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Commentary participated in Cin’s annual “Pre-Election Analysis Luncheon” yesterday where 120 or so “H-Town players” listened to what Sonny Messiah Jiles, Bob Stein, Jessica Colon, and Commentary had to say about the upcoming election. About the only no-show yesterday was Pam-In-Charge who was a little under the weather. Margaret Menger did a great job of moving the discussion along. This is the first time I really interacted with GOP’s Jessica. She is pretty good and very nice but she would probably snatch my political lunch away from me if I wasn’t looking.

During the pre luncheon chit chat, I came away with the impression that a lot of folks there still aren’t ready to predict who will be H-Town’s next mayor. I think I said that yesterday. Rice’s Stein said that voter turnout would be in the 25% to 30% range. Commentary said that it would not be a surprise if so called third party expenditures were made in the next week or so to help “define” CM Peter Brown, Controller Annise Parker, and Gene Locke particularly among Westside voters. GOP’s Jessica said yesterday that Hutch’s chances looked good against Guv Dude.

Speaking of, he’s not having a good week. He lost the Farm Bureau endorsement to Hutch and he’s not going to get to build a Katy Freeway down the middle of the Lone Star State.

Hats off to H-Town’s Mayor for stepping away from letting the city get into the ICE business.  Check out the story in today’s Chron.  Way to go Mayor!

Commentary only got to sneak a peak at yesterday’s epic win for the Twins as the ‘Stros made their first off season move by letting Brian Moehler know that he’s welcome to come back in 2010. TBS will push CNN aside as the MLB Playoffs take center stage today.


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A while back, Annie’s List made it clear that they were going to weigh in heavily on behalf of H-Town mayoral candidate Controller Annise Parker. Yesterday, Annie’s List put out a stinging smackdown on Gene Locke over his “No Way to Treat a Lady” tactics – ouch! The Size 2 invites, the Sue Walden dismissal, and some insensitive remarks said at a forum were cited. There are some folks that Commentary won’t get into a fight with – Annie’s List is one for sure.

Commentary has decided to boycott all remaining mayoral forums and debates. If the three Dem candidates are going to conspire to limit future debates, then they shouldn’t expect me to show up.

Mayoral candidate CM Peter Brown gets the award so far for Best TV Ad. Ooops, Peter is the only one SHOWING ME THE TV! His second ad is pretty cool with the way they bring in the graphics.

U.S. Senate candidate John Sharp did a drive by on the H-Town Mayor on this 287(g) mess. Sharp sent out a copy of a Texas LULAC letter to the Mayor criticizing the Mayor for embracing 287(g) and having the Houston Police Department get into the ICE business. I’m assuming that by sending out the letter, Sharp is standing with the H-Town Latino leadership on this issue.

Speaking of, since the Mayor has been out of town a lot lately, I wonder if he’s been told that there is an arsonist in Commentary’s hood that has already torched eleven structures in the last couple of months including two this morning. Heck, the three Dem mayoral candidates don’t know about it either because they haven’t said anything about how they would have caught the arsonist if they were mayor.

The Texas AG is investigating ACORN. Why – because they are ACORN.

Commentary and MariGirl finally made it to Stanton’s Grocery on Houston Avenue yesterday to take in a burger. I couldn’t finish it. Check them out at your own risk.

Pam-In-Charge is probably one of the more savvy execs in H-Town. She sent out a letter yesterday to all of the ‘Stros ticket faithful to let us know that ticket prices weren’t going up next year. She also said that we were all going to get cool 45th Anniversary Season polo shirts next year. I just hope they are 100% cotton. We also get to attend exclusive watch parties for a spring training game and the MLB All Star Game. If we pay early, we get to take batting practice and shag fly balls at The Yard. You also get a chance to be picked to go on an all expense trip to see the ‘Stros play in Yankee Stadium. They are also offering buy two season seats, get two free seats in the Upper Deck – good deal if you ask me. Way to go Pam-In-Charge!

Speaking of, the season is over for Roy O. He’s out with back problems. I hope he doesn’t aggravate it during the off season particularly when he shoots him one of those deer and tries to load it into the bed of his pick-up.

Regarding Cecil No Se Puede’s reaction the other night to the Rice product putting it on the ‘Stros, here is what James Soria sent in: “The Rice product that Cecil No Se Puede was referring to is a local LATINO, who played at Cypress Creek High School. He has family that lives over in JRod’s hood……., maybe they voted for JRod too…….who would have known that he is Latino with a last name of Janish. I bet I didn’t stump you……”

I didn’t know that.

It has just been that kind of season. We got five dingers last night but all of them were of the solo variety and we lost and got swept by the Reds – drats!


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H-Town CM Toni Lawrence, a GOPer and Commentary pal, announced yesterday that she was setting up an exploratory committee to run for county commissioner. County Commissioner Jerry Eversole is expected not to seek re-election next year. Here is a part of her press release: “If elected, Lawrence would be the first Republican female to serve on the Harris County Commissioners Court.” I don’t think that is correct. I think we had a substitute female – Liz Ghrist – a while back who served for a few months if I’m not mistaken. Of course, I could be wrong.

