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The soon-to-be owner of the ‘Stros met a few days ago with the NAACP to clear up some stuff from his past.  Check out the Chron story on the meeting.  I wonder if the soon-to-be owner of the ‘Stros knows that Latinos make up 43.8% of H-Town and Latinos would probably also like a meeting to clear up some stuff.  Stay tuned!

CEWDEM put out a couple of takes this past weekend on the City of H-Town Latino redistricting effort led by CM James Rodriguez and others. The takes sounded like it came from folks that always fight Latinos on redistricting when in fact they were from Dems.  Here is what they said:

I live in an ethically diverse neighborhood, friends with Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Mid-Eastern, and Anglos.  I am active with my neighbors.  We don’t need someone going to search for someone to be a council member for our district.


So Rodriguez and Gonzlaez, this rhetoric is divisive and insulting to Democrats in our neighborhood. It should be insulting to the folks you represent. Perhaps they should find a good Democratc to run who will represent all of the folks in District H and I.    We should elect a totally Democratic City Council regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation. and dial back rehetoric about race and advocate that Democrats are about good government.


Thanks for taking the time to post and to dare to go out there and say that an ethnic group can be effectively represented by someone other than ‘their own’. Doesn’t the election of our President prove that possible?

Sadly, these folks appear a little threatened and/or miss the point.   Let me remind them what The Mayor said in the Chron a little over a week ago:

"This is an opportunity. It’s not an answer.  If the Latino community gets together behind the right candidate, funds that candidate, assists that candidate in mobilizing voters, there’s no question in my mind that this district can elect a strong Latino leader to City Council to join those that we already have, but it’s not going to happen automatically."  

This is about Latino empowerment that all Dems should support so get over it!  Latino political empowerment is good for the Dem Party here in Harris County – period!  If we start electing Latinos to City Council representing parts of town where the Latino community is growing and if we have a Latino political infrastructure in place then maybe our Latino turnout numbers in even numbered November election years will start increasing.  Get on the program!

The LA Dodgers come to The Yard for a three game series that starts this evening.  Tonight’s game will be our 694th regular season meeting with the Dodgers in our franchise history.  We’re 314-379 against LA.  We’ve only had a winning record against them in one of the six past decades.  Name the decade?

Here is what my pal Robert Miller is saying about congressional redistricting:

Gov. Perry’s aides are telling legislators that a special session on congressional redistricting alone will not be called. Instead the federal courts will be allowed to draw the map. In the summer of 2003, Gov. Perry called three special sessions so that the legislature could draw congressional maps and replace a court drawn plan. The difference between the summer of 2003 and 2011? The Presidency. Team Perry wants everything wrapped up and the legislature gone by May 30; thereby eliminating legislative distractions this summer as Gov. Perry continues to blossom into a very viable possibility for the Republican presidential nomination.

Here is all of what Robert says.

My Best Friend’s kid, Matt Luna, is the star first baseman of HISD’s Lamar High.  This past Saturday night they reached the Regional Semifinals and will play Brazoswood later on this week.  Matt had a key two run double in a 3-0 win and according to his Mom Julie the win was a pretty cool BD present – Julie’s BD was Saturday.

Commentary’s Mom also celebrated her BD this past Saturday!

He is one smart Hoosier for sure!  Give Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels credit (or maybe give his family credit) for joining the ranks of those GOPers that don’t want to get their arses handed to them by The President next year.  RUN, DUDE, RUN!

Commentary checked out “Eat Pray Love” last night and I sure got hungry during her first destination.

In the 1990s of course the ‘Stros were 65-57 against the LA Dodgers.

We should have swept the Blue Jays but Clint Barmes let a groundball go through his legs Saturday afternoon and then the roof fell in.  At least we’re 5-1 all time against the Jays and 2-1 in interleague play.  Let’s hope for a winning home stand that begins tonight!


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Here is what H-Town CM James Rodriguez put out yesterday after City Council adopted the revised redistricting plan:

This morning the Houston City Council adopted a revised redistricting plan that incorporates the recommendations submitted by the Latino leadership on April 20.   The proposal provides an opportunity for the Latino community to gain representation on the Houston City Council.  I am proud that my office provided the leadership on this issue throughout this process.

