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This happened yesterday. See this tweet:  

Team Zaffirini @TeamZaffirini 

Congratulations to @CarolforTexas, who was re-elected by acclamation today to a third term as Chair of our Senate Democratic Caucus. She’s an impressive, articulate, passionate, and effective leader. #txlege 

I am not surprised by this. She certainly knows how to lead. 

The City of H-Town City Council District G Special Election is today. Did the Chron E-Board endorse in this race.  If they did, I missed it.   

There was a recent Chron story about folks getting killed by their disabled cars that are stranded on H-Town’s freeways. I do my share of driving on our freeways. Every time I see someone outside of their vehicle on the freeway, particularly the inside lane, I get worried and cringe. Folks are driving 80 MPH on those narrow lanes and one minor distraction is all it takes.  

Let me get this straight now.  Folks are upset because President Joe Biden called a Fox News reporter a stupid SOB. A Fox New reporter. He is a reporter for Fox News. Fox News is an outfit that has promoted the Big Lie. The Big Lie. A Fox News reporter is a stupid SOB. 

I guess Commentary is as protected as you can get. I am fully boosted. I wear the KN95 when I am at the grocery store. I always travel with hand sanitizer. I drink red wine. See this from the Mirror: 

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, several ‘tips and tricks’ that have been labelled as cures to the virus have been brought up from time to time. 

Many of them have fortunately been debunked, but a recent study has claimed that one specific alcoholic drink could reduce the risk of catching Covid

The research, which was published in Frontiers In Nutrition, comes from the British database UK Biobank, which were analyzed at Shenzhen Kangning Hospital in China. 

Here’s what you need to know about the research and what types of alcohol – if any – can actually protect you from catching Covid. 

According to the report, which studied drinking habits and Covid history during the pandemic, drinking red wine could reduce the risk of Covid infection. 

Here is the entire read: Drinking red wine can reduce risk of catching Covid, according to new research – Mirror Online

I just hope there isn’t a rush to stock up on red wine.

On a kind of related note, someone got knocked off the heart transplant recipient list because they will not get vaccinated. I am good with that. 

The Baseball Hall of Fame will announce their new inductees this afternoon.  I will try to remember and watch. 

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