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I kind of find it interesting that Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has five opponents in the Democratic Primary. I would not have been surprised if nobody had run against her in the primary. Five?  

She should be able to pull this off without going into a runoff, right? What am I missing? 

Commentary is not going to spend much time talking about Sen. Joe Manchin and Build Back Better. Sen. Manchin has decided to be a major player on this deal. He ought to know that he is getting big time blowback because of the positions he is taking. He can handle it. He knew what to expect. 

The omicron variant is sidelining folks that I know. Sigh. 

I have been taking my Dad for long walks at the Kroger on Garth Road in Baytown. I have him mask up. I am now having to take a break on this because too many people are not masking up and they could be potential omicron carriers.  

Commentary is still ever vigilant and masking up. In a way, I am also trusting folks close to me. I have gotten this far – so far. 

There are three days until Christmas Day. I am still working. I have one candidate questionnaire that I must wrap up this morning and submit. I have another that I will do preliminary work on.  

I will make a quick grocery store run. I still need to get a couple or so food items for Christmas Day, but I will wait until Christmas Eve. I still have one Christmas gift to buy. I know what and where I have to get. I will try to do it this afternoon. 

I am meeting a good friend for lunch today at an outdoor setting. 

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