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Burkablog pretty much sums up Guv Dude’s current plight. 
Check it out here.

Same goes for the insiders at Texas Tribune here.

I just don’t know what Dude is trying to pull.  He’s not even going to make it into double digits tomorrow or next week.  Maybe it hasn’t sunk in that he’s being punked by Mitt Romney or maybe he can’t accept it. 

You know it is bad when the media reported last week that some fella from H-Town flew on his own dime to New Hampshire to volunteer for Dude and found out that Dude didn’t have an operation in the state.  Heck, isn’t that the state where his senior consultant lives and Toomey has a vacation pad?  What an embarrassment!

Though Dude may be inept on the national scene, Romney reminds me of a slick con artist.  If they ever decide to remake the classic “The Sting”, Romney could easily fit in as one of Henry Gondorff’s players.  Every time I see Romney, I hear Scott Joplin tunes in the background.

Jeff Bagwell had 449 career dingers.  What were the most dingers Baggy ever had in a season?

The Texans did A-OK in the playoffs.  They should be the lead national media story in the NFL this week but instead that honor goes to Tebow as it should.  Heck, even Lady Gaga is rooting, err praying for Tebow.  Some local fans are a bit perturbed that the Texans’ defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is interviewing this Friday for another gig.   I don’t have a problem with that as long as we don’t have a defensive meltdown this Sunday.

The place to be Friday night was Mini Timmaraju’s going away party Downtown.  The A-List was there for sure.

The place to be Saturday night was out at Ellington Field at my pal Bill King’s 60th BD celebration at his airport hangar.  The A-List was also there.

Where were you?

In 2000, Baggy had 47 dingers of course.  Baggy will find out today if he makes it in to the MLB Hall of Fame.  That would be nice news from The Yard. 



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Candidate filing for office starts today at your local or state party headquarters so let the campaigns begin!  With the federal judges ordering new state house, senate, and congressional lines, it will be an interesting next couple of weeks or so.  Commentary hears there may be surprises in the works so you better stay tuned!

Let’s see who steps up in the reconfigured HD 134.  Let’s hope it isn’t a Dem retread.

Here is a response to the CM James Rodriguez Chron Op-Ed thanking Drayton:

Let’s all thank billionaires (Drayton is largest Walmart stockholder) for allowing taxpayers to build and maintain ballparks so they can get even richer than before. Meanwhile we can lay off teachers, municipal employees and reduce school services.

May joy and peace follow you forever. 

Here is how Commentary responded:

You know, we actually had an election in November of 1996 and the Harris County voters decided how a portion of the stadium would be funded.  I won’t even bother to try to explain the funding source the voters approved.

Then he responded with this:

There were also elections in the early 1900s that gave us Jim Crow Laws. Whats your point? Wrong is wrong    

May joy and peace follow you forever.

Oh brother!   Jim Crow laws and sports stadiums in the same debate, I’m not even going to respond to that. 

What two cities did the A’s call home before 1968, when they moved to Oakland?

Let’s see now, the Texans are on a five game winning streak and a lot of the fans are bummed out because it looks like the third string QB is running the offense from here on out.  I say give the fella a chance because that’s all we have.    The Texans are 8-3 and of course they wouldn’t even exist today if the Drayton led referendum hadn’t passed here in Harris County in November of 1996. 

After a CBS camera crew caught the Chargers’ kicker doing the #2 next to the Gatorade cooler, I wonder if the NFL Commissioner will order port-a-potties next to each bench. 

The GOP Texas AG is crying all the way to the courthouse because the redistricting maps are looking a bit different these days.   Hey, you guys tried a blatant and disgusting power play and it backfired.  You guys forgot about something called the Voting Rights Act that applies here in the Lone Star State.   You have to wonder if there were any rational GOP voices behind closed doors that were urging a more cautious approach.  Now you have the Williams twins up in North Texas looking for a place to run.  You have nobody to blame but yourselves. 

This past Saturday I got a mailer from City of H-Town At-Large 5 run-off candidate jack Christie. 75% of the mailer slams his opponent CM Jolanda Jones.  What else is new?

Philadelphia (1901-1954) and Kansas City (1955-1967) of course once hosted the A’s. 

You had to figure it was going to happen.  I’m talking about ‘Stros President of Baseball Operation Tal Smith and GM Ed Wade getting the old heave ho.    I wonder if Tal get to take his hill with him.


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I guess Guv Dude wasn’t in Austin yesterday.  For sure he would have made it down the eight blocks or so to the UT campus wearing one of those flak jackets and his handgun stuck inside of his belt letting parents know that their kids were in good hands. 

Speaking of, Dude has a new commercial on border security.  In the ad he refers to The President as “Barack Obama.”  Dude, show some respect!  He’s “President Barack Obama.”  You’re never going to get meeting if you keep this up.

