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The Chron E-Board interviewed Ben Hall a couple of days ago. Why?

The Big Jolly fella pulls the “uppity” card when he kind of takes on the Chron E-Board on their treatment of Ben Hall. Big Jolly borrows takes from Everyone Knew Her as Nancy and Commentary to state his case. The funny thing is that Chron.com lets Big Jolly hang around on their website. Oh, well.

Check it out here.

Everybody knows that Chris Carter of the ‘Stros leads the MLB with striking out 186 times this season. Name the MLB hitter who has the most walks.

Whoever drafted Peyton Manning for their fantasy football team is sitting pretty good heading into the weekend.

The H-Town Police Chief smacked a pedestrian with his car the other day. The Chron E-Board today is calling for some sort of task force to look at Downtown pedestrian safety. I agree. A lot of Downtown drivers don’t think much of pedestrians as they zoom by. The Chron E-Board also thinks the Chief ought to be slapped with a ticket. Good luck on finding a patrol officer that will write up the Chief.

Here is the E-Board take.

There is a must read article in the hard copy of the Chron about Pasadena and the latest voting rights issue. My friend CM Orlando Ybarra is featured. Go pick up your Chron and read it today.

Ryan Broid is now calling Brewers season ticket holders and apologizing. That is a start I guess.

Joey Votto of the Reds of course leads the MLB with 111 walks.

The ‘Stros played spoiler last night with a win over the A’s and that’s about all we can do these days.


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West Gray needs to wake up.   In 2010, a total of 3,236 voted in early person at West Gray in the Harris County Dem Primary.  Palm Center was second with 2,626.  Fiesta was third with 2,554.   Sunnyside was fourth with 2,485.  After 2012 EV Day 4, Sunnyside leads with 566.  Fiesta is second with 496.  West Gray is third with 477.  Palm Center is fourth with 436. 

This one has me scratching my head.

Only 6 Dems voted at the new Galleria location yesterday. 

After four days, 6,317 Dems have voted early in person and 5,875 by mail.  After four days in 2010, 8,229 Dems voted early in person and 4,129 had mailed in ballots. That’s 12,192 voter participants after EV 4 in 2012 as compared to 12,358 voter participants after EV 4 in 2010.  It is kind of close.

Of the pitchers in the Top 10 MLB All Time Career Wins, how many are southpaws?

You have to figure that if there is a sign war going on in the Harris County GOP Primary somehow County Commissioner Steve Radack has to be involved.
Sure enough, check this out on Chron.com. 
At least his employee isn’t using county resources.

The Chron’s Patricia Kilday Hart has a must read column today on H-Town racial issues related to Wednesday’s not guilty verdict.  It is must read but you can’t because you can only read it if you are old school and pay for a hard copy of the local fish wrap.  A sub headline reads “Stereotypes need to be fixed.”  I agree.  Read her column once it gets online.

Yesterday I got a Judge Kirkland robo call and a live phone call from the Judge’s campaign. 

It will certainly be happening at The Yard this weekend as the Rangers come in for the weekend.  Maybe we can have a sellout or two or three.  It would not surprise me if Rangers fans from the H-Town area and from DFW overwhelmed ‘Stros fans this weekend.  I’m OK with that as long as they buy plenty of St. Arnold and other stuff.

The late Hall of Fame great Warren Spahn is the only lefty in the All Time MLB Pitching Career Wins Top 10 of course with363 Ws.  Steve “Lefty” Carlton is numero 11 with 329.

We won last night and who knows, maybe this weekend we can play exciting baseball against Josh Hamilton, Kinsler, Young, Beltre, and the rest their bats – yikes!  I’m not disappointed that we don’t get to see that Darvish fella.  We go with Wandy tonight and they go with Feliz.



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I don’t know if this settlement on the maps is going to happen before next Monday.  It is kind of tough to get all or some to agree and work off of the same page and playbook.  Here is from the SA Express News:

Luis Vera, representing the League of United Latin American Citizens, said talks “broke down” between the Texas attorney general’s office and plaintiffs groups Sunday.

