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H-Town is getting Super Bowl 51 – congrats to the Bid Committee including my friend Edgar.

Of course, it is still about 3 years and 9 months away.   A different Mayor will be basking in the Super Bowl glow.  She or he will be the ones doing the interviews with the national media.  H-Town will have changed a bit and the Astrodome….well.  On Chron.com there is a piece on the Dome’s future now that the Super Bowl is coming to H-Town.

Here it is.

The Chron E-Board today lauded H-Town for getting SB 51 and they also mentioned the Dome’s future.  Here are parts:

As we count the things Houston will gain by 2017, there is the big one that we’ll probably lose – the Astrodome.  The Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation has said it will make its proposal for the Astrodome’s future in time for the Harris County Commissioners Court meeting on June 25. But the real deciders on this should be the voters, who will end up paying for any future plans.


Houstonians should be excited about showing off our city, and we will have a lot to show off. But using this energy to transform our Dome opportunity into something worthwhile, would be super.

Here is all the E-Board take.

No telling how the Dome is going to look in 2017.   We’ve had about a decade to decide what to do with the Dome and so far nada.  We’re on the clock.  There is really only one thing to do but that’s not going to happen unless we get us some of that political will.

The Royals are an expansion team that came into the AL in 1969.  Name the other 1969 AL expansion team?

We got the Super Bowl in part because the Florida state legislature wouldn’t let voters vote on putting public funds to upgrade Miami’s stadium.  We built our stadium with mostly public funds.  I wonder how many of those that opposed us back in 1996 will be participating in the Super Bowl stuff in 2017.

Speaking of, My Brown Eyed Girl has a guest column on diversity in the latest Sports Business Daily Journal.  It is a good read so check it out here:

The recent release of the movie “42” brings the issue of diversity to the forefront once again. It is remarkable to see how far we’ve come in sports and in life on inclusion, yet challenging and sad to know that we still have a long way to go.

I was fortunate to have worked in Major League Baseball for nearly 25 years, the last 11 as the president of business operations for the Houston Astros. I was raised in a small Wisconsin town and introduced to the game of baseball by my mother, who listened to the Milwaukee Braves on the radio while she ironed clothes. I never could have imagined that one day I would have the opportunity that was a seemingly impossible dream in the 1960s: a woman in a senior role for a major league team. Jackie Robinson’s story stirred many emotions for me, both positive and negative. Diversity at the highest levels — race, religion and gender — is still a challenge in the sports industry.

There is no question that baseball, as America’s favorite pastime, has been a leader in diversity, as is evidenced by the tough and noble fight to integrate the game. Robinson and many others endured extraordinary hardships to be able to play the game we all love. These sacrifices and challenges were not dismissed, in that MLB today has an aggressive diversity program for the recruitment and placement of on-field personnel, ensuring that the interview and hiring processes are thoughtful and intentional in including those of color. It’s not only the smart thing to do; it’s also the right thing to do.

While we have progressed tremendously with on-field efforts, it’s time we dig deeper

and transfer those intentions to our front-office personnel on both the baseball and business sides. In a game where some 40 percent of the players are Latino and nearly 50 percent of the fans are women, it’s time we extend our reach in an intentional way to include more people of color and women into the hallowed halls of the front office.

How do we move toward inclusion? By instituting programs that train, mentor and teach these under-represented sectors. I have spoken to dozens of groups on leadership, diversity and corporate culture, and I am always asked, “How did you weave your way into a senior role?” The answer is simple: Someone gave me the opportunity. It wasn’t without sacrifice and hard work, but the opportunity comes from the top. I will be forever grateful that Drayton McLane took a chance and invited me to have a seat at the table. At the Astros, we developed an internship program to help develop young talent to go into the pipeline. Our management group was represented by all races and was half male, half female. The business operations team was built to resemble our constituents, our fans and our sponsors, who opened their pocketbooks to support our efforts.

