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Everyone knows that The Dean is Commentary’s good friend. The Dean is The Dean because there are no term limits for state legislators.  Here is from today’s Chron:

State Sen. John Whitmire said he plans to propose a substitute to a bill filed Wednesday that calls for a "total membership change" to the influential Port of Houston Authority commission.

The bill as introduced contains recommendations that the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission approved in November, including a controversial proposal to sweep the seven-member board this September and transfer appointment power from local government to the governor, who would choose five commissioners from a locally compiled list of candidates.

It also would impose 12-year term limits on commissioners.

Whitmire, D-Houston, said his substitute bill also will include 12-year term limits and will force commissioners who had served longer than that in their current roles as of last November to step down in September.

But he said it will leave the current appointment process intact, including having a chairman who is jointly appointed by the city of Houston and Harris County.

"It goes a long ways toward addressing some of the concerns we had when we placed them under Sunset," Whitmire said.

Four current commissioners would lose their jobs under the bill. The term clock for Janiece Longoria, who served as a commissioner for a decade before being appointed chairman last month, would start over.

Whitmire, who has criticized local government agencies for failing to make timely appointments, said his bill also would hand appointments to the governor if the local appointing bodies don’t appoint or reappoint someone within 30 days of an expired term.

Commentary is really not a fan of term limits.  If The Dean’s substitute becomes law, Port Commissioners Burkes, Fonteno, Phelps, and Lawal would be immediate goners.  Lawal has already announced that he’s not interested in being reappointed so it wouldn’t bother him.

All the appointing authorities would still retain their appointing power, so any resistance to this will have to come from Burkes, Fonteno, and Phelps.  Here is the question.  Do the City of H-Town, Harris County, Pasadena, and Port lobbying teams fight The Dean to protect three individuals? 

On the term limit proposal, Hunker Down said it "certainly doesn’t cause me any heartburn."

Stay tuned!

Name the former ‘Stro pitcher that dinged the most batters all time as a ‘Stro

According to the Chron, HISD might raise our taxes.  Of course we voted ourselves a tax increase when we supported the bonds last November.  Now the administration says more taxes are needed to cover shortfalls.  The Superintendent was pretty good at selling the bonds last fall. He needs to get out in the community and sell the taxes.

Here is the Chron piece on the proposed tax increase.

Early Voting started yesterday and HCC shut down an hour and a half early because a water main break shut off water pressure in the area.

Darryl Kile of course dinged 72 batters as a ‘Stro and that makes DK the all time ‘Stro leader.

The ‘Stros first Spring Training game is this Saturday against the Phillies.


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Commentary has never been to Cooperstown even when My Brown Eyed Girl was featured a few years ago.  If B-G-O, Baggy, or both get the call today that they make the Hall of Fame, I’ll be there this summer for the ceremonies.  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed all morning.

Where does B-G-O rank in all time career total bases?  Is he in the Top 50?

My good friend Janiece Longoria was appointed yesterday to Chair the Port Commission.  Congrats to Janiece.

She will set a high standard over there.  Here is what she had to say yesterday after getting the nod:

“We can and will strive to do better, to look for alternative ways to finance our infrastructure, to be more open and transparent, to build the template for future generations of prosperity, to include all stakeholders, to act always with integrity and honesty and to align public perception and re-establish public trust.  This will be done.”

It’s a new day over at the Port.

The Chron E-Board did a duel endorsement yesterday in the SD 6 Special.  Carol Alvarado was one of the duel recipients. 

Early Voting starts today and at Ripley, our opponent has a fellow out there making personal accusations about Carol Alvarado.  Oh, well.  I don’t see how that works as it only gets our folks fired up and gets voters upset. 

At Ripley they are also handing out that bridge mailer.  The bridge they supported.  Ditto on oh, well!

B-G-O is 33rd all time in career total bases of course with 4,711, just 1 behind Hall of Fame great Roger Hornsby and 5 ahead of Hall of Fame great Ernie Banks so I don’t want to hear that B-G-O isn’t worthy today!

Oh, I forgot.  The Big Puma will be here on Opening Day sitting in the visitors’ dugout.