He said that if he had to bet, he wouldn’t put money on an agreement being hammered out by Monday, the deadline set by the San Antonio panel of judges for all sides to agree on maps if they want an April 3 primary.


Gary Bledsoe, an attorney for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which has worked closely with LULAC on the case, said it’s important that the groups stand together as they seek maps that reflect Texas’ minority growth.

“We want to see a package that is good for Latinos and the African American community,” he said Monday afternoon.

Here is the entire SA Express News piece.

Here is where it might get problematic and this is from the Statesman:

Representatives for other plaintiff groups also didn’t want to speak publicly because of the delicate nature of the ongoing negotiations. But there has been some chatter among the groups that lawyers for the Mexican American Legislative Caucus and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, two of the main plaintiffs driving the litigation, have been talking to the state without other groups.

Though he didn’t name any groups in particular, Vera said some of the state’s lawyers were offering some plaintiffs’ lawyers deals that would benefit Latino groups but might be seen as detrimental to African American plaintiffs.

Vera said a major obstacle is that the state isn’t involving all parties in the negotiations. Gary Bledsoe, president of the Texas NAACP, which is among the plaintiffs, said the state was mainly negotiating with MALDEF and the Mexican American Legislative Caucus.

Bledsoe said unanimous agreement among the nine isn’t required for the court to accept a deal. He said he believes that there is a "reasonable chance" the state could work out a deal with two or three of the groups but that the odds of getting total consensus are longer.

Here is the entire Statesman piece.

This could still get a little dicey and the trust factor among plaintiffs will certainly be tested.  Like I said yesterday, who will draw the short straw?  You better stay tuned!

This MLB Hall of Fame great is no longer with and was born 93 years ago today.  He won NL Rookie of the Year in 1947 and NL MVP in 1949.  This MLB Hall of Fame great is still with us and was born 81 years ago today.  He won the NL MVP in 1958 and 1959.  This MLB Hall of Fame great is also still with us and was born 65 years ago today.  He was a pitcher and won 324 career games.  Name the three?

Ross Ramsey of the Texas Tribune put out a piece yesterday on Lone Star State Dems and when Dems might win statewide again.
Check it out.  I like this line of his:

If this were high school football, we’d move the Texas Democrats into a lower league with smaller schools where they might be more competitive.

Like maybe 3A Division ball is more to our liking!

A local African American couple is claiming that HPD officers roughed them up this past weekend and even stole their memory card from their cell phone to destroy the video of them getting filmed.   Check out the Chron piece.
I’ll say this.  If CM Jolanda Jones was still around she’d probably have a lot to say about this at City Council this afternoon.  Oh, well!

Hall of Fame great Jackie Robinson was born 93 years ago today, Ernie “Let’s Play Two” Banks was born 81 years ago today, and Nolan Ryan of course was born 65 years ago today.  How about that! 

It didn’t take long for the new ‘Stros owner to take the name change off of the table. 


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Commentary was watching the City Council meeting yesterday and auto repair business owner after auto repair business owner let Council know that they didn’t think it was a good idea to approve a new ordinance that straps some more fees and regulations on them.    The auto repair business owners made a pretty good case that the ordinance needed more review and input and shouldn’t be voted on today.  They talked about businesses shutting down and jobs being lost.  Check out the Chron story here.

The defenders of the ordinance are calling this a consumer protection measure.  So how come they had an insurance industry lawyer from GEICO come and testify on behalf of the ordinance?  I feel better already that the insurance industry is looking after consumers – yikes!

Here is from the Chron:

One of the ordinances, supplementing automotive business regulations, sparked four hours of public comments Tuesday, mainly from business owners who said the rules would be costly and complicate operations. The proposal would require repair and body shops to obtain permission before doing work that would add more than $100 to customers’ initial estimates.

Business owners complained that the delays and added record-keeping requirements would hurt high-volume operations that rely on speed. They said they have heard no complaints from customers about unexpected costs.

I tell you what, if this ordinance had been brought up before the election last month, some city incumbents might have had tighter races and some might have been thrown into a runoff. 

