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Woody Strode 

Early Voting in Person for the party primaries in Texas begins today. I counted just over 20 mailers that I have received since the beginning of the year. 

From the I Did Not Know That Department, I had the pregame on yesterday and NBC Sports was doing a feature on African Americans who first integrated college football in 1939 and actor Woody Strode was one of the first at UCLA along with Baseball Hall of Fame great Jackie Robinson. I did not know that about Woody Strode who left us in 1994. I only knew of him as an actor. He had a memorable role in “The Professionals,” along with Claudia Cardinale, Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Jack Palance and Robert Ryan. He was also in “Spartacus” where he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.  He was in “Once Upon a Time in the West” as one of the gunslingers sent to kill “Harmonica” played by Charles Bronson and gets gunned down at the train station. 

Another informative pre-game piece was Steve Kornacki explaining your chances of winning on the 100 square game betting board. You know, the ones you can get in on at your neighborhood watering hole or the office, where the numbers 0 through 9 horizontally and vertically are assigned randomly after all 100 squares are sold. You have four chances to win – after the first three quarters and the final score. 

I was entertained last night. Outstanding game. Rip roaring halftime show. Some good ads. 

The National Anthem by Mickey Guyton was strong. 

The Rock, well, rocked the intro of the game. 

The Jurassic Park trailer was a great start. That will likely be the flick that gets me back into a theater this summer. 

These are the ads that are worthy of mention. 

The Toyota paralympic ad. 

The BMW electric car with Arnold and Salma. 

Telemundo World Cup goooooooaaaaaallll! 

The sloth and other animals with the dropped bags of Doritos and Cheetos. 

“Meadow”, err Jamie Lynn Sigler paying homage to “The Sopranos” in the Chevy Silverado electric truck. 

Michelob Ultra with Serena Williams, Steve Buscemi and Peyton Manning at the bowling alley. 

Toyota Tundra and the three Joneses – Leslie, Rashida and Tommy Lee and Nick Jonas. 

The NFL halftime ad with the kids and the little NFL players including Payton and Peyton. 

Liquid Death water which had me confused at first – so it worked. 

Google Pixel 6 which addressed taking pictures of darker skinned folks. 

Kia electric car with the Robo Dog. 

HEB with George Strait as an astronaut who had the munchies. 

Amazon’s Alexa with Scarlett and her hubby Colin that I mentioned last week. 

The Sam’s Club VIP with Kevin Hart who ran across a shopper holding a bag of Siete chips in front of the Siete products shelves.  (Google it.) 

I watched the halftime show. The performers brought their top shelf game. There was a lot of energy. One of the best halftimes shows. Someone will have to explain to Commentary why they had to perform in life size doll houses.  

The game was great. I felt good for the Rams fans and bad for the Bengals fans.  It came down to the last minute. 

Since you asked, my spread last night included smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, red onions, salami, cheddar cheese, guacamole made in my kitchen, grapes, blueberries, green olives, bread, crackers, chips and mixed nuts. 

My favorite town for African American professional coaching or managerial opportunities goes to H-Town. The Astros, Rockets and Texans are all currently being coached or managed by African Americans. That’s cool. Can any other city say this? 

Some of the words on the little conversational heart candy these days are “TEXT ME,” “DM ME,” “GOAT,” UR GREAT,” and “BESTIE” 

Have a nice Saint Valentine’s Day. 

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