When the Astros changed ownership in 2012, the new owner attended his first owner’s meeting and said, “You’re the only woman at the table. You need to stay there.” He constructed his ownership group built around diversity. It reflects the community that supports the team. While I elected to change my career course and leave baseball, it brought home the obvious question: Why aren’t there more women at the table?

This is no criticism of the many owners who work hard to develop a diverse senior leadership team. Many in the game recognize the gap in minority participation in the front office and work diligently to improve their efforts. Major League Baseball’s central office instituted a program several years ago to develop minority candidates through a comprehensive internship program. And, there are several women who have paid their dues and serve in meaningful roles — Kim Ng, Marla Miller and Jacqueline Parkes to name a few — and Wendy Selig, former president of the Brewers, was a wonderful mentor to me. Still, the progression of women doesn’t seem to be moving fast enough.

The group that leads Major League Baseball owners meetings is made up of executives from within the Office of the Commissioner, and each member serves a role in steering the business workings of the game. Wouldn’t it be great if MLB were to appoint a woman to the group? That would definitely send a message.

In a game steeped in tradition, it’s time to look forward and take the lessons learned from Jackie Robinson more than 60 years ago. It’s not enough to have the intention. Actions to increase minority participation in the front office need to be intentional. It’s time we move in gigantic steps and open the door to greater diversity. The next generations know no other way. The expectation of inclusion is there, and those eager minds deserve to have greater opportunity than we did.

Diversity brings creativity, power, fresh ideas and a stronger business model. Here’s hoping that baseball once again leads the charge mindfully and steps up to the plate in a major league way.

Pam Gardner (pam@yourmindatwork.com) is the CEO of Your Mind at Work, which provides leadership development, diversity training and culture alignment programs for corporations. She is writing a book on her experiences working in baseball.

Congrats to Rep. Carol Alvarado for getting her bill passed on banning sugary beverages through middle school.  Hope Guv Dude signs the bill.

The Seattle Pilots – now the Milwaukee Brewers – came into the AL along with Royals of course in 1969.

Only 12,000 and change saw the ‘Stros lose a 3-0 lead in the 7th, 8th, and 9th inning last night.


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Here is from an article that says new polling shows rank and file GOPers support a path to citizenship:

Nearly two-thirds of Americans favor giving undocumented immigrants in the country an opportunity for legal status with a path to citizenship, according to a poll published Thursday by the Public Religion Research Institute and the Brookings Institution.

Support for an earned path to citizenship for those immigrants came from 71 percent of Democrats and also a majority, 53 percent, of Republicans, the poll found.

The option that drew the least support in the poll was legal residency for undocumented immigrants with no path to citizenship; only 14 percent of Americans favored that approach.

Here is the article.

The GOP leadership needs to step up on this.  I doubt we will see any leaders from Texas step up.  Stay tuned!

Yesterday Commentary mentioned the last regular season MLB game held at the Dome on Sunday, October 3, 1999 versus the Dodgers.  Name the starting pitcher for the ‘Stros that afternoon?

The debate on the Dome is heating up a bit.  Here is from the Chron today:

Harris County officials on Thursday disputed an estimate released this week showing it would cost $29 million to implode the vacant Reliant Astrodome and build a 1,600-space parking lot in two and a half years.

The figure, calculated by local firms Linbeck Construction and Walter P. Moore and Associates after a three-month study commissioned by the Houston Texans and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, is less than half the estimated price tag released last year by consultants hired by the Harris County Sports and Convention Corp., the county agency that runs Reliant Park.


Linbeck Vice President John Go said the firms stand by the findings of the study and the price tag.

"The Houston Texans and the Rodeo asked us to develop a methodology and a report that will stand up against questions because they knew that someone might question it," Go said, noting that Walter P. Moore was the structural engineer when the stadium was built in the mid-1960s and again when it was expanded in 1989.

