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January 6 

December 7, 1941. 

September 11, 2001. 

January 6, 2021. 

Grim days in America’s history. 

The enemy. 

The Japanese.  


Trumpers and many GOPers. 

There is no denying. 

Man, it was great to hear President Joe Biden blister Donald Trump’s sorry arse this morning at our nation’s capital. Calling Trump a loser on national TV is sweet. President Biden’s January 6 anniversary remarks have made my day. Heck, my week. It was about time. Sweet. 

Porscha Brown, who was appointed last week by Harris County Commissioners Court to fill a county court-at-law judge vacancy, had to refuse the appointment. She is not yet qualified. How does that happen? How does that get missed?  Who over at Commissioners Court is in charge of vetting?   Talk about an avoidable blunder. 

Commentary got an email from Harris County Judge candidate Erica Davis saying she was running and that was about it. I was going to say something about Davis, but Charles Kuffner put out a good take instead and here is a part of Charles from today:  

I am curious about the seemingly slow pace of her campaign. She filed for Harris County Judge on December 13, which is now four weeks ago, but her impending candidacy was teasted on Twitter a week before that. As far as I can tell, this is her first official communication as a candidate for this office. The primary campaign season is pretty short to begin with, and she’s just now introducing herself to an audience that knows the incumbent very well. Her campaign webpage is still very bare-bones, with almost nothing other than a brief biography – the In the Community and “Erica in the News” sections have nothing. She does now have a campaign Facebook page, which is not linked on her campaign webpage and which appears to be her Facebook page from her 2020 campaign for HCDE renamed for this purpose – the last update is from November 4, 2020, which is to say Election Day. 

Nowhere in the press release, the webpage, or the Facebook page is there any stated reason for why she is running. She talks about her life and experience, which would be fine if she were just now gearing up to take on a Republican incumbent in November, but sure seems like an omission in this context given that she’s asking Democratic voters to vote out someone who I daresay is quite popular and is frequently talked up as a future statewide candidate. I’m sure there are people who will vote for Erica Davis because they know her, and there are some people (yes, even Democrats) who will vote for her because they don’t like Judge Hidalgo, but there’s no way that’s enough to get her to a runoff, much less to fifty percent. The question is not “would Erica Davis make for a good County Judge”, it’s “would Erica Davis make for a better County Judge than Lina Hidalgo”, and so far Erica Davis has not attempted to answer that question. I have no idea what she’s waiting for. 

Here is all of Charles: Erica Davis announces herself – Off the Kuff. 

The only item of substance that Davis is putting out is her slogan on her logo that says “Better leadership FOR ALL of Harris County. That is all.

The Rodeo announced their entire performer line-up for February and March. It is a pretty good group. Folks like Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Ricky Martin, Luke Bryan, Journey, Dierks Bentley, Gwen Stefani, Chris Stapleton, Brad Paisley and George Strait stand out to Commentary. 

Did you know that Brad Paisly is married to Kimberly Williams-Paisley, an actress who starred in “Father of the Bride” with Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. She also has been in a few Hallmark Channel flicks the last few years. 

As expected, the Astros cancelled FanFest. Hey, no players, no FanFest. 

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