I want to thank the Mayor and her staff for working with the Latino community leadership on this critical issue.  I want to thank the Latino leadership for stepping forward and making the case for a redistricting plan that is fair to all communities.   I also want to thank Dr. Laura Murillo and the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for facilitating the Latino leadership effort during the past month and a half.

You can go to Commentary’s website here and see the latest lineup of candidates:   www.camposcommunications.com/politicalpage.html .

At-Large 2 is getting a little crowded. 

Here is a Chron piece today on H-Town redistricting.

Here is from the Chron piece:

Councilman James Rodriguez said a "wanted" email has circulated among Hispanic leaders seeking the right person for the District J job.

Who holds the ‘Stros career postseason record for most postseason games played as a pitcher?

Guv Dude is getting a whole lot of “will he or won’t he” run in most of today’s fish wraps across the state.  Rush Limbaugh also gave him some run yesterday.  Dude is saying no but you know he has to love the run he’s getting.  A big difference between Dude in 2012 and W in 2000 is in 2000 W had everybody fooled that he was a “uniter and not a divider.”  W also had folks convinced that he woke up every morning and hugged a Latino. Dude has made it clear that he prefers the mightier sword over the pen.   He also loves a good game of kickball using paperless folks.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of, Dude suffered a setback of sorts yesterday as a Texas Senate committee couldn’t name any sanctuary cities.

You can go to The President’s campaign website and order a cool T-shirt with The President’s mug on the front on top of “Made in the USA” and his long form birth certificate on the back.

Brad “Lights Out” Lidge of course pitched in 17 post season games as a ‘Stro.

I really can’t say anything about sitting in front of the tube and watching the ‘Stros going through their misery other than to say that I get through my crosswords a lot quicker.  At least Brownie and J.D. make it sound less painful.


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This is a bit from today’s Texas Tribune:

RealClearPolitics reported that "a Texas pol who is close to Perry" has been telling strategists that the governor is waiting to be called on to run and that he could make a move by late summer. According to RCP, two other Perry associates have begun looking at Iowa, the first primary voting state.
Here is the entire piece.

That would be so sweet if Guv Dude got into the race for president. Unlike 2000 when W ran, in 2012 you would probably have every Dem legislator from the Lone Star State volunteering to go on Truth Squad tours s through battle ground state telling voters about Dude’s record.  All of the Lone Star State’s dirty underwear would be on display just like Dude did to the Former H-Town Mayor and the City of H-Town last year.    Guv Dude could finally get his mano-a-mano moment with The President and discuss more than just border security.    I think The President’s campaign would butcher Dude

A national debate on what is going on in Texas would be a positive dynamic that would work in favor of Dems in the U.S. Senate race.  A lot of the Dem base would turn out just to vote against Dude.  He would carry the Lone Star State but not by as much as he did last year against the Former H-Town Mayor.  Please Dude, get into the race.

Hall of Fame great Harmon Killebrew left us yesterday.  Killebrew ended his career with 573 dingers and in 11th place on the career dinger list.  Who is at #10 and at #12 on the career dinger list?

The Chron’s E-Board today endorsed the City of H-Town revised redistricting plan that City Council will consider today.  Check out the endorsement.

Pam-In-Charge got a little bit of run in the Chron’s Star Section today.  For now it is only in the hard copy.

Mark McGwire of course with 583 dingers is #10 on the career dinger list and Rafael Palmeiro of course with 569 dingers is #12 on the career dinger list – yikes!

Here is what Numero 45 said about yesterday’s loss:

“It just keeps happening and happening.  We just can’t get away from it.”

You can say that again and again and again!

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This is from this past weekend’s Chron:

Drayton McLane will not leave the team on top, but only five clubs have posted more wins than the Astros during his 18-plus seasons owning the team.

It is being reported that a formal announcement will be made today at The Yard regarding my pal Drayton selling the ‘Stros. 

Saturday’s hard copy of the Chron had a story (can’t find it online) on the Harris County Attorney deciding to investigate Port Commission Chair Jim Edmonds and Port CEO Alec Dreyer after getting a request from Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman.  This comes a day after Port Commissioners Elyse Lanier and Janiece Longoria fired off a letter to Edmonds on alleged Port shenanigans.  Harris County Judge Ed Emmett doesn’t think the County Attorney should be meddling.  I don’t think the Judge is going to get far on this though as two Commissioners don’t seem to have a problem and I don’t think Commissioner Eversole will weigh in.  I’m sure it will get interesting in the days and weeks to come.  Stay tuned!