Go said they consulted more than a half dozen local companies and specialty subcontractors, including for asbestos removal, demolition and filling the more than 30-foot-deep hole that would be left after razing the structure.

The County sent out my friend Edgar Colon to challenge the Rodeo and Texans.  Here is from the Houston Press:

But on Thursday afternoon Harris County Sports Convention Corporation chairman Edgar Colon said that the Dome wasn’t the only thing hindering a bowl bid.

What those other things were he didn’t specify. What could that be? A hulking mass of steel and concrete smack in the middle of the complex isn’t the only thing?

Speaking amongst dusty left field-line seats, he took questions about the $29 million figure, which he seemed to have pushed up to $40 million during the press conference, confusing most of us.

Here is the entire Press piece.

It looks like the Texans and Rodeo are stepping things up. Good for them and for us.  I have nothing but respect for Edgar and sending him out was a good first step, but if the county wants to resist for now, Edgar is going to need some help.  He can’t do it alone.

Edgar mentions that something else may be hindering a bowl bid.  He needs to let us know what it is. 

I like where this is heading. I’m still waiting to see if any elected officials side up with the Rodeo and Texans.  In a Rodeo/Texans versus the County match-up, I’ll bet on the Rodeo/Texans. 

Mike Hampton of course started the last regular season game for the ‘Stros at the Dome back in 1999.

The Skipper announced that Brett Wallace would bat second against righties for now. 


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The Big Jolly fella has an interesting take on the state of the Harris County GOP and what they have to do. 

Check it out here.

There is only so much one can do about the demographics.  If Dems really implemented a program to follow the Latino growth in Harris County, the local GOP would really be in trouble.

The game last night was actually better than the ads.  Favorite ads include the Hyundai Bullies, Go Daddy kissers, Doritos goat, Taco Bell old folks, Got Milk, Ram farmers, Bud Clydesdale, and Tide Montana stain. 

The pregame and halftime show performers were all great.

What can I say about Jacoby Jones?  He was the MVP if you ask me.  Aren’t we glad he doesn’t wear the battle red? 

This past weekend The White House released a photo of The President skeet shooting.  Whew!  If we are ever invaded by clay pigeons, we’re in good hands.

Speaking of Baltimore, when was the last time Orioles won the World Serious?

I guess you can say this is one for the history books.  This is what the great Gloria Steinem said about Guv Dude in Fort Worth the other day – courtesy of the Star Telegram:

"He personally will go down in history as an authoritarian — a dictatorial, unacceptable American," Steinem, 78, told the Star-Telegram on Friday before speaking to a crowd of more than 800 during the annual Planned Parenthood luncheon at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel downtown.

"This does not compensate for the women who are suffering from the lack of healthcare because of his actions and the amounts of federal funds this state has lost because of his actions."

She recommended that Texans "dis-elect him, get rid of him, get rid of the guy."

Ouch!  Of course, do you think Guv Dude is worried about what Gloria Steinem has to say?

Here is the entire Star Telegram piece.

From today’s Statesman:

Two years ago, state lawmakers filed about six dozen bills dealing with illegal immigration. So far this year, the count is in the single digits.

Here is the article.

Elections do have consequences.

The Orioles beat the Phillies in five to take the 1983 World Serious.

Kuffer has a take today on H-Town being a loser when it comes to pro sports – ouch!  If you want to read Kuffer’s take, you are going to have to find it on your own.

The ‘Stros open Spring Training camp in a couple of weeks or so. 


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I don’t know if you noticed but Traci Jensen’s Tea Party State Board of Education, District 6 opponent now has a few billboards – interesting.  You think her opponent might be concerned about the campaign Traci is running and the number of moderate Republicans that are taking Traci’s yard signs?  I told you so!  It is not too late to request a Traci yard sign by going to www.jensen4stateboard.com.

Yard signs trump billboards any day!

Commentary is not a big fan of billboards in political campaigns, but still?

