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The Lite Guv wants to debate Ted Cruz en espanol.   This is from the English-only bunch.  What a silly ploy!  Here is from Chron.com:

However, Cruz’s Spanish speaking is suspect. He is a second generation Cuban-American that grew up speaking “Spanglish” and is not fluent like his father, Rafael Cruz, Sr., who travels and often speaks at his son’s campaign events.

Therefore, allowing candidates to speak only in Spanish would likely play to Dewhurst’s advantage, who learned Spanish while on assignment with the Central Intelligence Agency in Bolivia in the 1970s.

“When I came back from Bolivia, my Spanish was in some ways as good as my English,” Dewhurst said. “I  am rusty today. But I am comfortable talking in Spanish. I am not flawless or fluent, but I am comfortable. It takes me a day or two speaking a lot of Spanish to get back into a rhythm.”


Cal Jillson, an SMU political science professor, said Dewhurst realized the dynamic of the race has turned to one-versus-one and is attempting to put Cruz in an uncomfortable position of explaining his Spanish-speaking ability.

No se puede if you ask me!

Last night the ‘Stros had the first pick of the 2012 MLB Amateur Player.  It was the third time the ‘Stros have picked first.  Since the draft started in 1965, eight teams have never had the first pick – name them?

Lone Star State Dems will gather in H-Town in the next couple of days or so.  I am actually looking forward to the Convention.  I wonder if we will have a decent size crowd.  We will see.

Former MLB pitcher John Rocker of The ATL who during his career made more news when stuff fell out of his piehole than how he performed on the mound said he would rather vote for the devil than President Obama.   Who gives a rat’s arse what this fella thinks anyway?

Commentary and MariGirl dropped by the draft party at The Yard last night.  Food and drinks were on the ‘Stros.   I think a number of folks were surprised we didn’t go with the Stanford pitcher.  I like that we picked 17-year old Carlos Correa out of Puerto Rico.

Commentary explained to MariGirl about Stanford pitcher Mark Appel and that maybe his agent Scott Boras might have been the reason he slid down the draft.   When Appel was finally picked at numero ocho they showed his family clapping and MariGirl wisely observed that they didn’t look too happy.  The slide down only cost him a few million.

The Blue Jays, Dodgers, Giants, Reds, Red Sox, Rockies, San Luis, and Tribe of course have never picked first in the MLB Amateur Player Draft.

Speaking of Scott Boras, Carlos Beltran and San Luis are at The Yard for three as we try to win a few.


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My pal H-Town CM Mike Sullivan was handed a doozey of an issue in his GOP race for Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector in today’s Chron.  Here is from the Chron:

The Harris County tax office is paying 32 clerks overtime on weekends to eliminate a large backlog of unprocessed auto registrations, a potentially serious problem that could force some motorists to drive with expired decals.

Drivers can receive costly tickets and civil penalties for lapsed vehicle registration and cannot use the backlog as an excuse, tax officials stressed.

Here is the entire piece.

Commentary has always thought that the current Tax Assessor-Collector Don Sumners is a meddler.  He’s been to the H-Town City Hall on occasion to crack on the Mayor and Council Members on how the City is being run.  Well it turns out he’s not running his own shop very well.

Former Tax Assessor- Collector Paul Bettencourt was also a meddler but at least he processed the car registrations in a timely fashion.  Heck, he even had time to go after voter registration applications.  Check this from the Chron:

Paul Bettencourt, the previous tax collector, expressed surprise at the length of the backlog and said that in the past, staff were cross-trained and assigned to busy areas as the work flow demanded.

"They need to shift people to work the backlog," Bettencourt said. "You put all hands on deck and transfer people in from other departments."

And this:

Sumners blamed the backlog on last year’s countywide budget cuts, which caused a 9 percent personnel reduction.

GOPers like Sumners are always quick to call for cutting government without thinking about the consequences.  Well now they are neck deep in consequences.

Name the MLBer with the most fielding errors this season – through last night.

H-Town CM James Rodriguez will have a special weekend.  Tonight he delivers the commencement address at the San Jacinto College South Campus graduation ceremony. 

