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Cesar Chavez was born 83 years ago today.  He left us nearly 17 years ago.  He got his own postage stamp back in 2003 or seven cents ago.

Commentary will be checking out the H-Town City Council meeting today on the municipal tube to see what kind of discussion goes on about selling The Summit, err Compaq Center, err Lakewood Mega Church for $7.5 mil.  The Chron’s E-Board put out their take today.  Check it out.

In the editorial, the Chron quotes a letter from a reader:  “If it was a bad deal, it was struck during the (Mayor Lee) Brown administration. This is now. We should be happy to get the church to buy it.”

It would be nice if the Chron’s E-Board or news staff would say why it was a “bad deal.”  Maybe someone at the council meeting will ‘splain why it was a bad deal.

Council will also consider today the H-Town Mayor’s Houston METRO appointments.  If they are approved, the new posse, err appointees will start the process to run-off the agency’s beleaguered CEO.  Stay tuned!

Council will also take up the City of H-Town’s part of the Downtown Soccer Stadium deal.  Way to go Mayor and CM James Rodriguez!

Of all the current MLB cities, name the burg that the ‘Stros have never played in?

Hutch will also make her decision today – maybe.  She will announce her quitting day, change her mind and say she will stay through the end of her term, or declare that she will seek another term – highly unlikely but you never know with her in light of the fact that she suffered the equivalent of a three or four political concussions this past year and that she just might not be thinking clearly these days.

The head of the U.S. Census called out H-Town yesterday for lagging in returning 2010 Census forms while at the same time ICE was planning new raids.  I think the census big shot should be calling out ICE if you ask me.

Fifteen years ago today we lost Selena.  She would be 39 if she was still around.

The H-Town Mayor will also announce her new Police Chief today.  Of course everyone knows who it will be.

My Best Friend called me yesterday to let me know that his grand daughter’s name is Sofia Luna Schnieders!  I think he’s cool with the idea that “Luna” got middle name status.

The ‘Stros have never played in Toronto of course as the Blue Jays visit the ‘Stros this Friday and Saturday for our final two Spring Training games.

A now for the not so good news – The Big Puma will start the season on the disabled list – drats – because of his knee – double drats!   The ‘Stros’ Fan Fest will be held this Friday and Saturday at The Yard!

Commentary just noticed that my ‘Stros calendar ends today and I checked out the giveaway schedule and calendars are not on the list.  I don’t know about that.


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According to the KJEVDR, after the first four days, in Harris County, 29,931 have voted by mail or in person in the city elections.  61% are Anglo, 28% African American, 7% Latino, and 4% Asian American.   58% are Dems, 32% are GOPers, and 10% are INDs. (FYI:  51,000 cast early votes in person in round 1 – early voting before Nov. 3, so far 23,119 have voted in person early.)

Of the mail ballots, 68% are Anglo, 27% African American, 4% Latino, and 1% Asian American.  55% are GOPers, 41% Dems, and 4% INDs.

3,722 (12%) are non November 3 voters.  52% are Anglo, 33% are African American, 9% are Latino, and 6% are Asian.  61% are Dems, 26% are GOPers, and 13% are INDs. 

In the first round, close to 10,000 mail ballots were cast in the city elections.  To date, in the run-off, 8,193 have been returned and 10,000 are still out there in the hands of mostly 65 and older voters.

Commentary got called last night and participated in a poll/survey.  It was kind odd because they asked a few questions about head to head matchups between the H-Town Mayor and the GOP Lite Guv for U.S. Senate.

The H-Town Mayor will officially get into the race for Guv today but the bad weather will be this evening’s lead new story.

Other than getting their mugs on national news programs, I don’t understand why Dems hold congressional hearings on the White House party crashers.

Next week the ‘Stros go the MLB Winter Meetings and maybe they can pick up a player or two – stay tuned!

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Commentary has called it right so far by saying Guv Dude is driving the agenda in the GOP gubernatorial primary.  He’s gotten Hutch to stay put.  Now they are launching Operation Intervention which is designed to get Dude backers to lean on Hutch backers to get her out of the race.  Talk about playing offense.  I t really wouldn’t surprise me if she just decided to surrender.  You know he is going to bang her around on letting the town of Sealy lose that huge Defense Department contract and a few thousand jobs.  The Defense Department contract issue is the lead story in today’s Chron.  Check it out. 

Here is the opening line of my pal Bill King’s latest take on the run-off election: “With Democrats breaking largely along racial lines and Latinos showing little interest in the current mayor’s race, white-suburban-Republican-leaning (WSRL) voters will likely to be the deciding factor in the runoff.”

Commentary capped off last night by checking out Sir Paul on ABC.  He’s not only for the ages, he’s for all ages.