Oilers Hangover:  That’s the term some of us used to use when we were thinking that the Oilers were headed to the Super Bowl and then we got beat by teams like the Steelers, Bills, and Chiefs.  The following Monday morning most of H-Town was bummed out and had an Oilers Hangover.  You didn’t even have to drink to have an Oilers Hangover.  You just weren’t in the mood to do anything that Monday.

These days it’s fun to watch folks get super excited about their H-Town NFL football again.  Texans Mania has taken over H-Town – that’s for sure and we’ve only played five games this season.   Like most folks the other night, Commentary was worried that the Jets might win it on the last drive of the game.  We ended up winning in front of a national TV audience. 

Every game is going to get more important as the season goes along.  The Packers game this Sunday night at Reliant and on NBC is going to be huge.  Nothing else in H-Town that evening is going to matter.

The things I hate most about the NFL are the injuries to players.   NFL football is a violent sport, but the U.S. of A. loves it.  Former Texan now Chief Eric Winston said this the other day:

I’ve already kinda come to the understanding that I won’t live as long because I play this game and that’s OK, that’s a choice I’ve made and a choice all of us have made.

Brian Cushing, the Texans’ defensive captain, is out for the season and fans in these parts are kind of down.  Injuries are the sad reality of the NFL.  They are going to happen and happen on every team so don’t get down or bummed out for too long when a Texan goes down.  That’s the NFL folks love.

Over the next few weeks I think H-Town is in for a ride with the Texans.   After this Sunday they got two more prime time games on the road and a Thanksgiving Day special in Detroit.  Have fun and let’s enjoy.

Happy 13th BD today to Abby Eastman! I saw Abby last night and she is the cutest.   Anna and Brad are proud parents for sure!

On July 6, 1933, MLB played its first All Star Game.  Where was the game played?  Hint:  At an AL city.

Commentary mentioned the East Downtown development story in yesterday’s Chron.  It would have been nice if they would have given some props to H-Town CM James Rodriguez and his predecessor now State Rep. Carol Alvarado.  Both have worked hard to get East Downtown where it is at today if you ask me.

Here is what the County put out yesterday evening:

As of this evening we have approved 68,456 applications and sent out 65,622 ballots.  We have received 14,580 voted ballots returned.

25,479 have been generated by the GOP and 20,402 by Dems.

Stacey Dash, an actress who Commentary had never heard of until yesterday, endorsed Romney yesterday.  Dash, who is African American, put out her endorsement on the internet.   Then she got ripped for going against a fellow African American – The President.

Hey, when you go on the internet to smack off like Commentary does sometimes, expect to get knocked around by folks of different persuasions including those that want to inject race, hate, or love.  If you don’t like it, tell your story on a rotary dial phone or mail it to the Romney campaign on a post card!

The Chron has a story today about the City of H-Town studying the idea of going full blown recycling with our garbage.

Check out the story here.

Of course, they don’t say how much they want to charge us.

The Chron E-Board endorsed today in Appeals Court races here.

Old Comiskey Park in Chicago of course was the site of the first ever MLB All Star Game.

I don’t have anything from The Yard today – sorry!


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The above line from the Jack-in-the-Box bacon cheeseburger ad was a good one.

On the whole, there weren’t that many good ads last night.  The best was the Clint Eastwood Chrysler “Detroit” ad that probably p_ssed off GOPers across the U.S. of A.

The Seinfeld-Leno ad was good.

The HEB “ET” ad was cute.

Ditto for the “Here We Go Bud Light” to Help Rescue Dogs.

Good job on resurrecting Ferris Bueller.

The Coke Salesman winning the Pepsi contest was nice. 

I liked the head butt Oikos Yogurt ad.

The Chevy truck 2012 survivor calling out Ford was good.

The Doritos missing cat ad was A-Okay but it probably got a few cat owners upset.

Audi wasted their time with those dumb exploding vampires ad.

