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Tossed Tree

This is how the lead Trib story today starts: 

As other states are mobilizing to respond to the rapidly spreading omicron variant, Gov. Greg Abbott is not budging on his hands-off approach to the coronavirus pandemic that was cemented months ago. 

Here is the entire read: Gov. Greg Abbott stays hands-off as omicron spreads in Texas | The Texas Tribune. 

The problem is this POS governor got in the way of local leaders doing their jobs. That’s why over 74,000 Texans won’t get to deck the halls this week. 

Heck, because of this POS’s ineptness, the Aggies don’t get to play in next week’s Gator Bowl. What a POS. 

The Chron has a story on Cancun Cruz still wanting to be president.  In the story, Cancun says that Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon didn’t win on their first try running for president either.  Sure, Cancun. Reagan and Nixon also didn’t display cowardice by heading to sunny Mexico when disaster struck their states. 

There was an explosion and fire early this morning at the ExxonMobil plant in Baytown. Four workers were injured.  The explosion made the “Today” show this morning.  The ExxonMobil plant in Baytown is the second largest refinery complex in the country and seventh in the world. 

The blast shook nearby homes. 

The refinery is located a few blocks from my Dad’s house. We actually own property directly across the street from the refinery.  The refinery is in State Senate District 6.

More bad news from Baytown. My Dad’s Christmas tree started shedding needles big time a couple of days after we set it up.  Yesterday, we had to toss it to the curb.  That’s a first for the Campos household. 

O tannenbaum, o tannenbaum 
How lovely are thy branches! 

2020, 2021 with 2022 a little over a week away. 

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