From an NBC News story yesterday on the latest national poll:

With Election Day exactly five weeks away, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that the battle for control of Congress has tightened, as key Democratic-leaning demographic groups are expressing more enthusiasm about the upcoming midterms.

The NBC/WSJ pollsters attribute the tightening to increased enthusiasm for the upcoming midterms by African Americans (who saw a six-point gain in high interest) and Hispanics (who saw an 11-point gain).

“I don’t think [Democrats] can change the mood,” said (Peter) Hart, the Democratic pollster. “But they can change the turnout.”

Si se puede?

Let’s hope for a retargeting of resources here in the last four weeks plus.

Last night the Yankees clinched their 15th postseason berth in the last 16 years.  When in the last 16 years did they fail to make the playoffs?

The H-Town Mayor had a self inflicted humiliating moment yesterday when she walked in to the City Council Meeting wearing a Cowboys shirt.  She blamed it on talking trash last week and losing a bet.  She learned her lesson I hope.  Maybe next time if she loses a bet on one of our teams, she will send over one of those Goode Company pecan pies because she don’t look too good wearing the silver and blue if you ask me.

Evan Longoria, all star third baseman for the Rays is disappointed because the Rays are in a pennant race and only 12,000 to 14,000 are showing up to watch at their crib.  Of course, their crib ain’t exactly the best place to watch a game. 

The 2008 Yankees of course finished the year at 89-73 in third place in the AL East and didn’t make the playoffs.  2008 was also the last year they played at the Old Yankee Stadium.

‘Thanks to Tim Byrdak serving up a walk off dinger on the first pitch of the bottom of the ninth inning, the Stros watched the corks pop at Cinncy – bummer! 


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Commentary will be at the City of H-Town Inaugural Ceremony this morning then wait to see who decides to run for something this afternoon – the last day to file.

It looks like labor leader Linda Chavez-Thompson will be getting in the race of Lite Guv in the Dem Primary.

On the Star Telegram’s website, there is a bit about this Alvarado fella that is running for the Dem nomination for Guv complaining that Dem Party folks want him to drop out of the race presumably because he would be pulling Latino votes away from Bill White in the March Dem Primary. Alvarado says he’s “disgusted” at the effort made to persuade him to exit the ballot.  Check it out.  The last things Dems need to be doing are getting this fella out of the race.  We’re going to need a good statewide Latino turnout in November of 2010 if we hope to win.  In the long run, we’re better served if the former H-Town Mayor starts having to directly engage the Latino voter during the Dem Primary.  If we get this Alvarado fella out of the primary, then it will be business as usual, where nothing is spent directly engaging the Latino voter in March.  Then we get to the general election where the Latino vote is the last item budgeted.  Then we get a low Latino turnout and then we get the same old results and our arses handed to us.

HISD’s controversial alternative school program got some more run in the Chron this past weekend.  Check it out.  The teachers’ union honcho and supporter of the current program says this:  “When a kid threatens a teacher’s life or physically assaults them, they’re not coming back to the classroom.  I don’t care if I have to sit their happy butts in (Superintendent) Grier’s office.”  Stay tuned!

Austin now has a ban on text messaging while driving.  I want to know why H-Town doesn’t have a ban.

Commentary also got a Baseball Trivia Desk Calendar that I’ll throw at folks this year.  For starters, “Who posted a .356 lifetime batting average but never won a batting title – Roger Hornsby, Bill Terry, Pie Traynor, Joe Jackson, or Stan Musial?  Which Hall of Famer was the first to hit two grand slams in a game – Babe Ruth, Roger Hornsby, Joe Jackson, Lou Gehrig, or Tony Lazzeri? 

Noble Ginther, Jr. left us a few days ago.  Noble ran for H-Town Mayor in 1977.  Commentary helped him out. In fact during that race, Muhammad Ali endorsed Noble and cut a cool radio ad with the “Rocky Theme” music in the background.  The campaign would only let the Ali ad run on African American radio even though I argued why not go on ahead and put it on other radio stations.  It was an interesting campaign because Noble was a new and fresh face.  I still have a pic of the Champ and Noble together.

The Texans stayed alive until around 9 pm last night then the Bengals tanked.  Well at least they are keeping the head coach which is a good thing.

Commentary saw a cool flick this weekend – “Avatar.”  Check it out!

“Shoeless Joe” Jackson and Tony Lazzeri – everybody knows that!

The ‘Stros first spring training game is two months from today against the Nationals.


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In this last week of the decade folks will be putting out their lists of the best, worst, most, least, happiest, funniest and so on of the last ten years.  Heck, why not?

Of course, nothing tops September 11, 2001.  That changed everything for sure.  Now it looks like you can’t even go to the bathroom on an airliner during the last hour of the flight.

