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I’m not going to say much about Carlos Danger.  I did get thumbs-up texts yesterday from Marcelino Peril and Juan Kill about my Commentary on being a Democrat in H-Town City campaigns.

Commentary was at a candidate screening yesterday and met a young candidate named Anne Sung who is running for HISD Trustee District 7.  Harvin Moore is the incumbent trustee.  Sung is a very impressive candidate.   She’s sharp and bright.  I’m thinking we’re going to be hearing a lot about her for years to come.

In 1985 this AL MLBer batted .324, hit 35 dingers, drove in 145 RBIs, smacked 48 doubles and went on to win the MVP Award.  Who am I talking about?

I read somewhere this morning that the Kinkhole is thinking about running for a statewide office again as a Dem in 2014.  Oh brother, not again.  He probably has another book coming out.

I read somewhere today that Guv Dude’s security detail racked up $2.6 mil for out-of-state travel since his 2010 reelection.    Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate with their baby walked out of the hospital yesterday with the whole world watching got into an SUV and drove off alone to the palace.  Quien es mas macho, Dude or the Prince?

Don Mattingly of course won the AL MVP Award in 1985.  Mattingly is the skipper of the Dodgers who are now in first in the NL West.

After two games Jarred Cosart has a .6 ERA and Jonathan Villar is batting .500 as we pulled one out last night in the bottom of the ninth and finally got a W this season against the A’s.

Commentary snagged foul ball numero 6 last night and I’m keeping this one because it has the commemorative AL Inaugural Season stamp on it.


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Commentary watched some of the dueling protests on the flat screen and online yesterday afternoon.  I have to hand it to those police officers who walked alongside the protesters.  They got in a good workout.

I didn’t see any Johnny Reb gear. 

Robert Miller has an early take on the H-Town Mayoral race.  Robert thinks The Mayor is on her way to a victory.  Robert kind of compares the race to a football game and has The Mayor leading 20-3 at halftime.  Robert thinks The Mayor will cover the spread.  What’s the betting line?

Robert also mentions Rice Owls football and is betting the Owls will cover the spread next month against the Aggies.  The Aggies are currently 29 point favorites.

Check out sport writer Miller’s take here

How many times has a Canadian MLB club played in the post season?

Commentary mentioned on Friday the 1993 H-Town zoning proposal that the voters voted down.  Here is from the 1993 LWV Voters Guide:

Wording on the ballot:



The purpose of zoning is to regulate the use of land to mitigate the impact of potentially incompatible uses.  The underlying principle is protection of residential neighborhoods.  The Houston zoning ordinance established nine base districts each specifying permitted uses and establishing performance standards for the development of land within the district.  These districts can be described very briefly as follows:  Four are designated for residential use and allow school, churches and similar public services; Three for mixed residential and commercial use; One is for existing publicly owned or controlled natural open space, including bayous, parks and cemeteries.

Zoning Supporters Said:

The zoning ordinance provides a guide for the orderly growth and development of Houston that will protect the interests of residents and businesses alike.

Zoning will strengthen existing deed restrictions and will provide protection for the neighborhoods that do not have deed restrictions from commercial encroachment and such non-compatible uses such as bars, cantinas, liquor stores, sexually oriented businesses and motels.  40% of Houston’s neighborhoods do not have deed restrictions.

Existing grocery stores, beauty salons, virtually all business offices and other small businesses are “grandfathered”, or protected, even in the most limited residential zones.

Older inner-city neighborhoods are the most vulnerable to commercial encroachment.  By providing stability and predictability in these areas, investment incentives are created and redevelopment is more likely to occur.

Special protective features of the zoning ordinance are that surrounding property owners must be notified of a proposed zoning change and public hearings must be held before the change is approved.

Houston is the only major U.S. city without zoning.  This has discouraged some large companies from locating in Houston as they consider Houston without as a “city out of control.”

No tax increase will be needed to cover the average $1.50 per person, per year to enforce zoning.

Zoning Opponents Said:

Zoning will create more of a city government bureaucracy and promote corruption.

The zoning ordinance puts too much control in the hands of bureaucrats and not enough in the hands of neighborhoods.

