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Border Security Failure 

Let’s just say it. The state of Texas has spent billions on border security this past decade. The arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott activated the Texas National Guard and here is the headline from a Trib story today: 

Deplorable conditions, unclear mission: Texas National Guard troops call Abbott’s rushed border operation a disaster 

There is no mission. It is one big photo-op flop.  

Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and the rest of the GOPers in the Texas state legislature have burned billions of dollars in so-called border security just to pander to the crazies in their base. There is no coherent strategy. Now we have guard troops openly grousing to the media.  A shameful waste of our tax dollars. 

I remember the days when the GOP was the conservative party. Not anymore. They are now the racist, voter suppression, immigrant hating, book banning party. 

Over the past weekend, news broke that QB great Tom Brady was retiring. Soon afterwards Brady’s agent put out a statement saying only Tom Brady would make that decision. Yesterday, Brady said he had not made up his mind. Today, he just announced his retirement. Got it? 

Hello, February. Early Voting for the primaries is 13 days away. We should be getting our mail ballots any day now. 

The first Spring Training game for the Astros is scheduled for February 26. The players and the owners still have not agreed to a collective bargaining agreement. We still do not have any idea if Carlos Correa will be our starting shortstop. 

The Space Cowboys were officially announced this past weekend. I am going to have to get me one of their lids for sure.  Probably the one with the mission patch.

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