Tomorrow CM Rodriguez will be at the Opening Match of the brand new BBVA Compass Dynamo Stadium.  CM Rodriguez, The Mayor, and County Commissioner El Franco Lee were the key to making sure the deal happened to build the stadium.  Way to go! 

Try to drop by Anna and Brad Eastman’s home in the Heights Sunday (May 13) afternoon as they host a Mother’s Day reception for Traci Jensen, Democratic candidate for State Board of Education, District 6.  The reception starts at 4 pm at 935 Harvard (77008).  RSVP at marisol@camposcommunications.com

Try to drop by the home of Shanna Crawford Barnstone and Robert A. Hager in the Near Northside over by Moody Park on Monday (May 14) as they host a reception for Traci Jensen.  The reception starts at 5:30 pm at 3923 Baden (77009).  ).  RSVP at marisol@camposcommunications.com

I’m sure half of the County’s Dem voters have received a mail piece from Traci this week.

Check out the story on mail ballot applications in today’s Chron.  Here is how it starts:

Harris County residents have requested a record number of mail-in ballots for this month’s primary, a shift political observers attribute to more targeted campaign efforts by candidates and interest groups and the rising age of the average primary voter.

Here is the entire piece.

That’s the way it goes these days.

Let’s see, the Washington Post had a piece this week that said Mitt Romney was a prep school bully, but Mitt Romney doesn’t remember yet he apologizes.  Oh, well!

Shortstop Dee Gordon of the Dodgers of course has nine fielding miscues through last night.

The ‘Stros are in western PA for three against the Pirates at PNC this weekend.


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Joe Martinez, Democratic Party Primary candidate for Harris County Constable, Precinct 2 has a problem.  It is a problem that some candidates just have to live with.  He keeps getting his campaign signs (yard signs and the big ones) stolen or ripped up because some of his opponents think he’s doing a real good job engaging the voters of Precinct 2.   Joe Martinez is Commentary’s client.

There are 10 candidates running for this open position.  Understandably many of the Democratic elected officials are on the sidelines.  Not so for H-Town CM James Rodriguez.  Rodriguez, who lives in Precinct 2, says this:

“I urge the Democrats in Constable Precinct 2 to join me in supporting Joe Martinez.  I’ve known Joe for a number of years and have always admired his dedication to his profession and to community service.”

Of the candidates running for this position, Joe does have the most years of experience working in a constable’s office.  Joe has ideas on what he’ll do to make the office work better.   I have nothing against the incumbent, my pal Gary Freeman, but every office can be improved.

I’m not going to say or reveal much about Joe’s campaign other than to say that Joe and his crew certainly know what has to be done between now and May 14 and May 29.  Joe knows how to focus.

Joe Martinez has also been endorsed by the Coalition of Police and Sheriffs, Local 911 (C.O.P.S), Democracy for Houston, Harris County Tejano Democrats, Houston Area Stonewall Democrats, Houston GLBT Political Caucus, International Union of Police Associations (I.U.P.A.), Mexican American Bar Association of Houston, and Momentum PAC.

I hope more folks will consider supporting Joe Martinez.  He’ll be a great Constable.

‘Stro second baseman Jose Altuve turned 22 yesterday.  Altuve is currently in the MLB Top 10 in three offensive categories – name the three categories?  

Like I said last Friday, Commentary got interviewed by Huffington Post.  Here is part of the piece on politicians and Cinco de Mayo:

I have to give it to President Obama. He’s actually been pretty smart about this stuff,” said Marc Campos, president of Campos Communications in Houston, referring to the annual White House Cinco de Mayo reception and the president’s Rose Garden push for immigration reform on Thursday. “But you just know some politician is going to show up somewhere this weekend in a guayabera (a type of shirt) or a sombrero at some party with the fajitas and the guacamole and no knowledge whatsoever of what the people in that room are really concerned about. That’s, unfortunately, how it’s often done.”

Campos, a Mexican American who has worked as a political strategist for dozens of for Democratic candidates since the 1970s, has seen so many politicians try to appeal to Latino voters with cultural celebrations and food that friends this week called him to joke that that they wished the White House reception included the bacon-wrapped shrimp that are a standard of Washington parties. Instead, pork and fish tacos, pico de gallo, sopes and various mole-marinated meats were on the menu.