The government should not be allowed to tell a property owner how he can use his own property.  That is taking away a person’s property rights.

Zoning will drive businesses, especially small businesses, away from Houston.  Neighborhood and home businesses would be severely restricted.

Zoning will adversely affect availability of low-cost housing as zoning will increase development and building costs thereby limiting supply.

Implementation of this ordinance will cost the city much more than administrative costs.  There will be a significant loss in property taxes and in sales taxes if businesses leave Houston for a less restrictive business environment.

What could have been!

Ty Wiggintonner’s Brother sent me a correction of sorts about the Chron front page photo of Guv Dude signing the abortion bill.  Here it is:

I think the Chron cropped the photo because the one on his site had Senator Eddie Lucio and Rep. Scott Turner (African American) in it.  I think Stephanie Carter and James White were there as well but not in the photo.

Got it!

You have to hand it to Lefty for lapping the field yesterday. 

The Montreal Expos made the MLB playoffs in 1982 and the Toronto Blue Jays made the playoffs in 1985, 1989, 1991, 1992, and 1993 of course.

Out with the old and in with the new.  The front office is now admitting that their 2013 experiment didn’t work out and sent veterans Carlos Pena and Ronny Cedeno packing yesterday and are calling up Jonathan Villar to be our starting shortstop for the rest of the season.  Pena was batting .209 and Cedeno .220.  We had to do something as we’re on pace to lose 107 games – yikes!


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86,060 against and 79,063 for!

That’s what the Chron reported on Wednesday morning, November 3, 1993 on the vote on zoning for the City of H-Town.  I mention it because the Chron today has a story about neighborhoods being helpless as high rises spring up right next to them.  It is happening in the Woodland Heights, the Heights, the Museum District, and the River Oaks area.  It is because we don’t have zoning.

The night that zoning lost here is what came out of the winning camp:

“I think it’s a reaffirmation of can-do spirit of Houston.  We’ve been recognized as the entrepreneurial capital of the country, and that reputation is nothing but earned.”


“This means Houston has a soul and a spirit that they aren’t willing to be pushed aside.  It’s our special advantage over all cities.  We’re the only free city in the country.”

The opposition led by developers outspent the zoning proponents three to one and that is why twenty years later we’re “free.”

Name the first MLB team to giveaway a player specific bobble head – also name the player?

Commentary was born and raised in the Lone Star State.  I love the Lone Star State.  I’m not offended though when that fella on Comedy Central goes after us.  That’s Guv Dude’s fight.  In a way he started this s__t.

Dude forgets that our state motto is “friendship.” Why do we want to go and start a ruckus in California, Illinois, and New York?  Those states don’t waste their ad time picking on us.   What are the ad folks thinking?  Why send this message and why use Dude of all folks as the messenger? 

The front page of today’s Chron has a big photo of Dude signing the abortion bill.  Every single one of the folks in the photo is of the Anglo persuasion.  That doesn’t look like Texas to me.

After two rounds at Muirfield Tiger is at two under and in the hunt!

In 1999 the San Francisco Giants of course handed out 35,000 Willie Mays bobble heads and the rest is history said Brad Ausmus in a wetsuit and Numero 45 on a caballo.

I’m going to try to have a light lunch today because it’s dollar dog night at The Yard this evening and I’d like to scarf up at least three or four of those bad boys.

The Mariners are in for three as the so-called second half of the season starts this evening with the team focused more on evaluating players with an eye out for trades.


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Are the next sixteen months in statewide politics going to be a coronation rather than a campaign?  I’m talking about AG Greg Abbott’s expected bid for Governor.

“We now know that Greg Abbott will be the next Governor of the state of Texas,” says Rice University’s Mark Jones.

This is from Robert Miller:

“(State Sen. Wendy) Davis and (AG Greg) Abbott are both rocketing into orbit.  One is integral to the renaissance of the Texas Democratic party, but the other is the next Governor of Texas.”

Maybe not!  Here is from a Chron.com piece:

Democrats say Abbott has done little more than use his office to promote himself and advance his political career, a rap Abbott’s campaign calls “spurious partisan charges.” Matt Angle, a Democratic strategist, describes Abbott as a fierce partisan who panders to his base and still has not proven he can take a punch.