Budweiser/Bud Light threw away a ton of money on those “Prohibition” and “Platinum” ads.

The Elton John Pepsi ad was dumb.

I still can’t figure out those polar bears drinking Coke.  What was that all about?

The Giants won their fourth Super Bowl last night.  How many World Serious championships did the MLB New York Giants win?

Bonus:  Name the two past Super Bowl National Anthem performers that are also Oscar winners?

Bonus 2:  Name the three past Super Bowl Halftime Performers that are also Oscar winners?

The Chron has a good story on “food deserts” in H-Town that you need to check out.  The story comes with a chart by zip codes on areas served by grocery stores.  A bunch of zip codes are without grocery stores.  Commentary feels guilty because my zip code is served by five grocery stores.
Check it out here.

My pal Bill King, or the fella that a lot of folks would like to see go away, keeps pushing folks to pay attention to public pensions.   Bill wants folks to quit kicking the can down the road.  Some folks think he is like the fella crying “wolf”.  Here is how he starts off his column yesterday:

Many of you may have heard that I and some other concerned Texans formed an organization seeking to reform Texas public pensions. This effort has been characterized by some as a Wisconsin-style, union-bashing, anti-public-worker initiative. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that we have significant problems and a looming crisis with most of Texas’ public pension plans. Each pension plan is unique. The benefits paid by each plan and their funding status vary widely, so it is dangerous to generalize. However, a large majority of public pension plans in Texas are significantly underfunded at this time.

Here is Bill’s column.

Sooner or later Bill is going to get his debate or he is going to tire out.  Stay tuned for sure!

Today is February 6 and we still don’t have a primary election date.

I thought the Madonna show started off with low energy but ended strong.   I am glad she didn’t fall off the set when she stumbled a bit.  I watched the entire halftime show but I missed the lady’s one finger salute. 

It was good to see Tom Brady and Tom Coughlin singing the National Anthem.

The two most interesting Super Bowl proposition bets were the over-under for Kelly Clarkson’s time it would take to singer the National Anthem – a minute and thirty four seconds – and who gets more mug time on TV during the game – Gisele or Peyton Manning.  Clarkson got it in at 1:33 and Gisele 1, Peyton nada.

Speaking of taking up for your hubby, here is what Gisele said after the game:

"My husband cannot f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times."

She has a point!

The MLB New York Giants won five World Serious Championships (1905, 1922, 1923, 1933, and 1954) of course.

Cher (SB 33) and Jennifer Hudson (SB 43) of course sang Super Bowl National Anthems and also are Oscar winners.

Stevie Wonder (SB 33), Prince (SB 41), and The Boss (SB 43) of course have been Super Bowl Halftime performers and also Oscar winners in the song or song score category.

I don’t have anything from The Yard.


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From the front page of today’s Chron:

After denying any investigation into the grand jurors who for six months investigated her office, Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos disclosed that she directed her chief investigator to run “a cursory Internet search.”

Meanwhile, sources say an investigation by the DA’s office into grand jurors, two judges and a political opponent of Lykos was ongoing during the grand jury’s probe.  

Here is the Chron piece.

I’ve said before that Commentary likes the Harris County DA but now I have to admit that she is petty and on some sort of power trip.  That’s too bad because we expect better from this office.   We want a Harris County District Attorney not a Harris County Intimidator. 

“It started out as a problem with a small number of unscrupulous auto shops,” said Byron Rusk, vice president of the Houston Automotive Service Association and owner of RMS Auto Care. “They’ve created this monstrosity that is going to be bad for consumers, bad for drivers and bad for businesses.”

We’re talking about the City of H-Town fixing to do some more “regulating.”  Is this really necessary?  Check out the Chron story.

This proposal is being driven by insurance companies and mega auto repair shops that hope to drive the smaller shops out of business.   This is bad public policy in the making.   The folks over at City Hall need to focus on the important things like police and fire safety, picking up garbage, filling potholes, and keeping parks clean.  Memo to H-Town City Hall:  Pay attention to what happened last November at the ballot box!  Don’t give the other side any more ammo!

