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Are the next sixteen months in statewide politics going to be a coronation rather than a campaign?  I’m talking about AG Greg Abbott’s expected bid for Governor.

“We now know that Greg Abbott will be the next Governor of the state of Texas,” says Rice University’s Mark Jones.

This is from Robert Miller:

“(State Sen. Wendy) Davis and (AG Greg) Abbott are both rocketing into orbit.  One is integral to the renaissance of the Texas Democratic party, but the other is the next Governor of Texas.”

Maybe not!  Here is from a Chron.com piece:

Democrats say Abbott has done little more than use his office to promote himself and advance his political career, a rap Abbott’s campaign calls “spurious partisan charges.” Matt Angle, a Democratic strategist, describes Abbott as a fierce partisan who panders to his base and still has not proven he can take a punch.

“He’s never had a competitive race,” Angle said.

Stay tuned!

By the way Robert, where have you been?

Maybe now here in H-Town we can focus our energy on H-Town City, HISD, HCC, and Dome campaigns. 

Name the first ‘Stro to ever start for a NL All Star Team?

The Chron E-Board said this today:

As politically astute as anyone in modern Texas history, Rick Perry has never lost an election and deserves credit for transforming the office of governor.

What would you call Iowa and South Carolina in January of 2012?

Guv Dude said this yesterday:

"Any future considerations I will announce in due time, and I will arrive at that decision appropriately."

So do you win if you bet this?

Chooses not to run for re-election as governor, says he’s contemplating a presidential run (3:2 odds, 40 percent probability).

Or do you win if you bet this?

Chooses not to run for re-election, doesn’t comment on a presidential run (7:1 odds, 12 percent probability).

So I’ve got 18 months or so to decide if I’m going to retire Guv Dude’s name here at Commentary. 

I wonder if the Chron will put out a betting line on when the Lite Guv will throw in the towel.  He has to be able to read the hand writing on the wall. 

Former ‘Stros first baseman Lee May of course started at first for the NL All Star in 1972 and played the entire game and went one for four.

The ‘Stros are 20 ½ behind and start a twofer in San Luis this evening.  I think it is time for us to bring up George Springer, Jarred Cosart, and Jonathan Villar.  Why not?


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I was going through some old newspapers and ran across the front page of the Chron sports section the day after we got beat by the Patriots in the regular season last December.  The headline reads “NIGHTMARE” and the subject in the center of the photo is # 81 Aaron Hernandez after he caught a TD pass against us – eerie (Twilight Zone theme music).  Shoot me an email if you want to check it out.

The ‘Stros, Rockets, and NBC are owners of the new cable sports channel CSNH.  Only Comcast and a few small providers carry the new channel.  It only reaches 40% of the H-Town area viewers.  The big fellas like U-Verse, DirecTV and Dish feel there isn’t a demand so they aren’t giving CSNH the big bucks to carry them.  I’m thinking that now that the Rockets have Dwight Howard things might change.  Pardon the pun but please stay tuned!

‘Stros catcher Jason Castro is on the AL All Star team.  How many former ‘Stros catchers have been selected to the MLB All Star game?

Commentary has kind of been griping about the lack of local media coverage of our H-Town city elections.  Well the Chron ran a piece this past weekend on some candidates complaining that they were being persecuted by the Mayor for putting their campaign signs on right-of-way.   I don’t know if they are being persecuted.  Of course a campaign can avoid this problem by not putting their signs on right-of-way.

The whole world is watching – not really – but a lot of us are.

I am really surprised Team Dude has kept it a secret as of this morning.  Heck, maybe he just wanted to stay away from the Capitol this morning and avoid the throng of Democrats. 

The Chron’s handicapper put out these odds this morning:

Chooses not to run for re-election as governor, says he’s contemplating a presidential run (3:2 odds, 40 percent probability).

Announces he will run for a fourth full term as governor (4:1 odds, 20 percent probability).

Says he won’t run for governor or president (5:1 odds, 16 percent probability).

Chooses not to run for re-election, doesn’t comment on a presidential run (7:1 odds, 12 percent probability).

Makes an announcement completely unrelated to seeking political office (9:1 odds, 10 percent probability).

