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Rick Grifter 

COVID-19 infections are on the rise again. Blame it on the dumbarse unvaccinated. Blame it on a lot of the GOP leadership who are ok if folks aren’t vaccinated.

As expected from the Chron: 

Rhonda Skillern-Jones resigned her Houston Community College trustee seat Friday, a day after federal authorities revealed she had entered a plea agreement in connection with an alleged Houston ISD bribery scheme that occurred while she served on the district’s board, according to the college system. 

As of this morning, she is still listed as a trustee on the HCC website. Surely someone should have given the order to remove her from the website by now. Maybe everyone over there is at home for the holidays. 

Commentary is ready to see more heads roll on this HISD mess. 

Chron columnist Erica Grieder tweeted this response to a CNN Politics tweet: 

Genuinely surprised and deeply disappointed by this- 

Here is the CNN Politics tweet: 

A text to Mark Meadows on November 4, 2020, suggesting some states ignore voters and pick different electors came from Rick Perry, investigators believe https://cnn.it/3J2Ga1J 

When folks went to work for Donald Trump, they signed up for the grift.  That includes former Texas Governor Rick Perry.  Let’s not forget what Perry once said about Trump: 

“Let no one be mistaken Donald Trump’s candidacy is a cancer on conservatism and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised, and discarded.” 

Perry is just another grifter. Period. 

Grieder should not be surprised or disappointed.

All of them are grifters. 

That is your GOP these days. Only count the votes that vote for GOP candidates. So unamerican.  

Commentary thought about coasting a bit this week. Nope. I must do a few candidate questionnaires for the 2022 election. I just turned one in this morning. One is due in a couple of days. Then I have to do another that is due next week. Sigh. 

“The Wizard of Oz” is on TNT this evening at 6 pm. 

On the Hallmark Channel a few nights ago, “Sugar Plum Twist” aired which featured a mostly Latino cast with some Spanish sprinkled in.  It is about a local ballet company preparing for a “Nutcracker” production that includes a salsa infusion of sorts.  It was very entertaining. 

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