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This from my pal Robert Miller:

Janiece M. Longoria is expected to be elected Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Port of Houston Authority next week.  A joint meeting of the Harris County Commissioners Court and Houston City Council is planned for January 8 at 9:30 a.m. at the County Administration Building.  Mayor Parker and Judge Emmett will preside over the meeting.  If Commissioner Longoria is elected, she will be the first woman to Chair the Port Commission as well as the first minority.

An H-Town Latino community historic milestone indeed!

In 2002 One of My Best Friends, then H-Town City Council Member Carol Alvarado nominated my friend Janiece Longoria to the Port Commission.  Carol led the fight to get Janiece appointed by the H-Town City Council.  It happened during the administration of Mayor Lee Brown.

In 2010, a well documented major play was made to replace Janiece and H-Town CM James Rodriguez led the effort to keep Janiece on the Port Commission.  Carol was there with James to help lead the effort on Janiece’s behalf.

Tomorrow morning Janiece Longoria will become the first female and Latina to Chair the Port Commission.

A big THANK YOU goes out to the H-Town City Council and Harris County Commissioners Court.

Congrats to State Representative Carol Alvarado and Council Member James Rodriguez for all their work to get us to this milestone!

Way to go Janiece!

Here is Robert Miller’s take.

Alan Ashby spent 17 years playing in the MLB including his last 11 years in a ‘Stros uniform.  Did Ashby ever reach the 100 career dinger plateau?

It will be an all about the Texans this week in H-Town

There will be some mention of the legislative session that begins tomorrow.

Early Voting in the SD 6 Special begins in a couple of days.

Alan Ashby never reached the 100 career dinger plateau of course and ended up with 90 – oh well. 

From the ‘Stros website:

Alan Ashby, the former Astros catcher who became a popular broadcaster with the club and for the last six seasons has announced games for the Blue Jays, is coming home.

Ashby resigned from his position in Toronto and has agreed to terms to join Houston’s television broadcast team alongside Bill Brown next season, replacing Jim Deshaies.


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I’m thinking HoustonChronicle.com won’t last very long.  Heck, it is a hassle for a subscriber like me to navigate through.  I don’t understand the point of having both Chron.com and the new HoustonChronicle.com.  Why do I have to visit both sides to look for one article or E-Board take? Are they even running E-Board takes on Chron.com anyway?  If the Chron isn’t careful, I just might stick to reading the hard copy and avoiding their sites. 

Who was the last closer to win the Cy Young Award?

The Chron E-Board did a take on the deregulation of food trucks here in H-Town.  Here is a taste (no pun intended):

But the regulations do not stop downtown, with mandatory 60-foot spacing between food trucks and a ban on trucks providing their own tables and chairs putting the kibosh on the sort of food truck festivals that have become popular in other cities.

The Greater Houston Restaurant Association has supported these stifling regulations, arguing that loosening them would give food trucks an unfair advantage. So where were downtown restaurants when it came time to serve festival goers? Well, a lot of them were closed. Downtown shuts down on weekends. There were a few vendors to feed the festival, including Good Dog Hot Dogs, which moved operations from its truck to a table for the day.

You can check out the entire take on HoustonChronicle.com if they will let you or if you know the secret password here.

I smell a food fight!

The E-Board also had a take on the Port.

I like “Two and a Half Men” and I actually thought the kid was a good actor for playing a good dumbarse.  It turns out he’s not a good actor but just playing himself – a dumbarse.

Eric Gagne of course of the LA Dodger snagged the NL Cy Young Award in 2003 – hey, he had 55 saves!

Nothing from The Yard except the exec responsible for “Root, Root, Root” has left.


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There isn’t a whole lot to talk about this Friday the 16th other than to say the Port of Houston Authority is back in the cruise business down at Bayport.  That’s a good thing.  Here is this from the Chron:

"Securing this cruise business helps fulfill our commitment by building the cruise terminal to spur job creation and economic development for the entire greater Houston and Pasadena region," Jim Edmonds, chairman of the authority’s commission, said in a statement.