Super Bowl 46 is being played in Indianapolis this Sunday. Indianapolis only has two major professional sports franchises – the Colts and the Pacers.  In baseball, they have the Triple A Indianapolis Indians.  The Indians are the affiliate of what MLB team?

The City of Austin City Council is elected city wide.  They don’t have single member districts.  They are thinking about going the single member district route.  Check out from today’s Statesman:

Most of the dozens of Austinites who testified at the meetings said that their neighborhoods are ignored by the City Council and that district representatives are badly needed. Many speakers pushed for the “10-1” plan — 10 district seats and a citywide mayor — that eight of the committee members preferred Thursday night.

Here is the Statesman article.

Commentary was involved back in 1979 when we went to the nine districts and five at-large council members system.  Of course, the biggest difference was a more diverse City Council.  Another huge change was the empowerment of neighborhoods and neighborhood organizations.  That’s not a bad thing at all if you ask me.

You have to hand it to the policy makers over at Komen.  They stepped in it big time.  What were they thinking?  That pink ribbon will never look the same to many.  When I go to The Yard this spring when the players are using pink bats, pink sweatbands, and the team is handing out pink lids and pink jerseys, there will be this bad cloud or vibe hanging around.  That’s too bad!

This Sunday I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl ads, Madonna, and a close game.

The Indianapolis Indians are the Triple A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates of course.

The ‘Stro announce yesterday that Fanfest will be held next Saturday, Feb. 11.

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Serious and casual local sports fans will forever remember the name Jacoby Jones when they think about the one that got away. 

Here is what Chron sports columnist Jerome Soloman said:
Jacoby Jones will be the most chastised, cussed and criticized figure in Houston sports for the foreseeable future.

His first-quarter fumble was so ridiculously stupid that ridiculously stupid isn’t the best way to describe it. It is all I have right now.d, well, he deserves it.

Now, I’m not saying Jones is the reason the Texans lost, but had he missed the team flight and been suspended for the game, the Texans would be playing in Foxboro next Sunday for the right to go to the Super Bowl.  Oh, he is going to be roasted this week and next week and the week after that and forever more.

Here is Coach Kubiak’s reaction in the Chron:
“There’s no excuse,” Kubiak said. “He shouldn’t even be around the ball once that happens. He just made a mistake.”

Here is from the Chron’s General:
Jacoby Jones went brain dead with one of the worst decisions a player could make and helped put the Texans in an early hole they never recovered from.

Jones’ play will go down as one of the dumbest in Houston’s sports history.

I can’t think of a dumber play in H-Town sports history.  If you can, let me know.  The sad thing is that to date, Jacoby hasn’t owned it.  I doubt he will be back in battle red next year.

Name the current active MLBer with the highest career batting average?

Check out this interesting piece on the GOP pi__ing off the Latino vote.
Here is a piece:
Mitt Romney “is done,” said DeeDee Blase, founder of Somos Republicans in Arizona. “He’ll be lucky to get 8 percent of the Hispanic vote” after saying he would veto legislation that would create a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants and accepting the endorsement of anti-immigration activist Kris Kobach, architect of two of the strongest immigration crackdown laws in the country.

Here is an interesting Chron article on GOP Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman’s first year in office.

Here are a few tidbits:
He’d never run for or held office, never voted in a Republican primary.

(Dem County Commissioner El Franco) Lee said hiring political veteran Dave Walden as his chief of staff showed Morman’s maturity. Walden, a top aide under former County Judge Jon Lindsay and former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier, and road and bridge superintendent Jack Rodriguez, another of Morman’s hires, are a pair of “get-the-job-done people,” according to Pasadena Mayor Johnny Isbell.

Oh, well!

