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This is a Chron online headline today: 

Hidalgo returns Harris County to its highest COVID-19 threat level. Is anyone listening? 

I am. 

GOPers like the arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott have been pushing the personal responsibility thing on vaccines and masking and look where we are at. 

Don’t blame this on President Joe Biden and his team. Don’t blame it on Dr. Fauci. Don’t blame it on the CDC. We are here because many in the GOP played games with our lives. 

This is what I like to see from today’s Chron: 

Three major Houston hospitals will require employees to receive booster shots in the coming weeks, becoming some of the first institutions nationwide to elevate vaccination requirements amid widespread worker shortages caused by the omicron surge. 

Houston Methodist, Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine announced booster mandates to little fanfare Friday, a marked change from last year’s contentious debate over the legality and efficacy of such policies in health care settings. 

On Judge Lina Hidalgo raising the threat level, she is just letting us know how screwed up things are.  

The lead headline from the hard copy of today’s Chron: 

Why hasn’t Harvey aid reached those in need? 

Four years and four months and counting since Harvey. Abbott and P. Bush. Lousy leadership.  

The GOP is out of excuses in my book. 

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