Chooses not to run for re-election, announces his presidential candidacy (50:1 odds, 2 percent probability).

Announces his resignation (1000:1 odds, infinitesimal probability).

Stay tuned!

Yesterday the Chron E-Board said it hopes Sen. Wendy Davis runs for Governor next year.

Check it out here.

Yesterday the Chron E-Board also came out for three four-year terms for members of the H-Town City Council instead of the current three two-year terms.  The E-Board thinks this would allow members of council to think long term and deal with issues like pension reform and infrastructure.

I’ll say it again.  You want to change terms limits?   Get out there and get the signatures!

Check out the E-Board piece here.

B-G-O of course made the NL All Star team as a catcher in 1991.

I confess.  I watched Joey Chestnut break the hot dog eating record on the Fourth.

Unlucky base running yesterday cost us the game yesterday.  The ‘Stros lead MLB in the number of base runners caught stealing – 30. 


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A lot of folks took the day off according to this morning’s traffic reports from the freeway.  That is what happens when the fifth of July falls on a Friday.

A lot of folks are also waiting to hear where Dwight Howard will be playing this season.  Rocket fans have their fingers crossed.

Even Dr. Sheldon Cooper got into the act by posting this video asking Howard to become a Rocket.

Knock, knock!  “Dwight!”  Knock, knock!  “Dwight!”  Knock, knock!  “Dwight!”

There still not much on the Guv Dude front on his future plans – nada. 

Name the ‘Stro player with the most MLB All Star Game selections?

Commentary made the Washington Post’s “She the People” by Melinda Henneberger today.  She even used my Wednesday headline as part of their headline.  Here is a part:

Longtime Democratic consultant Marc Campos, of Houston, who calls Perry “Governor Dude,” is less sure than some others in the state about how the governor will come down on the question of “to dude or not to dude” for a fourth term. “Oops means oops,” Campos jokes, referring not only to Perry’s inability to remember the name of the third federal agency he’d vowed to cut, but also to Perry’s presidential chances if he does run again in ’16.

Yet Campos assesses his own party’s chances of taking the governorship next year no less realistically, quoting Rocco Lampone’s line in “The Godfather Part II” that shooting Hyman Roth would bedifficult, not impossible. It would have to be a hardly-any-room-for-error type of campaign,” he says, and darn well funded.

Here is the entire piece.

Kuffer has a good take on the Dude announcement.

In the hard copy of today’s Chron the E-Board calls Dude’s refusal to accept more Medicaid dollars “Perrycare.”

Check it out here.

B-G-O leads the ‘Stros in MLB All Star Game selections with seven of course. 

We should have won yesterday but you can’t when you throw two wild pitches.  Well at least Brett Wallace is starting to play like a first round draft pick.  We will have to wait a couple of weeks to see the team back at The Yard.


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Guv Dude will let us know from San Antonio this Monday his future plans.

Hmmm!  Let’s see.  San Antonio?

I’m thinking maybe he could be a tour guide at The Alamo.

Maybe he’s going to join Anjelah Johnson, the Taco Cabana “TC Girl”, and be the “TC Dude.”

Maybe he’ll be the new voice of the Whataburger ads and they can have one of those online contests on whether he should be called “Fancy Dude” or “Spicy Dude.”

My pal Bill Miller told Patti Kilday Hart that he thinks Guv Dude is running for president.

I don’t think that is going to happen.

One unnamed political observer told Hart that Dude was running for reelection because he didn’t want folks to think that Sen. Wendy Davis chased his arse out of office.

I don’t believe that.

The Pirates have the best record in MLB.  When was the last time they lost 100 or more games in a season?

My pal Jose de Jesus Ortiz has a piece on chron.com about the ‘Stros giving baseball a bad name in H-Town.  Here is how it starts:

Quite simply there’s not much positive to say about the Astros’ performance Monday night.

If the game had been a boxing match, it would have been stopped after five innings and the licensing body would wonder why Jeff Luhnow put such an overmatched roster on the field against the Rays.

If you love baseball and genuinely love Houston and baseball in Houston, performances like the one on Monday night must make you wonder if the game plan will kill baseball in Houston for years to come.