Since the Baseball Writers started handing out the MVP Award in 1931, name the only decade in which a Yankee didn’t win the award?

The H-Town City Council will take up redistricting this Wednesday.   Stay tuned!

Speaking of, I wonder if Dems ought to be bracing for the GOP drawn Congressional plan.  They say H-Town Latinos won’t get a second opportunity district.  Where does that leave the local Latino leadership? Stay tuned!

I will say this about the fella that wants to be the new owner of the ‘Stros.  It looks like he gives more campaign dough to Dems than to GOPers.  That’s a good thing.

The 1990s of course is the only decade in which a Yankee has not won an AL MVP Award.

The ‘Stros are on a 7 game road trip that will take them to The ATL, San Luis, and then Toronto as a muffed pop up by Numero 45 led to our demise yesterday.  We’re still in last place – drats!



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The Texas State Senate redistricting maps were making the rounds yesterday.  The maps of course were drawn by the GOP.  Commentary is still in The Dean’s district.  The Dean’s district also took in Montrose.

The Chron has a piece on the proposed Senate plan today and here is an interesting bit from the Chron:

Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, said he doesn’t expect the changes to result in any significant turnover in the Houston delegation.

"All the incumbents have districts that they can run and win from," he said. Whitmire is the longest-serving member of the state Senate.

One of the biggest proposed changes in the Houston area involves moving the Montrose neighborhood from the historically black 13th District, which has long been represented by Sen. Rodney Ellis, to Whitmire’s district.

It’s a change that has left Ellis, a Democrat, rather nonplussed about the proposed new district boundaries.

"I represent the seat that Barbara Jordan held, and Montrose has been in this district since then," Ellis noted in a statement released Wednesday afternoon. "I will be shocked if this map passes the Senate, much less Justice Department scrutiny."

Whitmire said that he felt the new neighborhoods he would represent under the proposed plan were compatible with the rest of his district.

"It shouldn’t slow me down one bit," he said.

It looks like The Dean is Ok with the move and Senator Ellis isn’t. 

This is the second major move for Montrose in this year’s redistricting.  Under the City of H-Town’s revised plan that will be voted on next week, Montrose gets moved out of District D and put in the newly reconfigured District C. That is the proposed City Council district that former State Rep. Ellen Cohen is running for.   Stay tuned!

Of the 10 AL MVP Awards in the 1950s, Yankee players won 6 of them.  Name the Yankee greats that won them?

This is from the Chron today on General Sanchez deciding to get into the U.S. Senate race here in the Lone Star State:

"Our confidence in this race comes down to the simple fact that Texans do not support Barack Obama’s liberal, tax-and-spend agenda and whoever the Democratic nominee ultimately is, that individual will be campaigning side by side at the top of the ticket next year with President Obama," said Brian Walsh, spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is chaired by Texas Sen. John Cornyn.

The GOP is setting the trap.  Then want the General to run from The President.  Don’t fall for it. 

If you are old school like Commentary and go out to your front yard to pick up the fish wrap every morning, you got to check out the story about H-Town Latinos probably not getting a second opportunity congressional district.  Oh, well!  I guess we’ll just have to settle for the first opportunity congressional district.

Yankee greats Phil Rizzuto (1950), Yogi Berra (1951, 1954, & 1955), and Mickey Mantle (1956 & 1957) of course combined to win 6 AL MVP Awards.  Yogi Berra is celebrating his 86th BD today. 

Like Yogi once said:  "You can observe a lot by watching."

If the ‘Stros are sold, I hope the new management continues to post Commentary in the team clubhouse.  They obviously checked out what I said yesterday and played well and got us a victory in dramatic fashion.  The ‘Stros take the day off then host the not-so amazing Mets this weekend.


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The administration is proposing handing off the City’s Convention and Entertainment Facilities Department to a non-profit organization and already they have messed up which leads me to believe that I don’t think they have thought this through.  Most of the facilities are in Downtown Houston and they forgot to brief the council member whose district includes Downtown – James Rodriguez.   I don’t know about this deal.  The Houston Press has a piece on the handoff and here are bits:

Basically, the merger would create a nonprofit organization called the Houston First Corporation. Pending council approval on May 18, Houston First would lease out the George R. Brown Convention Center, the Wortham Theater, Jones Hall, Jones Plaza, Miller Outdoor Theatre, Sesquicentennial Park, Root Memorial Square and several other smaller park and performing arts facilities from the city for a one-time cash payment of $8.6 million, followed by yearly payments of $1.4 million over the next five years.

