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My Mom

The Texas GOP House Speaker stripped Democratic State Rep. Joe Moody of his Speaker Pro Tem position for going to D.C. Here is how Rep. Moody responded: 

“The most important titles in my life will never change: Dad, Husband, El Pasoan. Nothing political has ever even cracked the top three, so nothing has changed about who I am or what my values are.” 

This is from the leaders of the House Democratic Caucus, Mexican American Legislative Caucus, Legislative Black Caucus, and Legislative Study Group: 

“We know first hand that Speaker Pro Tem Joe Moody has done more than any other member on the House Floor to protect our Chamber and the institution of the Texas House. It’s unfortunate that Speaker Phelan has been unable to do the same.

We are a coequal branch of government. When Governor Abbott decided to defund the whole legislature, Speaker Phelan was silent. There needs to be 76 members who decide who our next Speaker is, and more than 60 are not there.” 

In other words, the Speaker is letting his punkarse get owned by Abbott.  

Here is from the head of the House Democratic Caucus State Rep. Chris Turner: 

“The smartest decision Dade Phelan has made as speaker was to appoint Joe Moody Speaker Pro Tem. Joe works tirelessly to help lead the House and is respected by [Democrat] & [Republican] members. That’s why the Speaker’s decision to remove Joe is so short-sighted and so dumb.” 

It is different ballgame for sure.  

If you do Siete Food products and pay attention to the packaging, you probably notice that my Mom gets a mention on some of the products.  I think they are even putting her photo on a package of tortillas.  I have said it before, my Mom made the best flour tortillas in the world – period.  Funny thing though.  I had to do a little research on her and came across some info that I found remarkable. 

She had four kids.  My two sisters, my brother and me.  Best I can figure, after my younger sister was of school age, my Mom went to school at UH, finished there and started teaching in the La Porte ISD at the age of 40.  Wow. 

Being at a young age, I took all that for granted.  Looking way back, that was pretty special. 

Keep wearing the mask on most occasions.  Why? The Red Sox and Yankees was postponed yesterday evening because an unvaccinated Yankee player tested positive for COVID-19.  That stuff is going to happen.   

The MLB All Star Game was apparently a COVID-19 super spreader event for players.  I am glad Astros All Stars skipped the game. 

We now have 71 games left on the schedule.  We are in Chicago this weekend to play the White Sox. 

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GOP’s Pandemic

The USA has all the COVID-19 vaccines we need.  Other countries don’t.  The USA is still in a pandemic. Why?  Too many GOP elected officials are discouraging vaccinations. Unvaccinated folks continue to get COVID-19 and die. We are seeing a surge again thanks to the GOP. Absolutely astonishing. Letting your own constituents die to own the libs. Absolutely astonishing.  The GOP owns this pandemic.

Here is a headline in today’s online San Antonio Express-News: 

Judge Wolff fed up with unvaccinated folks in Bexar County 

It should read: Judge Wolff fed up with unvaccinated GOP folks in Bexar County 

Royko sent me this yesterday: 

Republicans are thinking of holding fund raiser to pay for hiring Bounty Hunters to return the Texas SewerRats 

Last I heard, no laws have been broken.   

The GOP Texas House Speaker wants the Dem legislators who broke quorum to return their per diem.  That’s $221 per day.  Fu_k him.  They didn’t call the special session and as far as Commentary is concerned, they are doing our work in DC trying to kill the racist voter suppression bill.  They are working in my book. 

The same GOP in the Texas legislature who are now touting an extra paycheck for retired teachers that they killed a couple of months ago. 

GOP Texas Land Commissioner George P is now suing the feds for not building the wall. Instead of using AG Ken Paxton’s office to sue, he has a private lawyer from Laredo suing. Huh? That’s your fuc_ed up GOP folks. 

Here is from MSN and this was put out by CNN late yesterday afternoon: 

WASHINGTON – The highest-ranking U.S. officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, and other top military leaders made informal plans to stop a coup by former President Donald Trump and his allies in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, according to excerpts from a new book. 

The GOP can all go to hell in my book. 

MLB resumes today with the Red Sox and Yankees in the Bronx. 

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GOP’s Big Lie

Gov. Greg Abbott is a sack of sh_t. 

Same for Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. 

Same for Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan. 

This racist voter suppression legislation is all about buying into Donald Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen.  We all know it wasn’t.

