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This is what we called voter suppression. This is not what the GOP called integrity at the ballot box. Here is from the Trib today: 

Hundreds of Texans seeking to vote by mail in the upcoming March primary elections are seeing their applications for ballots rejected by local election offices trying to comply with stricter voting rules enacted by Texas Republicans last year. 

Election officials in some of the state’s largest counties are rejecting an alarming number of mail-in applications because they don’t meet the state’s new identification requirements. Some applications are being rejected because of a mismatch between the new identification requirements and the data the state has on file to verify voters. 

Under Texas’ new voting law, absentee voters must include their driver’s license number or state ID number or, if they don’t have one, the last four digits of their Social Security number on their applications. If they don’t have those IDs, voters can indicate they have not been issued that identification. Counties must match those numbers against the information in an individual’s voter file to approve them for a mail-in ballot. 

In Harris County, 208 applications — roughly 16% of the 1,276 applications received so far — have been rejected based on the new rules. That includes 137 applications on which voters had not filled out the new ID requirements and 71 applications that included an ID number that wasn’t in the voter’s record. 

In Travis County, officials said they’ve rejected about half of the roughly 700 applications they’ve received so far, with the “vast majority” of rejections based on the new voting law. 

In Bexar County, officials have rejected 200 applications on which the ID section was not filled out. Another 125 were rejected because the voter had provided their driver’s license number on the application, but that number was not in their voter record. 

“It’s disturbing that our senior citizens who have relished and embraced voting by mail are now having to jump through some hoops, and it’s upsetting when we have to send a rejection letter [when] we can see they’ve voted with us by mail for years,” said Jacque Callanen, the Bexar County election administrator. 

Here is the entire Trib read: Texas voting law causes rejection of hundreds of mail-in ballot applications | The Texas Tribune 

I help my Dad fill out his mail ballot application. Yes, I am allowed to assist him because I am his son. He submitted his Texas ID card number and his last four SSN digits.  On my application, I just submitted my Texas driver license number. I may resubmit with both numbers. 

In even numbered years, the application has a box for which party primary ballot you are requesting. I wonder how many GOP primary ballot applications were rejected vs Democratic primary ballot applications.

In the H-Town City Council District G special election, only eight voters have submitted mail ballots. 

Yep. This is what we call voter suppression. Happening now, live, in broad daylight. You can thank your GOP legislators. Fuc_ing morons. 

“Today” show is celebrating its 70-year anniversary this morning.  It has been my morning routine my entire adult life. Heck, I have an autographed photo of Jane Pauley in my office. Her head shot from back then. 

They have been showing clips and highlights from the past 70 years. They didn’t leave out disgraced former co-host Matt Lauer. They showed him about three or four times. They didn’t feature him though. 

When it comes to Texas and California, the two largest states, why do some Texas GOPers like to knock California. When it comes to California, do they have an inferiority complex of sorts. Californians don’t waste their time ragging on Texas. Am I missing something? 

Every four weeks, the Chron takes some dough out of my bank account for subscription payment. I would not be a happy reader if they told me they wouldn’t be printing a Saturday edition like what is fixing to happen in Austin. 

I don’t have anything to say about the Texans and their coaching decisions. Their actions are all you need to know. 

I am staying with my Dad this week. Surfing the flatscreen the other night I came across a baseball flick, “Trouble with the Curve,” with Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman. It is a good watch. 

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