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Forget the Latinos 

Chris Tomlinson is a Chron business columnist.  He is also one of the authors of the book “Forget the Alamo” that came out last year. He has a take on the new news outlet that is coming to H-Town. Here it is: Tomlinson: Billionaires’ good intentions for Texas journalism come with high risks (houstonchronicle.com). 

He is not really a fan of the new news venture. He is also not well informed about local news operations.  Here is part of his take:  

What I find difficult to grasp is why donors are financing a new nonprofit that will compete for funding in a city with a healthy daily newspaper, four television news outlets, a significant public media operation, multiple talk radio stations and dozens of websites. 

There are six local television news outlets. I presume he left out the two Spanish-language TV stations, Telemundo and Univision. They get big ratings too. Forget the Latinos. Such a glaring omission. 

On a related note, I don’t think the Chron is happy with the new news outlet setting up shop here in H-Town. 

In the looking back section of today’s Chron, it says two years ago today, in the USA, the first known case of COVID-19 surfaced in the state of Washington with this quote: 

“U.S. officials stressed that they believed the overall risk of the virus to the American public remained low.” 

That is 860,000 dead in the USA including 78,000 in Texas. How did your last two years go? 

The Dean got some real good front page coverage in the hard copy of the Chron today. Here is the online version: As amendment gives some Texas lawmakers $140K annual pension, one legislator says ‘hell no’ to offer (houstonchronicle.com). 

The Dean is saying heck no to a cozy and sweet pension deal. Nice press for The Dean. It doesn’t get any better than that. 

I don’t care who you are. You never want the FBI looking at your stuff right before an election. Just ask former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton back in 2016. Cong. Henry Cuellar from Laredo must be feeling a bit queasy now that his home has been raided by the FBI a couple of days ago. Cong. Cuellar is in a tough reelection fight against Jessica Cisneros who came within a few percentage points of knocking him off two years ago. 

It was very cold yesterday and I had flashbacks from 13 months ago. 

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