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The Chron’s Columnist today focuses on Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan and campaign contributions.  Of course, once again, if you are not old school like Commentary and go fetch your fish wrap from the front yard every morning, you are going to have to wait a day or so to check it out.

The Columnist says that maybe Vince shouldn’t be taking thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from big law firms that do bond business with the County.  Vince’s office now selects the law firm that to do business with the County – got it!   What Vince’s office is doing is not illegal and whether it is ethical or not depends on one’s own ethics.

Of course, Harris County Commissioners routinely select engineers, architects, and contractors to do business within their precincts.   The same engineers, architects, and contractors donate generously to the Commissioners’ campaign accounts.

In Vince’s case it may be different though.  Back in the 1990s as a member of the H-Town City Council, Vince proclaimed himself as a champion of campaign finance reform.   That was nearly twenty years ago so maybe things change.

A way to go goes to Port Commissioners Janiece Longoria and Elyse Lanier for continuing to get things cleaned up over at the Port.  They took away some benefits that a couple of their colleagues should not be getting.   They also stopped the funding of another study.  Maybe they ought to fund a study to figure out how many PR consultants are working over there.

After 103 games this season, the ‘Stros are a miserable 33-70.  What is out best record ever at the 103 game mark?

The Postal Service announced the list of local post offices that are on the endangered list.  It is now up to members of Congress to save the worthy ones.  Of course, I don’t know why they didn’t put the one on Yale and 11th on the list.  If you ever have to go there take a book to read.

A number of elected officials paid their respects last night to my Uncle Jesse including the H-Town Mayor, CMs James Rodriguez and Melissa Noriega, State Rep. Carol Alvarado, JP Richard Vara, Constable Victor Trevino, Judge Steve Kirkland, and Judge Jim Sharp.

Form the ‘Stros Website:

The Astros will celebrate Houston’s Hispanic community and culture on Saturday, August 20 when the team hosts Los Astros Night at Minute Maid Park. Festivities begin with Hispanic Street Fest from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at KBR Plaza, adjacent to Union Station on Crawford Street. The celebration is presented by Goya Foods, Budweiser and Univision.


For the first time in franchise history, players will wear uniforms that feature the team name in Spanish, Los Astros, across the front of the jersey. The first 10,000 fans at the game will receive a Los Astros T-shirt courtesy of Goya Foods.


Way to go to Pam-In-Charge and her crew!

By the way, we play Los Gigantes that weekend.

In 1999, after 103 games, the ‘Stros were 62-41 of course.

You know it is that kind of season when last night we got beat by an Albert Pujols phantom dinger.  Well at least Hunter Pence isn’t trade bait if you believe the trade rumors!


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It looks like the local Latino leadership that has been meeting to plot strategy on City of H-Town redistricting has endorsed a plan.  Don’t forget to attend today’s final City of Houston’s Redistricting Hearings at City Hall at 9 am and then again at 7 pm.  Be there to find out the latest.

Speaking of, the Texas House of Representatives passed a House redistricting plan yesterday and it looks like the Heights is in four House districts.  Commentary is now in HD 145 (my old friend Carol Alvarado – now she is going to have to treat me like a constituent rather than as a consultant).  Reps. Coleman (HD 147) and Rep. Davis (HD 134) also now represent parts of the Heights.  Rep. Farrar will lose a lot of the Heights but still represents parts. Stay tuned!

Only three times in the history of the ‘Stros has a pitcher struck out 300 or more batters.  Name the pitchers?

The back and forth among Dem activists on the possible General Ricardo Sanchez Dem candidacy for U.S. Senator continued yesterday with my pal Stan Merriman being accused of being a bleacher bum of sorts.  I guess if you sit in the cheap seats you’re not entitled to an opinion.  Of course not everybody in Austin has all the answers either.  We haven’t had a Dem statewide winner since 1994, so the folks up in Austin can’t really claim a higher intelligence level if you ask me.  Commentary is really not interested in silencing Dem activists’ reactions on possible candidacies.  You think we’re hard on our candidates?  We’re corn puffs compared to what the GOP has in store.

J.R.  Richard of course struck out 313 batters in 1979 and 303 in 1978.  Mike Scott of course struck out 306 batters in 1986.

That was nice pitching performance by Wandy last night and a solid win by the ‘Stros.  Batting averages are starting to climb.  There is timely hitting.  They look better.  Now they have to face a knuckleball specialist tonight.



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Commentary is probably only one of the few that remembers the 1979 “deal” between the City of H-Town, U.S. Department of Justice, and the “plaintiffs” when H-Town finally agreed to a form of single member districts – one Mayor, five at-large council members, and nine council district members.  Plus, when the day came when we reached 2.1 mil folks, then we would add two more council districts.  That was the deal agreed upon.  Now the day is here.
Check out today’s Chron.

I don’t know what my pal CM Mike Sullivan and GOP Chair Jared Woodfill are thinking in having the City back off of the deal.  From today’s Chron:

To Sullivan’s thinking, expansion dilutes the power of existing council members who shed turf, constituents and the weight of their individual votes as the council adds members.


