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TaxAct Texas Bowl

Edward sent me this: 

City of Houston updates trash collection on their Facebook page. On 12/22/21 at 12:55 pm they posted they would not be picking up 12/23 recycling. Agree that COH service and communication is poor. 

Ok. I am not a complete dummy. I did go online to the Solid Waste webpage the Monday after Christmas and a couple of times since.  I saw the notice headline on their Christmas schedule, but I didn’t bother to read because our pickup date was on Thursday, December 23 – a regular workday.  Here is what was in the notice: 

A new Solid Waste collection schedule will be implemented in observance of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Starting on Thursday, December 23rd, curbside recycling services will be affected by the schedule below. 

Thursday, December 23 – Friday, December 24, 2021  

Thursday and Friday B-Week curbside recycling services will not be provided. Thursday and Friday B-Week curbside recycling will receive collections on your next regularly scheduled collection day (Visit HERE for your next regularly scheduled collection day.) 

Why include Thursday, December 23? It does not make sense. They need to do better.  Let’s see if they actually pick up this Thursday and on time. 

These guys have no fu_king shame. Here is from the Chron: 

A former county commissioner is suing Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, claiming Hidalgo and the county violated state law when they met to approve redistricting maps

Former Commissioner Steve Radack argues the commissioners violated the Open Meetings Act because they did not make public the map that ultimately was approved within 72 hours of the meeting. 

The lawsuit seeks to invalidate the court’s adoption of the new maps. 

Local GOPers didn’t seem to have a problem when Democrats were getting their arses handed to them on redistricting a few months ago at the State Capitol up in Austin. 

The last college bowl game that means nothing will be played tonight at NRG. It is the TaxAct Texas Bowl featuring Kansas State and LSU. That’s the Wildcats versus the Tigers. The Chron coverage on tonight’s game is on page C6 in the Sports Section. Oh, yeah. TaxAct is a tax preparation software company. 

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