CEWDEM put out some person’s take yesterday that dissappeared and CEWDEM said that I was in a "running feud" with this person.  CORRECTION:  the only folks that I bother to feud with are the miserable Cubbie fans that invade The Yard on occasion.  CEWDEM also put out a rather interesting and stinging take on the disappearing first take – get it.

The H-Town Mayor got some unwanted run in today’s Chron about him losing some city council votes.  Check it out.  Hey, when you are out campaigning across the Lone Star State half of the time, this stuff is going to happen. I’m sure the John Sharp supporters like the article.

In today’s Austin American Statesman, there is a piece about the Democratic National Committee meeting in Austin and saying they are going to help out the Lone Star State Dem Party in 2010. Great, maybe they will produce for us a candidate for Guv that actually stands a chance at winning.  Check out the story. 

You got to hand it to Guv Dude for figuring out how to drive the campaign agenda. It looks like the Aggie Bonfire could be the issue that seals the deal for him in the GOP Primary next year.

St. Arnold will roll out “Divine” today. It is a new brew.  Check it out in today’s Chron.  I might give it a try but I’ll still be an Amber fella.

SHOW ME THE TV, PART II as H-Town Mayoral candidate Peter Brown launched his second TV ad as his opponents helplessly watched them.

I wonder how GOP Congressman Joe Wilson – who nobody had ever heard of until last night – feels about being the U.S. of A.’s Arsehole Numero Uno this morning. It reminded me of the role Carol Kane played , Miracle Max’s wife, Valerie, from “The Princess Bride” – “liar!”

Speaking of, we’re not going to reach Cecil Puede’s goal of 90 wins this season because we would have to go 22-1 the rest of the way which is darn near impossible since we still have three left against the Cards and four against the Phillies – both first place teams – yikes! You still have to love the fact that they played an exciting game last night and won it in the bottom of the ninth.


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Hutch kicks off her campaign in Galveston County this morning – good luck! Hutch obviously reads Commentary because she is going to say that Guv Dude has been in office way too long. Meanwhile, the Dem State Senator from Travis County said he wasn’t going to run for Guv even though he said he would have won – huh – yeah, sure. Usually, the way it works, if you can win then run. Of course, he also probably read Commentary because he knows he couldn’t win because he couldn’t figure out how to engage the growing Latino vote. Tom Schieffer is wondering why Lone Star State Dems aren’t embracing his candidacy – huh! Maybe it has something to do with that big hickey on his next given to him by 43 that just won’t go away.

CEWDEM sent out some stuff this past weekend on 10 reasons why folks shouldn’t vote for the H-Town Mayor or John Sharp in the U.S. Senate race. I think some of the shots at The Mayor were off the mark. The fella that took the shot obviously doesn’t know jack about environmental law in the Lone Star State. They are kind of skewed in favor of industry. The H-Town Mayor has had to be very creative in taking on industry. I want the fella to go ask industry lobbyists what they think of the H-Town Mayor.

It looks like DeLay will be “Dancing with the Stars.” I wonder if they are going to have him wear tight pants. I wonder if he is going to wear a silk shirt that is open all the way to his belly button – yikes!

Commentary’s weekend for the most part was pretty miserable. The AC here went out Friday afternoon and the AC repair guys couldn’t get here until this morning. Heck, it was hotter inside than outside.

Then Tiger got run yesterday – ouch!

Then The President’s folks signaled that they were going to punt on health care reform. It looks like they are fixing to take the reform out of the debate. What is the whole point in having Dems control Congress and The White House? I sure hate to see scoreboard go to the insurance giants.

The misery continued as Wandy got lit up Friday night and we lost two out of three in Milwaukee. Cecil Puede said we would get 90 wins this season. That means we have to go 33-11 for the rest of the season – ouch.

About the only good thing that happened this weekend was taking in “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” It is definitely a different take on time travel flicks but you need to check it out.


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The President could have easily been talking about the Gene Locke for H-Town Mayor Campaign when he said “acted stupidly” last week. The Chron’s Columnist did a piece yesterday on the Locke Campaign showing my pal Sue Walden – who is battling an illness – the door – yikes! Check it out.  Heck, they sure need a course in PR 101 over there. I guess the Locke Campaign doesn’t read Commentary because I thought they did A-OK in the fundraising department. They think they did A-OK and even put out a press release twelve days ago touting their fundraising haul. Check it out. 

If you ask Commentary, I think the folks that made the decision to get rid of Sue ought to be shown the door. Stay tuned!

The Lone Star State’s Junior U.S. Senator has decided that it is OK to vote against Judge Sotomayor. I guess he figures that the Lone Star State Dems will continue to sit on their arses and not fully engage the Latino vote any time soon – he’s probably right. No se puede!

H-Town CM Jolanda Jones certainly isn’t going to let the Fire Fighters Association do a drive by on her. She’s fighting back. Check it out.

Meanwhile, it ought to be interesting at City Hall today as CM Melissa Noriega’s Public Safety Committee holds a public hearing on the Fire Department problems.