One of My Best Friends State Sen. Carol Alvarado and her Democratic legislative colleagues need to be in Washinton D.C. to save our democracy. 

Don’t argue with me unless you are a sack of sh_t yourself. 

This doesn’t need to be happening.  President Joe Biden won fair and square. 

Here is today’s Chron E-Board take headline from the hard copy: 

Republicans created this legislative circus 

I agree. Everyone agrees.

In the 2008 general election, in Harris County, just over 67,000 voted by mail. Last November, in Harris County, just over 178,000 voted by mail.  We have not had any significance instance of mail fraud voting here. Why then is the GOP putting on more restrictions on mail ballot voting? Answer: to make it harder for folks to vote by mail. 

The Texas House Democratic Caucus should have had a raffle of sorts to raise money by having folks donate to guess which member or staffer brought the Miller Lite on the jet. 

I picked up a couple of cool pint glasses at the All Star Game watch party at Saint Arnold last night.  It was a nice crowd with great weather.  

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Dems to DC

Fu_k the GOP.  They have decided to throw away our precious democracy. Fu_k them. 

Commentary has to say going to our nation’s capital was a pretty good move by Texas Democratic legislators.  This look is a ton better than sitting in a hotel conference room or by the swimming pool in New Mexico or Oklahoma.  Now they can get more time on the news programs and visit congressional offices.   

The racist voter suppression bill in Texas is a national story as it should be. 

Using the term disingenuous is being kind to the GOP Texas House Speaker. Punkarse would be more worthy. He called out the Dems yesterday and said they were risking the salaries of the legislative branch.  You know, the article of the budget that Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed.  The punkarse House Speaker was pretty much silent on the Abbott veto.   

Speaking of sorry arseholes.  Abbott told Fox News’ Chris Wallace Sunday morning on drive thru and 24 hour voting that Harris County doesn’t get to make the rules on election procedures.  Did I say sorry arsehole?  24 hour and drive thru voting doesn’t happen unless it gets the ok by this arsehole’s Secretary of State. 

From the Chron: 

An Astros representative was still booed Monday night in Denver, despite the team not sending any players to the All-Star Game. 

Mascot Orbit was the target of anti-Astros sentiment as he was jeered at the Home Run Derby at Coors Field. 

I guess Orbit didn’t have the option of calling in sick.

The Astros are hosting an MLB All Star game watch party at Saint Arnold this evening.  There are no Astros playing in the game tonight.  I will drop by to drink a couple free beers and pick up my All Star Game souvenir glass and leave. 

Go Dems! 

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Fred Arnold

We lost a great one last week.  Fred Arnold is no longer with us. My heart goes out to his lovely, Mona, and his three kids Jess, Beth, Bill and all that were close to him.  This is such a sudden and tragic loss. 

I have known Fred for 27 years.  He was one cool dude.  I always got along with him.   His ex was Paula Arnold.  I would see him regularly when Paula and I were a thing.  He would come by Paula’s and pick-up or drop off the kids. I would also see him at his kids’ parties and stuff. 

Fred worked for Minute Maid which is part of the Coca Cola family.  When Minute Maid got the naming rights at The Yard twenty years ago, Fred was the force in charge of putting together Minute Maid’s presence at the ballpark.  Signage, promotions, activities, pregame on the field, you name it. I would run into him all the time at games. He was well liked and respected by the Astros front office and players.  He was like family to them. 

Here is what his son Jess posted this past Friday: 

On Wednesday morning, after a night out in New Orleans with his favorite girl at his favorite restaurant, and after more than one gin martini, my Dad, Fred Arnold, flew away to join that great second line in the sky.  

He died much as he lived – fast and not feeling any pain. He was glorious. He went gloriously.  

My dad was a father to BethBill and I. He was a husband of 28 years to Ramona. He was a Big to his grandkids Waylon, Hayes, and Avery. He was loved by Paula and Theo and Ryan and Allann and Alisa and many of you. He was a son to Olan and Queen and a grandson and great-grandson and great-great grandson to a long line of Irish poets, Scottish highlanders, and Viking berzerkers.  

My dad was one of the true Renaissance men. He wore many different hats and did many many different things. The way I’ll remember it, he excelled at all of them, even when he obviously sucked (singing, skiing, golf, to name a few).  