My Best Friend celebrated a BB yesterday.  Happy Birthday yesterday Al Luna!

Pam-In-Charge who I sometimes refer to as My Brown Girl is celebrating one today.  Happy Birthday Pam Gardner!

Speaking of, just when I thought they were through handing out awards, I was wrong according to Tag: “ The streak-of-lightning speed of center fielder Michael Bourn, the slick fielding of second baseman Kaz Matsui and the spacious jersey of reliever Jeff Fulchino have the Astros trio in contention for two of MLB.com’s This Year in Baseball Awards. . Bourn, who won his first Rawlings Gold Glove earlier this month, and Matsui are two of 10 players up for Defensive Player of the Year, and Fulchino’s bizarre play that saw a batted ball get stuck in his jersey is a contender for the Oddity of the Year.”

Stay tuned!


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Now that the H-Town Mayor is fixing to get into the race for Guv, he’s got to take on the mother of all the Lone Star State’s public policy issues – funding for our public schools.  The Chron has a front page story on school funding today.  Check it out.  It is a big problem that needs addressing. 

There is also the issue of increasing the gas tax that some Dem and GOP legislators are calling for so we can use the funds to fix and repair highways and roads.  Guv Dude and Hutch will oppose for now.  I’m figuring the H-Town Mayor will try to sidestep the issue.

Well one of the questions was answered in today’s Chron regarding the fate of the H-Town Mayor’s Chief of Staff. Check it out.

Of course, Commentary’s not ready to lay some money on who will win.  Guv Dude first got elected to the Texas House in 1984 and he hasn’t lost yet.  Dems haven’t won a statewide race this century.  Before I head out to Vegas and place a bet, I’ll wait to see if Dems put together a serious Latino voter engagement effort.

Commentary’s favorite – Katie Couric – was one of the notables that attended last night’s state dinner.  She showed up with her new boyfriend who just happens to be fifteen years younger.  I don’t have a problem with that.  Go Coogs!

One place to avoid today is Spec’s in Midtown. It is cwazy out there the day before Thanksgiving Day.  I made my run last night.

Congrats go to Albert Pujols for winning the NL MVP.  We have to wait until Friday, July 9 before we get to see Albert and the Cards at The Yard.  I think that wraps up all the awards for this past season.

Commentary will take tomorrow off but will be back on Friday so have a nice Thanksgiving Day!


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It turns out that Schieffer fella is not that big of a dumbarse after all.  He got out of a race he never should have entered.  Well he still is a dumbarse of sorts for actually thinking a lot of Dems would embrace his candidacy for guv of the Lone Star State.  A lot of Dems across the state just weren’t into a forgiving mood for his years of playing grabarse with 43.  In his statement yesterday he said “we simply must get behind one candidate that can unite our party.”  Huh!  I didn’t know we Dems were disunited.

Meanwhile, H-Town’s Mayor who is probably the smartest person in the state is a listener after all.  For months, folks have been advising the Mayor to run for Guv.  The Mayor finally got it after Hutch decided to stay put for a while.

Local Harris County Dems are feeling pretty good because now they will have someone at the top of the ticket that will expend resources to get out the base and pull in independents.

We now probably know one of the answers to a question at City Hall.  What will Chief of Staff Michael Moore be doing after December 31?

Now that we have a strong candidate at the top of the ticket, expect to see other strong Dems run for some of the statewide down ballot positions.

Even though Farouk Shami and Hank Gilbert say they are still in it, they will eventually have to read and accept the handwriting on the wall and get out of the race.  Who care what The Kinkhole does.  His isn’t a campaign anyway, it’s a book tour.

Of course, unless Lone Star State Dems get serious about putting together a Latino voter engagement effort, yesterday’s hoopla could all be for naught.  The current Lone Star State Dem Party Chair doesn’t get it.  I’m betting the H-Town Mayor will.

This morning is reminiscent of all those times back in the Luv Ya Blue era when the Steelers, Bills, Chiefs and other AFC teams would put a hurt on our Oilers and we would have a loser’s hangover the next day – usually a Monday morning.   Vince and the Titans punked us last night on national TV and we’re feeling it this morning.

Things are quiet at The Yard these days on the free agent front.  No news to report.


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Commentary was stuck without internet this weekend thanks to AT&T.   So I missed doing a take on the Hootsie hate campaign.  I guess if my last name was Hootsie, I’d want to spend my life hating folks.  I missed out on doing a take on the Gene Locke Latino Lunch having three times as more Latinos in attendance than the Annise Parker Latino Breakfast.  I missed out on doing a take on the Gene Locke poll that my friend Bill King sent out.  I missed out on telling folks again that Guv Dude is setting the agenda in his race against Hutch.  I missed out on asking folks what the H-Town Mayor and John Sharp are running for these days.   I missed out on telling folks that I didn’t know that Gene Locke served as Chair of the Sports Authority.