One of the biggest game changers of the decade is that everyone now has an opinion.  I’m talking about how we all communicate on the internet as compared to ten years ago.  We’ve now got fellas, errr bloggers analyzing how political campaigns are run that have never worked on a political campaign – go figure.

I don’t think text messaging existed ten years ago.

More to follow!

My pal Miya Shay put out the news last week that Gordon Quan will be running for County Judge.  That is very interesting.  She also said that Gordon endorsed M.J. Khan for Controller against Dem Ron Green.   Now that is not good.  Gordon will be running against County Judge Ed “Hunker Down” Emmett who most folks think has done a pretty good job.  Right now I would think that the political climate favors the incumbent County Judge.  Stay tuned!

It looks like the Texans gave us something to talk about all week.

My Brown Eyed Girl and I went to see “It’s Complicated” this past weekend.  Check it out!

All is quiet on the ‘Stros front this week.


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Early voting in the run-off election begins today.   Will Latino voter turnout decrease?   How many non November 3 voters will show up – 1000, 5000, or plus 10,000.  If any new voters show up, from what ‘hoods?   I’m sure the Kyle Johnston Daily Early Vote Report will help answer some of these questions.  I wonder if some of the labor folks will ask other Dems to stay away from the KJDEVR.

We will be officially informed this week on the H-Town Mayor’s decision to run for Guv.  The Chron had a piece on the race this past weekend and a point was missed – sort of.   Check out the story.  In the piece, here is what a noted political scientist from SMU said:  “Nobody knows whether he (Bill White) has that next gear to generate excitement in a statewide race, whether he can go down into the Rio Grande Valley and pull people out, whether he can put enough money into it and raise enough money to wage a credible fistfight in the street.”  I’ve said it a kazillion times, it’s not going to happen unless we launch a major Latino voter engagement effort in Harris County.

Commentary got a permission slip to take a few hours off yesterday to take in the Texans game.  The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was A-OK but the Texans weren’t. 

I’m not going to say anything about Vince and his 99 yard drive with 2:37 minutes left and a 10 yard game winning TD pass as time ran out against the Cardinals.  I’m not going to say anything about his 387 yards passing and winning five in a row since he’s been named the starter.  I’m also not going to say anything about the Titans being 0-6 and now 5-6 just like the Texans.

I’m not going to say anything about Tiger either.  The way I figure he was probably tired of the fancy Thanksgiving Day grub and around 2:30 am he decided he wanted to make a McDonald’s run.  I don’t care how he banged up his lip or his ride.  I don’t care that we didn’t know about it for 13 hours.

Already it looks like a 15 minutes of fame deal for Rachel Uchitel who the tabloids are trying to link to Tiger.  She gets the thumbs down in my book for hiring the always annoying and camera hogging Gloria Allred.

Former ‘Stro Shane Reynolds is on the Hall of Fame ballot but he won’t get too many votes.  Today is Cyber Monday so I just might try everythingbaseball or MLB.com. 


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It turns out that Schieffer fella is not that big of a dumbarse after all.  He got out of a race he never should have entered.  Well he still is a dumbarse of sorts for actually thinking a lot of Dems would embrace his candidacy for guv of the Lone Star State.  A lot of Dems across the state just weren’t into a forgiving mood for his years of playing grabarse with 43.  In his statement yesterday he said “we simply must get behind one candidate that can unite our party.”  Huh!  I didn’t know we Dems were disunited.

Meanwhile, H-Town’s Mayor who is probably the smartest person in the state is a listener after all.  For months, folks have been advising the Mayor to run for Guv.  The Mayor finally got it after Hutch decided to stay put for a while.

Local Harris County Dems are feeling pretty good because now they will have someone at the top of the ticket that will expend resources to get out the base and pull in independents.

We now probably know one of the answers to a question at City Hall.  What will Chief of Staff Michael Moore be doing after December 31?

Now that we have a strong candidate at the top of the ticket, expect to see other strong Dems run for some of the statewide down ballot positions.

Even though Farouk Shami and Hank Gilbert say they are still in it, they will eventually have to read and accept the handwriting on the wall and get out of the race.  Who care what The Kinkhole does.  His isn’t a campaign anyway, it’s a book tour.

Of course, unless Lone Star State Dems get serious about putting together a Latino voter engagement effort, yesterday’s hoopla could all be for naught.  The current Lone Star State Dem Party Chair doesn’t get it.  I’m betting the H-Town Mayor will.

This morning is reminiscent of all those times back in the Luv Ya Blue era when the Steelers, Bills, Chiefs and other AFC teams would put a hurt on our Oilers and we would have a loser’s hangover the next day – usually a Monday morning.   Vince and the Titans punked us last night on national TV and we’re feeling it this morning.

Things are quiet at The Yard these days on the free agent front.  No news to report.


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