When I was a kid, he was a story reader and an ant-bed burner. He was a playground builder and a bicycle pusher. He was wise lesson giver and stupid kid ass-beater. He was a Ford truck driver, a Miller Lite drinker, and a stinky cigar smoker (all at the same time, of course). He was a worm hooker and a toy fixer. He was a scratchy beard hugger and a butt-gooser. He was a little league cheerer and a constant picture taker. He was my Dad.  

I learned later that he was a concrete truck driver. He was an equipment hauler and Chaka Kahn bouncer. He was a sign builder and a house constructor. When he first started at Minute Maid, he was a Hi-C box designer and weird rap song writer for corporate meetings.  

He was the Juiceman. He was a shit-runner for Coca-Cola at countless Olympics.  

He was Mr. Minute Maid as far as the Astros were concerned. He was an omelette cooker for The Killer B’s and a clubhouse whisky drinker with Phil Garner and Jamie Hildreth. He was a ballpark builder and a prolific scholarship giver with the Grand Slam for Youth Baseball. He was a brand ambassador and a good-faith generator. He was a 2017 World Series ring bearer without being a trash can banger.  

As Shiela Jackson Lee once famously put it – he was The Man.  

He was a Rebel, a Bearkat, and a Cougar. When his kids were in school he was a Redskin, and Aggie, and an Owl.  

He was an Oxford Circus-er. He was a thumping bass strummer and a peddle steel picker. He was a Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Hank-er. I’m sure he had visions of being a lead singer, but like I said before, his vocals were in the shitter.  

He was a globe trotter. He was a giant-walker in Guatemala and a pit-sweater in Greece. He was an Aussie out-drinker and an Atlanta out-charmer. He was a New Zealand out-Ross-er and a Italian out-gypsyer. He was smoother than the ice in Norway and got weirder than the hentai in Japan. If genetics give any indication, he was an international heart-breaker and legendary dream-maker. If a country had air-conditioning, he would be their valiant conquerer. If not, that was their problem.  

He was a chopper rider and a classic car trophy winner. He was a huge tipper, double Crown shooter, and big love giver. He was a taco killer and a grease trapper.  

He was a million weird-ass friends haver. A bona-fide freak collector. (You all know who you are. His heart was full of every one of you.) 

He was my Dad. Built for comfort, not for speed. Nothing ever effected him, him, him. This would be a great place for a bar, or a restaurant. Wrong-o Bong-o, and a million other Fred-isms that I’ll find myself reflexively repeating until it’s my turn.  

I hate that he’s dead. He was way too cool for that.  

I was lucky to be his son. I was even more fortunate that I could call him my friend. Now I just wish I could call him.  

I honestly never knew what it was to miss someone.  

He was my Dad. The Man.  

I love you, Dad.  

I’ll see you in that great gig in the sky. Hallelujah, by and by.  

Who will bail me out of jail now? 

Like Jess said, Fred’s gig with Minute Maid required him to attend and work at the Olympics like for a month at a time. How cool is that? He traveled to Sidney, Atlanta and other Olympic venues.  When his kids got old enough, Fred took them to the Summer Olympics and put them to work at the Olympic Village.  They got paid, got to attend the Olympics and meet world class athletes.  They would hand out water and juice to the athletes as they were lined up for the Opening Ceremonies.  How cool is that and how cool to have your Dad provide you with that experience? 

The last time I saw Fred was after Game 5 of the 2017 World Series.  I had parked my car at a Northside station off of the Metro Rail Line. It was like 1:30 am and I was exiting the rail car and he and Mona were exiting the other rail car.  I gave him a shoutout and he said he and Mona were fixing to try to Uber home.  I said nope and gave them a ride home.  They also lived in the Heights off of Yale and Eighth.  

Fred retired before the Astros won the World Series.  The Astros didn’t forget his contributions and awarded Fred a well-deserved World Series ring. 

He was a great husband to Mona.  A great Dad and Grand Dad.  A great man.  He will be missed. A lot. 

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Yesterday was green bin day. You know. Recyclables were supposed to be picked up.  My bin is still out there. Hasn’t been emptied.  Go on ahead and raise my water rates. Sigh.

I got this last night: 

Austin, TX – (Today), members of the Senate Democratic Caucus will hold a press conference to announce legislation ensuring Texans’ freedom to vote is protected. Senate Democrats will present policy priorities to guarantee Texas voters can cast ballots freely and safely with a transparent voting system that Texans can trust.  