Amid the drone of acronym-laden, jargon-heavy talk that followed (amid the alphabet soup, we got to hear the word "visioning" quite a bit), and a few questions from mostly contented council members, there suddenly erupted a volcano in the form of Councilman James Rodriguez, whose District I encompasses downtown, the site of most of the venues and the home of many arts donors and patrons.

"I have several serious concerns about the proposed Hotel Corporation/CEFD organizational changes, including failure to communicate this information to me as the downtown district Council Member," he began, in a cold fury.
"For several years, I have worked tirelessly to improve facilities in District I, including those in our downtown. I find it ironic that in the past, I have been asked to build consensus and garner support for matters pertaining to these facilities and didn’t even get a phone call to brief me on this matter."

While several other members thanked Icken and Campo for briefing them as early as last Thursday, the two men evidently forgot to bring the guy whose district this would be affecting most into the loop. Interesting — it was either incompetent or nefarious.

Without waiting for answers, Rodriguez asked Campo and Icken which stakeholders were part of the discussions, and how they felt about the proposed deal. He wanted to know what the short- and long-term impacts would be to the Theater District, convention business, and local arts programs. He wanted to know how all these facilities would be improved, and who would be held accountable should they fall apart, or should customer service erode. He called for more in-depth public discussion and pointed out again that these are taxpayer assets. And he closed by demanding to know who was on Campo’s board, and wanted to know if it was both diverse and had at least some members with experience of running multimillion dollar facilities.

First of all that Andy Icken fella and Ric Campo are pretty arrogant if you ask me if they didn’t even bother to brief CM Rodriguez.  It goes to show that they don’t think much of James and don’t know James’ history with the Downtown facilities.  As former CM Alvarado’s Chief of Staff, James work tirelessly on Downtown entertainment projects and as a Council Member – well you get the picture.  I worry that if an arrogant fella like Campo is in charge, is he really going to listen to folks in the future.  If Icken and Campo have that attitude going into this deal, no telling how they will screw up the so-called merger on down the line.

I also worry about the diversity issue.  How many Latinos are on the Convention Center Hotel Corporation that Campo chairs?  I didn’t see any on the list.

Does Council really want to handoff jewels like the Wortham Theater, Jones Hall, Miller Outdoor, and the Convention Center to an unproven entity?  These are our most precious Downtown facilities.  They are what help make Downtown special.

Is the Convention and Entertainment Facilities Department bleeding? Not to my knowledge.  It is a department that seems to be working so why hand it off?

Have the stakeholders truly been engaged in this process.  They are the ones that have made the facilities what they are today.

City Council needs to push back on this deal and delay it for a while.  Maybe they ought to put together some sort of citizens group to study this. 

This deal reeks of arrogance.  I don’t think they have thought this through.  Again, you would think that they would have gone to CM Rodriguez in the initial phase and gotten his thoughts.  They didn’t because they think they know better – but they don’t.

If Council lets go of these facilities, they are going to lose a measure of accountability that they may regret in the future.  This show must not go on!
Check out the entire Houston Press article here.

On this day in 1999, the Rockies hosted the Mets at Coors Field.  The starting pitcher for the Mets was a righty, the Rockies started a lefty.   What did the starting pitchers have in common?

Yesterday at the H-Town city Hall there was a celebration of diversity of sorts as The Mayor and leaders of the city’s African American, Asian American, and Latino communities came out to support the revised redistricting plan.  Here are bits from the Chron on what happened yesterday:

"We’re the growth," (CM James) Rodriguez said in announcing his support of the map unveiled by Mayor Annise Parker on Tuesday morning. "We need a plan that’s equitable and reflects our growth."


"If you look at, historically, the progress that has been made by Latinos, it’s been incremental, step by step," said Marc Campos, a political consultant for Rodriguez and veteran of past redistricting battles who worked extensively on this year’s plan. "Redistricting has always been a weapon that we’ve utilized to make gains."