Here is more from the Chron:

(Mayor Annise) Parker and some other council members have argued that each proposal has been crafted over more than a year and has been before the council for about a month as community members have offered additional feedback on them.


Parker has said that she wanted to pass the new regulations before the end of the year. A delay would open the door for newly elected council members to potentially delay the legislation further.

So what!   There is absolutely nothing wrong in letting the new Council members take a look at the measure.  The folks that showed up at City Hall yesterday have serious concerns that need to be taken into consideration.  Running roughshod over them is a very bad move.

I’m thinking the city ought to slow down a little on this and take it back to the drawing board.  They’re fixing to p__s off a whole lot of folks.

It gets messier as CM Jolanda Jones calls out the police sergeant that is one of the brains behind the ordinance.  Check out the Chron story.
Like I said, is this really necessary?

Name the three MLB Hall of Fame greats that were born on Christmas Day? Hint:  One once wore a ‘Stros uniform,  one had 81 career lead-off dingers, and one won 361 games as a pitcher.

It looks like the courthouse drama will continue and will probably be an issue in the GOP DA’s race as the Harris County Assistant DA wasn’t compelled to testify yesterday.

Here is from the Chron:

"For the life of me, I can’t even see why this is being investigated," said First Assistant District Attorney Jim Leitner. "I can see no criminal action that can even be looked at as far as what I know about the BAT vans."

Then why don’t you let your colleague testify?  The DA’s Office is looking pretty bad on this.

MLB Hall of Fame great and career lead-off dinger leader Rickey Henderson (1958), Nellie Fox (1927) who made his bones with the White Sox but played in H-Town in 1965 and 1965, and Pud Galvin (1856) of course were all born on Christmas Day.  Ok, Pud Galvin pitched in the 19th century with teams like the St. Louis Brown Stockings, the Buffalo Bisons, the Pittsburgh Alleghenys, the Pittsburgh Burghers, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the St. Louis Browns and was also MLB’s first 300 game winner and ended up with 361 games won – got it!

I guess I’ll swing by The Yard today or tomorrow to do a little gift shopping!


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Some fella apparently made an open records request of emails and stuff from the office of H-Town CM Jolanda Jones.  When the fella went to City Hall to pick up the records, a Jones staffer greeted him by whipping out a camera and start taking his picture.   It is not against the law.  It probably isn’t even unethical.  It is stupid though.  What’s the point other than trying to be a little intimidating? 
Here is the Chron story on the incident and another complaint that was filed against CM Jones.

In the piece, the H-Town Mayor said:  "Clearly, it is not acceptable to in any way discourage a citizen from making a public information request.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Here’s a little from the Chron today on HISD:

Houston school trustees, who now may accept campaign cash from anyone at any time, would face new restrictions under a proposal meant to curb improper influence in the school district’s business deals.

The new rules, slated for board consideration next week, would bar a trustee from taking contributions from vendors while the district is soliciting bids in their area of business.

Trustees also are considering banning themselves from calling meetings with prospective vendors and district staff – a practice that has come under scrutiny in recent months.

It is not going to hurt HISD to put a little “reform” in how they do business over there or how they accept campaign donations.  Congress has some restrictions.  So does the Texas Legislature.  So does the H-Town City Council.
Check out the entire Chron piece here.  Way to go HISD Trustee Anna Eastman for getting things started over there on “reform”!

From MSN yesterday:  Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and Tea Party favorite, announced Wednesday that she is not running for president, saying, "my family comes first."

In other words, we’re still not through cashing in and a presidential campaign will only make it harder for the rest of her kids and hubby to get in upcoming reality TV projects like DWT.  Oh, well, “family comes first” – ca-ching!

Yankee reliever, the great Mariano Rivera leads the MLB in post season career saves with 42.  Name the pitcher that comes in at numero 2 in career post season saves?

In today’s Chron, my good pal Bill King starts out with this:

There are a good many things for which one might criticize Rick Perry. Over the last several weeks I have taken issue with his categorization of Social Security as a Ponzi scheme because I believe it suggests the wrong remedies for what ails that system.  However, I can tell you, based on his record and my personal experience, Rick Perry is no racist.