Who: Members of the Texas Senate Democratic Caucus  

What: Texas Senate Democrats will present their plan to protect Texans’ freedom to vote 

Where: Texas Senate Press Conference Room, Texas Capitol 2E.9 

When: 12 p.m., Friday, July 9, 2021 

From today’s Chron front page: 

Federal investigators are probing the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office after several current and former female employees accused superiors of sexually exploiting them during undercover anti-human trafficking operations, a lawyer for the women confirmed Thursday. 

Here is the entire read: FBI investigating Harris County Precinct 1 constables in wake of ‘bachelor party’ scandal (houstonchronicle.com). 

Harris County Constable Alan Rosen is lucky he’s not up for reelection until 2024. 

Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa are skipping the MLB All Star game next Tuesday.  Altuve says his leg is a little dinged up and he wants to rest it as we head into the second half of the season.  Correa’s wife is pregnant, and he wants to go to a medical appointment with her next week. Some on social media are saying that they don’t want to be booed on a national stage next week during the player introductions and when they get to play. They have been booed on the road all season.  They will also be booed at whosever crib we have to play in throughout the playoffs in October.  Those games will also be on national TV. 

On this date in 2019, Justin Verlander became the fifth Astros pitcher to start an MLB All Star Game joining J.R. Richard (1980), Mike Scott (1987), Roger Clemons (2004), and Dallas Keuchel (2015).  BTW: J.R. Richard’s All Star Game start was 41 years ago yesterday. 

The Yankees are in town for three. I am still not attending games at The Yard.  It is still wait and see for me. 

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Over 100,000

It is now official. When the history is written about the Great Pandemic of 2020 and 2021 and counting, the GOP will be listed as aiding and abetting COVID-19.  Here is this from today’s Chron: 

WASHINGTON — Some Texas Republicans are pushing back against President Joe Biden’s push for greater outreach to get more Americans to receive COVID-19 shots, as vaccination drives in states like Texas have stagnated. 

“Not on my watch!” Attorney General Ken Paxton tweeted in response to the president’s comments on Tuesday that “we need to go community-by-community, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, and oft times door-to-door, literally knocking on doors.” 

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, a San Antonio Republican, on Wednesday directed a tweet at Biden with a play on the “Come and Take It” flag that shows an image of a syringe with the words “Come Inject It.” In a separate tweet, the congressman said he thought a door-to-door push would be unconstitutional, as such an approach was “only really contemplated in Constitution for the census.” 

“Don’t knock on my door to ask about vaccines…or anything else,” U.S. Rep. Pat Fallon, a Sherman Republican, tweeted. He said there are “BIG red flags anytime the federal government is ‘going door to door.’” 

Here is the entire Chron read: ‘Not on my watch’: Texas Republicans buck Biden’s door-to-door vaccine drive (houstonchronicle.com). 

Utterly disgusting. The GOP has murdered so many the past sixteen months. Shame on them. The GOP has surrendered assisting with saving lives and promoting public health.  They are a cult for sure. 

I went over 100,000 miles on my ride yesterday on I-10 on my way to Baytown.  I have had my ride since August of 2014. Nearly seven years. It is a Ford Escape.  I think it is still in great condition.  The AC works fine.  Same for sound system.  The interior is leather, and it looks A-Okay. I have thought about getting me a new ride, but why? I don’t think I have ever had a ride that went past 100,000 miles. 

My first ever car was a VW bug convertible.  Then I had a Ford sedan.  Then I had a Pontiac. Then a Ford Bronco II.  Then a couple of Ford Explorers. Then a Ford Escape Hybrid.  Now this ride. As you can tell, I keep my rides for a while. Usually until they give out. One was stolen and stripped to a worthless pile of junk.  Two were totaled.   

Gov. Greg Abbott is a horrible piece of sh_t. He is vile. Insecure. Weak. Punkarse. Sad. Miserable. Skunk. Despicable. Turd. Joke. 

CNN will be airing a series on sitcoms starting this Sunday.  I have a few favorites. “I Love Lucy”, “Beverly Hillbillies”, “Dick Van Dyke”, “Mary Tyler Moore”, “All in the Family”, “Sanford and Son”, “Happy Days”, “Barney Miller” and “Big Bang Theory” to name a few. 