My Brown Eyed Girl called last night to let me know that my third best movie of all time was on TBS.  After seventy years, the horse of a different color is white, purple, red and yellow.

Commentary is thinking about dropping by Sheer Luck’s on West Gray Wednesday to go meet ‘Stros new skipper Millsy at Astroline.  Maybe he’ll let me know who he has in mind to bat in the two hole on Opening Day April 5 against the Giants.


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“All of them (mayoral candidates) have changed their positions as time passes. Like with any other political campaign, people are going to promise a lot, and then in the end they are going to do what they feel is correct. So, we’re obviously keeping a watchful eye,” said Houston immigration advocate, Cesar Espinosa in today’s Chron about 287(g).  Check out the story in today’s Chron.  Commentary is clearly disappointed in the three Dem candidates for game playing and baiting on this issue. Heck, this is one race where I could easily punch none of the above. They are all being woosies on this issue. They know better and are dissing us (Latinos) to get GOP votes. The Latinos that have endorsed any of the three ought to be calling out their candidate on this issue.

Give it to HBAD for being a badarse! HBAD handed H-Town’s Mayor a rebuke last night by endorsing John Sharp for U.S. Senator – ouch! I don’t know about that. Maybe they are not happy that they don’t have a Discovery Green in the ‘hood. Commentary heard that in order to vote at last night’s meeting, you had to show a photo ID – huh! I thought Dems were against voter ID!

Commentary has to hand it to Guv Dude for playing his Latino politics. He put a local wise Latina on the Texas Supreme Court yesterday. I guess he figures after he puts Hutch away he can get Latino votes in the 2010 general election by saying he was the first Guv to put a Latina on the Texas Supreme Court. After all, Lone Star State Dems aren’t doing a darn thing to engage the Latino vote.

Congrats go to The President for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He won it for potentiality.

Andy Pettitte, Bobby Abreu, and Billy Wagner are former ‘Stros in the AL Playoffs. Speaking of, former ‘Stro Mark Loretta had a walk off single to give the Dodgers a 2-0 lead over the Cards as the ‘Stros will begin to interview skipper candidates next week.


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Commentary participated in Cin’s annual “Pre-Election Analysis Luncheon” yesterday where 120 or so “H-Town players” listened to what Sonny Messiah Jiles, Bob Stein, Jessica Colon, and Commentary had to say about the upcoming election. About the only no-show yesterday was Pam-In-Charge who was a little under the weather. Margaret Menger did a great job of moving the discussion along. This is the first time I really interacted with GOP’s Jessica. She is pretty good and very nice but she would probably snatch my political lunch away from me if I wasn’t looking.

During the pre luncheon chit chat, I came away with the impression that a lot of folks there still aren’t ready to predict who will be H-Town’s next mayor. I think I said that yesterday. Rice’s Stein said that voter turnout would be in the 25% to 30% range. Commentary said that it would not be a surprise if so called third party expenditures were made in the next week or so to help “define” CM Peter Brown, Controller Annise Parker, and Gene Locke particularly among Westside voters. GOP’s Jessica said yesterday that Hutch’s chances looked good against Guv Dude.

Speaking of, he’s not having a good week. He lost the Farm Bureau endorsement to Hutch and he’s not going to get to build a Katy Freeway down the middle of the Lone Star State.

Hats off to H-Town’s Mayor for stepping away from letting the city get into the ICE business.  Check out the story in today’s Chron.  Way to go Mayor!

Commentary only got to sneak a peak at yesterday’s epic win for the Twins as the ‘Stros made their first off season move by letting Brian Moehler know that he’s welcome to come back in 2010. TBS will push CNN aside as the MLB Playoffs take center stage today.


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A while back, Annie’s List made it clear that they were going to weigh in heavily on behalf of H-Town mayoral candidate Controller Annise Parker. Yesterday, Annie’s List put out a stinging smackdown on Gene Locke over his “No Way to Treat a Lady” tactics – ouch! The Size 2 invites, the Sue Walden dismissal, and some insensitive remarks said at a forum were cited. There are some folks that Commentary won’t get into a fight with – Annie’s List is one for sure.

Commentary has decided to boycott all remaining mayoral forums and debates. If the three Dem candidates are going to conspire to limit future debates, then they shouldn’t expect me to show up.

Mayoral candidate CM Peter Brown gets the award so far for Best TV Ad. Ooops, Peter is the only one SHOWING ME THE TV! His second ad is pretty cool with the way they bring in the graphics.

