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Here is what was sent to me yesterday:

Dear Marc Campos:

Did anyone ask the General (Ricardo Sanchez) about Abu Ghraib? If so, I’d like to know what he said.

In talking to several groups of Democrats, that’s the one question which keeps coming up about whether they want to support him.  Because of that question, some people are hoping to find another Democrat who would agree to run for the U.S. Senate.

Please let me know whether he was asked about Abu Ghraib, and what his answer was.

It’s better for Democrats to do the vetting than to wait and let the Republicans do it— because they would create a much worse story.  And that’s despite the fact that it was the Republicans who got us into that God-Awful war in the first place.

Of the 19 Hijackers of 9/11, one was from Egypt, one from Lebanon, 3 from the United Arab Emirates, and 14 from Saudi Arabia.  Not a single one was from Iraq!  Yet we attacked Iraq.  The war was really all about oil.  The King of Saudi Arabia has been a longtime buddy of Bush 41 & Bush 43.


Anne M.

We didn’t spend a whole lot of Saturday morning on this issue.  Rather than me trying to explain his response, I encourage every concerned Democratic Party activist or leader in the state to ask General Sanchez about this between now and the March Primary.  The General will be travelling the state so folks will have the opportunity to engage him.  I encourage Democrats to do so and research his background and this issue.

Numero 45 had a three run dinger last night so now he has 74 RBIs for the season.  Who led the team in RBIs last season and with how many?

Commentary got an email yesterday from At-Large 5 candidate Laurie Robinson where she announced that she had been endorsed by Rev. Bill Lawson.  That’s very interesting.   FYI:  H-Town CM Jolanda Jones is the At-Large 5 incumbent.

There were not a whole lot of us there last night at The Yard to watch Wandy strike out 13 Pirates in 7 innings.  16 Pirates ended up striking out – not bad at all.

Hunter Pence of course had 91 RBIs last season to lead the team.

Hunter has 77 RBIs this season while the ‘Stros are still sitting on 90 losses. 


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This past weekend, Commentary attended the Latino Vote Summit that was held in San Antonio.  Around 40 Latino activists and leaders from throughout the Lone Star State attended the Summit.  We got to hear from Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senator.  I was very impressed with the General.  He’s articulate and to the point.  He did Q & A with the Summiteers and handled topics like Iraq, leadership, immigration reform, The President, education, engaging the Latino voter, and national security.  This was the first time I’ve seen him in person and all I can say is that he’s a pretty sharp fella.

Here is from yesterday’s SA Express News on the Latino vote in the Lone Star State. I’m glad there are others out there that are now starting to think like Commentary:

“But the most curious approach to voter registration has not been by the Republicans,” (SMU political scientist Cal) Jillson said. It’s been the Democratic Party, which “has never taken voter registration as seriously as it needs to.”

He said Democrats ought to focus on naturalization first.

“Thirty percent of Hispanics are noncitizens, but many of them are eligible to become citizens,” he said.

Jillson also accuses some Democrats of being comfortable with current turnout and not being particularly interested in increasing the number of non-Anglo Democratic voters.

“It’s an important, but delicate issue.” he said.

“The Democrats have not won a statewide race since 1994,” (UTSA’s Richard) Gambitta added in email comments. “They will not carry this state in the near future unless they increase the size of the voting population to include those who rarely vote.”

But what really irks him is the lackluster attention the Democrat Party gives “to the large, untapped, eligible youth vote.”

Here is the entire article.

Need I say more!  Of course I will!

Phillies great Jimmy Rollins was selected in the Second Round of the 1996 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Name his current teammate that was picked in the 23rd Round of the same draft.

Speaking of will, as in nationally syndicated columnist George Will, I was watching him on ABC yesterday and this came out of his piehole regarding coverage of Hurricane Irene:

I know that the Atlantic Ocean generates hurricanes and they can be dangerous and those are predictable. That said, this too must be said. Florence Nightingale said, whatever you say about hospitals, they shouldn’t make their patients sicker. And whatever else you want to say about journalism, it shouldn’t subtract from the nation’s understanding, and it certainly shouldn’t contribute to the manufactured, synthetic hysteria that is so much a part of modern life. And I think we may have done so with regard to this "tropical storm", as it now seems to be.

Huh!  Just because the Statue of Liberty is still standing, that doesn’t mean the media overhyped Irene.  Let’s see, there are still hundreds of thousands without power, there is still major flooding, and over 20 folks have lost their lives.  

In yesterday’s Chron, they were celebrating H-Town’s 175th BD and they listed 175 H-Town facts like did you know that The Yard “is the first major sports facility to feature a closed-captioning board for the hearing impaired.”  How about that!

Current Phillie Roy Oswalt of course was selected by the ‘Stros in the 23rd Round of the 1996 Draft.  BTW:  Roy O is celebrating his 34th BD today.

We have 16 home games left this season and 12 roadies.  The Pirates are in for three starting this evening.   Oh yeah, we spoiled Los Gigantes a little by splitting the series with them and J.D. Martinez has 25 RBIs in 29 games  while Brett Wallace had 26 RBIs in 101 games.


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