Al Spangler is 88 today.  Who is Al Spangler? He was on the Colt .45s Opening Day lineup in 1962 in our regular season MLB debut. He batted second and played center field. He also had the club’s first ever RBI when he knocked in Bob Aspromonte with a triple in the opener. His career lasted from 1959 – 1971.  He played with us from 1962 – 1965.  He also played with The ATL when they were in Milwaukee, the Angels and the Cubbies. 

Former Astros catcher and announcer Alan Ashby is 70 today. 

Former Astros outfielder Terry Puhl is 65 today. 

Happy Birthday to all. 

We are back to having the second best record in MLB and the best record in the AL.  We also have a five and a half-game lead over the A’s. 

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Sir Ringo

The special session starts tomorrow.  We still don’t have a starting time or an agenda.  To Texas GOPers.  Your governor is a clown. 

The front page of today’s hard copy of the Chron has the lead headline with this: 

Abbott orders changes for grid 

A few weeks ago, Gov. Greg Abbott said the grid was fine. 

To Texas GOPers.  Your governor is a clown. 

The Texas House Speaker announced a super legislative committee of sorts that is supposed to handle most of the special session items including the racist voter suppression bill.  Not included on the committee was the House Speaker’s mistake, err House Elections Committee Chair Briscoe Cain.  Cain bungled the racist voter suppression bill in the regular session, so he’s been benched to put it mildly. 

Chris Tomlinson, the Chron’s business columnist, has a very good write-up today. Here are parts: 

Employers are finding it harder to exploit low-wage workers, and boy does that get the folks in the C-suites worked up. 

Business news headlines scream about a worker shortage, and conservatives complain that COVID-19 pandemic aid keeps people at home. But there’s another way of looking at it: American workers will refuse to work for lousy wages in exploitative environments when given a little breathing room. 

And this: 

American workers, in other words, are fed up. They are fed up with poor pay, bad treatment and lousy support systems, particularly in health and child care. So if an employer is having a hard time finding workers, their takeaway should be that they need to offer better working conditions. 

No one can predict how long workers will have the upper hand in employment negotiations, but this period is undoubtedly fascinating from an economist’s perspective. After 30 years of watching the rich capture almost all of the newly created wealth, seeing workers demand better is refreshing. 

Here is the entire column: Tomlinson: After COVID, workers want better conditions to return to work (houstonchronicle.com). 

Good, good, good. 

Ringo Starr is 81 today. Wow! Hope he celebrates with a little help from his friends in the octopus’s garden. Happy Birthday, Sir Richard! 

Yordan Alvarez was on paternity leave the past few days. He now has a son named Jordan.  Yordan was back in the line-up last night and had two dingers and five RBIs and we now have a four and a half game lead over the A’s in the AL West. 

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Just a reminder. The GOP led insurrection was six months ago today.

Commentary has said it before. Gov. Greg Abbott is the lousiest governor of Texas since I have been paying attention to governors for the past five decades or so. He said he was going to call a special session in a couple of days, but we still don’t know what time it will start and what is on the call. For sure he is being spooked by his two GOP primary opponents. Pi_s poor leadership.  Immaturity on full display. What an areshole.

Sigh.  This does not need to happen.  From the Chron: 

In-person services have been canceled this week at Clear Creek Community Church after more than 125 kids and adults tested positive for COVID-19 upon returning from a five-day camp, church officials said. 

More than 450 people, including 6th through 12th graders, participated in Camp Creek from June 23 to June 27. In a Facebook post, the church did not provide the exact number of people who tested positive but said “hundreds more” were exposed to the virus at the camp. Infected campers also likely exposed members of their household, the church said. 

The Galveston County Health District said it was notified of the first positive case on June 27. As of Friday afternoon, the health district identified 20 Galveston County residents who tested positive after the camp. Updated numbers were not avialable on Monday. 

“This is a reminder that COVID-19 is still here and we have to take precautions,” said Dr. Philip Keiser, Galveston County’s Local Health Authority. “If you’re old enough to get vaccinated and haven’t, now is the time. These vaccines are safe and offer the best protection against COVID-19 to you, your family and your community.” 

Here is the entire read: COVID outbreak at Houston-area church camp infects more than 125 (houstonchronicle.com). 

There are a lot of ignorant dumbsh_ts out there. That’s why I will continue to wear masks in most instances. 

Royko sent me this on my take on the H-Town Mayor and possible ballot initiatives: 

Why should Turner care about optics as he is term limited. He already has a taxpayer-funded park named after him. And, the Burning, Looting Maoists still love him. 