“He’s never had a competitive race,” Angle said.

Stay tuned!

By the way Robert, where have you been?

Maybe now here in H-Town we can focus our energy on H-Town City, HISD, HCC, and Dome campaigns. 

Name the first ‘Stro to ever start for a NL All Star Team?

The Chron E-Board said this today:

As politically astute as anyone in modern Texas history, Rick Perry has never lost an election and deserves credit for transforming the office of governor.

What would you call Iowa and South Carolina in January of 2012?

Guv Dude said this yesterday:

"Any future considerations I will announce in due time, and I will arrive at that decision appropriately."

So do you win if you bet this?

Chooses not to run for re-election as governor, says he’s contemplating a presidential run (3:2 odds, 40 percent probability).

Or do you win if you bet this?

Chooses not to run for re-election, doesn’t comment on a presidential run (7:1 odds, 12 percent probability).

So I’ve got 18 months or so to decide if I’m going to retire Guv Dude’s name here at Commentary. 

I wonder if the Chron will put out a betting line on when the Lite Guv will throw in the towel.  He has to be able to read the hand writing on the wall. 

Former ‘Stros first baseman Lee May of course started at first for the NL All Star in 1972 and played the entire game and went one for four.

The ‘Stros are 20 ½ behind and start a twofer in San Luis this evening.  I think it is time for us to bring up George Springer, Jarred Cosart, and Jonathan Villar.  Why not?


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I was going through some old newspapers and ran across the front page of the Chron sports section the day after we got beat by the Patriots in the regular season last December.  The headline reads “NIGHTMARE” and the subject in the center of the photo is # 81 Aaron Hernandez after he caught a TD pass against us – eerie (Twilight Zone theme music).  Shoot me an email if you want to check it out.

The ‘Stros, Rockets, and NBC are owners of the new cable sports channel CSNH.  Only Comcast and a few small providers carry the new channel.  It only reaches 40% of the H-Town area viewers.  The big fellas like U-Verse, DirecTV and Dish feel there isn’t a demand so they aren’t giving CSNH the big bucks to carry them.  I’m thinking that now that the Rockets have Dwight Howard things might change.  Pardon the pun but please stay tuned!

‘Stros catcher Jason Castro is on the AL All Star team.  How many former ‘Stros catchers have been selected to the MLB All Star game?

Commentary has kind of been griping about the lack of local media coverage of our H-Town city elections.  Well the Chron ran a piece this past weekend on some candidates complaining that they were being persecuted by the Mayor for putting their campaign signs on right-of-way.   I don’t know if they are being persecuted.  Of course a campaign can avoid this problem by not putting their signs on right-of-way.

The whole world is watching – not really – but a lot of us are.

I am really surprised Team Dude has kept it a secret as of this morning.  Heck, maybe he just wanted to stay away from the Capitol this morning and avoid the throng of Democrats. 

The Chron’s handicapper put out these odds this morning:

Chooses not to run for re-election as governor, says he’s contemplating a presidential run (3:2 odds, 40 percent probability).

Announces he will run for a fourth full term as governor (4:1 odds, 20 percent probability).

Says he won’t run for governor or president (5:1 odds, 16 percent probability).

Chooses not to run for re-election, doesn’t comment on a presidential run (7:1 odds, 12 percent probability).

Makes an announcement completely unrelated to seeking political office (9:1 odds, 10 percent probability).

Chooses not to run for re-election, announces his presidential candidacy (50:1 odds, 2 percent probability).

Announces his resignation (1000:1 odds, infinitesimal probability).

Stay tuned!

Yesterday the Chron E-Board said it hopes Sen. Wendy Davis runs for Governor next year.

Check it out here.

Yesterday the Chron E-Board also came out for three four-year terms for members of the H-Town City Council instead of the current three two-year terms.  The E-Board thinks this would allow members of council to think long term and deal with issues like pension reform and infrastructure.

I’ll say it again.  You want to change terms limits?   Get out there and get the signatures!

