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The past few days, Commentary has gotten a few calls about local political folks talking up the possibility of State Rep Sylvester Turner throwing his hat into the H-Town mayoral race – interesting. If he does get into the race, then we would have two major African American candidates running – interesting. It is no secret that Sly was looking at running in CD 18 if Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee had moved over to help run the State Department with Hillary but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. With Craddick out as Texas State House Speaker, Sly has lost a little bit of influence up in Austin, so like any normal elected official, he’s probably mulling over his options and maybe the third time running for H-Town Mayor can be a charm. As far as campaigners go, they don’t get better than Sly and his oratorical skills. Is it too late as this point in the campaign to get into the race? I don’t think so. FYI: Commentary was on Sly’s team in his 2003 race for mayor.

Sly will probably have to let folks know pretty soon if he is going to run. If he does get into the race then the political math is altered somewhat. Some Latino and Latina players would then start having serious conversations about getting a serious Latino or Latina into the race. CM James Rodriguez and The Lovely Wendy would certainly be getting a lot of calls about moving things up a bit – very interesting. Stay tuned!

Score it as an E-132. I’m talking about the foul shot that zinged under Commentary’s lid last night in Section 132 in the third inning. Of course nobody else would have had a shot at getting it, but Commentary is supposed to snag those so score it as an error. Right after that, the wheels came off as Wandy ended up letting the Rockies get four dingers so we didn’t get the sweep. The Pirates minus their All-Star center fielder Nate McLouth are now in for three this weekend.

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Just like Sergeant Schultz said – “I know nothing!” I’m talking about the press release CEWDEM sent out about a fella named Sean Roberts of the self described “Obama Generation” deciding to get into the CD 18 race. Commentary mentioned CD 18 politics back in February and all heck broke loose. I don’t think I know Sean Roberts. I don’t know his press person – Saki Indakwa – either. Maybe if they were dressed in Brick Red ‘Stros gear I might recognize them from The Yard. We will see what kind of traction this Obama Generation Democrat gets against longtime incumbent Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee. I wonder if he can be called an O-Gen Dem.

The Austin American Statesman has a piece today on 2010 political posturing. Check it out. 

"I just don’t think it’s appropriate. I certainly don’t endorse it. I think it’s wrong." This is what the Lone Star State’s Junior Senator had to say about Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on Judge Sotomayor. It looks like the GOP U.S. Senators are distancing themselves from the U.S. of A’s least popular GOPer – Rush.

Next time Commentary runs into H-Town mayoral candidate CM Peter Brown, I am going to suggest that he might try putting in an application for HISD Superintendent and ditch his campaign for mayor. According to today’s Chron.com, CM Brown says he will soon lay out a plan to “restructure our schools” – huh!  Check out the piece. 

Commentary now has no choice but to keep an eye on CM Brown. Heck, he might just lay out a plan to restructure the ‘Stros.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the ‘Stros have them a new kid playing named Edwin Maysonet. He’s been doing a great job at second base.

Also, on the ‘Stros website, Alyson Footer has left MLB.com and is now with the club. You can catch her Alyson’s Footnotes on the website. Brian McTaggart has left the Chron and is now with MLB.com and you can now catch him on the ‘Stros website on Tag’s Line – cool. Check them out.

From my ‘Stros Notes that are sent to me daily – the ‘Stros are one of only two NL teams that have three starters batting .300 plus – Miggy (.358), Pence (.346), and Numero 45 (.316). Oh, the other NL team has the worst record in the bigs – the Nationals.

Speaking of, Kathryn and Commentary sat with my good friend Drayton last night as the ‘Stros put it on the Rockies. Before the game, Commentary grubbed out on braised ribs, fennel, mashed potatoes, and a nice cabernet – you know, the usual ballpark grub. Commentary advised Drayton to stay the course as we’ve now won five of our last six and play one more with Colorado this evening.

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“No mayor of Houston, current or future, should meddle in school district affairs. The business of running school districts must be left to those elected by the public for that specific purpose, and to the superintendent that those elected trustees chose.” That’s what my pal Mike Sullivan, H-Town City Council Member, District E, said in yesterday’s Chron Op-Ed. CM Mike also served on the Humble ISD School Board.  Check it out.

bring this up because in Saturday’s mail, I got a piece from the Maverick Welsh for H-Town City Council, District H Special Election Campaign that had a picture of a not too happy student with the phrase – “I’m tired of having a lousy school.” The mailer also says “Welsh will make sure our kids have every opportunity to succeed.” Maverick is a former teacher so I guess he’s trotting out his education cred to get votes from folks who want our council members to help run our schools. Of course, Commentary – who votes in District H – would like to know which “lousy school” Welsh is talking about so I can get One Smart Mommy to go get it fixed.