Check out all of Bill’s good piece here.

Albert Pujols was uncharacteristically complaining the other evening about the fact that the Yankees get all their games shown on prime time during the play-offs while San Luis get  late afternoon starts.  What else is new?  Quit complaining Albert, the ‘Stros used to start play-off games before we even finished brunch.  Of course, San Luis and the Phillies are on prime time tomorrow evening because the Yankees will play tonight.

“Lights Out” Lidge of course holds down the numero 2 spot on the career MLB post season saves list with 18.

The Chron’s E-Board gets into the issue of the ‘Stros purchase today. 
Check it out.

Here’s how it ends up:

Rather than leaving the Astros and Houston in limbo, Major League Baseball officials need to specify whatever objections they have to the deal. If Crane can’t win their approval, it’s time to say so.

As long as the Brewers are still in the play-offs, the MLB Commissioner is not going to be bothered, so the ‘Stros are still Drayton’s for now and that’s all I have from The Yard! 


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The Houston Police Department is looking at the possibility of firing police officers and civilian employees.  Check out the story in today’s Chron.
My pal Gary Blankenship, the head of the Police Officer’s Union, says we ought to consider a public safety fee to help fund police department operations.  I would like to know what that looks like.  Maybe we can stick a fee on all those folks that work in the city but don’t live in the city.  Of course, that would probably stick it to a lot of Gary’s members.  How about sticking a fee on the purchase of handguns in H-Town? 

The news doesn’t get any better on our freeways as The Mayor announced yesterday that Safe Clear is going to cost you $50.  No more free tows if your car stalls on the freeway. 

For those of you that aren’t old school like Commentary, you are going to have to wait to read Lisa Falkenberg’s killer and dreary column in today’s Chron that can only be read in the hard copy for now.  She writes a piece dated April 22, 2040 on how things are going in the Lone Star State and puts most of it on the back of Guv Dude. 

She writes this about the Lone Star State:  The dismal future we were warned about is here.

It kind of looks and sounds like that Harrison Ford movie from 1982 – “Blade Runner.”  It is a must read for sure.

Who holds the ‘Stros record for most dingers in a season by a rookie?

As we head in to the Easter Weekend, things in Lone Star State government are pretty much as expected.  The good folks of our Lone Star State are getting shafted in the budgets being considered.  ISDs across the state are firing teachers and other key support staff.  Dems are howling about the state house redistricting plan.  The emergency legislation is advancing.  What else did you expect after last November?

From Wednesday’s NY Daily News after the ‘Stros beat the Mets Tuesday night:

Blah blah blah blah rain blah blah blah Niese blah blah Astros blah blah Mets got spanked. Blah blah, 6-1. We really don’t know what else to tell you about this one.

The Big Puma of course hit 21 dingers as a rookie in 2000.

We didn’t do so hot last night and got beat.  At least we won the series and head to Milwaukee for three this weekend. 

Have a Good Friday!


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Commentary is probably only one of the few that remembers the 1979 “deal” between the City of H-Town, U.S. Department of Justice, and the “plaintiffs” when H-Town finally agreed to a form of single member districts – one Mayor, five at-large council members, and nine council district members.  Plus, when the day came when we reached 2.1 mil folks, then we would add two more council districts.  That was the deal agreed upon.  Now the day is here.
Check out today’s Chron.

I don’t know what my pal CM Mike Sullivan and GOP Chair Jared Woodfill are thinking in having the City back off of the deal.  From today’s Chron:

To Sullivan’s thinking, expansion dilutes the power of existing council members who shed turf, constituents and the weight of their individual votes as the council adds members.


"Our concern is that the mayor is looking to add two new seats when the numbers don’t justify it in an effort to give Democrats or Democrat-leaning council members more control and more power," Woodfill said.

Fellas, get over it.  We have a deal. A deal is a deal.  You are pandering for nothing!

Who is the youngest MLB pitcher ever to win a Cy Young Award?

Top notch criminal defense attorney Rusty Hardin told the H-Town City Council yesterday that CM Jolanda Jones was "highly irresponsible."

