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It’s That Easy

Everyone says H-Town is a football town. How come we have never played in the Super Bowl? We are one of four NFL cities to have never played in the Super Bowl. Us, Cleveland, Detroit and Jacksonville.  

The Astros have been to four World Series. The Rockets have been to four NBA Finals.  

In thirteen days, Super Bowl 56 will be played.  

H-Town is a football town. Got it? 

I forgot. H-Town has hosted three Super Bowls. The Patriots won two of them, the Dolphins the other, the Vikings, Panthers and Falcons lost them. 

I didn’t know solving local crime was that easy. I also didn’t know that if Harris County voters elect a GOP majority commissioners court in November, our local crime problem will be solved. That’s what I learned yesterday on “What’s Your Point.”  

The GOP panelists on the show yesterday morning said our crime problem in Harris County is the fault of Judge Lina Hidalgo and Commissioners Rodney Ellis and Adrian Garcia. All are Democrats. One of the panelists even called them the three stooges. They said we needed to vote out of office Judge Hidalgo and Commissioner Garcia in November. 

Let’s see now. When the GOP had control of the Commissioners Court for three decades prior to 2019, we didn’t have a crime problem in Harris County. I didn’t know that. Did you?  

Did you know that up until 1984, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) members were elected by the boundaries of congressional districts. At that time, Texas had 24 congressional districts and 24 members of the State Board of Education. SBOE members each represented a congressional district. The education reform bill, HB 72, that passed in a special called session in 1984 reduced the number of SBOE members and districts to the current 15. As I recall, and I was there, nobody really made a fuss of things. There were other fish to fry so to speak in the bill that at the time mattered more. Now you know. 

I admit it. I thought when the Bengals fell behind 21-3 in the second quarter that they were goners. 

Hall of Fame great Nolan Ryan is 75 today. Happy Birthday, Nolan! 

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