Houston is a front-running town, and the Astros cannot afford to lose a generation of fans. Keep in mind that once the Texans start training camp in three weeks, all the attention will turn to the Texans.

Here is the entire piece.

In 2010 the Pirates went 57-105.

The combined score of the last two games is Rays 20, ‘Stros zip.  Here is what the Skipper said about the last two games:

“It’s hard to judge these last couple games because we’ve faced their top pitchers.  We’ll come around and it’s nothing to worry about.”

A week or so ago I thought we were playing pretty good.  I don’t know what to say but look at the Pirates.


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The Big Jolly has a take on the Lite Guv here.

Burkablog has a take on Wendy Davis and Dems here.

My pal Jay Root has a piece on Guv Dude here.

Evan Longoria of the Rays was the third overall pick of the 2006 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Name two top ten picks of the 2006 draft that are NL Cy Young Award winners.

Jay Root writes about Guv Dude and establishing national cred.  Does it matter?  Dude isn’t a national factor these days.  Nobody that has any sense thinks he will ever be a presidential contender.  It is not going to happen.  Oops means oops!

The Big Jolly fella refers to the three challengers to the Lite Guv as the” three dwarfs.”  Well one of those dwarfs is going to kick is arse.

It is interesting that Guv Dude and the Lite Guv are largely responsible for the mayhem up in Austin and it very possible that both may decide not to run next year because they can’t get reelected.

I’m thinking the folks in Vegas won’t even put out a 2014 betting line on Dude and the Lite Guv.

Burkablog says Wendy Davis will need around $50 mil to be competitive.  Nobody said it would be cheap.

Tim Lincecum (2008 and 2009) was picked tenth and Clayton Kershaw (2011) was picked seventh of course in the 2006 draft.

I’m glad only 12,000 and change showed up last night.  It was a mugging pure and simple.  We only got two measly hits.  Enough of this!   We need to bring up the prospects NOW!


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38% of  Texas’ population is Latino and yesterday U.S. Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz said a big “#*&^ you” to us when they voted against immigration reform.   They can get away with it because we let them.

Last year Ted Cruz ran hard right when he whipped the Lite Guv in the GOP primary.  Cruz didn’t have to tack back to the center because he ran against an unfunded Paul Sadler.  Cruz is playing to his Tea Party base.

Sen. Cornyn is playing it “safe” by pandering to the Tea Party base that apparently controls the state’s GOP.  The last thing Cornyn wants is a serious challenge by a Tea Party activist in next year’s GOP primary.

The immigration reform legislation now moves to the GOP controlled U.S. House.  Commentary doesn’t feel confident the House will produce meaningful legislation.  They don’t have to. 

One could easily make the argument that the fiercest opposition to immigration reform in Congress is coming from Texas, a state with over nine and a half million Latinos.   

We all know that immigration reform resonated with Latino voters during the 2012 presidential election.   Immigration reform will resonate with Texas Latino voters in 2014 if fully engaged.   When that happens we will then see immigration reform move forward.

The Angels are in town.  When was the last time they made it to the post season?

Imagine a Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.  It could very well happen. 

Imagine a slate of GOP statewide candidates all with major Tea Party credentials.  That’s going to happen.

So what do we do in 2014?

I hope the folks that run the Democratic National Committee and Texas Democratic Party are working on a plan for Texas in 2014 that involves more than targeting a couple of state house seats.  

The Lite Guv put the blame on "Obama-style" protesters for what happened the other night at the filibuster.  Now I know what “Obamacare” is.  What the heck is “Obama-style?”

The last time the Angels were in the post season was in 2009 of course when they got beat by the Yankees in six in the ALCS.

The Angels are in for three this weekend.


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It is all about State Senator Wendy Davis in Texas politics these days.  She is undoubtedly the most popular Democrat in the universe today.  She deserves all the accolades.

In the Chron today Lisa Falkenberg, Patti Kilday Hart, and Kyrie O’Connor all give Sen. Davis some good run.  The articles are only available right now to those that subscribe or have a hard copy.