Welsh used to be mayoral candidate Peter Brown’s council chief of staff. CM Brown is also making improving public education a part of his mayoral campaign.

Commentary prefers to not have H-Town city council candidates going around banging on our schools for political purposes. A few days ago when the H-Town Mayor laid out next year’s city budget, he admitted that all big cities in the U.S. of A. have unmet needs including H-Town. I prefer our council members try to figure out how to meet all of our needs here in municipal government. Until then, leave the running of our schools to the folks that we elected to run our schools.

Speaking of, my good friend Hector did a review of the voters in the District H Special and found that 40% had Spanish language surnames – interesting.

The ‘Stros record for the month of May was 11-15. The Chron predicted we would go 15–13. The Chron predicted we would be 26-24 by now. We’re 20-28 and the Rockies are in for four as we get ready to play 10 at home over the next 11 days. 

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Here’s what my good friend Edgar Colon asked (he was actually reading a question from the audience) yesterday at the Hispanic Chamber’s H-Town City Council District H Special Run-Off Election candidates’ forum yesterday: “District H is supposed to be a Hispanic district. Should it be represented by a Hispanic?”

Check out the Chron story.

Commentary figured sooner or later the Latino district thing would be discussed in the Chron, on the campaign trail, in the ‘hood, on websites, and at The Yard. Stay tuned!

Commentary found the following three Letters-to-the-Editor in today’s Chron re the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES):

“Buried story: I see the Chronicle buried the piece about Gene Green and Charlie Gonzalez voting for the disastrous Waxman-Markey bill (“‘Courageous’ Texans vote for climate bill” Page A10, Saturday). Courageous? LOL! This is very bad for the consumer. It’s just more of the global warming scam, which is only about control. But not all of us are caught up in the wave of hype and mass hysteria. We must all pray for America….Rodney Fenn, Houston”
“Support district: The America Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES) will put countless numbers of Houstonians to work in new green jobs — building wind turbines, installing solar panels, weatherizing homes and laying a smart electric grid that will power our new economy. It also strives to rescue our children, grandchildren and all the generations to come from the ravages of climate change. Unfortunately, it is far weaker than it should be in this respect. As a constituent of Congressman Gene Green, I hope that he will stand up for those in his district by asking that emissions cuts be strengthened. Cuts of 35 percent to 50 percent under present levels by 2020 would be consistent with the advice of the world’s scientific community. There should be no offsets or carbon speculation, in order to reduce the possibility of “gaming” the system. And 100 percent of the pollution allowances should be auctioned, so that companies will not be allowed to pollute for free. The money raised will provide tax rebates to help defray higher energy costs for middle- and low-income homeowners, investments in and subsidies for renewable energy and energy efficiency measures, and funding for the transition of workers employed in carbon-based energy industries…Juan Parras, executive director, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services, Houston”
“Covering behind: The Democratic Congress and Obama administration are heaping praise on Congressman Gene Green for going along with climate change legislation that will no doubt substantially increase our cost of energy in the not too distant future. Green was won over by some crumbs thrown his way in the form of 2 percent of pollution permits for refiners. This is hardly a heroic stunt on the part of Green. He is merely covering his behind for the 2010 election cycle…Moises J. Garcia, Spring”

I guess that is what you call drawing three ACES.

Commentary checked out the final three contestants on the National Spelling Bee deal last night. Where in the heck do they get those words? Laodicean? My computer’s Word program doesn’t recognize it. How come on my computer I got a red line under laodicean? I nearly fell out of my chair last night when they threw out a word I had actually seen before – guayabera – that by the way my computer also underlined in red.

It turns out, Julie Luna, the wife of My Best Friend, Al Luna, went to the same elementary school as Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Julie is also from the Bronx and is of the Puerto Rican persuasion.

Here’s what Julie said: “She went to the same elementary school as I did…graduated a year before me.  I don’t remember her but my uncle who had a grocery store in the neighborhood said he remembers her.  I am going to the 40 year Blessed Sacrament School reunion and all alum are invited regardless of when they graduated.  She was sent an invite.  We know it’s highly unlikely she’ll attend but it’s pretty neat to wonder.  Regardless…I am proud of my fellow Boriqua!”