In 2000, Campos did “truth-squad” research on George W. Bush’s accomplishments in Texas. And, he served as a deputy campaign director for the Democratic Party’s get out the vote effort the last time a Democrat carried Texas. The candidate was Jimmy Carter and the year, 1972. (Actually it was 1976).

Here is the entire HuffPo piece.

Speaking of the Latino vote, Politico had a lengthy piece yesterday on the Latino vote in the 2012 race for Prez.  Here are parts:

He (Romney) called Arizona’s immigration law a national model, and said he would veto a “Dream Act” that provides a pathway to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants if they serve in the military or go to college. He advocates “self-deportation” — essentially making life so difficult for undocumented residents that they see little option except to leave the country.

“He (Romney) hasn’t begun an aggressive, national campaign for Hispanics,” said Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist in Miami. “He needs to introduce himself, define himself beyond the narrow narrative coming out of the primary and at the same time go after Obama hard, both on immigration and economic failures.”

I disagree.  I think Latinos have already been introduced to Romney.   Sadly GOP strategists think we’ve been on siesta or something like that.  Latinos have been watching the immigrant bashing going on over in the GOP Prez primary.


The Obama campaign is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising on Spanish language TV stations in Colorado, Nevada and Florida.

But neither the Romney campaign nor the conservative political groups paying for pro-Romney ads has bought any time on Spanish networks.


“Hispanics are shopping around,” said Jennifer Korn, executive director of the Hispanic Leadership Network and Hispanic outreach director for the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign.

What are we supposed to be shopping for – a Mitt wearing a sombrero?

Here is the entire politico piece.

I was watching “Meet the Press” yesterday and one of my favorites, Tom Brokaw, was on and he kind of mildly chastised the White House Correspondents dinner.  Here is from a web piece about his remarks:

Veteran NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw on Sunday said Washington’s annual White House Correspondents’ dinner has become a symbol of a press that is increasingly out of touch. ”If there’s ever an event that separates the press from the people they’re supposed to be serving, symbolically, it is that one. It is time to rethink it,” he said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“Look I think George Clooney is a great guy, I’d like to meet Charlize Theron, but I don’t think the big press event in Washington should be that kind of glittering event, where the whole talk is about Cristal champagne, taking over the Italian embassy, who had the best party, who got to meet the most people. That’s another separation between what we’re supposed to be doing and what the people expect us to be doing, and I think that the Washington press corps has to look at that, and by the way I’m a charter member of the White House Correspondents Association, I was there early on and often enjoyed it, but it’s gone beyond what it needs to be.”

It is what it is.  White House correspondents and many of Washington and national news reporters, anchors, and columnists are celebrities themselves – Tom Brokaw included.  They show up on Leno, Letterman, Colbert, Stewart, Maher, Fallon, Kimmel, and Conan. They also interview celebrities like Clooney, DeNiro, Theron, Pitt, Jolie, Penn, Bono, and countless others that give their time and money to humanitarian efforts. Sorry Tom, but we’re never going back to the good old days.

Goober Pyle is no longer with us.  That’s too bad.  George Lindsey left us yesterday.  I always cracked up when Gomer would ask Goober to do his Cary Grant impression and Goober would rattle off “Judy, Judy, Judy!”

‘Stro Jose Altuve is 9th in batting average (.352), 4th in base hits (38), and tied for 2nd in triples (3) of course.

We’re 13-15 and Dante is already asking if he can go with me to the World Serious – huh!  What does he know? 


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The only folks that are happy that Guv Dude stayed in the race are staffers and consultants that want to keep getting paid, Mitt Romney, and writers for late night talk shows.  The reaction from most folks was – huh!

I was watching the H-Town City Council meeting yesterday and CM Mike Sullivan publicly called out Ty Wiggintonner’s Brother over an appointment or something like that.  What’s up with that?

Evergoner didn’t get any jail time yesterday.  Who cares anyway?

Over the past ten MLB seasons, which Division has produced the most Cy Young Award  winners?

The hard copy of the Chron is sporting a makeover of sorts this morning.  The Chron says it is a “cleaner design to make the newspaper easier to navigate.”  The photos are bigger and the paper has “typefaces that give us a modern, more open look.”

