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Hello, 2022

One of my January Beatles wall calendars has individual photos of the four from 1962, the other calendar has a photo of the lads from 1967. 

Just your regular run of the mill Texas sized embarrassment. Commentary is talking about the arsehole Governor Greg Abbott.  He loves to brag about fighting President Joe Biden on mask mandates and other COVID-19 fighting measures. On the last day of 2021, with hat in hand, Abbott asked President Biden for federal assistance in the fight against COVID-19. It is beyond mind boggling.  Also, on the final day of 2021, the punkarse Attorney General Ken Paxton put out a tweet bragging about taking on the Biden Administration in court on COVID-19 fighting measures, obviously unaware that just a few blocks away, Abbott was asking the same administration for help battling the virus. Calling it a clown show would be too kind. Sh_t show is more appropriate.  

The Huffines fella who is running against Abbott in the GOP primary ran an ad yesterday promising to bring the Dallas Cowboys another Super Bowl ring. I wonder if he will promise to help get the Houston Texans a ring. If I had a choice, I prefer a fix to the grid.  How screwed up are Huffines’ priorities?  

This is day 12 of my green bin sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up.  My next regularly scheduled green bin day is this Thursday – in three days. Would it be too much for the H-Town City Solid Waste Department to put out some sort of revised schedule or notice.  

My Chronicle wasn’t delivered on Saturday, New Year’s Day. I called, emailed and went online to report that my newspaper had not been delivered. Yesterday, only my Sunday paper was delivered. This morning, I saw two newspapers had been delivered – today’s and Sunday’s. Sigh. 

It is all messed up. 

Hello, 2022. 

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