"I think it’s a horrible, horrible example to set, for any public official to foster distrust with a police as a group," said Hardin.
Check out the Channel 13 story.

From the You Are Not Talking About My Folks Department in today’s SA Express News:

George Rodriguez, the San Antonio Tea Party president and a former Reagan administration official said:  “Most Mexican Americans feel we must do something to stop aliens from entering the country illegally and taking jobs from Americans using false documentation.”

Rodriguez, CM Sullivan, and Chair Jared must be reading from the same talking points.   Check out the article.

DA Pat Lykos has a lot of ‘splaining to do in letting a suspect flee to Africa.  In typical GOP elected official form, she is passing the buck….tsk, tsk, tsk.

State Rep. Carol Alvarado and former H-Town Mayor Lee P. Brown have an Op-Ed in today’s Chron where they want  Guv Dude to show us the sanctuary cities.  Check it out.

Dude also changed his mind and said that Juarez wasn’t a sanctuary city.

Dwight Gooden of course was only 20 when he won the Cy Young Award in 1985 as a Met.  15 years later Gooden started the inaugural game at The Yard for the ‘Stros against the Yankees.

The ‘Stros won yesterday but who cares at this point.


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Commentary was watching the H-Town City Council meeting on the tube yesterday.  A number of African Americans showed up to address council on a matter involving a layoff.  According to what I heard, last Friday the 3-1-1 Director was sent packing.  Since all of the speakers on this matter were African American, I’m kind of going to go out on a limb and assume the former 3-1-1 Director is African American.

All of the speakers said the former 3-1-1 Director was highly qualified, doing a good job, and a great boss.  Some of the speakers were either current or former 3-1-1 employees.   The speakers also wanted her reinstated.  Apparently the layoff hit a nerve with CM Wanda Adams.  She got pretty upset.

The H-Town Mayor didn’t look to comfortable sitting there having to listen to the speakers.    Let the layoffs begin!

Only four MLB third basemen have 400-plus career dingers.  Three of the third basemen are no longer playing:  Mike Schmidt (548), Eddie Mathews (512) and Darrell Evans (414).  Name the fourth that is still playing. 

There was a town hall meeting last night where dozens of folks showed up to tell their stories about being roughed up by local law enforcement officers.  I have to admit that the video tape that Quanell X released is having an impact here locally.

H-Town CMs Bradford and Hoang will propose an amendment to the Renew Houston fee that exempts ISDs, religious institutions, and private schools.  GOP State Sen. Patrick also has a bill that does sort of the same thing. 

The ATL’s Chipper Jones of course is the other third baseman with 425 dingers.

From Alyson’s Footnote:

The Astros recently revealed their 2011 advertising campaign tagline: "We Are Your Astros." The campaign features iconic Bayou City landmarks that reflect the team’s close connection with the community.
The imagery features action photos of Astros stars alongside well-known locations from around the city that most Houstonians will recognize. These landmarks include: the downtown skyline, the Sam Houston statue at Hermann Park, Houston City Hall and Rocket Park at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. 
Other Houston-area landmarks included in the campaign are the Texas Medical Center, Hines Water Wall, San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas. These images are bathed in orange and Astros red hues of a morning sunrise, symbolizing the 2011 club’s fresh, young roster, and were created by the design team at Lee Queaño Creative.
The campaign will be executed on several Houston-area billboards in addition to graphics both in and around Minute Maid Park including wallscapes facing the U.S. 59 Freeway, column wraps and light pole banners.  The artwork will also be included in television commercials, print ads, collateral materials and animations on the ballpark’s new high-definition video boards.

Commentary got it wrong yesterday.  Pitchers and catchers report today!


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In today’s Chron.com, there is a piece on GOP State Rep. Ken Legler filing a bill to limit who can file complaints with the Texas Ethics Commission.   In order to file a complaint, Legler wants you to be a Texas resident or own property in the Lone Star State.   Check out the piece here.