Here is a Chron article on vendor and purchasing problems at HISD.

Here is one from Texas Watchdog on ethics, err lack of at HISD.

It is kind of a sad commentary that folks get away with a lot of unethical behavior over there at HISD and very few say anything about it.  We might as well tell Texas Watchdog and the Chron to stop putting the spotlight on the bad apples because folks are not going to do anything about it.  Oh well!

Chris Moran of the Chron had this from H-Town Inaugural Day:

Councilman Andrew Burks (At-Large 2) said during remarks at the Council meeting that the song “Never Give Up,” performed at the inaugural ceremony by Grammy Award winner Yolanda Adams, was particularly poignant for him. He was elected to Council last month on his 13th run for public office.

The NL Central of course has produced 7 Cy Young Award winners the past ten seasons.  They are The Rocket (2004), Chris Carpenter (2005), Brandon Webb (2006), Jake Peavy (2007), Tim Lincecum (2008, 2009), and Clayton Kershaw (2011).

Nothing from The Yard but in the NL Central the Cubbies traded away pitcher Carlos Zambrano.  Z was acting stupid and calling out his players.   He wore out his welcome. 



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I found this Latino vote article in the SA Express News today.  Check it out.

Here is a piece:

Although Latinos strongly disapprove of President Barack Obama‘s immigration policies, which have brought high numbers of deportations, they would favor him by wide margins over a Republican candidate in the presidential race, according to a poll released Wednesday by the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research group in Washington.

Yet if the election were held now, the poll suggests, Obama would win a matchup with Mitt Romney: 68 percent of Latino voters said they favor Obama; only 23 percent favored the former Massachusetts governor.


But it finds that Latinos overwhelmingly, by 91 percent, support legislation known as the DREAM Act that would give legal status to illegal immigrants who are in college. And 84 percent of Latinos said those students should be allowed to pay state resident tuition rates at public colleges.

Romney has opposed both policies.


“As the election draws near and Latino voters become more informed about the devastating effect the president’s policies are having on their community, they will increasingly look more seriously at the Republican candidate,” said Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, a Republican group.

Dream on Aguilar.  As long as your GOP embraces hateful Tea Bagger policies, we’re voting the Dem ticket.   Of course, the Dem Party gets it in places like Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and California.  Here in the Lone Star State and in the Houston area, Dem Party leaders haven’t figured out that engaging the Latino vote is the way to build a winning Dem Party.

Name the MLB team that was the first to draw over 2 million fans in a season?

Yesterday I gave a mention to Rick Santorum.  Later in the day a new Iowa poll was released showing Santorum surging into third place.  What do I know?

Here is the Chron piece on longtime Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Jack Abercia deciding not to run for reelection.

Sports 610 is taking Jim Rome off of the air – bummer!  No more Brad in Corona, Steve Carbone, Iafrate, NoCal, SoCal, epic takes, Jeff in Richmond, Jay Mohr,  Trapper, H-Town, The ATL, Bugaha, the basement, Chowderheads, Crapchester, fishwrap, Mike in Wichita, J-Stew, Silk in Huntington Beach, C-Town, huge call of the day, and smack-offs.  Check out the Chron piece on Romie here.

So long clones!  Good night now!

The Yankees of course were the first to hit the 2 million mark with 2,265,512 going to old Yankee Stadium in 1946, the year after the end of WWII.

It turns out that Cheetah the Chimp story was a hoax.  Experts are saying there is no way Cheetah lasted 80 years.  Oh well.

Once again nothing from The Yard.


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The Chron has a story today about how they think not much is going to change over at the Port.  They kind of say that with the City Council reappointment of Port Commissioner Kase Lawal last week and with Harris County Commissioners Court considering reappointing Port Commissioner Jim Fonteno, a message is being sent that all is OK over at the Port. Check out the Chron story here.

I don’t know about that.  Commissioner Lawal has never been mentioned as being involved in questionable ethical stuff over there.  Commissioner Fonteno on the other hand got health insurance at the Port’s expense.  Of course, the Chron forgot to mention that Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria , whom the City Council reappointed in  November of 2010, has helped lead the  charge to point out stuff that needs to be fixed at the Port.  Regardless, it is still up to the Port Commissioners to make things more transparent over there.  Stay tuned!