U.S. Senate candidate John Sharp did a drive by on the H-Town Mayor on this 287(g) mess. Sharp sent out a copy of a Texas LULAC letter to the Mayor criticizing the Mayor for embracing 287(g) and having the Houston Police Department get into the ICE business. I’m assuming that by sending out the letter, Sharp is standing with the H-Town Latino leadership on this issue.

Speaking of, since the Mayor has been out of town a lot lately, I wonder if he’s been told that there is an arsonist in Commentary’s hood that has already torched eleven structures in the last couple of months including two this morning. Heck, the three Dem mayoral candidates don’t know about it either because they haven’t said anything about how they would have caught the arsonist if they were mayor.

The Texas AG is investigating ACORN. Why – because they are ACORN.

Commentary and MariGirl finally made it to Stanton’s Grocery on Houston Avenue yesterday to take in a burger. I couldn’t finish it. Check them out at your own risk.

Pam-In-Charge is probably one of the more savvy execs in H-Town. She sent out a letter yesterday to all of the ‘Stros ticket faithful to let us know that ticket prices weren’t going up next year. She also said that we were all going to get cool 45th Anniversary Season polo shirts next year. I just hope they are 100% cotton. We also get to attend exclusive watch parties for a spring training game and the MLB All Star Game. If we pay early, we get to take batting practice and shag fly balls at The Yard. You also get a chance to be picked to go on an all expense trip to see the ‘Stros play in Yankee Stadium. They are also offering buy two season seats, get two free seats in the Upper Deck – good deal if you ask me. Way to go Pam-In-Charge!

Speaking of, the season is over for Roy O. He’s out with back problems. I hope he doesn’t aggravate it during the off season particularly when he shoots him one of those deer and tries to load it into the bed of his pick-up.

Regarding Cecil No Se Puede’s reaction the other night to the Rice product putting it on the ‘Stros, here is what James Soria sent in: “The Rice product that Cecil No Se Puede was referring to is a local LATINO, who played at Cypress Creek High School. He has family that lives over in JRod’s hood……., maybe they voted for JRod too…….who would have known that he is Latino with a last name of Janish. I bet I didn’t stump you……”

I didn’t know that.

It has just been that kind of season. We got five dingers last night but all of them were of the solo variety and we lost and got swept by the Reds – drats!


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H-Town CM Toni Lawrence, a GOPer and Commentary pal, announced yesterday that she was setting up an exploratory committee to run for county commissioner. County Commissioner Jerry Eversole is expected not to seek re-election next year. Here is a part of her press release: “If elected, Lawrence would be the first Republican female to serve on the Harris County Commissioners Court.” I don’t think that is correct. I think we had a substitute female – Liz Ghrist – a while back who served for a few months if I’m not mistaken. Of course, I could be wrong.

CEWDEM put out some person’s take yesterday that dissappeared and CEWDEM said that I was in a "running feud" with this person.  CORRECTION:  the only folks that I bother to feud with are the miserable Cubbie fans that invade The Yard on occasion.  CEWDEM also put out a rather interesting and stinging take on the disappearing first take – get it.

The H-Town Mayor got some unwanted run in today’s Chron about him losing some city council votes.  Check it out.  Hey, when you are out campaigning across the Lone Star State half of the time, this stuff is going to happen. I’m sure the John Sharp supporters like the article.

In today’s Austin American Statesman, there is a piece about the Democratic National Committee meeting in Austin and saying they are going to help out the Lone Star State Dem Party in 2010. Great, maybe they will produce for us a candidate for Guv that actually stands a chance at winning.  Check out the story. 

You got to hand it to Guv Dude for figuring out how to drive the campaign agenda. It looks like the Aggie Bonfire could be the issue that seals the deal for him in the GOP Primary next year.

St. Arnold will roll out “Divine” today. It is a new brew.  Check it out in today’s Chron.  I might give it a try but I’ll still be an Amber fella.

SHOW ME THE TV, PART II as H-Town Mayoral candidate Peter Brown launched his second TV ad as his opponents helplessly watched them.

I wonder how GOP Congressman Joe Wilson – who nobody had ever heard of until last night – feels about being the U.S. of A.’s Arsehole Numero Uno this morning. It reminded me of the role Carol Kane played , Miracle Max’s wife, Valerie, from “The Princess Bride” – “liar!”

Speaking of, we’re not going to reach Cecil Puede’s goal of 90 wins this season because we would have to go 22-1 the rest of the way which is darn near impossible since we still have three left against the Cards and four against the Phillies – both first place teams – yikes! You still have to love the fact that they played an exciting game last night and won it in the bottom of the ninth.


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