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MFers and A-Holes 

Motherfuckers and assholes. Commentary is talking about the GOP legislators who voted for the Texas voter suppression bill last year. You guys know I don’t use profanity on Commentary. I don’t consider arsehole profanity. Motherfuckers and assholes are profanity and a well-deserved description in this instance. I hope they all go to hell. 

I didn’t know until I read the Trib piece yesterday that you had to include ID information on your mail ballot carrier envelope.  When I saw the story, I thought it was shoddy editing and that they were still writing about the mail ballot applications.   

I went and found the instruction sheet that came with your mail ballot. It is written in small print that ID information is required.  I thought I was as informed as anyone. Nope.  I saw plenty of stories about ID information that was required for mail ballot applications. I don’t think I ever saw a story on the mail ballot itself. 

It would have been nice if the Harris County Elections Administrator folks had included a dayglow pink slip of paper with huge font saying “NEW LAW! ID INFORMATION REQUIRED AS WELL AS SIGNATURE!” 

This is over the top. It was already too much to include the new information on the mail ballot application. We get our ballot and must include this again? 

I am trying to figure out how two voters – me and my Dad – who never miss an election are caught up in this voter integrity thing. 

Those GOP legislators who voted for this are motherfuckers and assholes. 

Now I must spend time trying to figure out this mess. 

Here is the Trib piece: New Texas voting rules cause rejection of hundreds of mail-in ballots | The Texas Tribune. 

One of the best African American #txlege lobbyists is Crystal Brown who used to be Crystal Ford. Very smart and sharp. I always enjoy my conversations with Crystal.

There are three guys who have attended in person every Super Bowl game. Best I can say is I have watched every one of them on TV, now the flat screen. I think. I don’t have a favorite in the Super Bowl this weekend. Well, maybe the Bengals, so all those H-Town folks who bought a mattress from Mattress Mack can get their money back. I just want to make sure I have a good grub spread, an interesting game, and some ads I can put out takes about Monday morning.  

Have a safe Super Bowl weekend. 

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