The SA Express News has a piece on who is Wendy Davis here.

Burkablog has a take.

So does State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte.

Sen. Davis is now going to be the most sought after Democrat in the country.  She is a star and a headliner.  I hope she has an agent.

How many NL Cy Young Award winners has San Luis produced?

Commentary is not an expert on GOP politics but I think I can pretty much say that the Lite Guv’s days are numbered.  He deserves all that is coming to him.  It would not surprise me if he decided to forego another defeat and just announce that he won’t be running again.

Hunker Down and my friend Edgar Colon read Commentary for sure as they headed over to meet with the Chron E-Board yesterday to let them know that the fix is not in on the Dome proposal.

Check out the details here.

Hall of Fame great Bob Gibson won the NL Cy Young Award with San Luis in 1968 and 1970 and Chris Carpenter won it in 2005 of course.

Only 17,000 and change saw the ‘Stros erase a three run deficit to win 4-3. 


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If some local leaders have their way Harris County voters may have the opportunity to vote on an initiative this November to add a penny to their property taxes and put it into early childhood education programs.  This kind of sounds like what San Antonio voters approved last year.  The Chron has a front page story in the hard copy and only available to subscribers online.  Check out a piece:

Harris County voters could be asked to approve a tax increase later this year to improve and expand early childhood programs, if a coalition of business and civic leaders can get its initiative on the November ballot.

The recently formed Harris County School Readiness Corp., a group whose membership includes former Houston first lady Andrea White, is circulating a petition calling for the placement of an item on the next election ballot that would increase the county property tax rate by 1 cent, generating about $25 million a year to train teachers and buy school supplies for child-care centers serving children up to age 5.

"All the recent brain science development has indicated that early childhood education is absolutely pivotal," said Jonathan Day, a member of the corporation’s board and a former Houston city attorney. "The business community and academics, everybody’s of the single mind that, if there is a single point of investment for leverage to improve children’s education, it’s at early childhood."

The initiative stems from a recommendation made in an April report commissioned by the Greater Houston Partnership and the Collaborative for Children. It is similar to one launched by San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, which ended in voters last year approving a modest sales tax hike to build new pre-kindergarten centers.

Of course the group has to get around 78,000 petition signatures.  That’s a lot of signatures.

County Commissioner Steve Radack has come out in opposition to the effort.  Check this from the Chron:

"I think people already pay too much money in school taxes and the fact of the matter is this is just a back door to try to get the county to get more money shipped over into education," Radack said.

This initiative has a long way to go.  They have to get the signatures.  They have to get the signatures approved.  Then they have to educate the voters.

I tried to follow the San Antonio effort last year.  The SA effort was their mayor’s initiative and baby.  He campaigned extensively for it.  Our mayor is in a battle for reelection so the local effort would have to find a well respected and well known local leader or leaders to sell the measure.  Good luck and stay tuned!

The Brewers are in town for three.  How many MVP Awards do the Brewers hold?

I guess what goes around comes around.  I’m talking about a proposed Astrodome initiative.  Tomorrow the County Sports Corporation will unveil the latest Dome proposals and will lay out one of their own.  It will be interesting if an initiative makes it to the November ballot.

Some folks may want us to support bonds to save the Dome.

Some folks may want us to support a penny property tax increase to save our kids.

Some folks will oppose both.

Rollie Fingers won the AL MVP Award in 1981, Robin Yount won the AL MVP Award in 1982 and 1989, and Ryan Broid won the NL MVP Award in 2011 of course.

Jason Castro is making a strong case to make the AL All Star team.   Let’s see how we do against Brewers.


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Burkablog put out his Best and Worst Legislators.  Where’s The Dean?  Check it out:


Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock (R-Killeen)

Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth)

Sen. Robert Duncan (R-Lubbock)

Rep. Charlie Geren (R-Fort Worth)

Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa (D-McAllen)

Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer (D- San Antonio)

Rep. Jim Pitts (R-Waxahachie)

Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio)

Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio)

Sen. Tommy Williams (R-The Woodlands)



Rep. Lon Burnam (D-Fort Worth)

Sen. John Carona (R-Dallas)

Comptroller Susan Combs (R-Austin)

Rep. Naomi Gonzalez (D-El Paso)

Sen. Kelly Hancock (R-North Richland Hills)

Rep. Harvey Hilderbran (R-Kerrville)

Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston)

Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston)

Rep. Ron Reynolds (D-Missouri City)

Rep. Van Taylor (R-Plano)


Rep. Sylvester Turner (D-Houston)

Why not the Lite Guv on the Worst List?