It looks like the ‘Stros front office still reads Commentary. The Chron Sports Section headline today reads: “Cooper on firm ground.” According to the Chron’s Jesus, my friend Drayton says “firing the manager is not in the cards.” Check out the article.  I’m glad Drayton, GM Wade and me are all on the same page on this as we visit PNC Park for three against the Pirates this weekend.

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“I would hope that a wise Latino Commentary with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a White Commentary who hasn’t lived that life.”

Speaking of, I have to say that the Lone Star State legislature has it all wrong on this red light camera stuff. Sure, it raises money for cities but I don’t have a problem if it is coming from folks that run red lights. Here in H-Town, take 20 minutes of so from your day and go sit at a busy intersection. You’ll be amazed at the number of drivers that brazenly run through red lights. I don’t understand the legislative logic (an oxymoron for sure) in telling cities they can’t set up red light cameras. I don’t understand why cities can’t use these tools to stop folks from running red lights and raising a little extra cash at the same time. If local folks have problems with this, let them vote out members of their city councils. Commentary wasn’t a fan of red light cameras at first, but now I think they serve a purpose.

The headline in today’s Chron Sports Section says: “Is it time for change?” It is a reference to showing Coop the door. I don’t think that’s the answer. I think you let the team including Coop, his coaches, GM Wade, his staff, and the players work toward figuring it out. They’ll definitely be hearing it from the fans on websites, on call in shows, and at The Yard on how bad they stink. They will either figure it out or further disintegrate. It is probably not too early for GM Wade to start engaging in trade talks with other clubs to see what is out there. When it comes to trades, everyone should be on the block including asking those players with “no trade’ clauses to consider waiving them. There are a lot of folks on the baseball side of the ‘Stros that need to step up and not just Coop. They better figure it out, or else when they give out the 10,000 Joe Green Valley Bobbleheads in early September, they’ll have enough on hand for when you get there and one when you leave – yikes!

Speaking of, the early returns are in for the MLB All-Star Voting. The Big Puma who is batting .229 is running fifth for NL First Base. ManRoid is within striking distance at starting in the NL Outfield and he’s not even playing. The Brewers’ J.J. Hardy who is batting a paltry .247 is leading for NL Shortstop. Hunter Pence, who has the 3rd best batting average (.352) in the NL, isn’t even in the Top 15 of NL Outfield vote getters. Miggy Tejada, who has the 5th best batting average (.346) in the NL, isn’t even in the Top 5 NL shortstop vote getters. Commentary thinks we need Voter IDs for MLB All-Star balloting for sure.


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The President picked a Latina – Sonia Sotomayor – for the Supreme Court and Commentary loves it! It hasn’t sunk in yet though. This is why we (Latinas and Latinos) fight the fight. Days like today make it all worthwhile.

Commentary just watched her make very moving remarks after being introduced by The President.

Too often idiots will spew out of their pieholes that ethnicity of race shouldn’t matter when it comes to serving in high office. Well, it matters to Commentary because we haven’t had that many Latinos and Latinas serve in high office.

It is going to be interesting to see if the GOP right wing arseholes decide to bang on Judge Sotomayor during the confirmation process. Go on ahead and make our day and continue to lose our (Latina/Latino) votes.

This is from an AP article today about Judge Sotomayor: “In one of her most memorable rulings as federal district judge, Sotomayor essentially salvaged baseball in 1995, ruling with players over owners in a labor strike that had led to the cancellation of the World Series.” Hey, Judge Sotomayor is a South Bronx resident and lifelong Yankee fan – what did you expect? You gotta like that! Muchas gracias Mr. President!

Speaking of GOP arseholes, Jerome sent me a piece about the anti paperless folk State Rep Leo Berman saying he’s going to run for Guv of the Lone Star State. Well, if he does, he’ll take away votes from Guv Dude and maybe open the door for Hutch to sneak in.

There is an interesting piece in today’s Chron about the future of the GOP. The article looks at two GOP models – Florida and the Lone Star State.  Check it out.

H-Town CM James Rodriguez sent the following to Houston Area Latino Summit Members on Friday:

“Dear Houston Area Latino Summit Member:

“I want to thank you for continuing to express an interest in the Houston Area Latino Summit.  Many of you have inquired about our next step.  I have a suggestion/proposal and I would like your feedback.

