewhurst. I think the breaking point is around 825,000. If the turnout is less, Cruz wins. If it’s more, Dewhurst wins.

Commentary isn’t going to say anything lincredibly silly about H-Town’s newest resident Jeremy Lin other than to ask if he is considering moving to Lindale – home to former Commissioner Sylvia Garcia, Sheriff Adrian Garcia, CM Ed Gonzalez, and HCC Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores.

Hall of Fame great Ty Cobb of course stole home 54 times in his career.

I also said I wasn’t going to say anything about Jeremy Lin other than to ask if he can play shortstop because Jed Lowrie is out for 4-6 weeks and we now have 36 roadie losses – HELP!


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Commentary wants to revisit a recommendation made a couple or so years ago.  I’m talking about the dreaded candidate questionnaire.  If organizations, groups, or clubs are going to screen candidates and ask that they fill out questionnaires, I think the filled out questionnaires ought to be posted online.  You have to keep the candidates honest to make sure they are not talking out of both sides of their pieholes.   I think Planned Parenthood post their questionnaires online as does the League of Women Voters even though they don’t endorse.  What’s the hold-up?

I have to fess up.  Some of my bad habits include “Smash”, “Two Broke Girls”, “Whitney”, “Are You There Chelsea”, “Two and a Half Men”, “The Good Wife”, “Unforgettable”, and “Big Bang Theory” – whew.  Thanks to the DVR of course.  Last night I was watching “Smash” when a new character dropped in and she had this look that I had seen before.   It turns out it was Grace Gummer, the daughter of Meryl Streep .   They kind of have the same nose.

Yesterday I mentioned that Chris Johnson was the starting third baseman for the ‘Stros on Opening Day last year.  Name the rest of last season’s Opening Day starting infield?

The Chron’s Nick Anderson has a great cartoon today on the Voter I.D. law.  It is not online yet but you can check it out in the hard copy.  I don’t think the Lone Star State’s GOP vote suppressors are happy with the cartoon.

You kind of know where the race is headed when yesterday on CNN Senator Santorum was in DC discussing the health care law and the Supreme Court and Mitt Romney was on the West Coast talking about seeing the movie “Hunger Games” this past weekend.   There will be no GOP Prez Primary results to watch this evening and yes, Newt Gingrich is still in the race.

Speaking of the Chron, I’m not going to say anything about their hiring or firing policies.  I’m not even going to get on a moral high horse.  I’m not even going to say if this mention is even newsworthy but don’t tell that to msn.com or the Houston Press.  I’m talking about the Chron’s society columnist and her moonlighting gig – yikes!

Brett Wallace at first base, Bill Hall at second base, and Angel Sanchez at shortstop, of course, rounded out the infield starters for the ‘Stros on Opening Day, 2011.

That’s about it from The Yard this morning.



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