Check out the E-Board piece here.

B-G-O of course made the NL All Star team as a catcher in 1991.

I confess.  I watched Joey Chestnut break the hot dog eating record on the Fourth.

Unlucky base running yesterday cost us the game yesterday.  The ‘Stros lead MLB in the number of base runners caught stealing – 30. 


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A lot of folks took the day off according to this morning’s traffic reports from the freeway.  That is what happens when the fifth of July falls on a Friday.

A lot of folks are also waiting to hear where Dwight Howard will be playing this season.  Rocket fans have their fingers crossed.

Even Dr. Sheldon Cooper got into the act by posting this video asking Howard to become a Rocket.

Knock, knock!  “Dwight!”  Knock, knock!  “Dwight!”  Knock, knock!  “Dwight!”

There still not much on the Guv Dude front on his future plans – nada. 

Name the ‘Stro player with the most MLB All Star Game selections?

Commentary made the Washington Post’s “She the People” by Melinda Henneberger today.  She even used my Wednesday headline as part of their headline.  Here is a part:

Longtime Democratic consultant Marc Campos, of Houston, who calls Perry “Governor Dude,” is less sure than some others in the state about how the governor will come down on the question of “to dude or not to dude” for a fourth term. “Oops means oops,” Campos jokes, referring not only to Perry’s inability to remember the name of the third federal agency he’d vowed to cut, but also to Perry’s presidential chances if he does run again in ’16.

Yet Campos assesses his own party’s chances of taking the governorship next year no less realistically, quoting Rocco Lampone’s line in “The Godfather Part II” that shooting Hyman Roth would bedifficult, not impossible. It would have to be a hardly-any-room-for-error type of campaign,” he says, and darn well funded.

Here is the entire piece.

Kuffer has a good take on the Dude announcement.

In the hard copy of today’s Chron the E-Board calls Dude’s refusal to accept more Medicaid dollars “Perrycare.”

Check it out here.

B-G-O leads the ‘Stros in MLB All Star Game selections with seven of course. 

We should have won yesterday but you can’t when you throw two wild pitches.  Well at least Brett Wallace is starting to play like a first round draft pick.  We will have to wait a couple of weeks to see the team back at The Yard.


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Guv Dude will let us know from San Antonio this Monday his future plans.

Hmmm!  Let’s see.  San Antonio?

I’m thinking maybe he could be a tour guide at The Alamo.

Maybe he’s going to join Anjelah Johnson, the Taco Cabana “TC Girl”, and be the “TC Dude.”

Maybe he’ll be the new voice of the Whataburger ads and they can have one of those online contests on whether he should be called “Fancy Dude” or “Spicy Dude.”

My pal Bill Miller told Patti Kilday Hart that he thinks Guv Dude is running for president.

I don’t think that is going to happen.

One unnamed political observer told Hart that Dude was running for reelection because he didn’t want folks to think that Sen. Wendy Davis chased his arse out of office.

I don’t believe that.

The Pirates have the best record in MLB.  When was the last time they lost 100 or more games in a season?

My pal Jose de Jesus Ortiz has a piece on chron.com about the ‘Stros giving baseball a bad name in H-Town.  Here is how it starts:

Quite simply there’s not much positive to say about the Astros’ performance Monday night.

If the game had been a boxing match, it would have been stopped after five innings and the licensing body would wonder why Jeff Luhnow put such an overmatched roster on the field against the Rays.

If you love baseball and genuinely love Houston and baseball in Houston, performances like the one on Monday night must make you wonder if the game plan will kill baseball in Houston for years to come.

Houston is a front-running town, and the Astros cannot afford to lose a generation of fans. Keep in mind that once the Texans start training camp in three weeks, all the attention will turn to the Texans.

Here is the entire piece.

In 2010 the Pirates went 57-105.

The combined score of the last two games is Rays 20, ‘Stros zip.  Here is what the Skipper said about the last two games:

“It’s hard to judge these last couple games because we’ve faced their top pitchers.  We’ll come around and it’s nothing to worry about.”

A week or so ago I thought we were playing pretty good.  I don’t know what to say but look at the Pirates.


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