Commentary went out to cheer on my niece Cristina Alig running the marathon yesterday and I saw my old pal Kathryn McNiel making her marathon bid.  Way to go!

Commentary checked out a tame Ricky Gervais last night.  Nobody seemed to be offended and in fact Jodie Foster flashed the thumbs up when he mentioned Foster’s “Beaver” – err, her movie.   All the women on the red carpet looked great especially the older ones that have decided they don’t ever need to be touched up including Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, and Glenn Close. 

The Chron had an editorial last Friday about the County not paying its Rebuild Houston bill.  Here is from the editorial:

This past Tuesday, the Harris County Commissioners Court voted against paying the ReBuild Houston drainage fee for the county-owned Reliant Park Complex. Not only that, but the Commissioners Court also instructed Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan to pursue a refund of $88,000 in drainage fees that the county had already paid.

In response, the mayor’s deputy chief of staff floated the idea of legislation to exempt city residents from paying property taxes to the county.
Here is the entire editorial.

Albert Pujols of course leads all active MLBer with a .328 batting average.

John Huntsman is out today and I’m betting he will be followed by Guv Dude in a week at the latest.

Organizers of the Tea Bagger gathering at The Yard this past weekend were hoping for a bigger crowd.  I hope they don’t try to blame the team’s 106 losses for their lousy turnout.


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Burkablog pretty much sums up Guv Dude’s current plight. 
Check it out here.

Same goes for the insiders at Texas Tribune here.

I just don’t know what Dude is trying to pull.  He’s not even going to make it into double digits tomorrow or next week.  Maybe it hasn’t sunk in that he’s being punked by Mitt Romney or maybe he can’t accept it. 

You know it is bad when the media reported last week that some fella from H-Town flew on his own dime to New Hampshire to volunteer for Dude and found out that Dude didn’t have an operation in the state.  Heck, isn’t that the state where his senior consultant lives and Toomey has a vacation pad?  What an embarrassment!

Though Dude may be inept on the national scene, Romney reminds me of a slick con artist.  If they ever decide to remake the classic “The Sting”, Romney could easily fit in as one of Henry Gondorff’s players.  Every time I see Romney, I hear Scott Joplin tunes in the background.

Jeff Bagwell had 449 career dingers.  What were the most dingers Baggy ever had in a season?

The Texans did A-OK in the playoffs.  They should be the lead national media story in the NFL this week but instead that honor goes to Tebow as it should.  Heck, even Lady Gaga is rooting, err praying for Tebow.  Some local fans are a bit perturbed that the Texans’ defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is interviewing this Friday for another gig.   I don’t have a problem with that as long as we don’t have a defensive meltdown this Sunday.

The place to be Friday night was Mini Timmaraju’s going away party Downtown.  The A-List was there for sure.

The place to be Saturday night was out at Ellington Field at my pal Bill King’s 60th BD celebration at his airport hangar.  The A-List was also there.

Where were you?

In 2000, Baggy had 47 dingers of course.  Baggy will find out today if he makes it in to the MLB Hall of Fame.  That would be nice news from The Yard. 



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Candidate filing for office starts today at your local or state party headquarters so let the campaigns begin!  With the federal judges ordering new state house, senate, and congressional lines, it will be an interesting next couple of weeks or so.  Commentary hears there may be surprises in the works so you better stay tuned!

Let’s see who steps up in the reconfigured HD 134.  Let’s hope it isn’t a Dem retread.

Here is a response to the CM James Rodriguez Chron Op-Ed thanking Drayton:

Let’s all thank billionaires (Drayton is largest Walmart stockholder) for allowing taxpayers to build and maintain ballparks so they can get even richer than before. Meanwhile we can lay off teachers, municipal employees and reduce school services.

May joy and peace follow you forever. 

Here is how Commentary responded:

You know, we actually had an election in November of 1996 and the Harris County voters decided how a portion of the stadium would be funded.  I won’t even bother to try to explain the funding source the voters approved.