Aside from Floyd Bannister (1976) and Phil Nevin (1992), name the three other number one draft choices that have played for the ‘Stros?

It looks like Wayne Dolcefino put on a wire and got the Fort Bend Mechanical fella to spill his guts sorta on the HISD mess. The fella says he’s been spreading some cash to three Board Trustees – yikes!  Dolcefino is working for the folks that are suing HISD.  If the fella claims he forked over $150,000 in cash, expect the FBI to be all over this one.  This is getting uglier. Here is Ericka Mellon’s piece in its entirety: 

A local construction company owner claimed in a newly recorded conversation that he has paid HISD board member Larry Marshall up to $150,000 – some of it in cash – to buy influence in the school district, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

David "Pete" Medford, who runs Fort Bend Mechanical, alleged that over the last five years he has given Marshall envelopes of money and recently accompanied some cash with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, the court filing said. Medford said the payments were separate from the tens of thousands he has donated to Marshall’s campaigns.

Excerpts of a transcript of Medford’s comments, which appear to contradict his earlier sworn deposition statements, accompanied a court filing opposing Marshall’s effort to halt an ongoing civil lawsuit that accuses him, Medford, the Houston Independent School District and others of a bribery and kickback scheme. Marshall’s attorneys have asked that the civil case be deferred pending the outcome of a criminal investigation.

The Houston Chronicle has reported previously that Medford paid for Marshall’s trip to the Super Bowl in Florida in 2009 and that Marshall failed to disclose a $25,000 campaign donation from Medford that year. In addition, court records indicate Medford and other HISD vendors have hired Marshall’s longtime business associate, Joyce Moss-Clay, as a consultant, and she then paid Marshall a cut of her earnings.

Better deal?

The latest court filing alleges a more lucrative deal for Marshall – as well as a deeper pay-to-play culture in the nation’s seventh-largest school district.

"I have no comments on any comments that Mr. Medford has made," Marshall said Wednesday.

Medford also says in the transcript excerpts that he has paid HISD trustees Greg Meyers and Paula Harris, giving them campaign donations that they didn’t reveal on their disclosure reports. Both denied the claim.

Medford said Marshall did not request specific amounts of money, but Medford would tell the trustee, for instance, that he had a birthday gift for him, and the exchange would take place.

"You know, he comes in my office, we shut the door, and I give him an envelope," Medford said, according to a transcript filed in court Wednesday. "He never never says how much of anything, but if you don’t … if you don’t know where that line is, Wayne, you never … nothing ever gets done."

The conversation, the filing indicates, was between Medford and Wayne Dolcefino, who works as a consultant after leaving his job as a Houston television reporter. Dolcefino has been assisting Gil Ramirez Sr., whose son, Gil Ramirez Jr., filed the civil lawsuit against Marshall, HISD, Medford, Moss-Clay and another company, RHJ-JOC.

Dolcefino confirmed Wednesday that he recorded Medford at the company office. He said he took notes but wasn’t sure if Medford saw his audio recorder.

‘Not telling the truth’

Medford, in emails to the Chronicle on Wednesday night, did not deny it was his voice on the recording. But he suggested, without explaining how, that Dolcefino’s representation of their conversation was incorrect.

"He is not telling the truth about our conversations," Medford said. "I can say from what I have read so far that it is more fiction than truth." He did not respond to an email asking specifically if he stood by the statements in the recording. The audio recording was transcribed by a court reporter at the request of attorneys for Ramirez Jr. Excerpts of the transcript were filed in court late Wednesday.

Medford’s comments in the transcript excerpts appear to contradict statements he made under oath during a deposition last year when asked whether he had ever "made a transfer of money, goods, or anything of value to an HISD trustee?"

