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Post Deadline 

The filing deadline is now behind us.  We have us some action in the Democratic Party primary here in Harris County and across the state. Commentary has some deciding to do in races.  

First of all, how come you can find the list of all candidates running in the Republican Party primary in Harris County on the Harris County GOP webpage but not the Democrats on their webpage? Unless I just can’t navigate the Democratic Party webpage. 

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has opposition in the Democratic Party primary.  

I know some Dems who won’t be supporting Judge Hidalgo because she stuck her nose in the HISD District 1 runoff against another Democrat. That’s a two-way street. 

My part of town has a competitive JP race.   

There are other JP races in Democratic JP precincts in Harris County. 

Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia has JP George Risner running against him. 

We have a contest in Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4. 

I will be supporting Rochelle Garza for Attorney General. 

I have not decided who to support for Lieutenant Governor. 

The Dean drew an opponent in the primary.  Molly Cook who has been involved in the I-45 expansion debacle will be taking on The Dean. 

Royko sent me this on Saturday’s runoffs: 

The Regressive Progressives are going to start loosing more local seats to conservatives, as the message the voters are getting is the Houston Hellhole is just getting worse under the Democrats. 

Democrats were just renting those two HISD trustee seats.

G. Shaw sent me this on my take yesterday on the dumbass Harris County Democratic Party chair getting the party to work against a Democratic candidate: 

Not cool for a County Party to openly support one member against another. Their job is to win elections, not create intra-party conflicts. The hurt feelings and resentments this causes can linger and fester for a long time. Look at the Harris County GOP. Remember the days that they were riding high? Then they had some leaders that started a party civil war. Look at them now, weak and divided. Not saying one school board race is going to do this. But it’s not a habit to get into. 

They are not too smart over at the Democratic Party headquarters.

Hall of Fame great Craig Biggio is 56 today. Happy Birthday! 

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