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It was very cool today waking up and watching three KPRC News Hernandezes handling the early newscast this morning. Regular morning anchor Lisa Hernandez was joined by health reporter Haley Hernandez as co-anchor. Reporter Cathy Hernandez was handling traffic duty.  All three articulate, sharp and smart Latinas. You could call today, Hernandays.   

Royko sent me this on my take yesterday on GOP traitors: 

January 6th is a day of infamy, as it was the day elected officials allowed the Maoists to steal the presidential election, and install a puppet, Xiden, with advanced dementia, so Obama can finish a 3rd term, transforming the USA into another Venezuelan-style Hellhole. 

The Regressive Progressives are trying to replicate what Stalin, Mao, and Castro did when they seized tyrannical control of those nations. 

Let me say it again.  Many in the GOP want elections to count only when they win, when they lose a race like the presidency by 7 million votes, they don’t want the election to count.  That is not how a democracy works. 

Spineless. Coward. Whore.  That’s Ted Cruz. 

Today is National Bobblehead Day.  I have quite a few. Many are still in the box. Some of my favorites are a Roberto Clemente I bought when I visited PNC Park in 2002. I have Tommy Lasorda in a tuxedo promoting the 2006 World Series for Fox and Brad Ausmus in a wetsuit and on a surfboard. 

Yesterday was my regularly scheduled green bin day after it was cancelled back on December 23 two weeks ago. The way it has been going the last few months is our Thursday pick-up gets picked up on Saturday – two days late. Today makes 27 days since the last pick-up.  If it gets picked up tomorrow, that will make it four weeks between pick-ups. Got it? 

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