According to the piece, Legler filed the bill because some fella from California filed a complaint against him on how he spends his campaign funds.  I don’t know about that.  I’ve said it before.  The Texas Ethics Commission isn’t set up to monitor cheaters or those that accidentally mess-up or those that don’t know the campaign spending and reporting laws.  It is up to citizens, political opponents, opposition researchers, and guys like the one from California or the folks up in Montgomery County to check things out.   That’s the way it is.

I’m afraid that if you limit who can file a complaint to only Texas residents or property owners, some folks are going to get away with cheating.   Regardless of the intentions, motivations, or political agendas of the complainants, they are still needed.

I’m sure Guv Dude wasn’t thrilled to hear what GOP State Sen. Kevin Eltife from Tyler said at the Senate Finance Committee meeting yesterday:

"We have to find more revenue.  It’s insane not use the Rainy Day Fund. We also have to find additional revenue.  We have an investment in public education, higher education and health and human services.  We have got to find the revenue to make these cuts less of a burden on Texans.  There’s no other way to do this. We can dance around it all we want and talk about – oh, is it revenue, is it a tax, is it this, is it that? We have to find additional revenue.  We have to share the pain with cuts and revenue and the Rainy Day Fun. And any other idea in this building is crazy to me."

They are hearing it from the folks back home.  Keep it up!

Who holds the MLB record for tossing the most career one-hitters?

Quanell X made good on his promise and released another video tape yesterday of an HPD officer putting a hurt on a handcuffed fella. 
Here’s the Chron story.

Here’s an excellent quote from Quanell:

"So many brothers for decades have alleged police misconduct and brutality, but there was never a tape.  But God has blessed us with technological advances where tapes are rolling out now one after another."

My pal Robert Miller put out a take this morning and here is part of what he said:

House Agriculture & Livestock is a very important committee for rural Texas. Speakers also use it as a rural penalty box for urban members who they want to put in "time out." I first observed this in 2003 when Rep. Lon Burnam was the only member to vote against Speaker Tom Craddick, and on to Agriculture & Livestock he went. In the penalty box this year: Rep. Charlie Howard (R – Sugar Land) and Rep. Borris Miles (D – Houston).

Well, what was the penalty on Borris?  Don’t tell me I have to throw out one of my red flag challenges to get an instant replay review. 
Check out Robert’s take here.

The late great Hall of Famer Bob Feller of course tossed a record 12 one-hitters.

The equipment truck left The Yard yesterday and headed for Kissimmee!


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I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, with the exception of Commentary and a few others in the U.S. of A., we ought not to be having a national conversation on flubbing the lines of “the Star Spangled Banner” or the manner in which it is sung because most folks don’t sing it.   If you sing it at The Yard or other venues where it is played, go on ahead and throw in your takes.  If you don’t then shut-up.  Of course, I’m not talking about folks in uniform like those in the military, law enforcement, or public safety that salute the flag or put their hands over their heart.  I’m talking about the 99% of folks at the events or in front of their flat screen that never to bother to even finish up with an old O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?” shout out.

With the exception of Roseanne’s version, you have to give it to folks for putting themselves out there and giving it their all from Carl Lewis (arrrgh) to Whitney Houston (wow) to Jose Feliciano (way to go) to Christina Aguilera (oops).  I remember back at the 1980 Dem National Convention in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, Willie Nelson sang the tune and left out an entire verse.  What was he smoking?

Way to go to the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg for her column today on Guv Dude’s emergency call on sonograms.   Check it out.   I’m betting Dude never invites Lisa over for lunch.

More local elected officials continue to put out their takes on the video of the kid getting kicked around by HPD officers but it is still not getting much national run. 

Who holds the MLB record for hitting the most sacrifice flies?

Dude gives his state of the state address today so maybe we will get some more emergency calls, a whole lot of swagger for sure, a ton of smirk, a full mooning of D.C., but other than that, not a whole lot of specifics or substance.  I could be wrong though.

Eddie Murray of course holds the all time sacrifice fly record with 128.

We’re in the record books!  111 million of us saw Cameron Diaz feeding A-Roid popcorn – cool!

Spring Training starts in eight days. 


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