The Port critics have one less issue to go after.  Now if we can just settle on a new Port Chair.

Check out the entire article here.

The Cy Young Award was first handed out in 1956.  From 1956 through 1966 (11 seasons), the award was a combined leagues award.  Name the league that won it the most during the 11 seasons?

Romney keeps getting deservedly pounded by his fellow GOPers and now the late night talk show hosts for his “gifts” remarks.    GOPers just want him to go far, far away and stay away.  I wonder how it is going to feel in the Romney living room on Christmas Day when Tagg and the rest are exchanging “gifts?”

“Lincoln” leads this weekend’s movie buzz and folks are now predicting another Oscar for Daniel Day-Lewis.  I’m actually looking forward to “Hitchcock” next week.  Of course, most young folks don’t know about Alfred Hitchcock and his great films.  They also don’t know that he was nominated five times for Best Director at the Oscars but never won. 

From 1956 through 1966, the National League snagged the Cy Young Award seven times of course and the American League snagged it four times.

I don’t have anything from The Yard – sorry.


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The Texas Sunset Commission is recommending that locals shouldn’t be appointing their own Port Commissioners.  I don’t know about that.  That’s not a good idea.  Here is from the Chron:

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett responded that the proposal "doesn’t make sense."

"I think this caught a lot of people by surprise," Emmett said. "I mean, you have people who claim to be conservative Republicans suddenly proposing taking away local control of a port."

Here is the entire piece.

Nats skipper Davey Johnson won NL Skipper of the Year honors.  When was the last time a skipper from the Nats franchise won skipper of the year?

The President told folks yesterday in a meeting that immigration reform would be a major priority next year.  Si se puede!

Check out the story here.

KCOH is changing its format – bummer.  They’re going to a religious programming that targets Latino souls.  Here is from the Chron:

The station for decades has billed itself as the city’s only talk-oriented station focusing on issues of interest to African-Americans.

With its disappearance, (talk show host Ralph) Cooper said, "You lose a piece of this city that helped make Houston what it is."

This is going to kind of impact how you reach African American voters.  I don’t know about that. 

Here is the entire Chron story.

There are only about 17 radio stations locally that target the Latino audience.  Hey, if the market is there, what can I say?

Nats/Expos skipper Felipe Alou of course won the NL Skipper of the Year Award in 1994 with a 74-40 record and no playoff spot because of the strike.

The General finally got around to putting the Texans at the top of his power rankings.  Here is what he had to say:

“They’ve still got 10 more games to play.”

That would mean their season ends on Sunday, February 3, in NOLA – yikes! 

Sir Paul will be at The Yard tonight.


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Did I mention the so called Texans Hangover?  Now what we saw last night was a national embarrassing arse whipping.  It was ugly!  It was a mugging.  What a letdown!  Oh, well!

The Chron E-Board weighs in on the idea of going to single-stream recycling.  Here is part of what they say:

The biggest road bump for the project is the initial investment. Houston is taking all the right steps by looking for private grants and studying what other cities have done, but the city needs a private-sector partner.

Here is the entire E-Board take.

What is the cost?  Do we now get a garbage fee?  Can folks on the lower end of incomes afford this?  Stay tuned!

Yankee great shortstop Derek Jeter is done for the year.  How many World Serious rings does Jeter have?

Here is what the County put out Friday evening:

As of this evening we have approved 74,105 applications and sent out 71,192 ballots.  We have received 24,094 voted ballots returned.

26,150 have been generated by the GOP and 21,203 by Dems.

Commentary checked out “The Revisionaries” the other night.  It is a good movie so go check it out this week at the Sundance Theater Downtown.

The Mayor and H-Town City Council are recommending Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria for Chair of the Port Commission.

Here is the Chron story.

Commentary saw a “Vote No” sign on the METRO initiative yesterday.  I haven’t seen a “Vote Yes” sign.  I’ve seen a couple of “Vote Yes” signs for the HISD bonds. 

Derek Jeter has five World Serious rings (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009) of course.

I’m guessing new skipper Bo Porter is reporting to work today at The Yard.


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