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Laura Atlas Kravitz

Commentary is a fan of Laura Atlas Kravitz. She is a player at the Texas State Capitol. She is also an artist who puts out sketches, many focused on what is happening at the State Capitol.  She tweeted this last night: 

I don’t publicize my health & wasn’t going to, but maybe it will help 1 person. At 2 am on Friday I tested positive w/ a COVID breakthrough case. I am 31 & healthy. At 2 am on Sat. I felt like I was going to die. Not hyperbole. Luckily, I got medical help. This is serious. 

I actually talked to her yesterday. Let me explain. 

I first started seeing Laura’s artwork on twitter a while back.  During State Sen. Carol Alvarado’s filibuster last August, Laura tweeted out a cool drawing of the Senator during the filibuster. 

Weeks later, I noticed that Laura had an Etsy account where she sold some of her sketches.  Her business is called Lollies Follies Studio. I looked to see if the Sen. Alvarado sketch had been put up for sale. It hadn’t.  I figured maybe someone at the Capitol had purchased it. 

A few weeks ago, Laura produced a Christmas ornament with the recent legislative session(s) as the theme.  I ordered one as a gift. When it arrived this past weekend, Laura included her business card with her phone number. I decided to call Laura to ask about the Sen. Alvarado artwork and if she still had it. 

Laura called me back yesterday and sounded a bit under the weather. She told me she had tested positive for COVID-19 and was on the mend. I asked her about the Sen. Alvarado sketch, and she told me that someone had already requested the artwork. She told me she didn’t put it up for sale because she didn’t want to make money off Sen. Alvarado’s filibuster.  That’s noble. 

I don’t want to mention who ended up with the artwork at this time. I can say it is in good hands for now. 

Get well, Laura. I am a big fan. 

Today is the first day of winter. It is also the shortest day of the year in terms of sunlight. 

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