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39 Races

Commentary will for sure be one of the most knowledgeable voters in the 2022 Harris County Democratic Party Primary. I got my mail ballot on Saturday, and it looks like there are 39 competitive races on my ballot. I am familiar with some of the races, I have asked friends for their recommendations, I have received unsolicited takes from good sources, and I am doing a bit of research. You can do that with a mail ballot.  The rest of you guys that go vote in person early or on election day – good luck. 

Former Interim Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins announced yesterday that he is running for H-Town Mayor next year.  The Dean announced late last year that he is also running.  Commentary will be supporting my good friend The Dean. 

Here is part of the Hollins statement that is in the Chron: 

“Our next mayor will lead Houston at a defining moment in its history. The pandemic changed our world overnight, and we as a city have to deal with that change. We can’t go back. I am offering my leadership and experience to propel Houston forward.” 

Here is the Chron article: Former Harris County clerk Chris Hollins announces run for Houston mayor (houstonchronicle.com). 

Here is another part of his statement from the Trib: 

“Our community at large cannot thrive unless we’re safe and, just as important, we feel safe in our city. So whether that means addressing issues of crime, flooding, housing or the pandemic, Houstonians have to be able to trust that our mayor is committed to protecting residents and to fostering a safe community.” 

Here is the Trib article: Former Harris County elections chief running for Houston mayor | The Texas Tribune. 

I don’t want city government to be reinvented. Commentary just wants my green bin to be picked up on time. I don’t want it sitting out there for a couple of days. I want the next mayor and firefighters not to be at each other’s throat.  I want an HPD that is solving crimes and getting bad guys off the streets.  I want streets that you can drive on, parks that are clean and flooding reduced.   

The story on the Hollins announcement in the Chron is 1,086 words long. I checked on The Dean’s announcement article from the Chron – 704 words. 

Let’s see how much money Hollins has in his campaign bank account when the next campaign report is due on July 15. 

I am sure most folks have seen this. Here is from the Chron: 

A Harris County Precinct 5 sergeant accused County Judge Lina Hidalgo of being disruptive at a funeral for a deputy earlier this week. 

Sgt. Roy Guinn in a video posted to YouTube by the Michael Berry Show said Hidalgo was standing in the wrong place during an outdoor procession and refused to move when he asked her. Guinn also said Hidalgo also disrupted the proceedings when she attempted to speak with Constable Ted Heap, Guinn’s boss. 

Here is the entire read: Constable deputy accuses Lina Hidalgo of ‘disrespect’ at deputy’s funeral (houstonchronicle.com). 

Folks like Lt. Dan Patrick and other GOPers went after Judge Hidalgo on this. It’s sad that they try to score political points using the funeral of a slain deputy constable.  Hey, but that is your GOP these days.  They gave up any sense of decency a few election cycles ago. 

What they don’t get is what is on full display.  Judge Hidalgo gets treated differently than former County Judges Ed Emmett and Robert Eckles because she is a Latina and an immigrant.  What they also don’t get is this line of attack just riles up and emboldens the Judge’s younger female supporters, who will now donate another $50 or $100 to her campaign and put in another few days of block walking. 

Remember, we are Harris County, not Hood County. Dumb move. 

I have been checking out the Super Bowl ads that are shown on “Today” or you can catch them online. By far, the best one is the one I saw yesterday with Scarlett Johansson and her hubby Colin Jost for Amazon’s Alexa. It is funny and well done. 

My favorite African American female athlete is Serena Williams. 

I mentioned last week that I now have a record player and my leadoff disc was “Déjà Vu” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I try to listen to a couple of albums a day unless I am in Baytown. So far, I have played the songs from the flick “Welcome to L.A.” mostly sung by Richard Baskin and David Carradine, The Carpenters’ “Singles,” “Divine Miss M” by Bette Midler, “San Antonio Rose” by Willie Nelson and Ray Price, and Glen Campbell’s “Greatest Hits.” 

I guess I am kind of catching up with my movies. Last night I saw “Money Monster.” It was a film directed by Jodie Foster that starred Julia Roberts and George Clooney. It is about a guy who takes hostage a cable news financial program on live TV.   

I don’t have much to say about the new head coach for the Texans. The Chron’s John McClain and Brian T. Smith have good takes on the hiring today.

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