Then he responded with this:

There were also elections in the early 1900s that gave us Jim Crow Laws. Whats your point? Wrong is wrong    

May joy and peace follow you forever.

Oh brother!   Jim Crow laws and sports stadiums in the same debate, I’m not even going to respond to that. 

What two cities did the A’s call home before 1968, when they moved to Oakland?

Let’s see now, the Texans are on a five game winning streak and a lot of the fans are bummed out because it looks like the third string QB is running the offense from here on out.  I say give the fella a chance because that’s all we have.    The Texans are 8-3 and of course they wouldn’t even exist today if the Drayton led referendum hadn’t passed here in Harris County in November of 1996. 

After a CBS camera crew caught the Chargers’ kicker doing the #2 next to the Gatorade cooler, I wonder if the NFL Commissioner will order port-a-potties next to each bench. 

The GOP Texas AG is crying all the way to the courthouse because the redistricting maps are looking a bit different these days.   Hey, you guys tried a blatant and disgusting power play and it backfired.  You guys forgot about something called the Voting Rights Act that applies here in the Lone Star State.   You have to wonder if there were any rational GOP voices behind closed doors that were urging a more cautious approach.  Now you have the Williams twins up in North Texas looking for a place to run.  You have nobody to blame but yourselves. 

This past Saturday I got a mailer from City of H-Town At-Large 5 run-off candidate jack Christie. 75% of the mailer slams his opponent CM Jolanda Jones.  What else is new?

Philadelphia (1901-1954) and Kansas City (1955-1967) of course once hosted the A’s. 

You had to figure it was going to happen.  I’m talking about ‘Stros President of Baseball Operation Tal Smith and GM Ed Wade getting the old heave ho.    I wonder if Tal get to take his hill with him.


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I guess Guv Dude wasn’t in Austin yesterday.  For sure he would have made it down the eight blocks or so to the UT campus wearing one of those flak jackets and his handgun stuck inside of his belt letting parents know that their kids were in good hands. 

Speaking of, Dude has a new commercial on border security.  In the ad he refers to The President as “Barack Obama.”  Dude, show some respect!  He’s “President Barack Obama.”  You’re never going to get meeting if you keep this up.

From an NBC News story yesterday on the latest national poll:

With Election Day exactly five weeks away, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that the battle for control of Congress has tightened, as key Democratic-leaning demographic groups are expressing more enthusiasm about the upcoming midterms.

The NBC/WSJ pollsters attribute the tightening to increased enthusiasm for the upcoming midterms by African Americans (who saw a six-point gain in high interest) and Hispanics (who saw an 11-point gain).

“I don’t think [Democrats] can change the mood,” said (Peter) Hart, the Democratic pollster. “But they can change the turnout.”

Si se puede?

Let’s hope for a retargeting of resources here in the last four weeks plus.

Last night the Yankees clinched their 15th postseason berth in the last 16 years.  When in the last 16 years did they fail to make the playoffs?

The H-Town Mayor had a self inflicted humiliating moment yesterday when she walked in to the City Council Meeting wearing a Cowboys shirt.  She blamed it on talking trash last week and losing a bet.  She learned her lesson I hope.  Maybe next time if she loses a bet on one of our teams, she will send over one of those Goode Company pecan pies because she don’t look too good wearing the silver and blue if you ask me.

Evan Longoria, all star third baseman for the Rays is disappointed because the Rays are in a pennant race and only 12,000 to 14,000 are showing up to watch at their crib.  Of course, their crib ain’t exactly the best place to watch a game. 

The 2008 Yankees of course finished the year at 89-73 in third place in the AL East and didn’t make the playoffs.  2008 was also the last year they played at the Old Yankee Stadium.

‘Thanks to Tim Byrdak serving up a walk off dinger on the first pitch of the bottom of the ninth inning, the Stros watched the corks pop at Cinncy – bummer! 


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