“As you recall, at the inaugural meeting of the Houston Area Latino Summit, we discussed political empowerment, the 2010 Census, education, public safety, immigration and economic opportunity. This November, the City of Houston voters will elect a new mayor and to date, there are four candidates: Peter Brown, Gene Locke, Roy Morales, and Annise Parker. I believe the mayoral candidates should address many of the issues discussed at the Latino Summit. It is important for us to remind these candidates that today, Latinos make up over 40% of the City of Houston’s population and that it is essential to us that they address the local Latino agenda. I am proposing that the next Houston Area Latino Summit be held in July and consist of a debate on those local Latino issues discussed at the inaugural Latino Summit meeting.

“As the only Latino member of the Houston City Council, I feel I can best be helpful by getting the candidates to address our concerns. For now, it is my intention to not endorse anyone in this mayoral race. I am evaluating the feasibility of recruiting a sample of uncommitted Latino registered voters to grade the candidates on their debate performance.  Furthermore, I would also like to enlist the support, input and participation of local Latino journalists and organizations on the format this debate should have in order to have a successful mayoral debate. The Latino voter can very well determine the outcome of the mayoral election, but we must be prepared.

“Please consider helping me develop a debate format that will engage the mayoral candidates in a meaningful dialogue on these concerns. You can e-mail your suggestions to info@houstonlatinosummit.com. 

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


James Rodriguez, Houston City Council Member, District I”

Stay tuned.

Commentary forgot to mention that The Lovely Wendy and James made the KissKam at The Yard this past Sunday. Meanwhile, Commentary spent yesterday afternoon watching the ‘Stros stink up Great American Ballpark….arrrrggghhhh!

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Commentary’s Uncle Jesse got some run yesterday in the Chron on a piece about veterans this Memorial Day weekend. Uncle Jesse makes it a point to try to stay involved. He’s everywhere.  Check out the story.  Way to go Uncle Jesse!

According to today’s Chron, Guv Dude’s not having a good legislative session. Apparently, members of the lege are tired of his arse.  Check it out.  Commentary is betting the voters will also tire of Dude’s arse next year.

This past Friday, a federal judge threw out Lopez v. City of Houston. That is the lawsuit filed by Vidal Martinez to force the City of H-Town to draw two more district council seats immediately. I guess it is not going to happen until 2011.

Speaking of, UH’s Dr. Murray put out his take on the H-Town City Council District H Special Election Run-off. It looks like advantage goes to Ed Gonzalez unless Maverick Welsh can make a dent in early and mail ballot voting.  Check it out.  Good luck!

The Lovely Wendy and H-Town CM James Rodriguez got their mugs in the society page in yesterday’s Chron.

The ‘Stros are not playing good baseball – period! The Big Puma is batting .225. Matsui was dropped to the 8 hole Saturday and is now batting .224. Joe Green Valley is out for a while. GM Wade says we’re going to ride it out with what we have which means don’t expect any major moves. Commentary is not giving up hope but I am definitely in pain. About the only good thing that happened at The Yard this past weekend was sitting with Dante, James, and The Lovely Wendy yesterday in Pam-In-Charge’s seats as Dante got two balls tossed to him including one by Hunter Pence. The ‘Stros are now in Cincy and I’ll check them out at noon today.

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Commentary has been watching the back and forth on the takes folks have about Congressman Gene Green and his positions on the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACESA) that is working its way through Congress. Yesterday, Commentary helped put together the local Latino briefing on ACESA – about 25 folks showed up. After yesterday, I don’t think the local Latino perspective has been taken into account in the local debate. It has been about industry and jobs and absolutely nothing about the air those little Latino children breathe in those neighborhoods next to the chemical plants. Way to go!

I still haven’t seen an explanation on why his local office didn’t meet with some of the local ACESA supporters. I can understand the passion some folks have for Cong. Gene Green and want to step up to defend him. I can also understand the passion some folks have on this issue and want to hold Cong. Green accountable. What is missing is the passion for those little Latino kids that are without a doubt the biggest victims of emissions here locally.

I wonder if I can get Guv Dude to cc me when he sends a thank you note to The President for the stimulus funds that will be used to help repair Dude’s crib.

Commentary thought things were going A-OK last night then the wheels fell off. The Big Puma and Cecil Puede got thrown out of the game in the fifth inning. Our bullpen fell apart in the seventh inning. Then we choked in the ninth after getting the first two batters on base. Now the Lone Star Series and the battle for the Silver Boot begin tonight as we host the first place Rangers for three including tomorrow’s game that will air in some parts of the U.S. of A. on Fox TV. The ‘Stros hold a 25 to 23 games won edge over the Rangers but the Rangers currently hold the Silver Boot even though we split last year 3 to 3 because they scored more total runs.