The Mayor might want to run for another office.  Of course, the H-Town Mayor position is pretty much a dead-end gig. 

The A’s are in town for three.  We have played them ten times this season.  We’ve won seven of the ten.   

This year’s MLB All Star Game watch party for season ticket holders will be held at Saint Arnold. Cool. 

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CNN and the Fourth

Commentary was in Baytown with my Dad yesterday.  I watched CNN’s coverage of the Fourth of July festivities hosted by Dana Bash and Don Lemon.  I have to say it was outstanding and highly entertaining. The live music by various artists and the fireworks was first rate.  The coverage lasted well into the evening.  Nice job CNN. It will certainly be must see TV in 2022. 

Check this from the Chron this past weekend:  

A petition filed in April by a group seeking to give City Council members the ability to place items on their weekly meeting agenda contained enough valid signatures to put a charter referendum before Houston voters, the city secretary reported Friday. 

In a letter to Mayor Sylvester Turner and council members, City Secretary Pat Daniel said her office verified that 20,482 petition signatures contained the name, signature and other required information of registered voters who live in Houston. The legal requirement to get a referendum on the ballot is at least 20,000 valid signatures. 

The city secretary’s office counted 31,448 of the nearly 40,000 signatures submitted by the Houston Charter Amendment Petition Coalition, the group behind the petition drive, according to Daniel. 

The referendum, if approved by voters, would amend Houston’s charter to allow any three council members to place an item on the council’s weekly agenda. For now, the mayor wields almost full control of the agenda, including the ability to block any measures, under the city’s strong-mayor form of government. 

The charter already allows three council members to call a special meeting and set the agenda, but the maneuver rarely attracts a required quorum of council members. 

The Houston Charter Amendment Petition Coalition — a politically diverse mix of groups that includes the Houston fire union, the Harris County Republican Party, the conservative group Urban Reform, Indivisible Houston and the Houston chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America — has said it intends to place the measure on this year’s November ballot. City Council has until Aug. 16 to approve the referendum ahead of the Nov. 2 election. 

And this: 

Turner said Friday he was conferring with the city’s legal department and had not yet decided when to seek a council vote to create the ballot measure. However, he suggested it would not happen this year, and said the city also is awaiting the results of a separate petition drive by the fire union, which is seeking a charter amendment that would require binding arbitration when the city and union reach an impasse in contract talks. 

“There is no obligation, I think, on our part to put anything on the ballot for this year,” Turner said. “There may be other referendums, petitions that may come either this year, next year, whenever. I know there is one out there right now. But again, I’ll defer to legal.” 

City Council is required by state law to place verified petitions before voters, though it does not outline a specific timeline for to do so. When council members do pass an ordinance ordering the referendum, they have two options for setting the date. The first choice: the next uniform election date, November 2021 in this case. The second option: the next municipal election or the next presidential election, whichever is earlier. In this case, the upcoming November 2023 city election falls before the next presidential election in 2024. 

Under state law, the referendum may not take place during an election that begins less than 30 days after City Council orders the referendum. Turner must call the council vote no later than Aug. 16 for the referendum to make it on the ballot this year. 

At-Large Councilmember Michael Kubosh, who is supporting the charter amendment effort, said he believes the referendum should be placed on the November 2021 ballot. 

“The two most sacred things about a democracy under the Constitution is our right to petition our government, and our right to vote,” Kubosh said. “Delaying a vote, I believe, is wrong. I believe that once the petitions have been gathered, and once the city secretary has verified that there is a sufficient number, then it should immediately go on the next ballot.” 

Here is the entire or rest of the read: Group collects more than 20,000 signatures in effort to give Houston city council more power (houstonchronicle.com). 

Sigh. Not letting voters decide this November would not be a good move by the H-Town Mayor. Put it on the GD ballot. H-Town voters took the time to sign the petitions.  If the Mayor doesn’t like the initiatives, organize a campaign against and beat them at the polls.  Not putting it on the ballot really is not an option. It would only make the Mayor look petty. 

It didn’t have to be this way. 

Four Astros were selected to be AL All Star team members. Congrats to Jose Altuve, Michael Brantley, Carlos Correa and Ryan Pressley.  Yuli Gurriel should have made the team. 

We have a three and a half game lead over the A’s, and they visit The Yard for three starting tomorrow. 

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