Eight former MLBers have 200 plus career triples.  Who leads in career triples among active MLBers?

A great American, a great Texan, a great Latino, a great educator is no longer with us.  Dr. Jose  Cardenas left us this past weekend. 
Check out the story here.

Commentary checked out the Emmys last night and as usual I’ve never seen a single episode of a bunch of the winners.  I thought the host Jane Lynch did a great job.  I thought Charlie Sheen was pretty good. 

Of course, I’m going to have to check out the new “Two and a Half Men” tonight.

My pal Drayton, my old boss Mark White, former SA Mayor Phil Hardberger, and SA businessman Red McCombs have a full page ad in the Chron today asking the Big 12 to stay put.  Drayton, Gov. White, and Mayor Hardberger went to Baylor so you get the picture.  The front page of the Chron has a story about the pending demise of the Big 12 though.  Stay tuned!

Some City Council, District I neighborhoods got some good run in yesterday’s Chron.  Check out the story here.  Apparently those neighborhoods are the newest H-Town “in” neighborhoods. I guess it helps that the political leadership out there like CM James Rodriguez is providing leadership and making sure those neighborhoods have the tools to thrive.

Red Sox great Carl Crawford of course leads all active MLBers with 110 career three baggers.

There is not a whole lot to say about the ‘Stros getting loss numero 100 this past Saturday.  Three in Cinncy this week then they come home and wrap things up.

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My old pal Everyone Knew Her as Nancy is back on the net with her takes.  She kind of took a break during the 2010 general election.  You can check out what is on her mind at   www.NancySims.com   There is certainly a lot on the menu to munch on these days so stay tuned.

Check out an interesting piece in the Texas Observer from a couple of weeks ago on the recent election and about  Dems chasing elusive (err, Anglo conservative) voters.

The last couple of sentences of the piece sum things up if you ask me:

If Texas is going to have real two-party competition, Texas Democrats will have to stop keying their campaigns to a diminishing demographic that holds them in suspicion. Instead, the party has to find a message, and an organizing method, that makes more non-voters believe that by going to the polls and voting Democratic, they’ll be improving their lives. Maybe most of all, Texas Democrats need to remember something their Republican counterparts learned long ago: The only thing worse than standing for something unpopular is standing for nothing at all.

You can say that again.

What letter begins the last name of more members of the MLB 500-home run club than any other?

Kuffer is the first to preview the 2011 local elections in the City of H-Town, HISD, and HCC.   Check it out what he says today.  Of course a lot is probably going to change between now and the filing deadline due to the fact that budget cuts are likely to create a bit of an uncertain political climate. 

Two local sports questions will be answered this week.  Will Baggy make it into the Hall of Fame?  Who will coach the Texans next season? 

Six members of the 500-dinger club have surnames beginning with M of course:  Willie Mays (660), Mark McGwire (583), Mickey Mantle (536), Willie McCovey (521), Eddie Mathews (512), and Eddie Murray (504).

If Baggy makes it into the Hall of Fame will he be inducted wearing the blue lid with the orange star, the blue lid with the gold star, or the brick red lid?  We will find out this Wednesday afternoon. 


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I guess it is not too early to start talking about the Harris County vote in 2012.  UH’s Dr. Murray has a piece out talking about what might be in 2012. 
Check it out.  Here are a few snippets:

What does this mean for 2012?  If the national political climate is as bad for Democrats two years from now as it was in November 2008, they will do better on average in Harris County, but most party candidates would still trail, albeit by 3 or 4 percentage points, not 10 or 12.

There is also this.

With President Obama on the ticket, we can expect a very significant jump in African American voting in Harris County.  The bigger unknown is what happens in the Hispanic community, which is twice as large in population as the African American population, but cast only one-half as many votes in 2008 and 2010.  More on that later.

Of course, the folks that are paying the most attention to 2012 right now are the folks that won countywide in 2008.  Before they buy into the local Dem Party plan for 2012, I hope they ask the right questions like:  How is the Dem Party going to engage the Latino voter?   Of course if the same folks are in charge, I don’t see much happening with the Latino vote. 