"Our concern is that the mayor is looking to add two new seats when the numbers don’t justify it in an effort to give Democrats or Democrat-leaning council members more control and more power," Woodfill said.

Fellas, get over it.  We have a deal. A deal is a deal.  You are pandering for nothing!

Who is the youngest MLB pitcher ever to win a Cy Young Award?

Top notch criminal defense attorney Rusty Hardin told the H-Town City Council yesterday that CM Jolanda Jones was "highly irresponsible."

"I think it’s a horrible, horrible example to set, for any public official to foster distrust with a police as a group," said Hardin.
Check out the Channel 13 story.

From the You Are Not Talking About My Folks Department in today’s SA Express News:

George Rodriguez, the San Antonio Tea Party president and a former Reagan administration official said:  “Most Mexican Americans feel we must do something to stop aliens from entering the country illegally and taking jobs from Americans using false documentation.”

Rodriguez, CM Sullivan, and Chair Jared must be reading from the same talking points.   Check out the article.

DA Pat Lykos has a lot of ‘splaining to do in letting a suspect flee to Africa.  In typical GOP elected official form, she is passing the buck….tsk, tsk, tsk.

State Rep. Carol Alvarado and former H-Town Mayor Lee P. Brown have an Op-Ed in today’s Chron where they want  Guv Dude to show us the sanctuary cities.  Check it out.

Dude also changed his mind and said that Juarez wasn’t a sanctuary city.

Dwight Gooden of course was only 20 when he won the Cy Young Award in 1985 as a Met.  15 years later Gooden started the inaugural game at The Yard for the ‘Stros against the Yankees.

The ‘Stros won yesterday but who cares at this point.


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Nails!  That’s a good description for H-Town CM James Rodriguez and Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria.

A lesson was learned yesterday.  Don’t underestimate CM James Rodriguez or Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria.

There is no disputing that CM Rodriguez established his position as our community’s leader yesterday as he led the effort to protect the Latino community’s representation on the Port Commission.  CM Rodriguez was nimble, savvy, strategic, patient, mobile, unwavering, and decisive during this process.  He put it all out there for his community and in the end we won out.

Yesterday’s vote by the H-Town City Council on the Port Commission appointment and the politics leading up to the vote will be remembered as one of those local Latino political events that kind of changed things up here in H-Town.

What can I say about my good friend Janiece Longoria?  Her acceptance speech yesterday after the City Council vote will be talked about for a long time.   Here is from today’s Chron:

After the matter was settled in her favor, Longoria called out the mayor directly, questioning why Parker had promised labor leaders an appointment on the Port Commission.

"I didn’t see this coming," she said. "It did not occur to me that the Port of Houston, which is an asset of great importance to this region … would be used as a bargaining chip to repay a political favor, and I really regret that that happened. … It’s a shame that labor was used as the lever to try to unseat me."

Janiece was steady, focused, and cool.  She’s one of our leaders pure and simple.  She had a lot of c__p thrown her way and she responded in her own way.      Here’s the Chron article.

My pal the Working Man Hero sent out a message this morning questioning the “class” of Commissioner Longoria’s acceptance remarks.   Of course, yesterday, after the vote, the working man hero said this about some of the Dems on council that supported Longoria:

“Labor dislikes liars and the above who lied to us.   Labor expects loyalty for loyalty.”

I don’t know about that.  I have to go look up the definition of class.

I got to give congrats to Cin and Argentina for handling the ground game on this deal.  Their offensive line skills were downright devastating.  I also have to give congrats to Rep. Alvarado and Sen. Gallegos for doing a lot of heavy lifting on this matter.

Who holds the MLB record for career dingers as a DH?

There are some folks like Two Cents and others that are going to be critical of CM Rodriguez and Commentary and Rep. Alvarado and we are going to be labeled as “establishment Hispanics” and blah, blah, blah.  That’s OK because everybody has a right to express their opinion.   I’m going to have to disagree with Two Cents and others on this deal.

In the end, CM Rodriguez, Commissioner Longoria, Rep. Alvarado and all the others got scoreboard and scoreboard is the last thing you see when you leave the arena.

There are some folks that are determined to spin it one way or the other.  I will say this.  Every side threw everything into this deal including the kitchen sink.  In the end, as CM Rodriguez told me last night, it was about better clock management – we threw the last kitchen sink.

I want to say that I want the H-Town Mayor to succeed because if she doesn’t, then the city suffers and we suffer.  On the Port Commission deal, I disagreed with her position.

David “Big Papi” Ortiz of course has 305 career dingers as a DH.  Big Papi is celebrating his 35th BD today.

Early voting starts today in the HISD Trustee District VIII run-off.

After yesterday’s City Council vote, CM Stardig thought it would be a nice touch to scold folks for coming out and getting involved – huh!  Thanks for chewing us out for expressing our opinion.

‘Stros skipper Millsie got one second place vote for Skipper of the Year and ended up in sixth place as the award went to Bud Black of the Padres and that’s all I have from The Yard.


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