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Solid Wasted 

The City of H-Town’s Solid Waste Department is the worst. My green recycling bin has now been sitting at the curb for a week now.  Studewood is a block from me. Studewood is also the dividing line. East of Studewood gets their green bins picked up on alternate Thursdays. Yesterday, as I was returning from Baytown, I saw my east of Studewood neighbors putting out their green bins for today. What a mess.  It is a shame.   

I wonder if my green bin will be picked up by the end of the year.

Hall of Fame great Sandy Koufax is 86 today. Number 32 was 14-2 against the Astros/Colt 45s with a 1.90 ERA. 

Let’s see. Four no-nos including a perfecto, an NL MVP, three NL Cy Youngs and four World Series rings. In just twelve seasons. 

I saw him pitch back at the Astrodome. 

I was asked the other day about the MLB player lockout. My take is the players will prevail.  There isn’t that arsehole owner out there who has surfaced and who will goad the other owners into risking the cancellation of games. They would be too dumb to do that to the fans. 

Opening Day is three months from tomorrow night when we host the Phillies at The Yard.

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