In MLB, all eyes are on free agent pitcher Cliff Lee and where he will ending up playing next season.  Cliff Lee was a fourth round pick in the 2000 MLB Draft.  Who was the first overall pick in 2000?

You can go to the Chron or the Houston Press to get the latest on the court battle over the red light cameras here in H-Town.  It looks like the makers of the red light cameras aren’t giving up.  Remember, these guys are from Arizona.  They don’t give a rat’s arse about the vote on November 2.  They don’t care if the voters get upset at the H-Town Mayor and City Council if the cameras stay up.  They put in most of the money to save the cameras during recent Prop 3 campaign.  So this is clearly about money for them.  Stay tuned!

All Star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez of course and now with the Red Sox was the first player taken in the 2000 MLB Amateur Player Draft.

We signed another pitcher to vie for the fifth spot in the starting rotation.  Oops, I forgot to mention that you can also check out Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, and the Red Sox at The Yard on Wednesday/Thursday, March 30-31, 2011 for two exhibition games right before the ‘Stros head to Philly to start the regular season. 


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The opposition’s attack on HISD Trustee District VIII candidate Judith Cruz continues.  The latest was in a mail piece that kind of hinted that Judith was not a Latina.  Oh brother again!  

 I was checking out the campaign reports and it turns out the dreaded Coalition of Harris County Democratic Elected Officials plunked down $10,000 for Judith’s opponent a week before the November 2 election.  I thought they were only supposed to play in judicial races.  I thought they were supposed to help out the Dem ticket candidates.  What are they doing playing in HISD races?  I don’t know about that. 

 The opposition attacked Judith over the weekend because some GOPers are supporting us.  Of course they didn’t say anything about the big check Judith’s opponent received a couple of weeks ago from that Dannenbaum fella that gave Guv Dude, the Lite Guv, and other GOPers over $100,000 this year alone.    Of course, they are not going to mention that Dannenbaum fella also gave that Hootze fella $20,000 last year to pay for that mailer during the mayoral run-off.

 Things will get settled tomorrow for sure.

 Reliever Trevor Hoffman holds the MLB career record for saves with 601.  Who is number 2 on the all-time career save list?

 There is a piece on Chron.com about The Big Puma still wanting to play for the ‘Stros next season but it isn’t going to happen.  Check it out: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports/7314078.html.

 Governor Palin is in H-Town today to sign her books for her faithful.

 Yankee great Mariano Rivera of course is number 2 on the list with 559 career saves.  Mariano Rivera is celebrating his 41st BD today.

 My pal Drayton still owns the team and that’s all I have from The Yard.

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In a sort of reversal, the City of H-Town has decided that they better listen to 53% of the voters and shut off the red light cameras immediately.  No grace periods.  No 120-day notification.  Once the November 2 vote is canvassed today, the red light cameras get unplugged.  It is an unconditional surrender if you ask me.

Speaking of turning out the lights, I wonder if the Chron’s Columnist is starting to get in the business of predicting the fates of Harris County Commissioners.  He had a take on the front page of yesterday’s Chron on Commissioner Eversole – yikes!  Check it out.

Who holds the career World Serious record for base hits?

You know it is getting ridiculous out there when Judith Cruz’s opposition are handing out flyers  saying Judith wants kids to go hungry – huh!  I figured they would start throwing stuff like that at us.

Commentary was at the computer yesterday and had the Texans game on fully expecting to see the game go into OT when all of a sudden I was stunned by a miraculous catch.  It took me a couple of minutes to regain my composure.

Yogi Berra of course holds the World Serious career base hit record with 71 base hits and he also holds the World Serious career singles record with 49 and he also is number 3 with 12 career World Serious dingers. 

The Former H-Town Mayor says in today’s Chron that he’s not running for U.S. Senator in 2012.  Well that ends the speculation. 

From The Yard:

The Houston Astros Play Green® In Education program has been named one of the winners of the 2010 Mayor’s Outstanding Proud Partner Award, which is presented by Keep Houston Beautiful.

Pam Gardner, Astros President of Business Operations, will accept the award at the 26th Annual Keep Houston Beautiful Mayor’s Proud Partners Luncheon on Monday, November 15 (TODAY).

Way to go Pam-In-Charge!


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