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“We have to get a bill passed,” said House Speaker Pelosi yesterday or else Democrats will be failures in the eyes of the voters for not getting a health care bill passed when Democrats controlled Congress and The White House.   

I have to disagree with the Speaker.  You are already failures in the eyes of the voters.  The mistake The President made was letting you and Majority Leader Reid lead.

“People are at various levels of the seven stages of grief,” said New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner.

It doesn’t help that corporations – thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court – are now going to weigh in big time in races this year and most likely not on behalf of Democrats. 

Democratic elected officials in swing districts that are up this year should be very nervous.

Commentary doesn’t have a problem having to go through one of those metal detector gizmos at the state capitol.  We do it here at City Hall.  We do it at some of the county buildings. They even check you out at Toyota Center and Reliant Stadium.

This player was not elected into the Hall of Fame until his fourth year of eligibility even though at the time of his retirement he was fifth on the all time dinger list behind Aaron, Ruth, Mays, and Robinson.  He hit 40 or more dingers in a season eight times.  He had nine seasons of 100 or more RBIs.  He also made the All Star Team 11 times.  Who am I talking about?

This is what Roy O. said a couple of days ago:  “I’ll be ready when it gets time to go. This new workout stuff should help a lot."  He‘s swimming more.

Harmon Killebrew of course.

One of the giveaways at The Yard this season is a hidden book safe.  I found out it is one of those hollowed out books where you can keep valuables like tickets to ‘Stros games.


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Now it is Speaker Pelosi’s turn to be in the hot seat. The GOP, desperate for a victory or trophy of sorts, has set its sights on Speaker Pelosi and what she knew or didn’t know about water boarding. In reading the various articles about Speaker Pelosi going mano a mano with the CIA while at the same time her GOP counterparts are throwing gasoline on the fire, you don’t see any lefties coming to her defense. I guess lefties aren’t too comfortable weighing on her behalf on an issue like water boarding because what happens if on down the line other stuff comes out that sheds doubt on the Speaker’s claims. Lefties don’t want to have egg on their face on an issue as volatile as water boarding. It looks like she is kind of on her own for now.

The President has his hands full these days dealing with banks, credit card companies, the automobile industry, health care, The Fighting Irish, Somali pirates, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq. In order for this to go away and prevent Speaker Pelosi from dangling in the wind, The President is going to have to step in, reign in his CIA, wave his presidential scepter, and kind of make it all disappear. If he doesn’t, Speaker Pelosi will lose credibility and become another casualty of politics. Commentary doesn’t have a problem with adding Speaker Pelosi to the bailout list.

In talking to my buddy Hector yesterday, getting more early voting locations around here is easier said than done. You have state laws to deal with, the County Commissioners, and then you have to find folks that will rent you a facility. I think we need to put together a bi-partisan group of folks here in Harris County to sit down and come up with a plan to figure out how we add more locations.

Commentary will be on “Red, White, and Blue” this evening at 8:30 pm along with my special guests David Jones, Gary Polland, and Leo Vasquez – check it out as we discuss whether or not Christian Bale was the right choice for the next “Terminator” movie. “Red, White, and Blue” will also be shown this Sunday afternoon at 5 pm.

I wonder who has better odds in Vegas today – Speaker Pelosi hanging on to her gig or the Rockets winning Game 7 this Sunday.

Yesterday’s ‘Stros game was Wandyful. If Wandy keeps it up, he could be representing us in San Luis for the All Star Game on July 14. All Star possibilities also include Michael Bourn who is hitting .317, Numero 45 at .328, Hunter Pence at .333, and Miggy at .314 as we head into Wrigley for three beginning this afternoon so move over CNN.

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