"This is an opportunity. It’s not an answer," Parker said. "If the Latino community gets together behind the right candidate, funds that candidate, assists that candidate in mobilizing voters, there’s no question in my mind that this district can elect a strong Latino leader to City Council to join those that we already have, but it’s not going to happen automatically."             Here is the entire Chron story.

The two starting pitchers at Coors Field on May 11, 1999 shared the same name of course:  Bobby J. Jones for Mets and Bobby M. Jones for the Rockies.

Commentary got some run in Politico.com today.   Check it out.    General Sanchez will formally get into the U.S. Senate race today.  If he runs a credible campaign, maybe The President’s campaign will put some resources into Texas – maybe.  Stay tuned!

The ‘Stros once again were terrible last night.  Oh, the misery!  They have that look. The look that says:  “When are we going to win?”


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Here in H-Town, we have control of the redistricting process thanks of course to The Mayor and the local Latino leadership.  Commentary saw the plan yesterday and it works for us.  Here is what CM James Rodriguez said yesterday:

I am proud to announce my support for the redistricting staff proposal that was presented today by Mayor Annise Parker.  I ask that Houston’s Latino leadership join me in endorsing the plan.  The proposal incorporates the recommendations submitted by the Latino leadership on April 20.   The proposal provides an opportunity for the Latino community to gain representation on the Houston City Council.

I urge Latino leaders to sign up and speak in support of the redistricting plan at the public session of tomorrow’s (Tuesday, May 10) Houston City Council meeting.  The public session begins at 1:30 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall.   You can sign up to speak by calling the City Secretary’s Office at 832-393-1100.

I want to thank the Mayor and her staff for working with the Latino community leadership on this critical issue.  I want to thank the Latino leadership for stepping forward and making the case for a redistricting plan that is fair to all communities.   I also want to thank Dr. Laura Murillo and the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for facilitating the Latino leadership effort during the past month and a half.

The Mayor will hold a press conference this morning at 10 am on the redistricting plan then you should be able to go to the city’s website to check it out.  All Dems should now step forward and support the plan.

Who holds the ‘Stros record for most games played as a rookie?

“Bad jokes, Lord, I love ’em.  Bad jokes, can’t get enough of ’em.  Ooowhee, bad jokes for me!”

I think Dusty and Lefty were talking about what is going on in Austin these days. 

I hope The President doesn’t pick up any of the state’s fish wraps while he’s town today.  He would probably think that we’re already on our way to secede. 

Hall of Fame great Joe Morgan of course played in 157 games for the ‘Stros back in 1965.

About the only thing positive from The Yard last night was a cool lid given to me by my pal VP Jamie.  It is a low profile lid that some of the players wear.  Jamie went down to the clubhouse and fetched it for me.   A low profile lid has a slightly shorter crown.  Meanwhile, Nelson Figueroa who started out in the pitching rotation has been sent packing so let’s hope more moves are on the way. 



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I guess the Star-Telegram still reads Commentary.  There is a story in today’s Star-Telegram about the not-so-welcome The President will get from the Lone Star State’s leadership when he comes to our state tomorrow.  Here is from the piece:

A Texas Democrat, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity in the state over the issue, says that with Gov. Rick Perry and every other GOP lawmaker slamming Obama at every turn, the state should not be surprised if it’s losing out. "We’ve done everything we possibly could to be offensive to the Obama administration," said the Democrat, a former Texas elected official.

Why be anonymous when you say this?  Commentary has been saying this time and time again like when we lost the shuttle a few weeks ago.  Then last week Guv Dude and the Lite Guv didn’t give The President the credit he deserves on taking down Bin Laden.  Then a bunch of GOP State House members removed their names from a resolution praising The President.  I don’t see why anyone should be afraid of pointing this out publicly. 
Check out the Star-Telegram story here.

Today The H-Town Mayor will lay out the redistricting plan she will put on this week’s City Council agenda.  Council could act on the plan as early as Wednesday but in all likelihood it will be tagged.  Stay tuned!

What two MLB teams were involved in the highest scoring game in MLB history?

Last night’s “60 Minutes” interview with The President was as good as you can get.   Way to go Mr. President! 

You knew sooner or later it was going to happen.  I’m talking about photo shopping the Situation Room Photo.  There is one of The Situation in the Situation Room.  There is one with the Raptor from “Jurassic Park”.  
Check them out.