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There is nothing more annoying to a major political campaign than the constant dreaded rumor. You know, the one that says things aren’t going as well as they should. We’re going through that again locally as one major campaign is being dogged by the dreaded rumor while the other two are not but they are also probably helping pass around the rumor. What is the rumor you ask? Hey, Commentary tries not to get in the business of passing around rumors other than to say that I’ve heard the rumor from four or five folks lately and I can’t tell if it is a rumor or not. Still, I’d hate to be on the receiving in of the dreaded political rumor.

Here’s what the H-Town Police Chief had to say about getting ICEd up in today’s Chron: “Immigration enforcement by local police is counterproductive to community policing efforts. It undermines the trust and cooperation of immigrant communities, could lead to charges of racial profiling, and increases our response time to urgent calls for service.”

Check out the article here.   Way to go Chief!

Speaking of, don’t forget to drop by the America Para Todos press conference today called a “Protest to Demand that the Houston Police Officers Union STOP Supporting the 287-G Program” at 11:30 am in front of the Houston Police Officers Union Building, 1600 State St here in H-Town.


Commentary will be at a local Latino briefing this morning to find out the truth about the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 that will soon be debated by Congress. Meanwhile the Chron has a story today on the position on the bill by organized labor with a quote from the region’s leading environmental attorney Jim Blackburn: “Industry and unions are hand in hand, and together they make bad policy.” Check out the article. 

Commentary has always thought that most Cubbie fans were either idiots or morons. I guess the same can be said for Cardinal fans. At Wrigley, some fans are sporting T-shirts that have a fella cutting grass wearing a sombrero that says “(Albert) Pujols Mows My Lawn.” At New Busch, some fans are wearing T-Shirts that have a fella cutting grass wearing a sombrero that says “(Carlos) Zambrano Mows My Lawn.” We don’t tolerate that crap at The Yard cause folks would have to deal with Commentary, Dante, Serge, J. Dominic, and the Chron’s Jesus.

Arne the Peanut Dude is no longer with us. He entertained us for years at The Yard and also helped out the Sunshine Kids. We will miss him for sure.

Last night, I knew right off the bat that Cecil Puede had messed up big time. Bourne led off the bottom of the first with a base hit then Matsui came up to bat. The ump sent Matsui to the dugout and brought Bourne back to hit and put an out on the scoreboard. Nobody needed to explain to me that Cecil had turned in the wrong lineup card. Man, this stuff is supposed to only happen in the softball beer leagues not in the bigs. Lucky for us Wandyful was on his game so the Cecil screw-up wasn’t fatal as Roy O goes to the mound tonight.

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Commentary’s old boss, former Lone Star State Guv Mark White, was asked what he liked best about his job. His response: when the legislature is not in session. I’m reminded of this after hearing that the State Senate thinks it is OK to carry a piece on college campuses but it is not OK to ban smoking in restaurants and bars.

Meanwhile, at the Cannes Film Festival, the Lone Star State is getting bashed – what else is new – because we wouldn’t provide incentives for the filming of “Waco” because of the problems with the script – huh? Maybe Guv Dude’s Film Commission wanted that Koresh fella played by a paperless folk actor. Maybe Dude’s Film Commission wanted Janet Reno demonized and played by Jane Fonda or Lindsay Lohan. Maybe Dude’s Film Commission wanted a different ending like having the Koresh bunch at the end of the movie team up with the FBI and head down to the border and save the state from paperless trespassers.

Here’s what Commentary doesn’t understand. When we decided to go after the Al Qaida guys, what were we supposed to do when we caught them? Elected officials from all over are now saying they don’t want them in their ‘hood. What are we supposed to do with them? I bet if we said if a state agrees to house the Al Qaida prisoners, you also get to host a Super Bowl every five years – we’d have about 50 takers for sure.

Commentary doesn’t think the National GOP is ready for GOP Chair Michael Steele. Behind his back top GOP consultants are calling him irrelevant. I can’t seem to find a credible GOPer willing to stand with the fella. You just have to wonder if it is a …..thing.

H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez is now taking names for his Host Committee for his Re-Election Kick-off Reception on Wednesday, June 10 at Cielo Bistro which is located on Main Street Downtown.

About the only good thing about last night’s game was the company – Serge, Jesse, Home Plate’s Nick, John Jenkins and his steady J.C. who once did time in the Lite Guv’s office – but she’s still cool. It looks like a pretty good match up tonight as Wandy goes against Yovani – where do they get those names?

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