It looks to me that after the sweep of the Cards last week and a one run win over the Mets Friday night, the ‘Stros just ran out of gas this weekend. So it is on to Chicago for four against the first place Cubbies starting this evening.  This is going to be one interesting road trip that winds up in San Luis this weekend.

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The President hurt the feelings of the Cambridge, Massachusetts PD says their Chief. Oh brother, get over it. Thanks to The President, the issue of racial profiling is now front and center in our living rooms, dining room tables, and around the water cooler. That’s a good thing.

The Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association has gone to war with H-Town CM Jolanda Jones. They distributed a scathing letter they sent to Jolanda. Check it out in today’s Chron.   I guess Jolanda hurt their feelings too. I was telling someone yesterday that I voted for Jolanda in 2007 not because I thought she would make sure my garbage was picked up on time. I voted for her because sometimes we need someone to kick things around and stir up stuff. I don’t always agree with her. Let’s see where this thing goes.

Of course I wonder if the Fire Fighters Association is going to send a scathing letter to the Chron over Nick Anderson’s editorial cartoon that is in the Chron today – ouch! It is a Houston Fire Dept. doggie pi__ing on a fire hydrant labeled “Women and Minorities.” Check it out.   I wonder if their feelings are hurt on this one. It is one thing to go to war with Jolanda. It is another thing to go to war with the Chron.

Lone Star State government is going to be the target of “Texas Tribune” a news service watchdog organization that will be launched this Fall. Check it out in today’s SA Express News.  My old pal Matt Stiles will be one of the Tribune Troopers. Matt, who was with the Chron, gets the credit for ushering in City of H-Town online campaign reports. Commentary thinks “Texas Tribune” is needed and a great idea. Stay tuned!

Here’s what the Statesman’s Jason Embry said about John Sharp’s fundraising to date: “I reported in this space yesterday that Democrat John Sharp raised a paltry $45,000 for his U.S. Senate campaign in the second quarter of the year. But Sharp’s fundraising situation was actually worse than I gathered upon first glancing at the report he filed with the Federal Election Commission.

“Sharp returned more than $90,000 to his contributors during the second quarter. So his net contributions for the period totaled -$45,000. These returned contributions were large checks — many of them for the per-election maximum of $2,400. And more than $70,000 of those returned contributions went back to employees, and family of employees, of Ryan and Co., the tax-consulting firm that employs Sharp.

“Ryan and Co. employees (not their families) gave Sharp more than $150,000 in the first quarter of the year. So Sharp is not returning all of the money he got from them. But he is returning a lot of it, and it’s unclear why. Sharp’s campaign did not respond to questions about the contributions Thursday.

“Of all the candidates running to replace U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Sharp has the second-most cash on hand with $2.9 million. But he also raised the least amount of money in the second quarter. He’s only financially competitive at the moment because he has loaned his own campaign $2.6 million. With the other Democrat in the race, Houston Mayor Bill White, leading the field in money raised, Sharp either isn’t trying to raise money or isn’t very good at it any more.”

This is the same John Sharp that said he was going to carry Harris County – yeah, sure.

My good friend Drayton reads Commentary. He sent me a note yesterday to thank me for the birthday greeting and said he got a Cardinal sweep for his BD present.

The next two weeks just got a bit more difficult as the team announced yesterday that The Big Puma is dinged up and will be put on sick leave for 15 days.

The first 10,000 tonight get “Lil Puma Webkinz” (what the heck is a Webkinz) and the first 10,000 manana get “Los Astros” lids. Bethany and Reid will join me this evening as Los Mets come in for three. I would normally sign off with a “be there” but I understand they may be close to selling out this weekend – great!

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H-Town Mayoral candidate Annise Parker didn’t waste a whole lot of time letting folks know that she can raise a whopping amount of money by putting out a statement yesterday that she had hauled in over $800,000. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me. “Top that” she’s telling her opponents! Now let’s see what the other folks show. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Meanwhile, Lone Star State Dem candidate for Guv and 43’s bud Tom Schieffer took in close to $800,000 which included a $200,000 loan. Sorry but that is not going to cut it. He is not exciting the Dem donor base so how do we expect him to excite the Dem voting base. Like Commentary has been saying about this fella – “no se puede!”

Speaking of, the ground rules for the Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate were forwarded to the mayoral candidates yesterday. They will probably be posted on the Latino Summit website later on today. The debate will be held this Saturday so don’t forget to RSVP as more questions continue to be submitted. FYI: To get to the Champions Pavilion at Minute Maid Park, park in the Diamond Lot or Lot A, and enter through the Right Field Gate at Hamilton and Preston Streets.

After about 45 years, Sir Paul will return to the Ed Sullivan Theater tonight as he visits with Letterman so check it out. I don’t think it will be as cwazy as it was when he was part of the British Invasion.

The bad news about last night’s All Star Game is that the ‘Stros have to play the first two games of the World Serious on the road. The good news is that I’ll just have to fork over dough for three home World Serious games. It was a big mistake last night to keep Hunter Pence on the bench and the NL Team paid the price. Hunter Pence and the ‘Stros resume play tomorrow evening in LA.

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