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Vote Janette Garza Lindner 

Commentary mentioned the H-Chron power couples that were published yesterday. There was an outcry of sorts from Latinos who said Latinos were left off the list.  They have a point. Only Laura Arnold and Maria Bush made the list. I don’t think I saw any Latino fellas on the list.  State Rep. Armando Walle tweeted out that Latino couples were a glaring omission. I brought it up with some folks yesterday and the omission was also brought up.  The Chron can do better. 

The GOP is one corrupt POS.  I guess they are ok with Donald Trump’s plan to have Vice President Mike Pence throw out the winning blue states and declare themselves the winners a little over 13 months ago.  Is that their idea of winning fair and square? Stealing an election in plain view? There is no GOP outcry over Trump’s plan. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Pieces of s_it for sure. Corrupt to the core. The GOP has taken the country to its lowest point. 

The HCC and HISD district trustee runoff races are tomorrow.  The American Federation of Teachers union poured in over $200,000 into some of the HISD races.  I wonder how that will pay off.  Who knows who will show up to cast votes?  Let’s hope the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office has its you know what together and provides us timely election results. 

It has really been a treat working with Janette Garza Lindner for HISD Trustee District 1. She is a hard and tough campaigner that I have ever worked with. She is truly one of the best.  She hit a lot of doors. Had a lot of conversations with voters. She had a ton of energy.  

It is two weeks until Christmas Eve. How is your Christmas shopping going? 

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