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The lead story in today’s Chron is the race to land a space shuttle.  NASA will be deciding where the three retired space shuttles will end up.  For now only old school guys like Commentary that get the hard copy can read the story. 
There is a secondary story online that you can check here.

One will go the Smithsonian for sure.  Another will end up at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  H-Town, Seattle, New York City, and Dayton, Ohio are going after the third.  Don’t get your hopes up H-Town.  We have a governor and a lieutenant governor and a U.S. Senator that just love to crack on The President and his policies.  We never see the Greater Houston Partnership or other key business leaders defend the administration, plus we are a very red state.  The President will get absolutely nothing in return if he orders NASA to put a retired space shuttle in H-Town.  Forget about it!

Add Commentary to the list of those calling for the Bexar County Democratic Party Chair to hit the road.  That guy is a sorry arse nut case if you ask me.  How did he get elected in the first place?

Here is a bit from today’s SA Express News:

“Our party is about being inclusive,” (State Sen. Carlos) Uresti said. “Obviously there are a lot of folks that don’t believe in the things that (Ramos) has said, and I am one of them. It’s uncalled for. It’s inappropriate,” the senator said.

Uresti added he wants to meet with Ramos.

“I think he needs to be admonished,” Uresti said.

Admonish my arse!  The definition of admonish is to express warning or disapproval.  He needs to be thrown out of office or kicked out of office or run out of office.

When was the last time the ‘Stros lost 90 or more games in a season?

This is from today’s Chron Sports Section.  Matt Luna is the son of My Best Friend Al Luna and Julie Luna:

During the past three years, Cole Lankford and John Williamson have been the standout stalwarts for the (HISD) Lamar baseball team.

As the Redskins’ top hitters last season, Lankford, a catcher committed to Texas A&M, and Williamson, an outfielder committed to Rice, collectively powered the team to a second-place finish in District 20-5A and the area round of the postseason.

So it comes as no surprise that Lamar sits atop the district this year with a 14-2-2 overall record. But manager Mike McGilvray insists the real surprise is the recent emergence of senior Matt Luna, who is hitting .521 with four home runs and 22 RBIs.

“(Luna) is hitting better than both (Lankford and Williamson) right now,” McGilvray said. “He’s getting a lot of interest, and now right in the middle, all three have been very productive. The strong suit has been our hitting.”

Way to go Matt!

In 2000 of course the ‘Stros went 72-90.

Charlie Sheen announced that he is adding H-Town as one of his tour stops.  He will be at the Verizon Theater on April 26.  Tickets are $45 to $100 or $750 for the exclusive meet and greet.  That’s the same evening that The Big Puma returns to The Yard wearing the San Luis red.  Sorry Charlie!

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Here’s what Newsweek cover boy  Guv Dude said this past weekend: "It was very disconcerting for me to see the president at Kennedy Space Center (in Florida) making the announcement about they’re going to increase some jobs there. Not one word spoken about the Johnson Space Center. The message there was: ‘You’re from Texas. We don’t care about you.’ I tell people this president has put a target on Texas’ back."

Dude ought to know something about targets since he’s had an old bull’s eye on The President for a while.  Get real Dude!  You railed against the stimulus even though you pocketed the money.  You railed against healthcare reform.  You railed against The President’s education grants. 

Here’s the problem for all of us that support the Johnson Space Center.  Let’s say there is public support for continuing to go to space, aside from the folks from Alabama, Florida, the Lone Star State, California, and a couple of other states with smaller research facilities, the rest of the U.S. of A. doesn’t give a rat’s arse who gets the funds or where we train the next generation of astronauts.  We’re not going to knock Florida out of the running, because they already have the launching facilities.

At some point some folks outside of the Lone Star State are going to start saying – hey wait a minute.  Don’t you guys in the Lone Star State want a federal government that is not relevant to your lives?   Don’t you guys have a governor that wants to secede? Don’t you guys want a smaller government?  Weren’t you the guys that didn’t want stimulus dollars?

The H-Town Mayor and the local congressional delegation have to convince the rest of Congress on the importance of the Johnson Space Center.  Remind them that it were folks at the Johnson Space Center that turned Apollo 13 into NASA’s most successful failure.  Of course they are going to have to do this convincing while Dude is railing against The President.  Dude’s in a reelection mode that doesn’t include a photo-op with The President in the Oval Office discussing the future of NASA in H-Town.

It probably doesn’t help that Dude has snagged a soon to be released Newsweek cover with the “Don’t Mess With Texas” screaming headline.  Sure it gives Dude more national exposure.  It makes him one of the faces of the national GOP right up there behind Former Governor Palin and excites his base here in the Lone Star State.  However, like I was saying, Dems outside of the Lone Star State are probably thinking, why do we want to help out this fella’s state?  Stay tuned!

The Chron had a reader poll they published this weekend on tearing down the Astrodome – 55% for the wrecking ball, 45% for preserving the Dome – take that!

Ubaldo Jimenez of the Rockies threw a no-no in Atlanta against the Braves this past Saturday.  It was the first no-no in Rockies history.   Name the only three MLB teams that still don’t have a no-no.

A double bonus: How many no-nos do the ‘Stros have and has a ‘Stros catcher ever caught more than one?

Commentary watched the ‘Stros and Cubbies on the tube this past Saturday then afterwards I started to watch the Mets and Cards on Fox.  After about 30 minutes I headed off to the gym then to run some errands.  When I got back the Mets and Cards were still playing in the tenth inning.   I watched as the game went 20 innings and ended after 10 pm.  652 pitches were thrown in a game that lasted 6 hours and 53 minutes.  The Cardinals used two position players (non-pitchers) to pitch. The game was scoreless for the first 18 innings.  Oh yeah, the Mets won 2 to 1. 

In case you missed CM James Rodriguez’s Op-Ed on the Downtown Soccer Stadium in Saturday’s Chron, we have it for you.  Check it out.

The Mets, Rays and Padres of course are the only teams without no-nos.

The ‘Stros have ten no-nos of course thrown by Don Nottebart (1963), Ken Johnson (1964), Don Wilson (1967 & 1969), Larry Dierker (1976), Ken Forsch (1979), Nolan Ryan (1981), Mike Scott (1986), Darryl Kile (1993), and Roy O/Pete Munro/Kirk Saarloos/Brad Lidge/Octavio Dotel/Billy Wagner (2003).

Alan Ashby of course was behind the plate for Forsch, Ryan and Scott.

Fox Sports Southwest has a neat 30 minute “Spotlight” on my pal Drayton.  It is a nice piece. Check it out while it is still airing.

The ‘Stros just had them a 3-3 road trip and The Big Puma finally gets to see some MLB action starting tomorrow night against the Fish!


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