"Just through campaign contributions," Medford responded.

In his more recent conversation with Dolcefino, Medford said the attorney who deposed him "didn’t get to the truth the first time. … He just couldn’t get any straight answers out of me. They’re so stupid. They don’t even know what questions to ask," according to the transcript.

Marshall, who turns 81 next week, also has denied in his sworn deposition that he received any "payment, emolument, or other thing of value" from Medford besides the Super Bowl trip and consulting fees from Moss-Clay.

Medford and HISD construction officials have been at odds over several of his company’s school renovation projects, and in late May he filed a lawsuit against the district. The suit alleges that HISD owes Fort Bend Mechanical $9.8 million. HISD has denied the claim.

Don’t be surprised if some heavy local criminal defense attorneys arrive on the scene.  Stay tuned!

I’m thinking the folks at Battleground Texas aren’t too pleased to see FEMA shut the door on West, Texas and in the process make The President look real bad and untrue to his word. I hope The President’s folks get FEMA to do a 180.  The President is getting a ton of bad press in the Lone Star State today. The headline in today’s hard copy of the Chron reads “We stand with you and we will not forget”….The President.  This doesn’t look good.

I think I’ll get one of these T-shirts.  Here is from the Chron:

Former Texans Connor Barwin and Eric Winston are among the 10 players who have lent their names and jersey numbers to a new line of clothing which is being sold by the NFL Players Association in honor of LGBT Pride Month.

Barwin, who signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in March, has long voiced his support for gay rights. Winston, who spent six seasons with the Texans, is a free agent after playing for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2012.

The numbered shirts, which are also available with the names of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe and free-agent linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, are being sold for $24.99, with proceeds going to Athlete Ally, a nonprofit organization that fights homophobia in sports.

Mike Ivie (1970 by Padres), Dave Roberts (1972 by Padres), and Darin Erstad (1995 by Angels) of course spent part of their careers in a ‘Stro uniform.

I stayed up last night thinking that we were going to lose another close one by the score of one zip then we scored six runs in the top of the ninth.  Now we have us a one game winning streak.  How about that! 


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More and more newspaper organizations are asking folks to pay-up or subscribe if you want to get some of their local stories online.  The Chron, the SA Express news, the Statesman, and the Star Telegram to name a few are now charging to get a lot of their local news online.

If you want to get the news from CNN, MSNBC, or Fox from the flat screen, you have to pay cable, U-Verse, or satellite subscriptions and that goes for the internet.

In the old days before the internet if you wanted to get the local news you had to go buy the local fish wrap or pick up a discarded one. 

I guess you can still go solo and get today’s equivalent of the rabbit ears and get the local news from the local TV stations or you can listen to the radio on NPR or stations like 92 FM but for the most part you are still going to have fork over some dough for the local news.

Since the MLB Amateur Player Draft started in 1965, how many MLB franchises have never had the first pick?

According the local news reports, the jury that is deliberating the fate of the former HPD officer in the Chad Holley case is at an impasse.  I’m thinking that if we have a hung jury or outright acquittal there won’t be much of an outcry if you know what I mean.

There were 19 Dome ideas submitted.  That’s probably 19 too many. 

I am not going to say that this fella knows how to play hardball but I will say he loves to play hardball.  I’m talking about Guv Dude.  He certainly doesn’t have a problem wielding his veto threat or calling a special or adding red meat to the special call.  That’s who he is.

Since the opening of The Yard, season ticket holders have been charged for a couple of exhibition games at The Yard right before the regular season starts.  The two games have always been against teams from the other league.  We get charged for the two games but fewer and fewer fans have been attending.  The new President of the ‘Stros is exploring the idea of playing those two games next year at the Alamodome against the Rangers.  I’m OK with that as long as we’re not charged for the two and have to make the trip out I-10.

Check out Tag’s Lines on the 2014 SA games here.

The Dodgers, Giants, Jays, Reds, Red Sox, Rockies, San Luis, and Tribe of course have never had the number one pick in the MLB Draft.

Now we have lost six in a row.  It was pretty painful to watch last night.  Maybe it is time to bring up some of the prospects.


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