On another website there is one with The President dressed in Lollipop Guild gear.

I didn’t have a problem with folks laying down as background music Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” when they were showing Bin Laden watching himself on the tube or watching Bin Laden slapping on the Just for Men.

The Cubbies beat the Phillies of course on August 25, 1922 by a score of 26-23 for a total of 49 runs that were scored. 

About the only good thing to look forward to during the upcoming 6-game home stand that begins tonight at The Yard is the “Pink in the Park” tribute to breast cancer awareness.  There ought to be plenty of pink to check out.    Meanwhile, our relief pitching stinks, stinks, stinks……



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Commentary wanted to see the photos of Bin Laden but The President said no way.  I’m OK with that.  He knows more about this than I do. 

CEWDEM distributed a take from a Lone Star State Dem Party Chair candidate on how to get the Latino voter to the polls ….. blah, blah, blah, blah. 

Latinos vote if they have a reason to vote.  In 2008, they turned out big time during the presidential primary here because America was watching and America started talking about the Latino vote here in the Lone Star State.  They are not going to turn out if Dems talk about getting tough on border security because they know who you are talking about.  To me that is disrespectful.  That is also falling into the trap set by the GOP.  We’re not an ignorant community.  How do you explain the fact that the 10 pm local Univision newscast here in H-Town is often the most watched of all local newscasts?  How do you explain the fact that one of the highest rated drive time morning radio shows is a Spanish language program?  We pay attention to what is going on.

In 2009, the major candidates for H-Town mayor didn’t spend a whole lot of time engaging the Latino voter and guess what?  They stayed home.

The problem is the Lone Star State Democratic Party and the Harris County Democratic Party isn’t having a conversation with the Latino community and when they do, they often show disrespect or talk down to Latinos.  Commentary mentioned yesterday the GOP fella that is running for Harris County sheriff.  It looks like he is going to run as a Joe Arpaio lookalike.  They are setting a trap for Dems.  If Dems respond by saying we can be just as tough on paperless folks, then the local Latino voter is going to get the message and stay home and the local Dems could be losers.  Think about that and stay tuned!

This ‘Stro hit his first career dinger which was also a grand salami on Cinco de Mayo a few years ago.  Who am I talking about?

On Chron.com there is a piece about a candidate for H-Town City Council, District C.  He wants the current CM from District C, my pal Anne Clutterbuck, to surrender her list of civic club contacts.   Check out the story.  I don’t think the candidate is paying too much attention to redistricting because District C is not going to look like District C after all is said and done.

Hunter Pence of course hit his first career dinger – a grand salami- on Cinco de Mayo, 2007 in San Luis.

Brandon Lyon blew another save yesterday and now he’s on his way back to H-Town to get his shoulder checked on.    We wrap up the Cincy series this afternoon. 


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It feels as if we should all take the day off.   I never thought I would see this day.  I actually thought the arsehole would die of old age.

There are going to be some that still are not going to believe he’s a goner so I hope they took some pictures.  They also better release the photos.

Some folks are extending their congratulatory remarks to include 43.   I’m OK with that as long as they give full credit to President Obama.

You have to figure that The President and his team look stronger on the national security front.

Just like a lousy catch, Bin Laden got tossed overboard.

Obama 1, Osama 0!

Way to go Mr. President!  You got scoreboard!

Commentary takes full credit for driving the discussion in the Lone Star State on the Dem Party’s failure to engage the Latino voter.  The Texas observer ran a piece on the subject last week.   Check it out.

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Who holds the ‘Stros record for career shutouts tossed?

Hello Ace!

Dante and Lucas have them a new baby brother.  His name is Andrew Caysen Estes.  His mom Rachel is calling him Caysen.  His brothers are calling him Ace.  I checked him out yesterday and he has a full head of dark hair.

Dante scooped up his second career foul ball yesterday afternoon.  Shortly after, a high foul ball came at us and I reached for it and it hit my hand and bounced off and landed in a kid’s tub of popcorn.  The kid wasn’t paying attention and didn’t even know how the ball landed there – go figure.

Larry Dierker of course tossed 25 shutouts as a ‘’Stro.

Numero 45 hit a three run dinger yesterday then got dinged up going for a fly ball.

The Chron predicted the team would go 11-16 in April and we went 10-17 as we head to Cinncy for three.



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